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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

7th Garden 7

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 9, 2015 15:09 | Go to 7th Garden

-> RTS Page for 7th Garden 7


Root 7: boredom\\
inserted: who will take under her control this planet,\\ the angels or the demons?\\
?: who the hell are these guys, they are strong!!\\
??: hey, don’t let them run away!\\
??: anyway gather the men!\\
inserted: will they be able to escape from the prison!?\\
sfx: eeek\\
sfx: guwash\\
aw: please…!\\ don’t get in our way…!\\
bubble: this way\\ surround them!!\\
eli: these two are strong but…\\ they cannot do it…\\they will never be able to escape together with me\\
sfx: haa\\haa\\
eli: please help me, sister…\\
eli: sister\\
?: uh…\\
??: ukuh…\\
??: he didn’t… cut me…!?\\
three bubbles: haa\\
eli: sister…\\
?: ok! Don’t kill them\\
?: and contact the general\\
??: are you alright…!?\\
?: yeah (ouch)\\
aw: kuh…\\ these people aren’t necessarily evil\\ in such circumstances, I cannot hurt them too much…\\
aw: so this is it, huh…!!\\
wu: … gardener\\
wu: you dash away, act without permission and then get caught\\
wu: you really are an helpless idiot, you know?\\
wu: I don’t have any choice in this situation, so\\
wu: just for once I will become one of your gardening tools\\
aw: demonbelion!!\\
?: w-what!!!?\\
??: fall back!!\\ it is crumbling!!\\
?: fall back!\\
ai: what…!?\\
ai: just happened…!?\\
aw: this will stop our pursuers!\\
aw: hurry up and go!\\
ai: t-…\\
ai: thanks…!!\\
?: what’s happening!?\\
??: wait don’t get closer otherwise you could end up hurt!\\
aw: perfect…\\
aw: geez…\\
wu: you should have just cut all of them down\\
wu: in that way things would have been easier, right?\\
aw: I-I couldn’t do such a thing!\\
aw: because they are just fighting for their country\\
wu: you are too soft hearted\\
wu: you always want to help everyone around you\\
wu: are you thinking about becoming a hero who will save this world or something like that?\\
aw: I’m just a gardener\\ I don’t want such a thing…\\
aw: it is just that…\\
aw: I want to protect\\
aw: at least the people around me\\
wu: the things a powerless guy says are ridiculous no matter how splendid they can sound\\
wu: be sure to remember that\\
aw: you are exactly right\\
aw: I don’t have anything say back after all…\\
aw: but…\\
aw: I was sure that you would come as well\\
aw: thanks for helping the two of them, wurde\\
wu: I just lent an hand to my servant!\\ anyway! We will not involve ourselves with those two anymore!\\
aw: ah… ok…\\
aw: I hope they will be alright…\\
?: sister!!\\
wu: heh\\
wu: for me to help a miniature…\\
bubbles: haa\\haa\\
ai: it seems that the pursuers have lost us…\\
ai: I wonder if that guy is alright… (who the hell was him anyway…)\\
eli: aisha!\\ we will be alright after we go out of here, right?\\
ai: a coach is waiting for us outside of these sewers\\
ai: and we will escape with that all the way near breiss’ national border\\
eli: you found people willing to help us!?\\
ai: yes\\
ai: I even had someone on my side inside in this manor\\ he told me structure of the manor, the deployment of the guards and of the keys\\
ai: it was just that… I didn’t have enough time and money…\\
ai: and I was forced to break through the main entrance with this outfit…\\
eli: now that I look at you well…\\ it really suits you, aisha…\\
ai: don’t stare me like that, eliza\\
ai: I just relaxed a little bit and now…\\ I suddenly feel embarrassed…\\
ai: did they do some bad things to you here?\\
eli: no, everyone was good to me\\ they gave me food\\ and even spare clothes\\
ai: I’m glad to hear that..\\
ai: at least they paid her the minimum level of respects\\
ai: there are still loyalists in this world\\
ai: I’m sure that this “democracy” will not last long\\ so I’m sure that we will be able to restore the royal dynasty\\
ai: and we must\\
ai: make you survive in order to realize that!\\
ai: ok, we have reached the exit!!\\
?: at a first glance it looked like a reckless jailbreak act, but\\ I was able to understand that she both knew the time when the guard was thin and the structure of the manor because she did not take any wrong turn during the escape\\ therefore if she had some traitor who gave her information\\ the most excellent escape route to use must be the sewers\\
le: you are in the way\\
eli: a-a-aisha!\\
eli: aisha!\\
eli: aisha!!\\
eli: h-how rude…\\
eli: if only was…\\
eli: I-I’m the princess of the irein…\\ Elizabeth\\
eli: more\\more\\more\\
le: you are no one now\\
le: your world has ceased to exit!!!\\
eli: stronger…\\
eli: uh…\\
eli: uguh…\\
eli: aisha…\\
eli: because you came to help me, you…\\
?: even if we don’t have the bread to eat in the morning!\\
eli: god…\\ so I cannot be forgiven after all…?\\
?: damn you demons\\ who took the money from the people to live in opulence!!\\
?: you will suffer god’s judgement!!\\
?: we have to choose death…\\ to compensate for what we have done…?\\
box: since the day I was born, I thought that this country was poor\\
box: I was never out of the palace’s outskirts\\ sometimes I also saw the adults talk about the danger of a riot of the people from the outside world\\
box: the people in the palace were all gloomy and tense\\ and I didn’t even ever have a proper talk with my brother\\
box: the one who was always at my side was my handmaid aisha\\
?: come eliza\\ let’s play in the garden\\
eli: sister!!\\
eli: sister, is our country alright?\\
sis: you don’t have to worry about anything, eliza\\
sis: it’s alright\\ the angel is watching over us\\
eli: my sister’s gentle hand…\\
eli: my sister’s garden\\ was the everything I knew about, my own world\\
eli: I want to go back there\\
eli: I want to go back in that garden…\\
ai: haa\\haa\\haa\\
ai: dammit it\\
ai: all~~~~\\
le: find the traitor who gave to our enemy the information\\
le: and also discover what cause the manor to collapse\\
text: revolution head quarter\ former havalt prison\\
le: now, about the release of our constitution, I think the prophet said that there would be some delays\\
?: general!\\ general!\\
?: according to the prophet we will have a revelation from god in the all saint day next month\\
pro: an angel appeared in front of me\\
pro: she said with a smile on her face that this was god’s will \\
pro: the angel gave me her light\\
pro: because I continued to gaze in the darkness since I was born\\
le: the 20th, huh…\\ I would have liked that things would procede faster, but… I will follow that for now\\
le: this revolution went so well until now because we followed the prophets’ words after all\\
le: how many people died during the attack to the mansion?\\
?: none\\
?: they are slightly injured and none of their life is in danger\\
le: heh\\ she is such a stupid woman\\
le: even considering that I never had the intention to kill the princess\\
le: we have decided that Elizabeth will be confined in a monastery in breiss\\
le: that is a neutral and pacific country\\ we will ask to the modest people of that place to reform her\\
le: what the hell\\ why don’t you just kill her?\\
le: we should just kill all the members of the royal family, right?\\
bubble in there: yeah!!
le: the people will not approve,\\ if we kill such a young child too\\
le: what we need is the evident historical truth that we won against the royal family!!\\
le: we must not lose ourselves in rage and kill the people we hate\\
le: listen everyone, and engrave this words in your hearts\\
le: the fight for this revolution is still not ended!\\
le: this is only the beginning!!\\
le: from now on the afraid foreign countries will try to control the waves of the revolution!\\
Le: but we cannot lose the control!!\\
Le: we are the people\\
Le : we will decide the future with our own will!\\
Le: we will create a free country!!\\
le: freedom he says\\
le: i-di-ot\\
le: that miniature doesn’t even know what he is talking about\\
le: more importantly about the intrudes\\
le: I have to find some human to fight with…\\
le: the general looks like someone strong, but he is so clever that he will be difficult to manipulate\\
le: I need a total idiot for a contractor after all\\
le: a long time passed since I had the chance to go wild!\\ I will enjoy this with all I have!!\\
le: then I will report everything to ur\\ and get away from this troublesome place!\\
?: hey it seems that you are free right now (what the hell are you doing?)\\
?: bring the food to the princess\\
le: no way~~~\\
le: it sounds too troublesome\\
?: troublesome!?\\
?: what did you say!?\\
sfx: sa\\
?: ah!?\\
le: eiyah\\
le: geez, it is so troublesome to manipulate them like this\\
le: then go now\\
?: yes\\ Leil-sama\\
le: the princess, huh…\\
le: that’s right…!!\\
le: the little sister of that idiot sounds interesting~~~\\
le: hey you, wait a second\\
sfx: kon\\
?: time for food\\
?: they decided that your sentence to death will be executed tonight\\
?: your trial was only a farce, those who will bring you to the gallows will come soon\\
eli: I will die…\\
eli: just like…\\ my sister…\\
?: it is such a pity\\
?: to think that even a young girl like you…\\ would be beheaded\\ in front of the people…\\
?: this is a gesture of mercy from me\\
?: choose your way to die!!\\
le: hey listen\\
?: yes, leil-sama\\
le: the place I live\\ is so boring that you could die\\
le: it is dark\\ tedious\\ it is really\\ so awful that even living in there is troublesome\\
le: that’s why I love this beautiful planet\\ therefore I will not give this planet to anyone\\
?: yes, leil-sama\\
le: geez…\\ I just screw around with them a little, and this is what happens\\
le: I have to go now, but you have been a good doggie\\
sfx: kyuu\\
le: well then…\\
le: I have to manipulate humans with words after all!\\ because it is totally troublesome!\\ and because it is totally fun!\\
eli: uh…\\
eli: uguh…\\
eli: uuuh\\
?: hahahah\\ this is a good feeling!\\ hahahah!!\\
eli: uh…\\
eli: sister…\\ please\\
eli: give me a little of\\
eli: just a little\\
eli: a little\\
eli: a little…\\
le: why?\\
le: why are you giving up\\ your prayers?\\
le: why are you giving up\\ your life?\\
le: why are you giving up\\ fighting your enemies?\\
eli: a-…\\ an angel…?\\
le: princess Elizabeth\\ why are you doing such a sad thing?\\
eli: w-we of the royal family… did a lot of bad things to the population\\
eli: and I am taking responsibility for that\\
le: taking responsibility…?\\ but you didn’t do anything\\
eli: you are an angel… so I must be sincere with you\\
eli: I…\\ knew that my sister made bad things to many people\\
eli: in places that I could not see\\
eli: and I pretended to not see such a thing…\\ and received the money from the taxes together with her\\
eli: I think that they don’t have any other choice than killing me\\
le: … then\\ what is your wish?\\
eli: please believe me\\
eli: because in truth…\\ in truth my sister was a gentle person\\
eli: at least\\ she was a totally fantastic person to me\\
eli: she only succumbed to temptation\\
eli: she was not cautious…\\ with the money from the taxes…\\
eli: no one believed me…\\
eli: so…\\ please angel you at least… believe me\\
eli: I cannot go the heaves, but\\
eli: as long as I can meet my sister, I don’t mind going to hell\\
eli: believe me\\that’s my only wish…\\
le: I believe you\\ because that’s the truth\\
le: I’m sorry, because of me being powerless\\
le: I couldn’t protect your sister from the demons…\\
eli: eh?\\
le: ornishell was not a demon\\ she was just being manipulated by demons\\
eli: the demons… s-so my sister…\\
le: she did not commit a single sin!\\ listen… princess elizabeth\\
le: there are demons who are going to take this country\\ would you lend your feelings and strength to the angels?\\
le: in order to get your vengeance against the enemies of the royal family\\ in order to get back your world\\
text up there: yes\\
eli: after all my sister was…\\
eli: can I…\\
eli: can I…\\
eli: really do something for my country as well…?\\
le: you are the only one who can do such a thing\\
le: because you are the princess of this country\\
le: after all\\
eli: psssss\\
orni: I’m not sure about this\\ angel\\ I came to this country because of a political marriage\\ I don’t have any friends here\\ the people around me all look at me like an enemy\\
le: I understand your feelings\\ you are from Riteria and were married into a foreign country\\ the previous king died and you suddenly found yourself as a young queen\\ it must be scary\\ you are not sure if you can be a proper queen\\
le: I will\\ teach you how to act as a queen\\
le: don’t worry\\ everything will be fine as long as you follow the angel’s words\\
wu: ku ku ku\\
wu: it’s you, huh…\\
wu: I wanted to meet you\\ bel~~~~~\\
le: I wonder what the hell they are doing\\
le: it seems that there are people who understand a little how things work on this planet\\ and those idiots comfortably entered into my territory\\
le: are they here only for sightseeing or do they have some kind of plan in mind…?\\
le: oh well, who cares anyway\\
le: I will invite them here soon\\ my pawn is ready after all!\\
le: it really suits you\\
le: princess Elizabeth\\
le: I don’t care about the objective\\ of these invaders\\ it is so troublesome to think about it\\ we met each other in such a enjoyable world\ so let’s play together for a bit\\
le: my role is that of the angel of this planet\\
le: while you will be… yeah, that’s right…\\
le: the demons I’m supposed to fight and kill!!\\
aw: did you understand something about the angel…?\\
wu: yeah\\everything is alright\\
aw: again…\\
wu: I should have left some traces when I entered into this country\\ considering that she gets annoyed pretty easily\\ she shouldn’t come at us by using some petty tricks\\
aw: !?\\ wah\\
aw: this is…\\
wu: she came, huh\\
wu: it seems that she is inviting us\\
wu: it would be easy to resist, but…\\
wu: let’s just follow her lead\\
aw: wurde, what was that just now…!?\\
wu: it wasn’t me\\
wu: it was the power of the angel in charge of this zone of the world\\
wu: one of the 6 angels\\
wu: who manipulate the humans and decide the future of this world…\\
wu: bel\\ I’m sure that for you\\
wu: this is nothing more that a way to kill time\\
le: look Elizabeth, they are the enemies of this entire country!!\\
le: let’s take each other hands to fight the demons!\\
wu: the battle that will begin now\\ will decide the destiny of the people on this world…\\
aw: she is…!?\\
wu: heh\\ do you really think that you can win after choosing that kid…?\\
le: you are no more a kid who cannot do anything!\\
le: bring the hammer of justice upon\\ the demons who have dirtied the name of your family and destroyed this country!!\\
eli: yes… angel leil-sama\\
eli: this two are… demons!?\\
le: that’s right\\ these two have manipulated many people and have thrown the world into chaos\\
le: they are enemy of god and of the people\\ in other words demons\\
eli: y-you are wrong, angel\\
eli: that man saved me (well the girl made fun of me, but) \\
le: they also appeared in front of you, huh…\\
le: that was a demon’s trick\\ they approach you gently in order to make you into their pawns\\
le: your sister was manipulated in exactly the same way\\
eli: these two did such a thing…\\to my sister…\\
le: the people chosen by god need the help to defeat such demons\\
eli: are you talking about me!?\\
le: yes, that’s you!\\ let’s fight the demons together!\\
eli: b-but\\ I don’t know if I should fight…\\ such people…\\
le: are you going to stay idle once again?\\
le: you just said that you were supposed to stop your sister from going out of control\\
le: yet you did not do anything\\ and as a result your sister died\\
le: so at the end you will not do anything once again!\\
le: you are nothing more than a lazy idiot after all!\\
eli: n-…\\ no it’s not like that…\\
eli: I-I’m only…\\ a little girl…\\ so I don’t have any strength and…\\
le: what will happen to that girl if you don’t fight?\\ I’m talking about that handmaid so dear to you who was captured after coming for you\\
eli: aisha…!?\\
le: you cannot run away anymore\\
le: it’s alright\\ I will give you the power to change this world\\
le: this time you will\\
le: get back with these hands of yours the things you have lost!!\\
eli: I didn’t do anything\\ for all of this time\\
eli: because I thought that I didn’t have any strength\\
eli: I am a princess\\ a princess of irein\\
eli: this time\\ with these hands of mine\\
eli: I will get back everything…\\
eli: evangelion!!\\
eli: I will avenge\\ my sister!!\\
inserted: the curtain opens on the tragedy!?\\

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