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The Grim Reaper of the East 6

+ posted by Amzy as translation on Dec 20, 2009 20:17 | Go to The Grim Reaper of the East

-> RTS Page for The Grim Reaper of the East 6

東方死神 Part 6

― 王様だ!!
It’s the King!

― 王様のパレードが来るよ!!
The King’s parade is coming!!

― お姉様早くしてよ 王様行っちゃうわよ
Hurry up, sis! Or else the King’s going to pass right on by us!

― まっ待って 待って
W-W-Wait just a bit.
This dress is hard to walk in…

― もーっ そんなに着飾ったって玉のこしに乗れるわけでもないのに
Gosh, why’d you get so dressed up? It’s not like you’re riding on a fancy palanquin.

― アラ?

― なあに?あの大きな船
What’s that big ship?

― 奴隷船よ
It’s a slave ship.

― スラムは今日で取り壊すんで住人は出て行くんですって
The slums are getting demolished today so the slaves are leaving.

― まあ あの汚い街がなくなるなんて清々するわ
Well, I’ll feel better knowing those filthy slums won’t be around anymore.

― あらでも下働き達がいなくなったら困るんじゃなくて?
But what if we don’t have anymore servants?

― そしたらまた新しい下働きを買えばいいのよ
Then we can just buy some new servants.

― さーすがお姉様
Good thinking, sis!

― おばあちゃん
This place is going to get demolished soon.

― 船に乗ろう
Let’s go board the ship.

― …もうすぐゾルの来る時間だもの…
It’s almost the time when Zol usually comes…

― きのうも おとついも 来なかったけど
Although he didn’t come yesterday or the day before that,
he might come today…

― 私がいなくなったら心配するもの…
If I’m not here when he comes, then he’ll get worried…

― …おばあちゃん…

― おい さっさとしろ
Hey! Get a move on it!

― そんな年寄りほっとけ
Leave the old woman behind!

― あっ

― どうせここを出たって生きて行けやしないんだ
She probably wouldn’t last much longer even if she left this place anyway.

― ゾル―――…!!

― みえっ
見えないわ ちょっと
I can’t see a thing!

― 場所 変わってよ
Switch places with me!

― え―――っ!?うそぉ!!
Huuuh?! No way!

― あれが北の国の王様ぁ!?
He’s the King of the North Country?!

― まだ子供じゃない!!
He’s still just a kid!

― 子供の方が扱いやすいから大人達に祭上げられたのよ
Children are easier to please so the adults are throwing this festival for him.

― 独立のシンボル
It’s a symbol of independence.
―――まあ お飾りね
Well, it’s all for show anyway.

― え―――っ
お姉様 かしこーい
You’re smart, sis!

― 映画とかでは大抵そうだもの
You see these kinds of things a lot in movies.

― 玉のこし
A fancy palanquin…

― わあっ!!!

― はっはっは
Ha ha ha!
It looks like the lion dance has started.

― 大丈夫 かみつきゃしませんよ
It’s alright. They won’t bite.

― みんな あなたを歓迎しています
Everyone’s welcoming you,

― ヤコウ様
Lord Yako.

― 今 我が国は
our countries have been liberated from the animosity and suffering we’ve endured during this long war…

― 各国の皆様と手をたずさえて復興の道を歩き始めました
…and both nations have joined hands to pave the path toward restoration.

― わたっ…私はここに
I-I pray…
for a world…

― 差別のない世界を願うものであり…
…in which there is equality among all people and in which discrimination does not exist…

― さっさと歩け!!
Get a move on it!!

― ―――コナ!!

― ――こら 勝手に通るな!!
Hey! Watch where you’re going!!

― ひどいよー 黙って行っちゃうなんて―――…!!
How could you just up and leave without telling me?!

― イツキちゃん!!ごめんねぇ
Itsuki! I’m so sorry!

― ―――…ゾルは?
…Where’s Zol?

― ご立派でしたよ ヤコウ様
That was magnificent, Lord Yako.

― かわ!!
He’s adorable!

― さあ 形式ばった挨拶はこのへんにして
Come, we will commence the ceremonial greeting over there.

― 王様のために楽しい趣向をご用意しました
We have prepared something exciting for you.

― わあ―――…でっかい鉄球
Wow! What a large iron ball!

― あの古いダムの下をごらん下さい
Please take a look at the bottom of that old dam.

― 使われなくなったダムのおかげで淀んだ流れの上に
After the dam was put out of use,
かつて 虐げられた民たちが街を作って住んでおりました
those who were subjugated built a city upon those still waters.

― いわば 奴隷制時代の忌まわしき遺物
It is a memento of the dreadful era of slavery.

― ヤコウ様の御手によって流し去って頂ければと…
We’d like you to tear it down by your own hands.

― このリボンをちゃんと切ると―――…
When you cut this ribbon…

― あの鉄球がビューンと飛んで―――…
…that iron ball will plummet down…

― ダムにぶつかって ドバァ―――ッ!!
…and collide into the dam with a boom!!

― ええ――!!!

― 楽しいですよ
It will be most exciting.

― ―――でも あそこに住んでる人たちは…?
But what about the people who live there?

― おうちが なくなったら困るんじゃないの?
It would be awful if they lose their homes.

― 新王様のなんと慈悲深いこと
Your Majesty is so compassionate.

― でもどうぞ ご安心を
But put your fears to rest.

― ヤコウ様の平和への呼びかけにより奴隷などとうに過去の存在
Due to your efforts toward peace, slavery has become a thing of the past.

― あのような街に住むものはもうおりません
Nobody lives in that city any longer.

― さあ 皆さん お待ちかねですよ
Now, everyone! This is what you have all been waiting for!

― き きんちょうするなあ…
T-This is nerve-wracking…

― 何だ あいつは!!
What’s he doing?!

― つかまえろ!!
Seize him!!

― ああ 待て!!
Hold it right there!!

― ―――やはり来たか
I was expecting you,

― 我が死神よ
my dear Grim Reaper.

― なっ何!?
W-What’s going on?!

― ただの野盗です ご心配なく
He’s just a bandit. No need to be alarmed.

― うっ…ぐ

― おまえの手の内は知っている
I know all the tricks you have up your sleeve.
After all, I was the one who taught you all of those skills.

― そして 戦い方以外は何も教えなかった
To transform you into the perfect and loyal assassin…

― 無垢なるものほど忠実で優れた 暗殺者となるからだ
…I taught you nothing other than how to fight.

― 殺しの意味も
I never taught you what it meant to kill,
nor the value of money,

― 人を疑う心もな
nor how to doubt other people.

― ゾルよ

― おまえに私を裏切ることなどできぬのだ
You can’t betray me.

― 答えよ
Tell me.
Where is Methuselah?

― 小さき王よ
Your Majesty!

― どうか街を潰さんでくれ!!
Please don’t destroy the slums!

― まだあの街には住むものが――…
There are still people living there!

― これ以上恩師の顔に泥を塗るんじゃありません
Don’t disgrace your teacher any further.

― あの街は便宜上のおまえの仕事としてあてがってやっただけですよ
We only gave you the job of protecting the slums because it was convenient.
Who knew that you would become so absorbed with your work?
This is why they say you’re a workaholic.

little bubbles: あ

― あ

― おまえの大好きなおんぼろスラムが流れるのを見てなさい
Why don’t you just sit back and watch as your precious slums become dust.

― ――メ

― メトセラァ―――!!

― 呼んだかね
You called?

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