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Translations: Gintama 691 by kewl0210 , One Piece 910 by cnet128

To Aru Majutsu no Index 51

Roman Catholic Church

+ posted by Azure Empress as translation on Apr 15, 2014 23:09 | Go to To Aru Majutsu no Index

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Index 51
TL Date: September 2012
Note: This is the un-pr'd version and was for Riceballicious

1 (02)

Title: A Certain Magical Index 10 Table of Contents
#51 Roman Catholic Church
#52 The Greatest Gift
#53 The Archbishop’s Cross
#54 Sheol Fear
#55 Lotus Wand
#56 Multiple Magic Square Configuration
#57 Follow-up Report


P2B1: The Roman Catholic Church’s real goal
P4B1: Is not to take back the ‘Book of Law’ or protect Orsola
P5B1: It’s to kill Orsola


#51 Roman Catholic Church


P1B1: Wha…
P2B1: What the hell are you saying!?
P2B2: Orsola was kidnapped by you guys- the Amakusa Style!
P2B3: You stole the ‘Book of Law’—
P3B1: That, huh?
P4B1: We didn’t steal anything like the ‘Book of Law’


P1B1: Try thinking about it
P1B2: Why would we need the ‘Book of Law’?
P2B1: The Roman Catholic Church is the world’s largest religious sect
P2B2: With about two billion members
P2B3: Why would we specifically pick a fight just to obtain it?
P3B1: We heard that the Amakusa Style has weakened ever since parting with their priestess
P4B1: That is why, as you would put it, “If it momentarily opened, it would mark the end of the age of the religious sect” by using the tremendous power of the ‘Book of Law’
P4B2: Correct?
P5B1: Like I said
P5B2: In the first place, why do we need to obtain power?


P1B1: We are clandestine Christians
P1B2: Ever since long ago, we have been persecuted
P2B1: With the exception of members, no one knows the whereabouts of our headquarters
P2B2: After such a long time, why would we desire such monstrous power?
P3B1: …Isn’t that obvious?
P3B2: Because of the Roman Catholic Church
P4B1: You think
P4B2: It’s because we want the ‘end of the era’ of the largest religious sect, right?


P1B1: For the Roman Catholic Church, Orsola is a hindrance because she can draw out the ‘Book of Law’‘s power
P2B1: Because of that, they slowly became aware of her—
P3B1: And for that reason the Roman Catholic Church became a very difficult place to be… In short, she escaped to Japan
P3B2: As we are both religious sects, we, the Amakusa Style, wanted to come and save her—
P3B3: Well, that’s the reason
P4B1: Well, you two?
P4B2: If you think about it calmly, you immediately understand, right?
P4B3: Who your true enemy is
P5B1: Now, think you could remove these binds?


P1B1: No
P1B2: I still do not trust you
P2B1: …
P2B2: Why?
P3B1: If everything you’ve said is true
P3B2: Then why was Orsola running away from you?
P3B3: That’s what she said when we first came into contact with her!?


P1B1: You’re the same
P1 Side of B1: Heh
P2B1: The same?
P3B1: Right now you’re the same as her
P3B2: In the very end, she couldn’t trust us
P4B1: She probably thought
P4B2: ‘There is no reason for them to save me and make enemies of the world’s largest religious sect - the Roman Catholic Church. The only possible collateral I can give is the deciphering of the ‘Book of Law’.”
P5B1: That’s…
P5B2: Anyways
P5B3: Then, for what reason did you save Orsola!?


P1B1: There’s nothing like that
P1B2: We’ve been like this since long ago
P2B1: The priestess
P3B1: We have always
P3B2: Watched her from behind—


P1B1: In order to protect a single person’s mere childish dream, she blocked the path of an evil dragon that could swallow a mountain
P1B2: In order to achieve the dying wish of someone, she protected a small village from tens of thousands of soldiers
P2B1: Because of that figure before our eyes
P2B2: We did not misuse our power, and were able to follow the path of righteousness with their guidance


P3B1: However…
P3B2: We completely destroy that person’s ‘path’—
P5B1: On the battlefield everyone around her died and she was convinced that it was her fault
P5B2: What a joke! It was our desire to fight to alongside her
P6B1: The priestess left the Amakusa-Style because our strength wasn’t sufficient enough
P6B2: Our inexperience stole that person’s place


P1B1: We have to keep and giver her back her place
P2B1: That’s why
P2B2: We wanted to protect and help Orsola Aquinas
P4B1: That doesn’t seem unlikely
P4B2: But there is no basis for me to believe them—!! Who am I supposed to believe!?
P5 Background: Kyaaaaa


P1B1: That scream just now…
P1B2: Orsola!?
P3B1: Hey you
P3B2: Did you tell her you were going to hand her over to the Roman Catholic Church?
P4B1: She doesn’t trust the Roman Catholic Church
P4B2: But you, right!!?


P1B1: You are
P1B2: Not connected with any of the organizations in our world, correct?
P2B2: Damn…
P3B1: Touma


P2B1: We are here to take custody of the ringleader of the heretics


P1B1: The enemy of God is him, right?
P1b2: Hey
P1B3: Wait a sec
P2B1: What…?
P2B2: You won’t mind letting me see Orsola’s face one more time, right?
P3B1: Unfortunately, I have to decline that wish
P3B2: We must abide by the rules, so our maximum priority is to protect her
P4B1: …
P4B2: That scream? Wasn’t that Orsola’s?
P5B1: Agnes is over there, right?
P5B2: I’ll go ask her directly!


P3B1: Touma! Watch out!


P4B1: Ku
P5B1: Hah
P6B1: Hah
P6B2: How dare you…


P1B1: How dare your pagan hand!
P1B2: My shoulder! Shoulder! How dare it touch my shoulder!
P2B1: S-Sister Lucia!
P3B1: Um
P3B2: That is
P3B3: Are you sure that’s okay?
P3B4: Sister Agnese said not to carelessly get touched by the guests….
P4B1: Be silent Sister Angeline!!
P4B2: Ah!
P5B1: This is the worst!
P5B2: This is why we should’ve driven and burned the pagans sooner! Yet, because we allowed unnecessary speculation, our workload has increased….


P1B1: That’s right
P1B2: That Amakusa-Style member resisted and you all we killed
P2b1; Ah!
P2B2: That’s the most fun!
P2B3: Afterwards, we will seal that Amakusa-Style’s mouth and there won’t be a problem!
P3B1: …!!
P4b1: Guaa


P1B1: Heretic?
P1b2: Are you familiar with the ‘Legend of the Wheel’?
P2B1: Since ancient times, in the stories of martyrs that have been handed down, the cart wheel has appeared numerous times as an instrument of torture and executions
P2B2: The wheel has countless number of blades and needles imbedded into it and was created to tear laymen from limb to limb, but
P2B3: Countless reports state that the wheel will explode when a saint comes into contact with it
P3B1: The significance of the ‘Legend of the Wheel’ is as follows—


P1B1: The sinless will be saved
P1B2: And the sinful will be punished—!!
P3B1: I won’t let you… maybe
P4B1: Sister Angeline!
P4B2: Y-Yes!


P1B1: Viene
P2B1: Una persona dodici apsotli
P2B2: Lo schiavo basso che rovina un mago mentre é quelli che racolgono


P1b1: This is…
P2B1: ?
P5b1: Index! Above you!
P6B1: Worry about yourself


P2B1: You will not be saved
P3B1: Sister Orsola is our brethren so we must follow ‘procedures’
P3B2: But I have no reason to hesitate in killing you


P2b1: What…!!?
P4B1: !!
P5b1: Sister Angeline! Have you lost your mind!!!
P5B2: Y-You’re mistaken
P5B3: It wasn’t me


P1B1: C T R T T O P A O
P3B1: Huh
P3B2: What!?
P6B1: Ha..


P1B1: Mathew of the Twelve Apostles defeated two fire dragons with merely a cross and a prayer
P1B2: By putting that emblem on those coin bags as a talisman, those bags are able to act as lock-on projectiles, however…
P2B1: You were careless
P2b2: You placed all your attention on our nearby area and didn’t focus on the details in your surroundings. As such, it was simple to interrupt it.
P3B1: Index!
P4B1: That was amazing- I mean
P4B2: You- What technique was that?
P4 side of B2: Was it magic?
P5B1: You’re a bit mistaken, Touma
P5B2: Using special methods of pronunciation, you can encrypt and accelerate the words of your opponent in order to interrupt their techniques
P6B1: Spell Intercept—


P2B1: A retreat order…?
P3B1: Sister Angeline!
P3B2: Y-
P3B3: Y-
P3B4: Yes!
P4B1: Hey, wait!


P1B1: You can’t Touma
P1B2: If you don’t get your wounds treated…
P2B1: Orsola is fine at the moment
P2B2: Like they said, ‘we must follow ‘procedures’’
P3B1: Hey, you guys
P4B1: You fully understand now, right?


P1B1: That is the world’s largest religious sect—
P1B2: The Roman Catholic Church’s hidden methods

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