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13 Game 1

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on May 22, 2012 02:37 | Go to 13 Game

-> RTS Page for 13 Game 1

[sizeptptpt=200]Reserved for Kuudere Scans

pg. 1

panel 1:
12.4. (date)

panel 2: the start of a new amazing 13-part series!

panel 3: You won't be able to fix your appearance this early in the morning so you should just hurry up and go

panel 4: Today is the day I, Amamiya Kouta, turn 17

today is the day I plan to

pg. 2
[A fateful morning for this 17 year old boy, In order to make today]
confess to

Kouta: I'm o-ff

pg. 3
[the best day of his life, he will]
Misora Hiyori

pg. 4

panel 1:
Ever since middle school

I've been in love with Misora-san

I even managed to pass my entrance exams and enter the same high school as her

panel 2:
It's good that I managed to get into the same high school as her but
We were in different classes during my first year so I couldn't even talk to her

Panel 3: Even though we changed classes in second year, we still ended up in different rooms
But today!

panel 4:
Well, saying it's my birthday is just an excuse but

panel 5:
today for sure

i'll tell her how I feel

pg. 5

panel 1: Well that's what I said, but...

panel 2:
1st bubble: What am I supposed to say to her...

2nd bubble: If only confessions worked like magic

panel 3: To be honest, I'm average in both academics and sports
If I had to say, my only real strong point would be magic
panel 4: Come to think of it, I look different than usual today
I hope no one notices what I plan to do

panel 5: Well, it should be fine

Since it's Nori, I don't have to worry...


pg. 6
panel 1: *gulp*
panel 3: what was that feeling just now

panel 5:Good morning Amamiya-kun

pg 7

panel 1: Mi ... Misora-san

panel 2: Kouta:G ... good morning Misora-san T...The weather's great today isn't it...
She's already here. I haven't prepared my heart yet

Misora: eh? ah ... yeah

panel 3: Misora: Y...You know Amamiya-kun ... *fidget*

Kouta: wh ... what?

panel 4: Misora: today ...

MORNIN'! KOUTA! *grab* Kouta: uwaa

pg. 8

panel 1: Nori: today's magic will be more awesome than usual right!

Kouta: Wait Nori!
Hurry up and show me. Come on let's go the classroom!

Misora: A ... Amamiya-ku ...

panel 3: Nori: hey hey what are you going to do? Give me a hint

Kouta: If I told you, there'd be no point to it

panel 4: Nori: Ah, is that so!

... Alright!

he's always keeping his student id in his chest pocket!

panel 5: by the way today happens to be my birthday

panel 6: Happy Birthday! Have some candy

pg. 9

panel 1: Kouta: The card Haru chose was this, the 8 of hearts

panel 2: eh ~ what ~ !

It's the same trick as usual! well you're right though

panel 3: now now

panel 4: This is where
panel 5: It gets interesting

pg. 10

panel 1: this time Nori is going to pick a card

panel 2: Nori: all right!

these cards

panel 3: are all the 2 of diamonds

panel 4: this time i'm not going to guess which card it is, instead I'm going to show it to everyone

panel 5: bubbles:this card is ... the 2 of diamonds


pg 11

panel 1: then with this permanent marker
I grabbed something else along with the pen when I took it out
panel 2: Kaoru: And then I "mark" it

I put the same "mark" that's on the card in my hand

panel 3: lastly i'm going to fold the card

choose a random person

And give them the card that was already in my hand

panel 4: Kouta: now i'm going to teleport the 2 of diamonds in Katou-kun's hand

Kouta: hold it tightly

Katou: got it

panel 5: not yet ...

... just a little more

panel 6: It's done!

pg 12

panel 1: Kouta: Katou-kun, the card in your hand is no longer the 2 of diamonds

Katou: Eh? but it's still inside my hand

panel 2: Kouta: Why don't you open it up and take a look for yourself

Katou: Ah okay

panel 4: 1st bubble: woah! did it really change into the joker?

2nd bubble: But I was holding on to it the whole time

3rd bubble: Then where's the 2 of diamonds?

4th bubble: Amazing

panel 5: the 2 of diamonds ...

pg. 13

panel 1: IT'S SHOWTIME!

panel 2: Kouta: the chosen card is inside of Nori-kuns student id

Nori : eh me?

pg. 14

panel 1: OOOHHH!! for real!? (little bubbles "waa" "amazing!" "what!? what!?")

panel 2: First I start with my usual card tricks to make sure they lower their guard

(on sign: Don't waste water)

Then I made sure the 2 of diamonds I put in Nori's student ID was still there. since he's a rather sloppy guy, he wouldn't find it unless he was looking for it

panel 3: I put it in there yesterday

I'd say today's magic trick was a huge success

pg. 15

panel 1: wh ...

what is this

panel 3: it's not coming off...

panel 4: 1st: ah Amamiya

2nd: That trick you did just now was amazing

pg. 16

panel 1: Kouta: ah sorry do you know who did this?

I didn't even notice at all

?did what?

panel 2: well this ...

panel 3: 1st bbl:what is this also a new trick?


2nd bbl: Are you going to make something appear this time?

3rd bbl: what's with that lol

panel 4: there's no way ...

panel 5: Other than me (bbl: haha)

panel 6: No one else

pg. 17

panel 1: Can see this number on my forhead

panel 2: 1st bbl: eehh ~ What do you mean you couldn't give it to him!
Not just morning, but you couldn't do it during lunch either! You worthless girl
After school is your last chance to give it to him

panel 3: Nono-chan, Kyorin i'll do my best!

panel 4: Amamiya-kun!

pg. 18

panel 1: it's evening already ...
I can't believe that okabe would make me help out cleaning the reference room for this long!

panel 2: anyway I need to hurry home so I can look up this thing on my forehead on the internet

bbl: A ... Ama ...

pg. 19

panel 1: but really what the heck is this? when i left my house this morning it wasn't there

It's too big to be a prank. There's no way someone could get all of my classmates, and even the teacher to pretend they can't see it

an injury? a strange disease? But that doesn't explain why other people can't see it...

Ah Jeez! I don't get this at all!!

panel 2: There's usually not that many people at this park but

For there to be no one here at all ...

panel 3: ow
panel 4: what the!? The number on my forehead

it's burning ...

pg. 20

panel 1: Negishi Kanji

panel 2: a hallucination!?

bbl: wh ... at was that just now ...

panel 3: who is Negishi have we met ... no have I seen ...

bbl: heya -

panel 4: weell ... Amamiya-ku-n

pg. 21

panel 1:Negishi Kanji

panel 2: Kanji: huhu - ! A score of 0 lucky me

panel 3: this person can see it

The number on my forehead

panel 4: And...

panel 5: hm? aah! 'course this isn't right

pg. 22

panel 1: As you can see, my score is


panel 2: It doesn't matter if you have hair, or a hairband, it'll show up either way

panel 3: your number

panel 4: Now that the introductions are out of the way

panel 5: Please...

pg. 23

panel 1: die

panel 2: Huh

panel 3: That's strange

I'm sure he went this way

panel 4: Maybe it was this way

pg. 24

panel 1: eh

panel 2: scream -.-

panel 3: Oh my, I thought I'd just kill you painlessly but

Looks like I missed

panel 4: sorry ~

pg. 25

panel 1: you too ...

won't get a pleasant death

panel 2: huh?

what are you saying Kaa-kun?

panel 3: I'm already dead loool get that loool

panel 4: by the way where's Amamiya-kun's player?

panel 5: Kaa-kun's only able to get rid of other people

panel 6: Though honestly, you're so weak Amamiya-kun

We don't even need to make a field for you

pg. 26

panel 1: Kouta: wha ... at are you saying ...

Kanji: huh? what'cha doin' idiot ...

panel 3: haaa ... could it be that Amamiya-kun
has just become one of the "numbers"?

panel 5: what's that!? that huge cut


panel 6: so 30 seconds have passed already huh

pg. 27

panel 1: wha ... What on earth...

panel 2: Ya don't know anything do ya

panel 3: how bothersome Ya should at least give him an explanation

Are you there Amamiya-kun's Player-san? hey

panel 4: Mind your own business

panel 5: Materialize

pg. 28

panel 1: she appeared out of nothing

panel 2: huhu ! Amamiya-kun's player is a loli-gal!

How nice, I'll trade you kaa-kun for her lol
panel 4: player: your char

Kanji: eh? what me? me?

player: hasn't he been educated properly?

panel 5: wha ... what are you guys ...

panel 6: what did you do to me ...

what the hell is happening

pg. 29

panel 1: player: You're dead

Kanji: yeah yeah We're dead so what

panel 2: don't you remember?

panel 3: player: you were run over by a car this morning and died

Kanji: wo-w! ya really haven't been dead for long

panel 4: wha ... what are you saying ...

I died? what kind of joke is that eh ...

pg 32

panel 1: that uncomfortable feeling this morning

Kouta: you're lying... that' ...

player: you're dead

panel 4: why's that

I see. Ya just died, no wonder ya don't get any of this

panel 5: Ah you poor kid. As a special service, I'll give ya 1 minute amamiya-kun

after one minute I'll start the game again so listen to the explanation of the loli-girl

panel 6: I really am nice right it's okay to fall for me

pg. 33

panel 1: Kaa-kun: you ... what're you trying to do?

Kanji: EH?

That's so mean Kaa-kun

panel 2: It's fine if he doesn't know anything but

panel 3: Isn't it even more fun if he knows what's going on? In lot's of ways. Like his reaction

panel 4: That's strange Was there such a huge park here before?

And Amamiya-kun ... isn't in here ...

panel 5: Amamiya-kun where are you!

pg. 34

panel 1: what the ... what is happening

What happened to me...

panel 2: you are now existing on a temporary lifespan

panel 3: this is a game where you put your life on the line

It's called "13 Game"

panel 4: 13 game ... life and death ...

panel 5: the rules are simple

if you can deal a certain amount of damage to your opponent

Or if you "cut" the fkc you win

pg. 35

panel 1: damage ... cutting ... how!

with the power you have

panel 2: Kouta: p ... power? what is my power?

Merume: Hmm? I don't know

panel 3: what! what the heck i don't get it at all!!

panel 4: Alright~ 1 minute has passed the game's restarting

panel 5: what! Why do I ... this is Wrong

pg. 36

panel 1: uh oh

That's so heartless Amamiya-kun

panel 2: it's impossible to escape from me you know?

from my "devil foot" that is

pg. 37

panel 1: that's right

during his lifetime this character's legs were

panel 2: his strong point

panel 3: hehe alright as a special service for the rookie Amamiya-kun

i'll be your opponent
with "this"

panel 4: devil foot second form CRAZY WHEEL

pg. 38

panel 1: second form ...
I guess it makes sense since he's a number 3

panel 2: now i wonder if this guy

will be a useful character

panel 3: Inline skating was one of mah strong points back when i was still living

it was extreme you understand? All wonderful and flashy

panel 4: well then how about I go all out now

pg. 39

panel 1: Amamiya-kun

panel 3: he dissappeared !?

pg. 40

panel 1: ECSTASY

pg. 41

panel 1: STEP

pg. 42

panel 1: You know, I've never beaten someone by doing enough damage before
but well

panel 2: I wonder how long will it take to chop ya up for good

Let's find out amamiya-kun lol

pg. 43

panel 1: Ahh

panel 2: hyahaaa!

panel 3: hey over here Amamiya-kun

pg. 44

panel 1: It's No good i can't keep up with his quick movements

panel 2: i Can't tell where his attacks are coming from

pg. 45

panel 1: dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance !!!

panel 2: i...

panel 3: i'm going to be killed

panel 4: no ... i'm already dead

pg. 46

panel 1: what a loser

panel 2: it hurts ... I'm going to die

although i'm already dead but

panel 3: my blood is streaming out just like this

normally i would have died of shock because of the bloodloss ...

panel 4: Why am I thinking about something like that right now...

panel 5: These will probably heal in 30 seconds like before however

pg. 47

panel 1: how do i finish this thing ...

panel 2: If I take too much damage or if..
the fkc is cut...

with damage ...

panel 3: Man, you're bad at giving up


pg. 48

panel 2: See, now you can't escape

panel 3: this person's power

panel 4: same as in pg. 38 panel 3

panel 5: strong point ... if that's how it is ...

I ...

pg. 49

panel 1: with the damage i took just now

panel 2: a fatal wound would increase his counter to 4 ...

so that's weak

panel 3: So that's the difference in our strength, I have to kill him 5 times to win

Kanji: ok ok i get it

That hurt a lot didn't it Amamiya-kun

panel 4:It's unfortunate, but it's about time we end this right?

panel 5: see ya later Amamiya-ku-n

Ahh ... i'm ... going to die ...


pg. 50

panel 2: Kanji: Huh? Who's she? A friend of Amamiya-kun?

Kouta: Mi ... sora-san ...

panel 3: Hey Kaa-kun, you need to make sure you properly clear everyone out

Kaa-kun: Impossible... there's no way a human could get into my barrier...

panel 4 Amamiya-kun...!? Kouta: Run ... away ...

pg. 51

panel 1: Are you alright!? I'll call the cops right away!

panel 2: so annoying, outsiders should just stay out of this

but the real KY would be a hell off a bother

panel 3: it would be lonely to pass away alone right Amamiya-kun Alright

panel 5: No way ... Misora-san!?

pg. 52

panel 1: He's planning to kill her -

panel 2: Misora-chan ru ... run away

panel 3: If i don't do something

pg. 53

panel 1: i have to do something

panel 2: i have to do something!

Misora: uhm ... but

panel 4: my strong point is magic

I have to use my Hands!!

pg. 54

Devil Hand second form

pg. 55


pg. 56

panel 1: can i do it? ... no!

i have to do it

panel 2: Kanji: what? Amamiya-kun

Kouta: It's Showtime!!

Kanji: wha ...

pg. 57

Kouta: I ... I did it ...

Kanji: this huh ... i ... lost!? no ... way

pg. 58

panel 1: AAAHHH

panel 2: wha ...

panel 3: Kyaaahhh!!!

panel 4: Misora-san!?

pg. 59

panel 1: He ... help ... me aaah

Merume: *chuckle* It looks like this guy died in a fire

panel 2: the losers of 13 game get their temporary lifespan revoked

Kanji: no ... i don't ... want to die ...

it's ho ... t again ... uaaa

Merume: You have to suffer the death you avoided once before

Kanji: helb

pg. 60

panel 1: u *barf*

Merume: "*chuckle* Congratulations"

"you gained a kill"

"So how does it feel to kill a person on your birthday? *chuckle*"

my consciusness ...

"welcome to 13 game"

is fading ...

"and now"

pg. 61

"Happy Birthday"

no more

pg. 62

panel 1: found you ...

the best day becomes the worst day ... and who is the person watching Kouta?

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