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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Mushibugyo 2

The Specialists

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 7, 2009 01:36 | Go to Mushibugyo

-> RTS Page for Mushibugyo 2

OMG he DOES translate things other than Aku and Gintama!

Lol sorry folks, wiki and work have been keeping me away from manga. But I will return~!

Guy: Ngh...

What the....

(Side text- Even tonight Edo is a noisy place!!)

(Bottom text- New serialization's chapter 2!!)


Guy: Ge---



Camp 2: The specialists.

(Side text- New serialization's second chapter!! A huge 40 pages!! The Mushibugyo's bold start!!)

(Box- Tsukishima Jinbee who had been training in secrecy was called upon by the head to serve in Edo. As a warrior he was happy to oblige and came, however he soon found that Edo was in need of bug extermination, and this task would soon become his.}



???: Mmm...



MR. SUN!!!

I hope that today too,

You will honor me with your presence!!


Jinbee: Okay!

I have to start my morning with 3000 swings...!!


1, 2, 3!!

Kotori: He's so noisy...

???: It's too early in the morning for this....

???: Nggh..


{Starting today, I will begin my work with the Mushibguyo....}

{Father, Mother, watch over me!}

{I Tsukishima Jinbee will become a splendid warrior that every person in Edo will speak of! I will live up to the expectations of my comrades in the Mushibugyo!!}

{As for Mugai-dono....}


{I will return the favor I owe from being saved by him,}

{And become stronger myself!!}

Jinbee: Whoa!

So this is the Mushibugyo....

Kotori: Ah, Good morning Jinbee-kun.

Did you get a good night's rest yesterday?

Jinbee: Yes! Good morning to you too Matsnohara Kotori-dono!

I thank you very much for your kindness!

Kotori: Hahah,

That's good.



Kotori: Hibachi-kun,



Is there anything the matter?

Jinbee: Absolutely not!

Kotori: Okay then Jinbee-kun,

Let me explain what you'll be doing here!

Jinbee-kun, I know in comparison to your hometown,

That this place seems cold, scary and different...

But the truth is, this is how Japan has been for the last 100 years.

Gigantic bugs have been running rampant.


Kotori: Ten years ago, in order to protect people from the bugs gathering in Tokyo, a group was made.

The New Inner city magistrate office,

Or Mushibugyo for short.

(TN- Shinnaka machi bugyousho is the original Japanese for the 'New Inner city magistrate office.)

Jinbee: Understood!

I Tsukishima Jinbee,

Will carve this lesson deep within my heart!

I am honored with this promotion,

And will answer your expectations,

With honest to goodness effort! I look forward to working with you all!!

Shungiku: Heh,

Hibachi: Expectations huh....


Kotori: Now then,

I think some introductions are in order.

Shungiku: Heh...

No need Kotori-chan.

After all, he ain't gonna be here long,

And we don't have the time to remember names of runaways!

Jinbee: And what does that ruffian mean with that....?

Guy: I—It's terrible Matsunohara-sama!!


Guy: Tachigawa's been attacked!!

It's the bugs again!!

Jinbee: This is....


Kotori: Moreover, this bug not only ate the people here...

But took a bite out of their house too....

Hibachi: It's a Yatsuboshi.


{A Yatsuboshi is an insect from the Ladybug family.}

{In reality it's fact that the lady bugs are herbivores, but the 'Yatsuboshi' should not be confused with them! They are carnivores that will viciously eat anything in their paths!}

Guy: Matsunohara-sama! The bug is currently headed west!!

Kotori: Got it.

Now then,

Lady and gentlemen of the Mushibugyo!!

You are to pursue the Yatsuboshi,

And when you should encounter the enemy, exterminate it!


All: Yessir!

{The time has come to move out!!}

Jinbee: All right!!

Kotori: Oh! Jinbee-kun! Jinbee-kun!


Kotori: For now, your job is to observe.

Not to fight.

Jinbee: Huh?

Kotori: Everyone, move!

Jinbee: Wait!!

Wait for me!!

I'm not allowed to fight...

But why?

Why can't I join my comrades In battle?!

I'm a member of the Mushibugyo too aren't I?!

Kotori: Uh...

Well that's~~


Hibachi: That's 'cause,

You're weak isn't it?

It would be a pain if you went and got yourself killed,

So do us a favor and stay out of this!

Jinbee: What was that?!?

Shungiku: Heh, that's how it goes!

I heard you were getting' owned by that spider before right?

Let me put it straight bro,

There's no one here that expects much from you at all!!

(Handwritten- Too bad!)


Tenma: If you still have a home to return to....

That is perhaps a better place for you to be.....

{Could it be that Mugai-dono feels this way too...}

Jinbee: Ah...wa---


Kotori: Jinbee-kun,

The truth is that we've had fifteen new entries over the last new year,

Out of that ten of them died, and four ran away.

And since then we haven't had a single person come to replace them.

So I started looking for others with potential! But you still need time to develop.

That's why...

For at least a month, you are banned from lifting your blade!

You are at a Yoriki rank, and this is my order!

(TN- Yoriki is a feudal era police rank.)


Shungiku: Let me put it straight to you bro, there's no one here that expects much from you at all!

Jinbee: I gracefully...accept!!

People: Gah!!



Get down now!!

Guard: Matsunohara-sama, the shelters are complete.

Kotori: Excellent work.


People: Hey!!

It's the Mushibugyo!

Please help us out!!

Smash that monster to pieces!!

Mugai-sama's soooo cute!!

{This is a Yatsuboshi....!!}



{I am forbidden to unsheathe my blade.}

{This is an order!}

Jinbee: To a warrior, orders from the head are absolute!!

{But compared to the spider I felled a few days ago...}

{This one is twice as big!!}

{What can we possibly do...}

{To exterminate a bug like this?!}

Hibachi: You're in the way newbie.

Hmm....not too shabby.

Shungiku: No lyin'.


All: Let's get this started then!!

People: All right!!

We're leaving it to you Mushibugyo!!

Kotori: It'll be fine Jinbee-kun.

Just relax and watch them work.

They're all specialists.

Hibachi: How's this for starters?!

Kotori: Her name is Hibachi.

Her specialty lies in using gun powder, and She's descended from a family of Ninjas.


{Explosive Specialist!!}

Jinbee: Oh no! It's taking flight!!

Shungiku: Heh,

Too bad!

This is a no fly zone!!


Shungiku: Hey pest.

I'm not big into believing in fate or nothin'....

Kotori: He's 'Koikawa Shungiku'.

As of now, he's cut down 500 people give or take....he's quite the criminal.

{Mass cutting Specialist!!}

Shungiku: But you must have damn bad luck to come to Edo and meet me!!

Kotori: Next up is that child there.

(Handwritten- It's coming this way!!)

Tenma: He—Here goes...

I can do this...!




Tenma: Kyuukyuu Nyoritsuryou!

(TN- Kyuukyuu is sudden or urgent, while Ritsuryou is a set of old heian laws. You got me on what the Nyo means here...)

Tenma: Matsukichi, Tamekichi,

Don't let the 'Yatsuboshi' through here!!

{Protective Specialist!!!}

(Handwritten- Amazing huh?)

Kotori: 'Ichinotani Tenma'-kun is a ying and yang user who favors the Tsuchimikado clan's teachings.

His specialty is using Shikigami.

Last but not least is...

The one known as 'Bug hunter' who is one of the members of the bug extermination squad.



Kotori: Jinbee-kun,

This is the Mushibugyo's true strength.

People: Awesome work Muishibugyo!!

Keep it up!!


{Everyone's so strong....}

{This is...}

{The Mushigbuyo!!!}


Hibachi: This is pretty much over.

Just another annoyance.

(Handwritten- Wasn't even worth the gunpowder.)

Shungiku: Yeah.

???: Mom,

Where are you?

All: What...!

There's a person who wasn't evacuated...?!

Girl: Huh?



Hibachi: Tsukishima?!?

Kotori: Jinbee-kun, what about my orders?!

(Handwritten- Wait!)

Shungiku: Whoa...

He ran in faster than any of us...

To save that kid...

Jinbee: OOAAAHHHH!!!


Jinbee: Too shallow!!

{That Koikawa person....}

{He was able to cut through this...?!}

Yatsuboshi: GUAHHHHHH!

Jinbee: Ngh!!

Shungiku: Quit acting cool retard!

You're going to get smashed to pieces!!

Jinbee: Ngahhhh....

Girl: Waaaah!! Mommmy!!!


Jinbee: Nrghhhhhh


Hibachi: He...He stopped it?!?

Shungiku: That's some stupid power he's got....

Jinbee: I can't cut him with my blade...

{So then...}


{I'll smash him!!}


Joujuu Senjin!! (Constant battlefield!!)

Shungiku: He flipped it over....


Jinbee: Are you hurt?!

Girl: N—No.

Hibachi: T—That's...

Shungiku: Get out of there bro!!

Jinbee: Huh?

Ngh!! It stinks!

What is this smell?!


Hibachi: When the ladybug realizes that it's in danger,

It releases a powerful stench from it's joints!!

Jinbee: It stinks so bad...my eyes...

And my body won't listen to me?!?

Hibachi: There's a toxin in that liquid?!

Shungiku: Damn! I can't get any closer!

{Oh no....}

{I'm done for!}


Yatsuboshi: GHOAHRRRRRRR!!

Mugai: Hmph.


Mugai: That holds...

No meaning to me!!

{Bug extermination....}


{Mugai-dono, you really are incredible!!}



Jinbee: 337!







{To think that the Mushibugyo...}

{Would house so much talent..!}

{I have to get even stronger now!}

{I will get everyone to acknowledge me for sure!!}

Jinbee: Ooooaah!! Here I go!!


Hibachi: What a weird guy!

He was let off easy this time, yet he goes out and punishes himself.

And on top of that, he chooses to swing that sword around!

Shungiku: Yeah...

Kotori: Why would you do that Jinbee-kun?!

I told you not to draw your sword!! Why did you disobey orders?!

Jinbee: I'm truly...

Truly sorry!!

When I saw that girl in trouble,

The orders slipped my mind!!!

Shungiku: He's seriously...

One messed up kid.


Mugai: Hey country boy,

Your movements today,

They were too soft.

If you're going to swing,

You have to put more force behind it.

Jinbee: Yessir!!

I'll take your lesson to heart!!!

(Side text- Next issue's a story about Hibachi~)

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#1. by carrotop ()
Posted on Oct 8, 2009
yay, thanks for ch2 ^^, I'll see what i can do about it XD.
#2. by Kioras ()
Posted on Oct 18, 2009
Expect a scan using a combined translation, some time this weekend...
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