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The Grim Reaper of the East 11

+ posted by Amzy as translation on Dec 20, 2009 20:23 | Go to The Grim Reaper of the East

-> RTS Page for The Grim Reaper of the East 11

Reserved for Inconnu
Thanks to Nancy for helping me translate the author's notes!

東方死神 Part 11

― 数年後
Several Years Later

― きっきっき 来たー!!
H-H-H-He’s here!
It’s Zol, the Grim Reaper!!

― 何でアジトがバレたんだ!!
How did he find our hideout?!

― 無駄だ もう終わりだ!!
It’s hopeless! We’re finished!!
Once he sets his eyes on a bounty,

― 全員殺される!!!
that guy’s as good as dead!

― 貴様ら…
You lowlifes…

― 全員そこへ正座しろ―――!!!
Sit your asses down and kneel!

― 男が姑息な悪党になぞ落ちぶれて恥ずかしくないのか!?
Aren’t you men ashamed to have fallen as low as crooks?!
I bet your parents are weeping their eyes out at home!

― 全員ここで死んだつもりで一から出直せ!!
It’s time to start your lives over with a clean slate!
And you! What’s with those eyebrows?!

― ――こら ゾル!!
What is this, Zol?!

― 何度言ったら分かるんだ
How many times do I have to tell you?!
All of our prisons are full!

― こんな奴ら生け獲ったって置く所なんかねえ!!
We’ve got no place for bounties that are captured alive!

― 世の中きれにしたかったらなあ
If you really want to clean up the streets,

― 賞金首は首切って持って来い!!
Then bring their heads to us!

― ――やなこった
I don’t want to.

― ―――おい ゾル
Hey, Zol.
You can’t just go around stealing other people’s targets, y’know.

― あの一味は街の殺し屋達の組合で何ヶ月もかけて追いつめて
The assassins from the union have been trying to track down that gang for months.
It was already decided who would capture who.

― 儂が捕まえなかったら他の殺し屋に殺されてしまうじゃろうが
If I’m not the one who captures them, then some other assassin will end up killing them.

― ―――おまえ こんなやり方続けてたら他の殺し屋の恨みを買うぞ
But if you keep this up, the other assassins are going to hate you for it.

― 今はフーサの後ろ盾もないんだ
You don’t have Fusa backing you up anymore.
You should make nice and share with the others.

― 金なんぞ欲しけりゃくれてやる
If it’s money you want, I can give you some.

― 殺しの談合に混ざる気はせんな
I’ve no interest in taking part in discussion with those men.

― おまえなあ
Hey, now…

― マチカ!!

― じーいさまあ~~

― ただいま マチカ
Welcome back, Machika.

― いい子にしとったか?
Were you a good girl today?

― してたよう

― おねしょせんかったか?
Did you wet the bed?

― してないよう

― めとせらいたー?
Was Methuselah there?

― おらんのう
No, he wasn’t.

― えー

― ―――マチカちゃん
I’ve been wondering, why do you call Zol “Grandfather”?
Shouldn’t you call him “papa” instead?

― パパ?

― いかっ
いかん マチカ そらは
That’s not right, Machika!
I mean,
Kona and I were never even married!!

― バカだな…
What an idiot…

― ボクねー
When I get bigger,
I’m gonna catch Methuselah myself.

― じーさまにゴテンたててあげる
And then I’ll buy a palace for Grandfather.

― アホ
Silly child.
You’re a girl.

― 「ボク」じゃなくて「わたし」じゃろ
You should speak more feminine.

― ワ・タ・シ!

TN: He literally tells her to use “watashi” (feminine) instead of “boku” (masculine), but they’re technically not Japanese so…

― パ


She remembered that instead…
― メトセラ

― おまえは今
Where in the world…

― どこにいる
…are you right now?

― 早く帰って来い メトセラ
Hurry up and come back, Methuselah.

― おまえに見せたいものがある
I have something I want to show you.

― 見せたいものが――…
What I want to show you is…

― おい やった!!
Hey! We got him!
He’s finally down!

― 手こずらせやがって!!
The bastard put up a tough fight!
Hurry up and finish him off!

― な…何だこいつ…
Wh-What’s with this guy?

― 笑ってやがる…
He’s smiling…

― ボクが
It was…
the year I turned 14 years old.

― 友人の忠告を聞かなかった 爺様は
Years after ignoring his friend’s advice,

― 若い殺し屋達の手にかかってあっけなく死んだ
Grandfather was killed at the hands of some young assassins.

― 因果応報
It was karma.

― 自分が殺されて死んでもそれは報いだと爺様はいつも言っていた
Grandfather always said that if he were to be killed, it would be his punishment.

― それを聞くたび
Whenever I heard that,

― ボクは泣いて怒ったけれど
I cried and got upset.

― …爺様

― やっぱりボク行くね
I’ll be going, after all.

― 知りたいんだ
I want to know…
…what’s become of Methuselah, the man who you couldn’t defeat.

― 爺様の果たせなかった
I’ll finish what you started,

― はしる
I’ll keep running forward.

― おまえが見える
Until I can see that man.

― 爺様なら死んだ!!
My Grandfather is dead!

― おまえに殺し屋は無理だ
There’s no way you can be an assassin.

― 涙もちぎれ飛ぶ速さで
I’ll run so fast that my tears will be flying from my face.

― ボクの獲物だ!!
You’re my target!!

― 俺の
real name is…

― 風に向かう刃のように
Like a blade facing against the wind,

― すべてを切り割け
I will cut down everything in my way.

― はるかに遠く
I’ll keep running into the distance.

― あいつの歩く
I’ll keep running…

― 地平線の彼方まで
…until I reach the horizon he’s walking toward.

― 東方死神
Business Trip Version

― はじめましての方もお久しぶりの方もこんにちは!尾崎です!本作「東方死神」は「メテオ・メトセラ」というマンガの外伝になります。諸事情から連載がお休みになった時期もあり、描き始めてからこうして本をお届けできるまでに三年近くもかかってしまいました。なのでコッミクスの最初の方と最後では絵も微妙に違ってます。紆余曲折ありましたが最後まで描ききる機会を頂けたこと。本当に嬉しく思います。
Hello, everyone! It’s been a while! This is Ozaki! The story of “The Grim Reaper of the East” is a side story to “Meteor Methuselah”. I started drawing this during my time off from the original series and it’s taken me three years since then to complete this story. Because of that, the drawings at the beginning and end might be a bit different. There were a lot of complications along the way, but I was able to find time to finish drawing. I’m so glad.

― さて。本編の回想シーンでは何度かご登場なさっていましたゾル・バルファルティン。描く前に「こんな人かなあ」と予想した人柄と実際に描いてみたら性格がぜんぜん違っていたということが私には結構あるのですが、爺様はギャップNO1のキャラクターでした。まさかここまでxxxさポイントが低いとは…。でも私のマンガで頭のいい人はろくなことをしない。ちなみに名前の「ソル」はマンガを描く時に愛用している某インクの名前から頂きました。お仕事してると画材屋さんが「今日ゾルお描けしまーす」と電話をくれるので時々ビクッとなりますの。
Now, then. The main character of this story is Zol Balfaltin, a character who appears several times in the original story’s flashbacks. There are many times when I imagine what kind of person my characters would be before drawing them, but I realize that their personalities are completely different once I draw them out. However, “Grandfather” turned out to be the most different character from start to finish. I never would’ve guessed that his cleverness would be so lacking… Then again, smart people never do anything significant in my manga. By the way, the name “Zol” came from my favorite ink brand I used before I started drawing manga. After I started working, I’d get surprised whenever I get a call from the painting place saying “Today we’ll be drawing with Zol”.

Picture: ゾル
170 cm
170 cm tall

194 cm
Methuselah is 194 cm tall

― 「メトセラ」が自分の生き場所を探す地に足のつかない若者たちの物語ならば「死神」は重い荷を背負って地面を這いずるどこへも行けない大人達の物語です。終わってみて、そういう物語を描くには私は少し未熟だったかもしれないと思います。いつも「いいのかな。これでいいのかな」という感じでじりじり描いていました。だけど今できる精一杯を込めました。爺様のことが本当に好きでした。
While the story of “Methuselah” is about a man who searches for a place to call home and is a story for younger people, the story of “The Grim Reaper” is about a man who is weighed down by a heavy burden that he can’t escape and is a story for adults. After I finished it, I felt that I might’ve been a bit inexperienced in writing those kinds of stories. I was always asking myself, “This is good, isn’t it? This should be fine, right?”, and took a long time to finish drawing. But I put my all into it. I really liked how Zol’s story turned out.

― さて。これでもう心残りもなくなりました。後は「メテオ・メトセラ」の本編を力いっぱい描ききるのみです。本編をご存知ない方にとって今回メトセラは何だか謎の人のまま去って行きましたが、その後メトセラとおチビのマチカがどうなったのかよかったら「メテオ・メトセラ」を呼んでみて下さいね。ヒントは下の絵…
Well, then. With this, I don’t have anymore regrets. The only thing left to do is to put all my effort into finishing “Meteor Methuselah”. Those of you who aren’t familiar with the original story might be confused about who Methuselah is and have no interest in his story, but if you’re interested in what happens to him and the young Machika later on, then please read “Meteor Methuselah”. There’s a preview in the drawing below…

― さよなら。いってらっしゃい。そしてまた歩けますように。あなたのくれた全て携えて。
Goodbye. Take care. I’ll continue moving forward with everyone’s support.

Ozaki Kaori

picture: コナ
23 years old

picture 2: ゾルが今の俺達の状況を知ったら絶対
If Zol knew what kind of relationship we have now,

― 殺される
he’d definitely kill me.

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