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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Kurogane (Ikezawa) 33


+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Jun 10, 2012 23:56 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

-> RTS Page for Kurogane (Ikezawa) 33

Reserved for Poopy Scans

Strike 33: Kagerou

pg. 01
the swordsmen take a brief rest

pg. 02
panel 1: the awaited counter!!
"second of sword" burst!!
panel 2: the ...
technique ...
just now ...
panel 3: as i thought he finally managed it ...
the level and the form are different from my technique but ...
panel 4: that is without a doubt the second sword
Kagerou ("heat wave")
panel 5: dou ari (torso hit)

pg. 03
panel 1: wha ... what was that just now!?
what just happened!?
panel 2: that was a nukidou ... right!? //nukidou: beating the torso in succession
it looked like it was done like that thrust before ...
panel 3: that "thrust" was ... the same as the first time ...
panel 4: until halfway ...
the "feint technique"
Kagerou displays it's true value against an opponent who knows about "Samidare"!!
//"early summer rain"

pg. 04
panel 1: the same posture as "Samidare"
it draws in to the body by the same behavior
bubble: it's a thrust
to an opponent who assumes that it's a thrust and attempts to evade the technique
it becomes clear the moment the technique counters
panel 2: a technique that looked like an attack becomes a counter-technique as a result ...
that is the main point of the second sword!!!
panel 3: this technique can't be managed by Hiroto's body when only the form is taught as well
for a movement that matched his body it was neccesary for him to understand it by himself
panel 4: i'm grateful to Ooki ...
because his opponent was a counter-technique-swordsman Hiroto was able to manage this technique
this was probably what lead Hiroto to overcome his biggest weak point
panel 5: anyway well done ...

pg. 05
panel 1: ha ha
it's settled
panel 2: it's settl ...
panel 6: hey ...
what's with that strange look
hu ... uh?
my strength ...

pg. 06
panel 1: his stamina is used up ...!!!
that's bad ...
panel 2: right ... right now my power ... my body ... i am exhausted
this can't be ...
my limbs are trembling
panel 3: that's terrible
my consciousnes this
i can't stand ...
panel 4: no Kurogane-kun ...!!
endure it ... !!!
panel 5: i will fall ...
that absolutely can't be!!!
(author's note: Even after getting hit your movements have to indicate that you are able to carry on.
if this happens you get the point for the first time)
panel 6: immediately after the flag is raised ...
if Kurogane-kun can't follow-through the point will not be fully given

pg. 07
panel 1: if he falls now ...
the point will be revoked !!!
panel 2: please bear with it!!
that one point
you worked so hard for
will make your team lose ... !!!
panel 3: Kurogane ...
panel 4: Heey Hiroto!
there's only a few seconds left !!
panel 5: Hey
panel 6: Win Hiroto!!!

pg. 08
panel 1: ... he ... stopped?
panel 2: has he lost his spirit?(consciousness?)
How is he still standing
this moron ...

pg. 09
panel 2: Sayu ...
... geez
i'm really a teacher with a sweet disciple

pg. 10
panel 1: at the end you have to be standing firm
panel 2: yeah thank you
panel 3: i'm ...
alright now

pg. 11
panel 1:*whistling*
panel 2: Draw!!!
Ouka High
panel 3: wins
the semifinals !!!

pg. 12
panel 2: I ... won ...
Ouka ... has won ...
panel 3: this time for real ...
i fulfilled ...
the duty of a general
panel 4: ... haha
i really ... owe it to Sayuri ...
panel 5: I was defeated

pg. 13
panel 1: Ooki-kun ...!
panel 2: good match ...
wasn't it
panel 3: huh?
panel 4: can't you hear it?

pg. 14
panel 4: it was expected to be a bad match ...
but thanks to you it became refreshing
panel 5: ... this time for sure
you were saved by your feelings
panel 6: me too
because Ooki-kun was my opponent ...
my spirit became stronger
panel 7: fu

pg. 15
panel 1: ... Kurogane
do you know the term "big oaf"
? ... uhm
panel 2: isn't that when something is big and useless ...?
panel 3: ... that's my nickname
i'm really sorry ...
panel 4: ... it's ok
panel 5: i was like that
until now
panel 6: because the udo becomes big and is of no use except for his soft timber
he became an example for useless things however ...
panel 7: because the large udo tree is soft
he can ward off any kind of wind and never falls and continues to grow

pg. 16
panel 1: I ... had decided to become a swordsman just like the udo tree
i would fend off any kind of sword
a big soft swordsmen ...
panel 2: but although alone ... it's also a bad to be called such ...
for me this was everything i had
panel 3: so in front of me
appears a swordsman who aims for the same path
panel 4: how much is that
to what extent is that a good thing
panel 5: you ...
what are you aming for with that sword?

pg. 17
panel 1: ... to be Japan's Number One
panel 3: ... ah
panel 4: hahaha ...
this is ...
as one would expect from a man who could hit a master swordsman
panel 5: but that is surely ...
only because of Sayuri
since i think it's her way of returning a favor

pg. 18
panel 1: that's right
panel 2: if you want to devour the king and become Japan's Number One ...
then the sword has to be "royal"
even though i'm now on the wrong way
panel 3: yeah
panel 4: Hiroto !!
panel 5: Everyone ...
panel 6: every ...
panel 7: Kuro ...

pg. 19
panel 3: Whoa Hiroto in the midst of the confusion ...
get away hey!!
panel 4: he's light ...
panel 5: You did your best with this body didn't you
panel 6: Hey Hiroto get ahold of yourself!! come on!!
... this appearance is unreasonable

pg. 20
panel 1: ok then
please let him rest a little bit
panel 3: bow to each other
panel 4: can you hear it Hiroto?
panel 5: thank you very much!!!
fulfilled and exhausted for now let's rest

strike 33/ end

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