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Mushibugyo 2

Gathering of Experts

+ posted by AyameForPresident as translation on Oct 12, 2009 07:46 | Go to Mushibugyo

-> RTS Page for Mushibugyo 2


SFX: Crack Snap
Sleeping man: Mrmbl...
Whazzat noise...?

Text: Tonight... will be another 'busy' night in the city of Edo.

SFX: Crack Snap Crack

Text: Second chapter of the new series!


Man: Hi-

SFX: Splurt


(Oh wow, I'm really too lazy to translate all of this page...)

Formation #2: Gathering of Experts

Box: The story thus far: Swordsman of the Tsukishima Dojo, Tsukishima Jinbee has been called to Edo to work for the government.
With joy he accepted this mission, but it turned out to be far from what he excpected. His workplace is called the Mushibugyousho and his job is exterminating monstrous bugs!


SFX: Flutter

SFX: Chirp Chirp

Sign: Inner City Magistrate's Office
Staff Rooms

SFX: Twitch

SFX: Roll
Girl: Nmm...

Guy, handwritten: Kah kah kah

SFX: Zaaaa (wind)

SFX: Shine~


Jinbee: Oh, good Sun-sama!
I bid you good morning!

Girl, handwritten: Mfuh?

Jinbee: I thank you for shining your light
Upon us for yet another day!
SFX: Bow


Jinbee: Right!
Morning practice, 3000 swings...

Jinbee: Begin!
One, two, three-
SFX: Swish Swush

Guy: The hell...?
Girl: ...What IS that kid doing? It's the crack of dawn...
Midget: Nmm...

Jinbee: He he he...
Today will finally be my first official day at Mushibugyousho.

Jinbee: Father, mother, watch me!
I'm going to make you both proud of me... and I'll

Jinbee: And, Mugai-dono...


Jinbee: I'm going to grow even stronger
To return my debt to you!!

Sign: New Inner City Magistrate's Office


Jinbee: Whoa...
So this is the Mushibugyousho...

Kotori: Morning Jinbee-kun.
Did you sleep well?

Jinbee: A good morning to you, Matsunohara Kotori-dono!
Thank you, I slept like a log!
SFX: Bow

Kotori: Haha.
Well, that's good.

Kotori: Hm?
SFX: Dead...


Kotori: Hibachi-kun
Handwritten: Uu~

Kotori: Shungiku-kun
SFX: Yawn

Kotori: Tenma-kun
SFX: Nod Nod

Kotori: Is... everything alright?
SFX: Glare
Everyone: Whatever!!

Kotori: ...Alright then, Jinbee-kun.
I think it's time I explained what we do here.

Kotori: It seems they don't appear much where you're from,
Maybe they just don't like the cold weather, we don't know much about them ourselves,
But since about 100 years ago there's been cases all over Japan
Where humans have been attacked and killed by humongous bugs like the one the other day.


Kotori: And ten years ago, in order to protect the people from these monsters, the government created
The "New Inner City Magistrate's Office".
In other words, us.

Jinbee: Yes!
A story that
Moves me, Tsukishima Jinbee to to the very core of my soul!

Jinbee: I hope that I will be able to live up to
This mission that I have been granted
And everyone's expectations of me! Please regard me kindly!

Guy: Kah Kah...
Girl: Expectations... huh?


Kotori: Um, well then.
Why don't you all introduce yourselves to Jinbee-kun?

Guy: ...Kah Kah.
What's the point Kotori-chan?

Guy: 'Sides, I don't have the kind of time
To tell my name to a guy who's practically a goner anyway.

Jinbee: Er, sir... may I ask what you m-
SFX: Dash
Man: B-big trouble, Matsunohara-sama!!


Man: There's been a bug attack
Over by Tachikawa!!

Jinbee: How...

Kotori: Looks like this one didn't just eat this man.
Huge parts of the building's missing too.

Girl: ....
Probably a ladybug.


Girl: Ladybugs are usually divided into two groups.
Herbivores and carnivores. But there is one specific kind that eats both meat and plants. And that one is especially ferocious!

Man: Matsunohara-sama, the bug appears to have gone west!
Kotori: Thank you.

Kotori: Alright!
Mushibugyou, your mission!

Kotori: The target is a ladybug!
Find and eliminate it!


Everyone: Yeah!

Jinbee: It's time! My first mission!
Let's go!!

Kotori: Aah
Jinbee-kun, over here.


Kotori: For the time being, you are to observe.
There's no need for you to fight.

Jinbee: .....

Kotori: Alright everyone, move out!
Jinbee: Wait a second!!

Jinbee: Why...
Can't I fight...?

Jinbee: Aren't I part of Mushibugyou as well?!
Why can't I fight with everyone else?!

Kotori: Erm, well...
That's, uh....


Girl: Duh.
It's because you're weak.

Girl: Now, I don't particularly mind or care if you run and get yourself killed
But I'd rather you not endanger the rest of us with your idiocy.

Jinbee: Wh, what?!
Guy: Kah kah, that's how it is.

Guy: Don't mean to rain all over your happy parade after you got lucky against that spider, but...

Guy: Listen, Nii-chan.
No one here is expecting a single thing from you.
Handwritten: No offense


SFX: Cough Cough

Boy: ....If you have someplace to go home to...
...I think it'd be better for you if you did....

Jinbee: Could... Mugai-dono too...?
Er... Uhm!


Kotori: ...Jinbee-kun.
The truth is, during the last year, I recruited fifteen people to join the Mushibugyousho.

Kotori: Out of those, four ran away and eleven died.
Nobody lasted for more than one month.

Kotori: And I don't have the time to constantly search for new recruits.
That's why...

Kotori: For one month, you will not be doing battle and you're forbidden from drawing your sword.
This is an order, as your superior.

SFX: Clench


Guy: Listen, Nii-chan.
No one here is expecting a single thing from you.
Jinbee: ....Quite the reception!!

Man: Whoa!!
Man2: Hieee!!

Man: Everyone!
Fall back!!

Man: Matsunohara-sama, we've evacuated everyone.
Kotori: Good work.


Man: Ooooh!
It's the Mushibugyousho!

People: We're counting on you!
Squish that nasty bug!
Mugai-dono, I love you!

SFX: Crack Snap Crack

SFX: Crk Crack

SFX: Chomp Chomp Chomp

Jinbee: ...!!
So this is a ladybug!!



SFX: Shk


Box: You're forbidden from drawing your sword.
This is an order.
SFX: Stop

Jinbee: To a warrior, his lords orders are absolute!

Jinbee: ...But this one's on a completely different level from the spider from before!
It's at least two... no, three times bigger!

Jinbee: How on earth
Do you fight something that large?

Girl: You're in the way, move.

Girl: ...Hmph. No big deal, this one.
Guy: Kah kah, got that right.


Guy: Alright, let's go!

Man: Gooo!
Man: All yours, Mushibugyousho!

Kotori: It's fine Jinbee-kun.
You can just take it easy and observe.

Kotori: They're experts after all.


Girl: Have a taste of this!

SFX: Jump

SFX: Toss Toss

SFX: Fizzle


Kotori: Her name is Hibachi.
She's the descendant of a certain ninja clan that specializes in the use of explosives.


Text: A demolitions expert!

Jinbee: It's going to fly away!

Guy: ...Kah kah.
Too bad.

Guy: You ain't going nowhere!


Guy: Hey, bug ass.
I'm ain't exactly fortunes favorite either, but...

Kotori: That man is Koikawa Shungiku.
He's a real manslayer who has killed more than 500 people.

Text: A swords expert!
Shungiku: Kah kah!
YOU are really down on your luck, shoulda stayed away from Edo!!

Stomp Stomp

Kotori: And next is that boy.
SFX: It's coming!

Boy: Ha... have faith...!
You... can do it...!

Boy: Matsukichi!


Boy: Heed my call!

Boy: Matsukichi, Tamekichi!
Don't let that bug through!
Text: A defense expert!

Kotori, handwritten: Impressive, right?
Kotori: Ichinotani Tenma-kun is skilled in the use of Yin and Yang energies. His specialty lies in tapping into earthen energies, (NOT sure about the accuracy of this)
Which allows him to control shikigami and the like.

Kotori: ...
And lastly...

Kotori: The man known as Mushikari. He used to be a member of the anti-bug squad. (Alt. "He was the first member of the anti-bug squad". Not so sure about this either)


Kotori: Jinbee-kun.
This is what the Mushibugyousho can do.

Man: No less from Mushibugyousho!
Man: Keep going!
SFX: Ooooh

Jinbee: Incredible...
Everyone... is unbelievably strong.

Jinbee: This is...


Hibachi: ...We should end it soon.
It'll be a bother if that thing pulls out "that".
Handwritten: And I'm all out of explosives.
Shungiku: You're right.

Girl: ...Mommy...
Where are you...?

Shungiku: Wha-?!
I thought everyone had been evacuated?!

Girl: Eh?

SFX: Kyaaaaah!


Jinbee: Sto-


Hibachi: What?

Kotori: Jinbee-kun, what about my orders?
Handwritten: Heeey!
Shungiku: Son of a...

Shungiku: We even had a headstart...
But he left us in the dust...

Jinbee: Ooooh!


SFX: Kaching

Jinbee: ...!!
Ha... hard!!

Jinbee: That man named Koikawa...
He cut through THIS?!

Jinbee: Guh...!

Shungiku: Move, moron!
It'll crush you!

Jinbee: Grrr...

Girl: Uwaaaaan! Mooommyyyyyy!


Jinbee: Grrrrr...

Jinbee: U-

SFX: Stop

Hibachi: He! He stopped it!
Shungiku, handwritten: No way
Shungiku: What... stupid strength...

Jinbee: If... my blade doesn't reach you...

Jinbee: Then...


Jinbee: How's this?!

Jinbee: Oooooh!

Jinbee: Joujuu senjin!!

Shungiku: He... flipped it over...


Jinbee: Are you hurt?!
Girl: N-no...

SFX: Puff

Hibachi: That's!
Shungiku: Not good! Run, nii-chan!

Jinbee: Uh... smelly!
What's that stench?!


Hibachi: When ladybugs sense that they're in danger, they fake death
And release a smelly fluid from their leg-joints!

Jinbee: Kh...
It's... unbearable... my nose... my eyes...
And... it's even affecting my body...?!

Hibachi: Oh no! This ones gas is poisonous!
Shungiku: Damn! We can't get any closer!

Jinbee: Crap...
I'm done for!


Mugai: ...Hmph.


Mugai: Your
Petty tricks have no effect on me!

Text: The bug slaying

Text: Expert!!

Jinbee: Mugai-dono... he's brilliant!


Jinbee: ...thirty-seven!
Threehundred-thiry-eight, three-hundred-thirty-nine

Jinbee: Three-hundred-forty, three-hundred-forty-one

Jinbee: ...Mushibugyousho!
To think there was a place with this many strong warriors...!

Jinbee: Heh heh! I'm going to get stronger and stronger...
And I'll get everyone to acknowledge me!

Jinbee: Wooooh, let's do it!!
SFX: Gahahaha!


Hibachi: ...Weirdo!
He was forgiven this time, but then strung himself up.
And he's doing sword swings by himself too.
Shungiku: Got that right.

Kotori: Why, Jinbee-kun?!

Kotori: Why did you ignore my orders?!

Jinbee: I
Have no excuse!

Jinbee: When I saw that child, I!
Completely forgot about your orders!!
SFX: He said it!

Shungiku: He's...
A weird one alright...


Mugai: ...Hey, country boy.

Mugai: Today's mission
Was an easy one.

Text outside panel: Next issue will be about Hibachi.

Mugai: ...And.
When you swing your sword, fasten up your side.

Jinbee: Yes!
Thank you for your guidance!!

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#1. by Kioras ()
Posted on Oct 18, 2009
Expect a scan using a combined translation, some time this weekend

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