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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

13 Game 2


+ posted by b3nriya as translation on May 29, 2012 23:19 | Go to 13 Game

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[sizeptpt=200]Reserved for Kuudere Scans

13 Game Ep. 02

pg. 1
panel 1: eh? ...
panel 3: it's morning ... When did I fall a sleep?
today is my birthday ... mhm? it's morning ... yesterday?
panel 4: on my birthday ... i did some magic tricks ... what happened ... i came back home ... i came back ... huh...?
panel 5 : a refreshing morning ... ?

pg. 2
panel 1: yesterday at the park ...
panel 3: a dream ...

pg. 3
panel 1: th ... that's right! There's no way that happened!
a dream ... I was having a dream! wasn't I ... ! thank god
panel 3: the fkc (or number on the forehead) ... it changed from 0 to 1 ...

pg. 4
panel 3: u ... urgh
panel 4: but i lost consciousnes so how did i get into my bed ...
panel 5: good mornin' ...

pg. 5
panel 2: Kouta: wh ... what the
Mother: oh my good morning
panel 3: mo ... mother just a ... why is this brat...
panel 4: hey! watch your mouth! things like this brat

pg. 6
panel 1: sorry Merume-chan
panel 2: Besides, wasn't it Merume-chan who brought back kou-chan after he got so tired playing around that he fell asleep?
Even though I prepared a complete birthday feast! therefore today's breakfast is cake!
panel 3: Coming up is the news of a murder case that took place yesterday in a family in Ichihara
the scene of the incident that took place was in one of the relatively quiet home in the streets of Odori
panel 4: I understood from the conversation of my mother that i heard dimly that this brat was called Merume
reporter: According to the police report, seeing how the murder weapon used and the method of murder were the same as previous cases, we could be looking at a serial killer here
mother: Oh my, Isn't Ichihara the next town over?
And that she's the daughter of my dad's boss who asked him to look after her before he went overseas
panel 5: mother: It's dangerous isn't it
reporter: Now for the national weather forecast
Since yesterday i have been thinking that this brat is without a doubt not human
This relaxed mood is also because this brat has somehow convinced my mother with her powers
pg. 7
panel 1: first of all in what kind of situation am i right now ...
panel 2: what is this 13 Game
panel 3: ohh ... this guy doesn't want to know about Merume nor does he want to know why i tampered with his mother's memories
Instead he gets right to the main point nano
panel 4: You're pretty calm... Your perceptiveness is rather admirable nano
in which case you must also come to understand that you're dead na

pg. 8
panel 1: well then i'll give you an explanation na
13 Game is a game played by dead people who are granted a temporary life force
panel 2: and the person who clears the game
panel 3: can come back to life nano
panel 4: come back ... to life
panel 5: Kouta: A game played by dead people....
Merume: It's just like you thought
Those playing in this game ...

pg. 9
panel 1: Are characters chosen by "players" such as myself
those with a number engraved on their foreehead
panel 2: Are called scorers
panel 3: 13 game is a game played in those like Merume's world, in the transient world
I suppose if we were to put it in your world's terms it would be called... a net game? (shaded)
panel 4: But if we want to participate in 13 Game we have to choose a server first
and Merume picked Japan na
the moment she logged in to the human world her character was chosen by chance

pg. 10
panel 1: Merume: You're lucky na
as soon as you become a scorer you have no chance nano
panel 2: Stop messing around
what do you think a human life is!
panel 3: when you play a game
Do you care about the life of the character you play?
panel 4: and just like that character na
You're nothing more than a game character to Merume nano

pg. 11
panel 1: seems like i haven't explained the most important rule na
panel 2: 13 Game as the name implies
requires the participant to kill 13 persons to clear the game nano
panel 3: The number of the FKC is the number of defeated opponents
it's easy to understand
panel 4: the remaining gameplay time
is the remaining temporary lifetime ...
panel 5: which is exactly one year after the date of death nano
You have 364 days 21 minutes and 32 seconds left

pg. 12
panel 1: Kou-cha --- n
what are you doing if you don't leave soon you are going to be late
Kouta: ye----s
panel 3: th ... that so ...
school ... that's right!
If i don't leave for school! whoah i'm going to be late!
this guy ... i wonder if he has properly heard what Merume said? He only has one year left, and he's going to school?
panel 4: oh no! my head's all messy
he can't read the mood he's either a huge idiot or just really confident nano
panel 5: I can't show this to Misora-san
if i compare my looks from yesterday to the one today ...

pg. 13
panel 1: Misora-san!
what happened to Misora-san?
panel 2: the girl that managed to get in
i erased her memories of that place and returned her na
panel 3: Is that so
that's great
panel 4: wait! that doesn't matter now!
i really am going to be late
panel 5: he is worried about other people
panel 6: he is a real idiot nano

pg. 14
panel 1: Kouta: why are you coming along ...
Merume: It's the duty of the player to control the character nano
panel 2: Even though you just left me alone yesterday...

panel 3: It seems you just awakened to your power but
You're pretty strong nano
awakened ... what is this power?
panel 4: your power is the devil hand nano
Never would have thought that someone with a score of 0 would be able to invoke the second form na
panel 5: This is the first time Merume got a character such as you na ...
... hey what is it nano?
panel 6: ah ... no what's this with my devil hand power anyway ...
noo ... actually i don't remember how i won yesterday i was feverish

pg. 15
panel 1: This guy managed to awaken to a seriously ridiculous power na
Well...I guess i have to explain the powers to you as well then na
panel 2: Your power is the weapon that you use to fight in the 13 game nano
the things the person was good at during his lifetime will become associated with the parts of his body and he will be able to us them as weapons
panel 3: That Negishi character you killed yesterday...His legs were his strong points...that's where his advantage lay nano
panel 4: i see (the stuff he said about inline skating in the last chapter ^^)
panel 5: Each person's power depends on their strong points, so you get various powers...There are also certain skills that all use the same body part and when people with the same power fight, the conditions are slightly different
Then whoever has the higher level of that skill, in other words the person that understands their power better, will win nano

pg. 16
panel 1: by the way i'll tell you this now, you cannot cut your own number with your power na
and one last thing to hurt yourself will only let you experience pain however you won't take any damage nano
panel 2: Do you understand what that means?
You're not allowed to step down from 13 Game on your own na
panel 3: But the player can reset the game nano
You better work hard to please Merume if you want to come back to life nano
It's just used as a punshiment though

pg. 17
panel 1: If i don't please this brat she really ...
seems like she would do it
panel 2: Kouta: ... what are you saying
how long are you going to follow me!
Merume: you do not have to worry about that na
Kouta: I am worrying about it!
panel 3: I'm filtering my surroundings
to people other than participants of the game Merume is invisible nano
I...I see
wait if that's how it is then say it beforehand
panel 4: you really don't have much courage
wha ...What does that have to do with...
panel 5: good morning Amamiya-kun

panel 1: Misora-san
ah ... a good morning to you too Misora-san did you arrive just now
Misora: thank god
panel 3: Amamiya-kun isn't hurt ...
panel 4: ah ... that was unexpected excuse me
yesterday i saw a little weird dream
panel 5: Amamiya-kun was in serious trouble
I don't remember well but it felt very vivid

pg. 19
panel 1: so ... sorry i'm saying strange things
don't worry about it
panel 2: Kouta: hey! what's happening! i thought you erased her memories!
Merume: Merume doesn't understand it either na she did properly erase them na
panel 3: Misora: Is that kid Amamiya-kun's acquaintance
panel 4: HUUUH!?
Kouta: ... that's all there is she has to stay at my house for a while and we're taking care of her
T...This sucks!
Misora: huh ... so that's how it is

pg. 20
panel 1: Nice to meet you Merume-chan
panel 2: Merume: ni ... nice to meet you nano ...
My powers didn't work on her? Just what is she...
Misora: how cute ...
panel 3: Merume will be hiding her presence temporarily na
however i will be at a place where i can monitor you na
panel 4: Now it's going to be just the two of us
panel 5: Misora: Amamiya-kun ... yesterday ... it was Amamiya-kun's birth ...
Kouta: Ah
panel 6: first period is starting Misora-san you better hurry up too
panel 7: i Still couldn’t give you your present ...

pg. 21
panel 2: everything i can see is just like usual
13 Game ... is just like a bad dream that i saw
panel 4: this feeling is just like yesterday's ...
this can't be ... inside the school!?
panel 6: Misora Hiyori I wonder what kind of girl she is na
yesterday as well nano
Somehow she was able to get past that barrier in the park that the enemy made

pg. 22
panel 1:Come to think of it, there are those rare cases when humans who don't need the power of a player can see us...
panel 2: An irregular
panel 4: ooohh
panel 5: with that said ... let's learn together in this class from today on

pg. 23
panel 1: this is Ishiki-san
panel 2: I'm Ishiki Kurenai I'm pleased to meet you all
panel 3: so for the meantime take that seat over there we will change seats once again in the evening
behind me

pg. 24
panel 5: a score of 6 ...

A new number Appears!?

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