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Naruto 691

Chapter 691: happy…

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 11, 2014 15:52 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 691: happy…\\
Inserted: naruto and the others returned safely in their world, but…!?\\
Sfx: suuu\\
Saku: the rikudou granpa?\\
Naru: yeah!!\\
Kaka: … could it be\\
Kaka: that you are the legendary…\\
Hago: my name is ootsutsuki hagoromo…\\also known as the rikudou sennin\\
Saku: …\\ I guess he is the real deal, he is floating in the air after all\\
Saku: it is difficult for me to be surprised after all the things I have seen today\\
Kage: it seems\\ that things went well\\
Kage2: terrible things have happened to the shinobi world while I was dead\\ geez\\
Kage3: it is the first time I see so many bijuu together\\
Kage: rikudou sennin… it is like I ended up into a fairy tale\\
?: I see… so this is what happened…\\
?: you called the kages of the previous eras…\\
?: and called us back together with the bijuu from that space…\\
kaka: only are able to perform\\ such a godly act\\
hago: you are hatake kakashi\\
kaka: ah… yes\\
hago: you did a good job, you lead everyone and sealed my mother\\
hago: that is what I would call the act of god\\
kaka: … no\\ the things I could do were really few\\
kaka: we won… thanks to the three of them and a lot of our comrades\\
kaka: furthermore…\\
kaka: an old friend of mine lent me his strength\\
hago: that’s why I told you that you have made a good job\\
hago: you continued to be naruto and the others’ master and obito’s friend\\ even if you were not sure about what you were doing\\ otherwise we could not have been able to stop my mother\\
naru: hey!!\\
naru: kurama!!\\
naru: weren’t you feeling lonely without me~~~~!!?\\ I wanted to meet you again~~~!!\\
son: gahahahah!!\\
kura: don’t talk to me like that, and furthermore I wasn’t feeling lonely!!\\ you still have half of me inside of you, right!!?\\
hago: heheh…\\ to be able to embarrass kurama and make him become flustered…\\
hago: but this is exactly what I had seen\\
hago: that a shinobi who would even work together with the bijuus\\
hago: would appear\\
kaka: about obito, the truth is that it was naruto…\\ that brought him back\\
hago: I see\\
hago: in that case I will ask obito things in detail in the other world…\\
hago: is he still…?\\
obi: I should go soon\\
kaka: I see…\\
obi: I have created to many troubles to the shinobi world…\\
obi: right now I don’t know what I should say nor where I should go…\\
kaka: … let’s part for the last time not like enemies but like friends…\\ I’m fine with how you were in the past\\
kaka: when you were always late because you were helping people\\
obi: thanks… kakashi\\
obi: well then…\\ I will go now\\
obi: I’m making rin wait\\
kaka: did you think about a excuse for you lateness?\\
obi: I already told her that I had to help you\\
kaka: I see…\\
kaka: I should be the one\\
kaka: to thank you…\\
kaka: obito\\
saku: kakashi-sensei!!\\
kaka: sorry sakura…\\
saku: kakashi-sensei…your eyes…!\\
kaka: yeah…\\ today is the end of kakashi of the sharingan\\
hago: madara was a jinchuuriki once\\ no one can save him now that the bijuus have been removed from him\\
sasu: in that case I will use this chance\\
hago: sasuke… naruto… these are the last moments of the two people chosen before you\\ … just watch\\
mada: hashirama… huh\\
hashi: yeah\\
mada: the both of us… could not reach what we desired\\
hashi: like it would be so easy!\\
hashi: we have discovered what we could while we were still alive\\ that’s why we had to entrust things to the people who would come after us\\
mada: you never change… so naïve\\
mada: heheh…\\ you were always so optimistic…\\
mada: but… maybe you have done the right choice\\
mada: my dream… fell apart\\
mada: but your dream… is still there…\\
hashi: … you went too fast…\\I’m glad that we didn’t reach our objective after all\\
hashi: I have really cherished the fact that I have raised the people who would come after me and who would make my dream go forward\\
mada: … then it is something I would have not been able to… do\\
mada: because I hate… when people stand behind me…\\
hashi: when we were kids…\\ you said that “we will not know when we will die as shinobi”…\\
hashi: if there was a way for us to live without the other one to die, we could have understood each other\\ and even shared a drink like real brothers\\
hashi: but we both died\\
hashi: right now… we can share a drink only as comrades in arms\\
mada: comrades in arms… huh…\\
mada: well…\\ in that case…\\
mada: we could…\\ also…\\
hago: I will release the technique that bounds the kages and the edo tenseis\\ in this world!\\
naru: dad…!\\
mina: … that’s right\\
mina: I thought that I had to say something to you\\
mina: happy birthday\\
mina: you really grew up well, naruto\\
naru: yeah… thanks…\\
mina: we are beings from another world…\\ it is not like we can remain here forever\\
mina: this is good bye\\
mina: I have a lot of things to tell kushina…\\
naru: tell her that I’m eating properly and that I should be fine!\\ I will not make differences between things I like and things I don’t\\
naru: I will eat tonkotsu, miso and soy bean sauce…\\ ah!\\ obviously I will not just eat ramen!!\\
naru: and I take a bath almost every day!\\ and I often go to konoha’s onsen\\
naru: even if everyone tells me that I really don’t stay that much of time in the water!\\
naru: and hum…\\
naru: I made a lot of friends!!\\ and they are all good guys!!\\
naru: and my studies are not going that well, but\\ I have a self confidence that doesn’t make me ever feel down\\ … I think that I am the guy with the biggest self confidence out there!!\\
naru: and you can bet that I will follow what the third and kakashi-sensei told me!\\ I respect them!\\ they are here now, so this is an occasion to tell them this directly!\\
naru: ah! And about the three great shinobi’s taboos!\\ I learnt a lot about them when I was with the perverted hermit!\\
naru: the perverted hermit was really bad because of the three taboos, but he was one of the sannin and an incredible shinobi, so he is the one I respect the most!\\ believe it!!\\
naru: I’m just 17 years old so I don’t know a lot about alcohol and women!\\
naru: mom told me to find a woman like her, so…\\ well… about that…\\
naru: anyway!\\ I wasn’t able to do things exactly like mom said!\\
naru: but I’m doing my best!!\\
naru: I have a dream\\ to become a better hokage than my father!!\\
naru: and I will do it no matter what!!\\
naru: tell this to mom on the other side…\\
naru: she doesn’t have to worry about me…!!\\
naru: because I’m doing well…!!\\
mina: I see\\
mina: I will tell her everything then…\\
inserted: this goodbye was inevitable… and he already knew it…\\

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