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Translations: Gintama 691 by kewl0210 , One Piece 910 by cnet128

To Aru Majutsu no Index 52

The Greatest Gift

+ posted by Azure Empress as translation on Apr 15, 2014 23:10 | Go to To Aru Majutsu no Index

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Index 52
TL Date: October 2012
Note: This is the un-pr'd version and was for Riceballicious

1 (35)

#52 The Greatest Gift


P3B1: There’s… no one here!?
P3B2: In such a short period of time that many people
P3B3: Have retreated!?


P1B1: What’s the meaning of this?
P2B1: I’m sure I left that Amakusa-Style bound by my cards—
P2B2: Stiyl
P3B1: —So that’s how it is…
P4B1: It’s no wonder Orsola Aquinas’ circumstances were odd
P4B2: If everything that guy said is true
P4B3: Then that means the ‘Book of Law’ is enshrined underneath the Vatican’s Library


P1B1: You heard Orsola’s screams, right?
P1B2: Why didn’t you help?
P2B1: Unfortunately, we’ve already exited the stage
P2B2: Hey
P2B3: From now on, it’s an internal problem of the Roman Catholic Church
P3B1: Orsola Aquinas’s Inquisition has already begun
P4B1: Inquisition…?


P1B1: To be ‘wounded by the Word of God that you believe in’
P2B1: Basically
P2B2: The deciphering of the ‘Book of Law’ is a threat to the Roman Catholic Church
P2B3: But Orsola, herself, has not committed any sins
P2B4: That’s why they need proof during the trials
P2B5: Her ‘act of betrayal’ that is
P3B1: Most likely, after this she’ll be sent back to her own country where the Inquisition will take place
P3B2: And without asking any questions, she’ll be branded an ‘Enemy of God’—
P3B3: And Executed
P5B1: —That’s the ‘procedures’ they were talking about…


P1B1: Anyways, Orsola will be alright until that trial ends, right?
P1B2: They won’t kill her no matter what we do, so just overlook it and move on
P3B1: Where are those guys!?
P3B2: You know, right!?
P4B1: What do you plan to do if you know?
P4B2: Do you think your fist will be useful, considering it was completely brushed aside by that squad of Sisters?
P5B1: This is an incident that occurred within the Roman Catholic Church, and as such we cannot exceed their rules used to judge.
P5B2: The abuse of the ‘Book of Law’ causes worry, you understand that, right?
P5B3: We, the Anglican Church, do not have a reasonable reason for which to save Orsola.


P1B1: Well
P1B2: I can’t stomach farewells
P1B2: But it can’t be helped if we get angry, right?
P4B1: To-To
P4B1 underneath: Touma!


P1B1: … Could you calm down a bit?
P2B1: If we lower ranked members poke our nose into someone else’s affairs, there is a chance that while we are trying to stop the intervention, discord will break out between the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches
P2B2: If that occurs, many people will become involved
P3B1: Or will you start a war
P3B2: Because you want to save Orsola alone?
P4B1: I recognize…
P4B2: That…
P5B1: Orsola wasn’t decoding the ‘Book of Law’ for herself
P5B2: Just what do those people think a person’s life is…!?


P1B1: Calm down
P1B2: Boy
P1B3: Don’t think about it too much
P2B1: The Anglican Church may not have a reason to fight, but I do
P2B2: I’m gonna go intrude on those guys’s hideout and rescue my comrades
P2B3: So during that time, go and rescue Miss Orsola
P3B1: Are you planning to go alone!?
P4B1: What?
P4B2: We’re used to clashing with big organizations
P4B2 on bubble: See ya


P3B1: The bus stop—


P1B1: The grimoire’s power will not bring anyone happiness
P1B2: That is why I—
P3B1: I wonder what the right thing to do is….
P4B1: For example
P4B2: What would’ve happened if I had obediently taken Orsola to Academy City when I first met her?
P4B3: Or if we hadn’t helped the Roman Catholic Church and Orsola was able to escape with the Amakusa-Style?
P4B4: And so on


P1B1: I’m sure the result would’ve been the same
P1B2: I believe the Roman Catholic Church would’ve used infiltration-tactics in order to fine Orsola
P2B1: Touma…
P2B2: This is a Magician’s problem, so it’s not unreasonable for you to be unconcerned, right?
P3B1: Even if you did nothing, I wouldn’t look down on you
P3B2: But Tatemiya Saiji will do what he has said, so I believe you have no choice but to depend on him….
P3B3: …
P3B4: That’s right
P4B1: Ah- That reminds me


P1B1: The cross I gave you
P1B2: You don’t have it, right?
P1B3: So where is it right now?
P2B1: Cross…
P2B2: …!
P3B1: Sorry
P3B2: I entrusted it to Orsola
P3B3: I put it around her neck and she was extremely pleased
P3B4: But was that such an expensive item?
P5B1: No, it was just a plain iron cross
P5B2: Probably something you could find being mass-produced in a small factory in town for souvenirs
P6B1: That item had value because you carried it
P6B2: But whatever
P6B3: In any case, at the moment you do not need it, right?


P1B1: —I wonder if Tatemiya will succeed
P2B1: He has my admiration
P2B2: He is a true magician
P2B3: So I shouldn’t have to consider him fighting a loosing battle
P3B1: I see
P4B1: Hm


P1B1: Then
P1B2: Let’s go home
P2B1: Ah
P2B2: Right
P2B3: Before that, the refrigerator is empty
P3B1: I’m gonna go to the convenience store a buy something, so head back before me
P3B2: Huh
P4B1: If it’s the ‘convenience store’, let’s go together
P4B2: If I brought you along, you’d gradually fill the basket with random stuff—
P5B1: Thanks
P5B1 side: Then


P1B1: You know where you’re going?
P2B1: Not really…
P2B2: I’m just going to look around the area; I’ll know immediately when I see the store
P3B1: Very well


P2B1: There are many ‘privileged houses’
P2B2: Even now, nearby the ‘Church of Orsola’, a new House of God, is under construction




P2B1: Honestly
P3B1: This has gone on too long, right?
P3B2: I don’t have time to waste playing around with you. Please hurry up with your punishment


P1B1: Ha
P1B2: Was it the ‘Church of Orsola’!?
P1B3: This exaggerated church and name’ll be changed
P2B1: It makes me laugh that this place is connected to such a mule-like, pig-like name!!
P4B1: Besides
P4B2: !!
P5B1: You don’t actually think that because you met by chance the Amakusa-Style will reply to your pleas?


P1B1: Driven into a corner, you clung onto some easterners from this stinking island country…!
P1B2: That’s wrong. Those things aren’t human
P1B3: Amakusa-Style, the Anglican Church, and those other impertinent houses, all call themselves after the same Cross
P2B1: Open your eyes! Those pigs can’t even read the Bible and they value their precious lives more!
P3B1: Why…
P4B1: I held in my hands the object which would bring ruin, ‘The Book of Law’
P5B1: I wanted to be rid of the feeling that
P5B2: Everyone else had
P6B1: Where was I led astray?


P1B1: Why did that boy
P1B2: In the very end, abandon me?


P1B1: Honestly
P1B2: It was so easy to fool those beasts!
P1B3: As soon as you tame them they’ll bring you the spoils!
P3B1: …
P3B2: F…
P3B3: Fool?
P5B1: Those people—
P5B2: Were… fooled…?
P5B3: They weren’t… cooperating with… you?


P1B1: Am I…
P1B2: Correct?
P3B1: Why are you smiling…?
P4B1: Somehow…
P4B2: I am realizing it
P4B3: Our
P4B4: The Roman Catholic’s true nature—…
P5B1: Those people have things they believe in for which they will take action
P5B2: People
P5B3: Thoughts
P5B4: Those feelings they believe in… how far do they reach?


P1B1: But in regards to us—
P1B2: We do not act because of doubts
P1B3: Because of such unsightly things
P2B1: Although… it is the same for me…
P2B2: If in the beginning I had believed in those of the Amakusa-Style, this would have never happened….
P2B3: And that person… would not be in this dangerous situation….
P3B1: In the end, our most unsightly figure is—
P3B2: The Roman Catholic Church’s true form


P1B1: Then please do as you wish!!
P2B1: At best you could open you eyes and hold a grudge against those idiots
P2B2: It’s best if you just die!
P4B1: Just what
P4B2: Should I resent?
P5B1: In the first place, those people did not have a reason to fight…
P5B2: Furthermore… I’m a stranger… that came running to them


P1B1: Look…
P1B2: This is the greatest gift
P1B3: That the world has to offer


P2B1: That sound…
P2B2: The barrier broke!?
P2B3: It can’t be—

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