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Haru Polish 2

Haru and Boys

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 2, 2012 01:38 | Go to Haru Polish

-> RTS Page for Haru Polish 2


(top right) Chapter 2: Haru and Boys
(top left) 21st century Japan.
(top, curving right) Beautiful girls breathe new life into the Japanese sword!! ---what an exaggeration!
(left) Totsuka Masahiro x Minamoto Yuu
(right, above logo) A comedy of beautiful girls and Iai!!


Box: Hello,
Box: Okamoto Haru here.
Box: Everyone calls me Haru.
Box: If you want, you can too.

Box: This spring, I entered Shikinomori High School.
Box: I'm 15,
Box: was born 4/20 and have blood type B.

(bottom) The story so far -> The heroine's name is Okamoto Haru. Aside from the self-introduction you can read up there, she is actually a girl who carries a destiny connected to Japanese swords. Unaware of that, she joined an Iaido club simply because she "likes Japanese swords", but...


Box: As for my sign...... I'm not really sure about it.
Box: Being born on 4/20 makes me either an Aries or a Taurus.
(right of sheep) Meeeh
(left of cow) Mooo
Box: Since the day is right in the middle of them, magazines list it differently.

Box: So it comes down to whether I'm Mu
Box: or Aldebaran......
(Aries Mu and Taurus Aldebaran are characters from Saint Seiya)

Box: I decided to join the Iaido Club as an extracurricular,
Box: so I'll get to wield (something like) the Japanese swords I love so much.

Box: But the only members
Box: are me and Katayama Wakana-senpai.


Box: If we don't find one more person interested in joining, we won't be recognized as a club.
Box: I have to try my best and look around for people to recruit, but......

Box: There is
Box: one very troubling thing----


(right) ---Kneeling Iai---

(left) Yonhon me


(Yonhon me Tsuka-ate = striking with the butt of the hilt)


sfx bubble: Swish


(Haru): Two.
(Haru): She cut down two.

Narration: From a kneeling position, make the enemy in front flinch by attacking with a thrust of the sword hilt.

Narration: Immediately after, strike the rear enemy.

Narration: Then, deliver a final blow
Narration: to the faltering enemy in front.

Narration: Finally, clear the blood off
Narration: with a resheathing maneuver.


(Haru): There was
(Haru): -----another one?

sfx: Phew

Wakana: Haru-san.
Wakana: Just now, that was the Iai Kneeling Form Honyon me
Wakana: Tsuka-ate.
Wakana: A kata where you cross swords with the two enemies kneeling in front and behind you.


Wakana: It is the sole Iai technique performed from a kneeling position.
Haru: ......two... was it?

(Haru): I see.
(Haru): So I guessed wrong.

Haru: Please lend it to me next!
Wakana: No.

Wakana: It's too early for you yet,
Wakana: and besides, there's something you have to take care of first, isn't there.

Wakana: Gathering members!

(bottom right, star) This is a work of fiction, and any likeness to real people or organizations is entirely coincidental.


Wakana: Whether an upperclassman or a first year,
Wakana: male or female, anyone is fine.
Wakana: Just one more.
Wakana: If we can find just one more person, then we'll be able to continue club activities this year.

Haru: Haah...

Haru: I get that, but...
Haru: There's... a bit of a problem...

(sfx) Ding dong


Students: Hey, hey, didja hear?
Students: A slasher appeared nearby, in Nanohana Park.

Students: A 2nd year senpai got her bag sliced.
Students: Scaaary
Students: What a suspicious story.
Students: That senpai is just aaalways telling lies so she can bask in the attention.
???: Umm...

Haru: Are any of you interested in Iai?
Haru: The Iaido Club is currently recruiting members~

Students: Iai? What's that, Haru-chan?
Students: That thing where you hit a target with an arrow, right?
Students: That's archery.


Haru: It's where you swing around (something like) a Japanese sword! It's sooo cool!
Students: Ooh.
Students: Sounds fun.

Haru: So, then!!

Students: But sorry.
Students: We've already decided on our club activities.
Haru: Ah......

???: Did you say Iai?

Boy: Sounds neat.
Boy: How about telling me all the details.


Students: Iai's that thing, ain't it? With a katana.
Students: Where you cut up all sorts of stuff.
Students: This school had a club like that?

Haru: Ahh
Haru: Ah


Haru: Ahhhhhhhh
Haru: Awaaa...

Haru: NOOOOOO!!!
Boys: Wha
Boys: Huh?!


Girl: Haru, wait up.
Girl: Where are you going, Haruuu!!

Girls: Making Haru-chan cry,
Girls: You boys are the worst.
Boys: EHHHHH!!!

Haru: Hah...
Haru: Hah...

Haru: That was scary......

Girl: Geez, Haru.
Girl: That's no good, suddenly running away like that.
Haru: But...


Haru: Boys are......
Haru: Frightening......

(right of Haru) Good morning.
(left of teacher) Morning.
Haru: I'm fine with male teachers.

(right of Haru) Morning~
(left of children) Good morni~ng
Haru: And with little boys.

Haru: But...


Haru: Boys of the same age...
Haru: I just don't know what they're thinking,
Haru: and it's frightening......

Haru: I can't look them straight in the face
Haru: or hold conversations with them!

Haru: What'll I do, this is a probleeem.
Haru: So troublinggg

(above right girl) Ahaha
(above left girl) PFFFFFTT


Haru: Wh-why are both of you laughing, Yayoi, Satsuki!
Satsuki: B-because
Yayoi: Saying that sort of thing about boys, in this day and age......!!

Haru: So meaaaan.
Haru: Even though it's seriously troubling me!

Yayoi: Sorry, sorry, Haru.
Satsuki: Here, dry your eyes.

Satsuki: Here, blow your nose.

Satsuki: Well, your elementary and junior high schools were both all-girls.
Yayoi: There's really no helping it, no helping it at all~


Haru: But Satsuki and Yayoi went to those, too.
Satsuki: I have older and younger brothers, though.
Yayoi: And I have a boyfriend.

Haru: Ahhh~
Haru: I should've gone to co-ed schools.
Haru: I wonder if I'll be able to have a normal school life from here on out...

Satsuki: But what are you gonna do about looking for club members?
Yayoi: Even though boys would probably be more interested in something like Iai than girls,
Yayoi: you can't really talk to them...

Haru: Satsuki, Yayoi, join the cluuuuub.
Yayoi: We're not doing any clubs.
Satsuki: 'Cause we wanna take it easy~


Girls: Well, we'll be heading back.
Girls: We're going to do karaoke with the boys.
Girls: Haru, good luck with Iai, kay?
Haru: Ahhh! You're heartless!!

Satsuki: Oh, I know!

Satsuki: They've been saying that a slasher's appeared, right?
Yayoi: Yeah, in the park nearby.
Yayoi: How scary that it's so close.

Satsuki: If the Iaido Club defeats and catches him,
Satsuki: it'd be a good advertisement, wouldn't it?
Haru: How about the Iai Club now?!
Slasher: Uwaaa.
Girls: We'll join!!
Satsuki: Hearing about it, students would definitely sign up en masse.


Haru: A sword to beat a knife!! Yeah, that'd be good!!
Satsuki: Well, that's that!!

Girls: We'll leave this to you, Haru!!

Haru: That's it!!!
Girls: Eh?


Haru: Nice idea, killing two birds with one stone!!
Haru: Alriiight, now that that's decided, I'm gonna go borrow an imitation sword right away---
Satsuki: Uh, er... Haru-san?
Satsuki: It was a joke. I was joking.

???: Move it.


Boy: You're in the way.

sfx bubble: Step
sfx bubble: Step
sfx bubble: Step


Satsuki: What was with that way of talking.
Satsuki: Such a mean guy.
Yayoi: Ehh, but y'know,
Yayoi: Wasn't he kinda cool?
Yayoi: He's probably a 3rd year.

Satsuki: How was he cool?
Satsuki: He had a nasty, dark expression.
Yayoi: That's fine, isn't it?
Yayoi: You really don't get it, huh, Satsuki.

Satsuki: Ah, actually, a guy like that
Satsuki: could be the slasher.
Haru: Eh?

Satsuki: The slasher's been appearing near this school pretty frequently.
Satsuki: The culprit could turn out to be a student at this school.
Yayoi: But pinning it on the person just now with only that......

Satsuki: He carryies a concealed knife in his breast pocket,
Satsuki: and then suddenly snaps, yelling in a loud voice while going wild.
Satsuki: I'd say he's that sort of type.


Satsuki: How suspicious, for him to be heading up to the rooftop.
Satsuki: I bet when he's alone, he looks at a knife and grins.
Yayoi: The talk about a slasher seems like a rumor, though.

Satsuki: Haru, we're going~
Haru: Ah.
Haru: Don't leave me behind!

Haru: Waaait!


Wakana: Huh?
Wakana: You want to borrow my katana to use in defeating the slasher?


Haru: Yes!

Haru: Aahh, don't ignore me and leave!

Wakana: There's no way I'll let you do something that dangerous.

Haru: Uu...
Wakana: Don't make me explain the particulars. You aren't in kindergarten, after all.
Wakana: Honestly.

Haru: Katayama-senpai... you're going home already?
Haru: What about the club?
Wakana: Today, I need to hurry home and study.

Haru: Then I'll do club activities by myself!
Wakana: Ab
Wakana: Absolutely not!


Wakana: Right now, I'm the one responsible for what happens at the club.
Wakana: Don't do anything where I'm not watching!
Haru: Ehhhhh

Box: Besides...

Box: Letting this girl have a katana
Box: Is a bit... frightening...


Box: What is it that exists between Haru-san and the katana.
Box: That reaction wasn't the sort you'd expect of someone handling a katana for the first time.
Box: It's almost as if she were born predisposed to them......

Box: Is that really
Box: something a single girl could manage? ...it makes me a little uneasy.

Box: But

Box: Maybe I'm worrying too much.


Wakana: ---anyway, don't say such stupid things.
Wakana: You can't attack the slasher. Please go home before it gets dark tonight.
Haru: Aah!

(sfx) Slump

Haru: Hmph!

Haru: Katayama-sanpai's so stingy!!
Haru: OK, fine.
Haru: Then I'll quickly gather club members so we can do club activities!

Haru: I'll make a cool recruitment poster and post it up around the school,
Haru: and she'll be completely surprised when we get a whole ton of new members!!
(on posters) Recruitment Poster
Haru: What do you think of the Iai Club now!?
Students: We'll join!!!


Haru: If I'm gonna make it stylishly cool, then I've definitely gotta write with a brush.

Haru: Er...m.
Haru: What kanji do I use for Iai...
Haru: Starting off with this sort of roadblock...

Haru: If I only write things formally, people won't be interested.
Haru: Putting an illustration on will make it easier to understand...

Haru: I know! If I'm drawing a picture anyway, then
Haru: let's make it a manga...... a 4-koma manga!!

Haru: Hrmmmm, this is hard.
Haru: I just can't get it to work with a 4-koma format...

Haru: Agh, the number of panels keeps increasing.
Haru: It's become a 6-koma manga.

(Haru) Phew...
(Haru) Making manga is really hard......


(Haru) What a difficult job, churning out several tens of pages every month...
(Haru) Thinking up the story, dividing it into panels, putting in the dialogue... drawing the images, inking them, and putting down the tone...
(Haru) Mangaka are really amazing... they're superheroes... no, gods...

(Haru) Yet despite that, for manga to be illegally uploaded and downloaded on the internet...
(Haru) it really leaves me feeling sorry for mangaka......


(Haru) What we can do for their sake---
(Haru) is to buy magazines and comic volumes in recognition of their achievements!
(Haru) To prevent Japan's manga culture from falling into decline!!

(top left) Seeking!
(top) Iaido Club
~any school year, any gender~
(Basically, Haru starts to write the wrong kanji for "Iai", then crosses it out and writes the word in katakana instead)
(center, bubble shape) Iai's strong points!!
(flower) IT'S COOL!!!!!
(flower) You can swing a katana around!
(flower) There's a pretty senpai in the club.♡
(flower) It's cool!
(bottom box) For more information
(left, bubble) Iai-kun
Iai-kun: We'll do Iai today too!
Iai-kun: There.
Iai-kun: There.

(sfx) Completely immersed

Haru: Ahhh.
Haru: It's completely dark out already.


Haru: Scaaaary.
Haru: I wonder if anyone else is around~

???: Hey, you on your own?

Boy: I am, too.
Boy: If you'd like, how about walking home toge---

(above Haru) Fleeing.


Wakana: Haru-san.
Wakana: I wonder if she got home alright.

Wakana: Still,
Wakana: if she really ended up encountering the slasher while carrying a katana......

(Wakana) That would be dangerous.

(Wakana) Haru-san would probably
(Wakana) cut him down instead.


???: UWAA


Slasher: Auuu.

Slasher: Agh---

Boy: Hiiii
Boy: Higyaaa!


Boy: H-h-h-h
Boy: Help...

Boy: H...

Slasher: Guh


(Great Grandfather) I forged this katana to protect the newborn.
(Great Grandfather) That is the sort of soul imbued within it.


(Great Grandfather) That spirit will always be with her.

(Great Grandfather) I worry it will be a little too powerful for her. It might be closer to a curse.
(Great Grandfather) There may come a time when she must wield that power.
(Great Grandfather) However,


(Great Grandfather) To drive away calamity,
(Great Grandfather) A power resembling that of a curse is necessary.

Slasher: Ah...

sfx bubble: Crunch

Slasher: Ah...
Slasher: Au


Slasher: Auugh!!
Boy: Ah.

Boy: He's going into the school building...!!

Slasher: Ahh
Slasher: Auuugh

Slasher: Ah.


Slasher: Aguuaah!!

Haru: Run away, he's dangerous!!


Slasher: Auu


Slasher: Kah


Boy: Don't

Boy: go waving around a knife in front of me.


Haru: Th...
Haru: That's...


Boy: It's a toy.


(right) Side B
(left) Chapter 2

Box: I'm Tachioka Shun, a student at Shikinomori High School as of this spring. I'm 15.
Box: Born 3/20, blood type A.

Box: I don't really know my sign.
Box: 3/20 is either Pisces or Aries.
Box: So it comes down to whether I'm Aphrodite or Mu...
(Pisces Aphrodite and Aries Mu are characters from Saint Seiya)

Box: Upon entering school, I was suddenly met with a problem.


Box: There are
Box: a lot of girls here.

Box: I can't talk to them or even look them in the eye.
Box: The reason I'm this hopeless is
Box: all due to my having attended an all-boys junior high school. I have absolutely no resistance to women.

Box: Even though I never thought much of them during elementary school......
Box: for girls to change this much upon becoming high school students is
Box: scary...... I wonder if I'll be able to have a normal high school life like this.


Box: Somehow, I have to do something......
Box: is what I'd been thinking.

Dark Box: One day, an interesting girl appeared in class.
Dark Box: Okamoto Haru. Her name was written with the same character as mine, though with a different reading.

Box: Haru, huh... she must have been born in the spring, like me.
Box: I wonder if I'd be able to talk to her......

Haru: Are any of you interested in Iai?
Haru: The Iaido Club is currently recruiting members~

Box: I see. A club, huh.
Box: If we join the same club, we might get to know each other better.
Box: Alright, that's gotta be the way to go!


Box: Okay.
Box: Now that that's decided, first is to speak to her.
Box: I'll gather my courage, and

Shun: How about telling me all the details.

Haru: NOOOOO!!!
Shun: Wh
Shun: Huh?

Girls: You boys are the worst.
Shun: EHHHH?!!

Box: ......Somehow, it went horribly.
Box: Was my way of speaking really that disgusting?

(sfx) Completely immersed

Shun: Crap, it's gotten completely dark while I was worrying.
Shun: I'm hungry...


Box: Huh? That's...
Box: Okamoto Haru.

Box: Is she heading home alone? ... this is my chance.
Box: Should I try calling out to her?
Box: ......but if she runs away from me again...

Box: ......this time, I'll be more polite.
Box: Kindly, clearly...

Shun: Hey, you on your own?
Shun: I am, too.
Shun: If you'd like, how about walking home toge---

(above Haru) Fleeing.

Box: --no good. I give up.
Box: I'm just a disgusting guy.
Box: At this rate, I'll go my whole high school life without speaking a single word to a girl...


Slasher: Auu

Shun: Uoooh!!

Box: So
Box: So cool...


Box: If I were like that, too......
Box: If I were that strong... with legs that long.......

Haru: Uh...
Haru: Umm...
Haru: Are you alright?
Haru: Any inju

Box: Dammit.
Box: I'm so uncool.

Box: Dammit.
Haru: Ah...
Box: Dammit, dammit.
Box: I wanna be stronger!
(bottom right) The day when Haru and Shun can exchange words is still a long way off...

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