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Naruto 686

Chapter 686: the one left behind and the successors

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 31, 2014 08:51 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 686: the one left behind and the successors\\
inserted: the historical hokages and the rikudou sennin… different part of history meet each others…!!\\
saru: I see…\\ naruto, sasuke, sakura and kakashi were brought into a different space\\
hago: naruto and sasuke became the part of the core and now they are fighting\\
tobi: I would have like to have received this kind of advices earlier\\
hago: this half body is a part of madara’s body after he became the juubi’s jinchuuriki…\\
hago: in other words after the juubi, madara and hashirama… no… after the kyuubi, indra and ashura’s chakra…\\ were put together I could finally come out\\
mina: … so… about the technique you were telling us earlier…\\
mina: how do you do it practically!?\\
hago: I will make the seals for the technique\\ but you need a huge quantity of chakra in order to activate it\\
hago: I do not have that chakra right now… I gave it away\\
hago: we do not have much time left\\
hago: do as I tell you, please\\
sfx: bashuuuuuu\\
naru: that’s the technique that killed my clone…\\
zetsu: the clones are desperately protecting him\\
zetsu: you were right, mother\\
zetsu: the one with the sphere on his back it the real body\\
naru: guah!\\
sfx: baki\\
sfx: zushu\\
naru: guah\\wah\\
sfx: bon\\ X4\\
kaka: … if only there would be an opening…\\
kaka: the…\\ only thing I can do is really just staying here watching…!?\\
kaka: even sakura and obito… are desperately…\\
kaka: as…\\
kaka: your teacher I didn’t do anything special…\\
kaka: obito… and also rin… the same thing goes for you as a friend\\
kaka: even if I stuffed up my mouth with being an elite I have only repeated mistakes over mistakes\\
naru: not yet!!\\
naru: I will not lose no matter what!!!\\
naru: uooooh!!\\
kaka: what the hell am I doing? Naruto is doing his best and yet I give myself to sentiments…\\
kaka: this is why I am not good…!\\
kaka: there must be something that I can still do!\\
sfx: zu\\
zetsu: impossible! Sasuke!?\\
sfx: jump\\
naru: they are here!\\
kagu: I don’t have to worry about anything now\\
sfx: boro\\borro\\
obi: impossible…!\\
saku: naruto!!\\
zetsu: t-this guy!\\
zetsu: he gave his spheres to a clone…!?\\
zetsu: we were deceived… by such a simple thing…!\\
naru: thanks\\ sakura-chan, obito!!\\
saku: eh? You are alright!?\\
obi: don’t scare us\\
sfx: hyun\\hyun\\
naru: sasuke! Did you say thanks to sakura-chan and obito!?\\
sfx: su\\su\\su\\
sfx: step\\
sasu: …\\ focus on the enemy\\
kaka: haa\\
kaka: naruto was always smart in the strangest of the ways\\
zetsu: mother… now that they are together we do not have any other choice…\\
zetsu: it is not the case to be stingy about chakra anymore\\
kagu: I know\\
kaka: ouch\\
sfx: gawan\\
naru: ouch!\\
?: daah!!\\
saku: my body… is so heavy\\
saku: this ground… is eating my body…\\
sfx: puru\\ puru\\
naru: with this… I cannot float…\\
saku: this time it is a high gravity space…\\ but…\\
saku: she is affected too…\\
kagu: kuh…\\
sfx: su\\su\\puru\\puru\\
sfx: zuuuu\\
naru: avoid it sasuke\\
sasu: dammit! I left eye’s power is not ready yet!\\
sfx: suka\\
naru: guah!\\
naru: guh!\\
zetsu: their weight changed the trajectory?\\
sfx: zuu\\zuu\\
sfx: puru\\puru\\
kagu: with the next shot I can to the right corrections… the next one will not miss\\
obi: kuh!\\
kaka: there is still something I can do\\
sfx: pant\\ haa\\
kaak: at least I can become their shield!\\
sfx: dash\\dash\\
kaka: make it in time…!!\\
sfx: su\\su\\
kaka: rin…!!\\
kaka: thanks… rin\\
kaka: obito and I will meet you soon\\
kaka: and then the three of us will have all the time to talk\\
obi: rin…\\
obi: this time…\\
obi: we will spend…\\
obi: a little of time together in the other world\\
obi: kakashi would just get in the way…\\
kaka: this is… kamui!\\
obi: I will leave him here\\
kaka: obito…! once again you…!\\
obi: kakashi… remain here for a while longer…\\ there is no need to come with me right now\\
inserted: just like that day…!\\

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