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Kurogane (Ikezawa) 34

The Kanto Preliminary

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Jun 12, 2012 00:32 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

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Reserved for Poopy Scans

Strike 34: the Kanto preliminary

pg. 01
panel 1: Ok
we're done for today
panel 2: the next day after the fierce battle of the rookies
panel 3: ... unfortunately it broke during yesterday's training
although i borrowed it from Tsubame-san ...
panel 4: Hey Kurogane

pg. 02
panel 1: I've heard - was it amazing or something?
the club - were you participating actively at yesterday's match?
panel 2: h ... how do you know ...
panel 3: ... you?
no ...
you too!!
panel 4: did you hear it too -
that Kurogane was amazing!!
i heard it a while ago
that Kurogane -
wai ...
no ...
such a thing I ...
panel 5: ... because i collapsed at the semifinals ...
the finals would surely have ended if they had noticed it - ...
after all it was a rookie match

pg. 03
panel 1: Thanks to the unexpected absence of Hakurei, we were able to compete with these weak schools
damn -
i thought we would be alright though since Hakurai wasn't here ...
Shidou and Aoharu, the both of them won ...
panel 4: uh ...
that ...

pg. 04
panel 1: heh
but you are amazing Kurogane
he is!?
if Kurogane hadn't been there we would have lost!!
that's ...
panel 2: ... but
it's the first time i'm getting prased like that ...
panel 3: by the way what were you doing Tsubame-chan?
you're the manager right?
panel 4: i made the score ...
took a video ... and work like that
i carelessly forgot it all ...
panel 5: Kurogane-kun am i clumsy
panel 6: yeah i suppose that's not entirely wrong
that's mean!!!
panel 7: ... but
i think we could do our because of Tsubame-chan's aid
panel 7: *heartbeat*
panel 8: my help was pleasant !? is that it!?
especially with Aoharu

pg. 05
panel 1: Hey - Hiroto!!
Let's go to the club!!
panel 2: how come you two are together ...
because that guy is selfish he can go!!
... the place i go to just happened to be where you went
panel 3: you get along well huh
I'll ignore that for now Kurogane
panel 4: Moreover what were you talking about with Tsubame-chan
what particularly
panel 6: hey Kurogane
panel 7: since you always show your cool side
from today on you will be my rival as well

pg. 06
panel 1: i will be
the coolest guy
panel 2: yeah
panel 3: ... well aren't you already the coolest guy ...
in many ways
panel 4: ...!! you - what have you got to say brat!!
we are alright everyone
shut uup!!
panel 5: anyway in the next tournament i'm going to show my good points
after i won in the rookie match ...
i'm going to be appointed as a regular

pg. 07
panel 1: what are you saying
the next tournament will be centered around the upperclassmen Ooda
panel 2: since you are no regular
panel 3: that's dirty you old man!! you better be refreshed!!
the promise what happened to our promise!!!
promise? ahh
panel 4: concerning the matter of you being appointed as a regular
the respondent is the regular i instructed
yes question 3 as well as 4 Aoharu-kun
that's such a torture!!!
is this a quiz show!!!
panel 5: is this something an adult ...

pg. 08
panel 1: sorry Ebana
the first years will also get their chance so let me talk to him later
captain ...
yeah ...
panel 2: still will he easily understand by speaking ...
panel 3: even we upperclassmen ...
didn't become regulars so easily
panel 4: ... the Kanto preliminaries

pg. 09
panel 1: the next tournament ...
however is very significant
for the kendo club of Ouka high
panel 2: ... one year passed already ...
panel 3: anyway it's like that
until Oodaa turns in we still have time
panel 4: until then if you think that the first years are useful i will substitute as well
all members training ... that's all!!
panel 5: how halfhearted
only to get the first years disconnected from their comrades
yeah ...
panel 6: ... nonetheless there's no way the first years will come and win ...
well ... what should i do

pg. 10
panel 2: aah that's irritating!!
Hiroto let's eat ramen when we go back
panel 3: ah yeah
but ...
panel 4: so you broke your shinai //wodden sword
(handwritten: it splintered when you used it
sorry ...)
yeah ...
i borrowed it from Tsubame-chan ...
i'm going to hit you!!
panel 5: it's ok the shinai can be replaced
but i'm troubled i can't replace it until the tournament ...
panel 6: ... yeah
panel 7: the next time i'll go shopping!!
it's going to be shinai's //wooden swords

pg. 11
panel 2: oh ...
they are sold this way
it varies from 1500 yen a piece to about 4000 yen //1500 yen = ca. 19$ 4000 yen = ca. 50$
they can have different forms and weight
panel 2: what have you all come to buy?
ahh I am well
Tsubame ... no not that
for this this!!
(on package: sports loincloth)
... wear it
panel 3: how should the Shinai be if i want to choose a good one?
yeah that's right ...
for Kurogane-kun ...
panel 4: first of all it should be light ...
to barely meet the regulations ...
you're making an idiot out of me
panel 5: oho
there are various interesting objects now
panel 7: hey it's a foreigner!! there is a FOREIGNER!!
a foreigner?
isn't that unusual?
what where is it

pg. 12
panel 2: wow amazing ... he looks like a model
a little scary ...
panel 3: no no we are japanese!!
aa yuu shidii!? //are you CD!?
ahh moron!!
panel 4: this time the troublesome people will increase by two ...
... you have to speak louder Kurogane
panel 5: do you like kendo
dou yuu raiku!? // do you like!?
panel 6: was? // what in german

pg. 13
panel 1: ah, sieh an, die beiden trottel wieder ...//ah look it's the two idiots again
braucht ihr beiden affen etwas? //do you two morons(lit. monkeys) need something?
what is he saying i can't understand
oh ...
ooh ...
panel 2: no ingurishu // no english
... it's probably german
judging from the pronounciation
panel 3: excuse me and these two as well!
i'm sorry!
ola! // hey
panel 4: aber, aber meine schöne! // now now my lovely!
wie stehen denn meine sterne in der liebe? // what do the stars tell about my love?
panel 5: Schau! // look!
panel 6: hier! // here you go!
should i draw!? should i draw!?
panel 7: we ... well this one ...

pg. 14
panel 2: ... uhm
this is
panel 4: whaaa!!
panel 5: aargh !!
you what are you doing get away!!
is ...
is this how they greet overseas ...
it is not!!
panel 6: also look Tsubame-chan!!
if you had drawn this card ...

pg. 15
panel 1: woooaaah!!?
what is this!!!
haha du depp! // haha you moron!
panel 3: oh du machst auch kendo? // oh you're practicing kendo too?
huh!? ah ...
uhm ... a shinai ...
i am choosing one ...
panel 5: hier, bitte // here you go
panel 6: this one ...
is it?

pg. 16
panel 1: this one has a extended body ...!!
they have increased recently it's a type where the center of gravity is at your hand
a "practice type shinai" so to speak
panel 2: yeah
since the "practice type" only has low durability it's light and it's easy to handle ...
it is probably perfect for the counter-technique-oriented Kurogane-kun!!
panel 3: how did he understand that i'm good at counter-tech ...
ehh!! ahh ...
panel 4: ehm well ... uhm ...
panel 5: thank you very much!!

pg. 17
panel 1: you're welcome
panel 2: he was japanese !!!
panel 3: damn it i got made fun of
what's wrong with that guy ...
panel 4: really ...
who was he

pg. 18
panel 1/2: he came back?
to japan?
the girls just spread rumors
what if it's true ...
panel 3/4: what? they are mere rumors
you also seem
to be really concerned about that fellow ...
... sorry
panel 5: wether he has returned or not ...
this fellow surely left the kendo club after last year's kanto preliminary
he wouldn't come back
panel 6: ... that's not right
my strength is not enough ... i lost to him

pg. 19
panel 1: the former vice-manager of the Ouka kendo club
and the "last ace"
Asagiri nao
panel 2: *chuckle* ... it's been a long time since i returned here
the weird pets have increased
panel 4: well
it doesn't concern me right now ...

the mysterious "ace"!!
who on earth is he ...!?

strike 34/end

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