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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)
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Haru Polish 2

Haru and the Guys

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Jun 8, 2012 03:31 | Go to Haru Polish

-> RTS Page for Haru Polish 2

Reserved for Kuudere Scans

pg. 02
panel 1: Hello
I'm Okamoto Haru
everyone calls me Haru
that's how it is
panel 2: this spring i've enrolled into Shikinomori High School
i'm 15 years old
i was born on the 20th of April
my blood type is B

pg. 03
panel 1: i don't understand zodiacs very well
since i'm born on the 20th of April would i be Aries or Taurus
since that day is just inbetween i don't read magazines
panel 2: do i really not have one
is it perhaps Aldebaran ...
panel 3: as for my club i have chosen the Iaido club
since i can swing a japanese sword which i absolutely adore (or something that
looks like it)there
panel 4: but the club members are just me
and Katayama Wakana-senpai however

pg. 04
panel 1: if we don't find more club members we won't be acknowledged as a club
i have to do my best and do some recruitment
panel 2: or else we will be in serious trouble

pg. 05
panel 3: iai hizanobu (iaido knee stance)
panel 5: 4th form

pg. 06
panel 1: tsuka ate (hilt thrust)

pg. 10
panel 1: two she slashed two people
panel 2: from the sitting position she pierced the enemy in front of her
panel 3: and then immediately pierced the enemy behind her
panel 4: and then she deals the finishing blow
to the staggering enemy in front of her
panel 5: at the end she clears away the blood
and sheathes her sword

pg. 12
panel 1: is there still
one person left?
panel 4: Wakana: Haru-san
this was the 4th form of the iai hizanobu
the hilt thrust
it is a form for crossing swords with two people in the front and back while being

pg. 13
panel 1: you will only work on the iai hiza
Haru: ... two people ... is it
panel 2: right i misunderstood
panel 3: can you please give it to me next!
Wakana: no
panel 4: it's still to early for you
the first thing you must do is
panel 5: gathering clubmembers!

pg. 14
it doesn't matter if they are beginners or experts or if they are male or female
because if you find one after the other they can take part in the club activities
this year
panel 2: Haru:*sigh*
panel 3: what is this ...
i got myself in trouble ... a little ...

pg. 15
panel 1: hey hey have you heard?
near Nanohana park a random attacker has appeared
panel 2: a senpai from 2nd year was cut by a flower petal
that's a suspicous rumour
that senpai just wanted to have some attention always such idiotic things
excuse me
panel 3: would you be interested in iaido?
the iaido club is recruiting new members
panel 4: iaido?
what is that iaido Haru-chan
i got it it's the one where you shoot the arrow at the target
that's kyuudo

pg. 16
panel 1: It's where you swing around japanese swords (or something that looks like it)
it's so flashy
interesting isn't it
panel 2: right!!
panel 3: but sorry
we have decided on our clubs already
ahh ...
panel 4: Iaido was it?
panel 5: sounds good
i would like to hear about it in detail

pg. 17
panel 3: iaido is where you use a katana
you do various slashes
we had a club like that in school
panel 4: ah ah

pg. 18
panel 1: aaaahhh
aaahhh ...
panel 2: noooo
ah uhm!?

pg. 19
panel 1: wahhh
wait Haru
where are you going Haru
panel 3: wait a second you made Haru-chan cry
you guys are the worst
panel 4: haa... haa...
panel 5: i was scared ...
really Haru
you can't do that running away like that
but ...

pg. 20
panel 1: i'm scared ...
of guys ...
panel 3: i'm okay with male teachers
panel 4: as well as little boys
panel 5: but ...

pg. 21
panel 1:guys of the same age ...
are scary ...
however i think about it i don't get it ...
panel 2: i can't properly look at their face and
talking to them is absolutely impossible!
panel 3: what to do i'm in trouble
in trouble

pg. 22
panel 1: what are you laughing about Yayoi and Satsuki
th that's because
nowadays something like a man ... !!
panel 2: you're mean
i was seriously worried
panel 3: sorry sorry Haru
here wipe your tears
panel 4: here wipe your nose
panel 5: well you were in an all girls school all the way from kindergarten to
middle school
i can't be helped right

pg. 23
panel 1: but Satsuki as well as Yayoi were together with me
i have an older and younger brother
and i have a boyfriend
panel 2: *sigh* it's a good thing i have to do something like co-ed
because of it i too will be able to have a decent school life
panel 3: but what will you do about the recruitment for the club
but rather than girls wouldn't boys be more interested in something like iaido
but since you can't call out to boys ...
panel 4: Yayoi and Satsuki why don't you join as well
were already good with our club activites
the go home club

pg. 24
panel 1: Yayoi: then i'll go back
Satsuki: i'll go to karaoke with the boys
do your best at iaido Haru
Haru: how coldhearted
panel 2: that's right!
panel 3: they said that an attacker has appeared
yeah near the park isn't it scary that it's so close
panel 4: if the iaido club beat and caught that one
wouldn't that be a good advertisment?
(haru: i'm doing iaido!? criminal: no people: i'll join!!)
if they hear about this incident the students will surely be coming to join one after
the other

pg. 25
panel 1: and you would use a katana!! yeah that would be good!!
it's the only way!!
panel 2: we're leaving it to you Haru!!!
i see!!!

pg. 26
panel 1: nice idea hitting two birds with one stone !!
yes and if i immediately decided i can borrow the sword replica
uh uhm Haru-san?
it was a joke a joke
panel 2: only

pg. 27
you're a nuisance

pg. 28
panel 1: what's with that tone
it felt bad
huh but
wasn't he also a little cool
he seemed to be a 3rd year
panel 2: where?
did your eyes get bad
i don't understand what exactly you liked there
panel 3: but isn't he likely to be
the attacker
panel 4: they made a road near the school
maybe it could be one of the students of this school
but that person just now said...
panel 5: but he could be hiding a knife in his pocket
he could suddenly snap and go on a rampage with a loud voice
he could be of that type

pg. 29
panel 1: how scary he went to the roof
surely he killed someone because he saw his knife and now he's grinning
but the story of the attacker itself is just a rumour
panel 3: Haru we're leaving
get home safely

pg. 31
panel 2: huh?
you want me to lend you the sword so you can beat the attacker?

pg. 32
panel 1: yeah
panel 2: aah don't ignore me
panel 3: i won't allow such a dangerous thing
panel 4: uhh ...
don't bother explaining we're not in kindergarten anymore
really now
panel 5: Katayama-senpai are you returning already?
what about club activities
today i have to return earlier because i have to study
panel 6: then i will do it alone
that's not allowed

pg. 33
panel 1: i will be the person in charge for this now
i can't take my eyes off of you!
panel 2: because
once this kid grabs a Katana
she is a little ...
scary ...

pg. 34
panel 1: what connection is there between Haru-san and swords
i never thought there would be such a reaction when she held a sword for the first
as if destiny almost repeated itself ...
panel 2: to be defeated
by a single woman ... makes me a little anxious
panel 3: but
panel 4: i worry too much

pg. 35
panel 1: anyway if you didn't say such an idiotic thing just now
if we don't get attacked by the attacker before it gets dark we will return
panel 3: weell
panel 4: i got Katayama-senpai
that's good that's good
after i quickly gather club members we can do club activities
panel 5: so cool i'll make invitation posters and paste them inside the school
i will surprise her with a ton of new members who want to join
(i'm in the iaido club -> we're joining)

pg. 36
panel 1: i'll do it really well of course i have to do it with a brush
panel 2: uhm ... what was the symbol for iai again ...
since it's the first one it would be a failure ...
if i write that the exercises are painful nobiody will be interested
should i put in some illustrations, easier said than done ...
panel 3: right i'll draw a picture anyway
i'll do a manga ... a 4-koma!!!
panel 4: ahh it's difficult
a 4-koma is confusing
panel 5: eehh if i increase the number of komas
it'll become a 6-koma manga
panel 6: *sigh*
mangas are so difficult ...

pg. 37
panel 1: such an exhausting work every month dozens of pages ...
come up with the story and divide the frames then put in the words ...
drawing the pictures putting in the patterns and the tone
a mangaka is really amazing right ...
he is a superhuman ... no a god ...
panel 2: but manga is also illegaly uploaded on the internet resulting in downloads
and stuff like that...
so we should pity the mangaka ...

pg. 38
panel 1: for us and for the mangaka we can do it
by buying a lot of magazines and comics we can contribute
so the japanese manga industry won't decline

pg. 39
poster: iaido club
the grade or being male doesn't matter
a good place for iai
it's flashy
you can swirl around a katana
we have a cute senpai
it's flashy!!!
apply here
(comic: iaido-kun today i'm going to do iai ei ei)
panel 3: ahh it got quite dark already

pg. 40
panel 2: i'm scared
who else wouldn't be
panel 3: hey are you alone
panel 4: i'm alone too
that's good let's go home togeth ...
panel 5: flee

pg. 41
panel 2: Haru-san
must have returned well
panel 3: but
what if she really takes the sword to go out and meet the attacker
panel 4: it's dangerous it's dangerous
panel 5: for Haru-san
would cut

pg. 42
panel 1: uwahhh

pg. 43
panel 1: aaahhh
panel 2: aahh
panel 3: hii hiyah

pg. 44
panel 3: hehehehehe
help ...
panel 4: he ...
panel 5: ah

pg. 45
panel 7: i forged a katana that will protect the newborn
like that i have put my soul in it

pg. 46 - 47
panel 1: they'll always be together in her heart
panel 2: i can clearly feel it we're close to the curse
while it will be swayed by it's power

pg. 48
panel 1: to clear away the calamity
it's necessary to lower the power of the curse

pg. 49
panel 3: into the school ...!!

pg. 50
panel 3: run it's dangerous

pg. 53
panel 1: before me
panel 2: you're at the mercy of my blade

pg. 54
panel 4: th ...
that ...

pg. 55
it's a toy

pg. 56
panel 1: i am Tachioka Shun
like Haru i'm a freshman at Shikinomori High and i am 15 years old
I'm born on the 20th of March and my blood group is A
panel 2: i don't understand zodiacs all that well
if im born on the 20th of March would i be Pisces or Aries
as expected it's either Aphrodite or it doesn't exist
panel 3: when i entered school i suddenly got into trouble

pg. 57
panel 1: it is
that there are so many women
panel 2: i can barely talk to them and i can't look at their face properly
i'm one of these good-for-nothings
since i was at an all boys middle school i am immune against women
panel 3: i don't think it was the same in grade school
once they enter high school they really change
it's scary ...
i can properly enjoy my highschool life like that

pg. 58
panel 1: if i don't somehow ...
think of that day
panel 2: there was that one cheerful child in our class
Okamoto Haru our names were the same however they were read differently
panel 3: just like me Haru was born in spring
why don't i talk to her ...
panel 4: would you be interested in iaido?
the iaido club is recruiting members
panel 5: that's it club activities
if we enter the same club we can become friendly
yes let's do it

pg. 59
panel 1: yep i have to muster my courage
i have decided what i want to talk about
panel 2: i would like to hear about it in detail
panel 3: nooo
panel 4: you guys are the worst
panel 5: was my way of talking that bad?
panel 7: because i worried too much it became dark already
i'm hungry

pg. 60
panel 1: oh? this is ...
Okamoto Haru
panel 2: she's going home alone ... that's my chance
will she hear me if i call out?
but what if she runs away again
panel 3: ... this time i will be even more polite
soft and gentle
panel 4: hey are you alone i'm alone too that's good let's go home togeth ...
panel 5: run
panel 6: no i messed up
i'm bad
from here on i will never talk to a girl or have a conversation my highschool life is

pg. 61
panel 5: so cool

pg. 62
panel 1: i want to be like him ...
strong like him ... and have long legs ...
panel 2: ah... uhm...
are you ok are
you hurt
panel 3: damn
i'm lame
panel 4: damn
damn it
damn it
i will get stronger

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