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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

7th Garden 3

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 2, 2015 09:54 | Go to 7th Garden

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Root 3: the angel and the demon\\
De: haa\\haa\\haa\\
De: aah\\haa\\guh…\\ahaah\\
De: w-why…\\
De: ha…\\ why did you…\\
De: haa\\
De: why did you…\\ do such a thing to me…\\
De: a-\\ahhh\\
De: my…\\
de: aaaaaaaaah\\
inserted: is this a glimpse of vide’s past…\\
de: aaaaaaaah\\
de: … morning, huh\\
de: yum~~~\\
de: the sweet things of this garden are the best\\
near de: this quantity of sugar when you just wake up is the best\\
de: by the way, did everyone started working already?\\
near the bubble: wow, so early…\\
de: well then…\\
de: time to enjoy another day!\\
near awyn: how do you feel?\\
awyn: hey…\\
awyn: be careful\\
ma: awyn\\
awyn: young miss\\
ma: awyn!\\
ma: I have received some flowers from my teacher!\\
ma: they have such a good smell…\\
bee: buzz…\\
ma: hyah\\
ma: eh…\\ there was a bee there right…?\\
awyn: she flied away\\
awyn: oops… (my hand slipped)\\
awyn: I got suddenly worried\\
box: and I also know the reason for that…\\
ma: awyn, something is strange with you lately…\\
?: ahahah\\
??: geez vide…\\
ma: ah\\
awyn: urgh\\
ma: vide!\\
vi: good morning, young miss (I’m a little late today)\\
ma: good morning\\ you can call me just mary\\
awyn: why is she working so normally!!!\\
vi: good morning, gardener\\
vi: it is such a beautiful day\\
awyn: good morning, vide-san\\
sfx: pah\\
awyn: indeed it is really a splendid day\\
in awyn’s bubble: fucking demon\\
vi: keh keh keh\ I really like to play with the gardener…\\
above the maid: I see some kind of black aura there…\\
maid: come on, we have a lot of work today as well\\
maid2: by the way masa-san told me to go to buy some vegetables \\
black text near her bubble: what an hassle\\
maid: hey don’t say those things\\
vi: in that case I will go to buy them for you, senpai\\
awyn: what kind of personality is that?\\
maid: senpai\\
maid: that’s right… I’m not the least important person around here anymore…\\
maid2: well… vide is better than you in your job anyway…\\
maid: eh really?\\
ma: the atmosphere became quite more lively since vide came to work here\\
ma: she is really a mysterious person\\
sfx: toc\\ toc\\
mono: come in\\
mono: what’s wrong,\\ awyn?\\
aw: ashely-san\\
aw: can we talk?\\
ash: we are alone now\\ drop that stupid smile from your face\\
near aw: stupid…\\
aw: why did you hire such a suspicious person!?\\
ash: so it is about vide, huh\\ she is quite the interesting child\\
box: ashely el house keeper\\
near ash: I thought that you would come to complain here sooner…\\
aw: the master is away, so you should be more careful when you hire new people!\\
ash: you should be more careful when you talk to the one in charge of the personnel here (you worry to much, like always)\\
ash: furthermore… you cannot doubt my ability to discern people, right?\\
box: 6 years ago…\\
box: I lived a life not dissimilar to that of a wild beasts in the atora’s mountain recess\\
box: and I was invited in this manor by mary\\
box: clearly the adults would not accept easily the suggestion of a young girl, but…\\
box: ashely-san was the one who supported me and taught me how to be a gardener\\
box: the truth is that there are many legends told by the other servants that surround her\\
box: things like she is a former mercenary\\
box: or she is a navigation officer that discovered a new continent\\
box: or that she can run faster than a horse\\ they also say that mysteriously her appearance did not get older in the last 10 years\\
box: and she is the one in charge of the housekeeping of this mansion\\
box: maybe she felt something special from me…\\
aw: or maybe she helped me just because of one of her whims, but…\\
aw: could it be that vide messed up something in ashely-san’s head…?\\
ash: by the way awyn\\
ash: new information has come from the master about miss mary’s new marriage interview\\
aw: a trader from some distinguished family?\\
aw: he is not a noble, and he got his richness starting from zero?\\ will she be alright if his business suddenly get worse?\\
ash: heheh… the gardener’s test is difficult to pass\\
ash: maybe we should find something more stable\\ so mary does not encounter any troubles…\\
?: this way\\
??: what is this ruckus?\\
???: who is this guy?\\ some famous priest!\\
?: give us your blessing, master priest!\\
?: to think that you would pass through such a small village…\\
?: without any prior advice we cannot even give you the proper hospitality…\\
?: bishop seras\\
se: it was necessary for me to visit this land, for the peace of our country\\
se: god send me a message through the angel\\
?: I-I… see… a person like you must be accustomed to seeing the angel after all\\ did he lead you all the way to this village…?\\
se: you cannot ignore a divine message\\
se: it all began 1000 years ago… with Christo, the one who would become blessed with greatness\\
se: it is said that Christo received the 7 words to guide the people from the angel in a dream\\
se: our church has inherited his will and created this country\\ and created the current peace that started a last few hundreds years ago\\
se: the fact that our church founded a country is another order from the angels\\
se: all the apostles who have lead the people until now and made history\\
se: were those who where chosen by god, and followed his will\\ told to them by the words they received by the angels\\
?: who is that person?\\
??: who knows… maybe a famous priest from the capital?\\
???: he is not only famous!\\ he is a bishop!\\
?: eh?\\
???: he is the 5th son of Gristus III, and the one ruling the northern lands of quintal\\ seras C. breiss\\
???: he is prince and an eminent clergyman\\
?: a prince!?\\ he is so beautiful that I thought he was a girl!\\
??: you idiot, don’t look at a clergyman with those lascivious eyes\\
?: maybe we can get close?\\
??: impossible\\
?: to think that I could see with my eyes a priest with such power! (I’m moved)\\
???: it is a real pity that the land he rules, quintal, is just a country region near the border\\
??: heh, really!?\\
???: well… they are here faster than I thought…\\
??: you know a lot of things\\ we have never been outside of this village so…\\
??: eh?\\
??: she is gone\\
??: … hey, do you know that girl?\\
??: no… she is not from the village (a traveller)?\\
se: and god sent me a message through the angel\\
se: he told me to purge the evil that wants to break the peace in this country…\\ and that’s my divine mission…\\
an: this is such a boring village\\
an: it is quiet\\
an: and those farmers are all working\\
an: geez, to think that there would be problems in my jurisdiction\\
an: I wonder what kind of hero they have around here…\\
an: oh well\\
an: an average farmer is powerless in front of an angel after all…\\
ash: are you still at it?\\
aw: are you unsatisfied with my job here making firewood, housekeeper?\\
ash: it is about the face you have while you are around the mansion\\ when you smile around like an idiot\\
ash: your real self is when you have this mean look on your face, right?\\
ash: but lately your smile is particularly twisted you know?\\
ash: if you have some troubles you can talk about it with me, your mama\\
ash: come on, come here to cry on my bosom\\ the truth is that you want to be spoiled, right?\\
near ash: he is mad~~~\\
ash: you don’t need to force yourself to smile\\
ash: the other will not run away from you\\ you are not a wild beast like then anymore, you know?\\
ash: but if you hit me with that right now, I could have died, you know? Be more careful\\
box: the housekeeper of this mansion is\\
box: always proper\\ and always sees through you\\
aw: it’s not like I’m forcing myself\\ and I was not a wild beast like you say\\
aw: at first I wanted to become like my father and I became stronger\\
aw: when he died, and I became stronger in order to protect my mother\\
aw: and that day, when my mother died, I thought of becoming stronger for my revenge\\
aw: that day my real self disappeared somewhere\\
ash: do you still hate god?\\
ash: and this country, the church that\\killed both of your parents?\\
aw: I stopped my hate\\
aw: but\\
aw: I don’t believe in him\\
aw: god didn’t do anything for me\\
aw: and did not protect anything around me\\
ash: did you know?\\
ash: there was a great uproar in the village because a clergyman from the royal family came\\
ash: normally the people follow the signposts (god’s words)\\
ash: the church of anti Christo that is spreading in the whole ekshib continent\\
ash: the origin church of the amis region\\
ash: the nawat church that rules the majority of nawat\\
ash: the arom church of atlatnan continent\\
ash: the ishu church of tescatori\\
ash: and if you also consider the smaller countries there are many churches and gods\\
ash: god’s words make people move no matter the age\\
ash: god’s words create countries\\
ash: god’s words create history\\
ash: to say that there isn’t a god you believe in is a foolish thing\\
ash: people are saved by only following god’s will\\
ash: if you… act like that\\ your life becomes a little easier\\
ash: the things that god does\\ will be able to support your spirit a little\\
ash: and that’s a really important thing, but…\\
ash: at the end, you create you own will\\
ash: not by god’s hands\\ but by your own\\
ash: it seems that you are hiding something in your heart lately, but\\
ash: you will be able to smile\\ if it is to protect the things dear to you, right?\\
box: the housekeeper of this mansion is\\
ash: you would fight against your destiny\\
ash: in order to protect something dear to you, right?\\
box: always proper\\ and always sees through you\\
ash: be sure to do your job to the end\\
ash: gardener\\
box: the housekeeper of this mansion is\\
box: always…\\
ma: awyn\\
ma: awyn?\\
ash: lady mary is calling for you\\ the firewood is more than enough, you can go now\\
ash: don’t forget your smile\\
ash: be sure to do your job to the end\\
ash: my vassal\\
ash: disciple\\
ash: and son\\
ma: awyn!\\
ma: give me your hand, please\\
aw: eh…?\\
ma: c-come on…!\\
aw: this is…\\
ma: well… it’s a charm\\
ma: you… don’t look that happy lately, so…\\
ma: I think there is something troubling you\\
aw: oops…\\
aw: a lot of things happened after all\\
ma: you… rarely want to talk about yourself, so…\\
ma: I thought that maybe you took to many things on yourself and…\\
ma: ah! Well…! It is not like I want you to forcibly talk with me about it, right!?\\ I’m sure you have your ways to think about things!\\
ma: but…\\
ma: just for a tiny…\\ bit…\\
ma: be sure to think about everyone\\
ma: ok?\\
ma: when you see this\\ just remember that\\
ma: everyone\\
ma: is here for you\\
aw: thank you very much\\
aw: I’m sorry mary\\
aw: the gardener in you mansion\\
aw: is nothing more than a liar\\
ma: b-but you don’t need to have it always on yourself\\
ma: y-you can put it in your pocket if you want\\
aw: but I think that I want to return to be human from being a beast\\
aw: because you are here with me\\
aw: in order to\\ protect your smile…\\ and this garden\\
aw: I will cut them down\\ no matter if it is a god\\ of just a human\\
sfx: zaaa\\
?: e-eeek\\
?: what kind of sword is that?\\
aw: you are the last one left\\
aw: I will let you go if you just leave\\
?: y-you heretic! To bare your fangs to the apostles is to bare your fangs against god!!\\
aw: you guys say always the same thing (it is impossible to talk with you)\\
aw: I really don’t know what you have against this village\\
?: you worship the god of another religion and plan to overthrow our country!\\
aw: I don’t know what they have indoctrinated in your head, but do you really see such a village around here?\\
?: i-it is a deadly sin to doubt the bishop’s words!\\
?: no matter how much your life is in danger!!\\
?: those who avert their eyes from the evil cannot go to the realm that is in the heaven!!!\\
aw: be quiet\\ everyone is sleeping, you know\\
aw: and they have to wake up early tomorrow to work\\
?: god give strength!\\
?: to this holy sword!!\\
?: to cut down the evil!!!\\
aw: shut it\\
aw: continue doing these things in your so loved realm in the heavens\\
aw: I will never understand what this thing is, even if I look at it countless times…\\
aw: it is so light…\\
aw: I don’t understand of what it is made of and the principles it is based on…\\
aw: it has the power to mow down the things around it and yet…\\
aw: not one of the houses around here has been damaged\\
aw: the one who is controlling its output is… vide after all, huh…\\
aw: probably I will never be able to understand this things no matter how much I think about it with my head…\\
aw: the power of a demon…\\
aw: a being from another world…\\
vi: geez\\
vi: don’t look me like that, it’s embarrassing (kyah)\\
vi: geez what a farce\\
aw: hey! Isn’t this strange…!?\\
aw: there are clearly less people than before…\\ their strength is too different from that armoured bunch we met at the beginning\\
vi: yeah right\\
vi: these guys here are\\
sfx: clap\\
all the bubbles: clap\\
se: I was wondering why all the apostles would suddenly disappear around here, but\\
sfx: clap\\clap\\clap\\
se: this is…\\ incredible\\
se: the arrogant devil uses a power similar to that of the angel\\
vi: be glad, gardener, they are finally here\\
vi: that’s the first one\\
aw: t-…\\that’s…\\
aw: an angel…\\
se: I am the 5th prince of the breiss kingdom\\
se: seras C. breiss
se: I am here to destroy you\\
aw: the royal family…\\
aw: is this the guy who appeared here in the afternoon…?\\
aw: you seem quite relaxed…\\ I have killed all your men, you know?\\
se: my men…?\\
se: ah…\\ those guys you mean…?\\
se: I don’t want you to put me together in the same bunch of the apostles\\ the knights called apostles\\
se: are the purge corps that \\ bestow punishment on the witches and the heretics that raise the banner of revolt in this country since the ancient times\\
se: the apostles have such an exaggerated name because they are the ones who handle the internal strife and have the power to keep in check the sinners, but… they are nothing more than the outcast of our country…\\
se: the truth is that even inside of the knights there are some unmanageable corps that are sent to internment camps\\ and among them there are even fools who lack enough metal training and have dirtied their hands with sins\\
se: they still exist in our country because they have a certain strength, but…\\ they amount to nothing if they cannot execute my orders…\\
se: at the end they are nothing more than weak tools, because they weren’t chosen like me by god\\ and as a result I had troubles for their failures\\
aw: …\\ just as I thought, they were all under his command…!\\
aw: are you saying that this village is an objective of the church’s purge?\\
se: you servant of the devil, that’s a stupid question\\
se: god has already seen through all the things you are scheming\\
aw: hey demon\\ what about this?\\
aw: so it is all your fault after all, right?\\
vu: ku ku ku, there are some incongruities in the things he says\\
vi: listen gardener\\ who the most shacked one among us?\\
aw: shacked?\\ I would lie if I would say that I’m totally fine right now, but you don’t have to worry…\\
vi: you are wrong\\
vi: listen gardener\\
se: angel\\ we should start the purge soon\\
vi: she never expected that I would be here\\ and his random words are nothing more than something a swindler told him…\\
se: angel?\\
an: what should I do…\\
an: who the hell is she…?\\
an: why there is a foreigner on this star…?\\
an: I cannot mess up in front of seras\\
sfx: piku piku\\ dokun\\dokun\\
an: maybe I should try to understand who she really is a little before acting…\\
an: but it seems that I don’t have any other option than to fight…\\
sfx: goku\\
an: fuh… seras...\\ we have confirmed our enemies, so let’s retreat for now…\\
se: eh…!? What is the meaning of this, angel?\\
se: you can see it! She is a demon, an enemy of god, right? (there is no doubt, she has horns, wings and everything!)\\
an: s-seras…\\
se: right now we send apostles around the country just to kill those like her, right? I know everything about that, angel!\\
an: be a good child and…\\
se: let’s show our power of justice to the demon!!\\
an: like hell that demons really exist!!!\\
an: shit…! I have to forcibly bring him back with me, even if he becomes suspicious about it!!\\
an: this stupid kid doesn’t understand the importance of things!!\\
an: everyone who will get in the way with our plan will…\\
an: ahhh\\
vi: don’t go back like that, otherwise I will feel lonely\\
vi: I waited for you\\ forever after all!!!\\
an: what…!\\
aw: what is… this place…!!?\
vi: do you like it?\\
vi: it is a suitable scenery for the place where you will die, right?\\
se: what in the world happened angel reafal?\\
se: could this be… the demon world that is written in the holy scriptures!?\\
aw: what did you just do, vide!!?\\
vi: it is something special I have created so that the village would not be destroyed\\ and I have to tell you another thing\\
vi: you cannot be brought back to life if you are killed by the angel’s power\\
vi: well… the same thing goes for your opponent as well\\ so just throw away those naïve thoughts you had until now…\\
se: heheh… isn’t this a suitable place for execute a demon after all?\\
an: don’t fuck with me…\\ don’t fuck with me…\\ this thing was ready since the beginning…!?\\
an: who the hell\\
vi: let’s begin…!!\\
an: is she…?\\
vi: rejoice for my return!\\
vi: praise my second advent!!\\
vi: and be blessed for this chance meeting!!!\\
vi: from now on you will see the devil’s triumphant return!!!!\\
inserted: her past is smeared with humiliation… vide’s revenge begins here!!\\

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