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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Kurogane (Ikezawa) 35

The Last Ace

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Jun 15, 2012 23:36 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

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Reserved for Poopy Scans

Strike 35: the last ace

panel 2: how does swinging the new shinai feel!?
panel 3: oooh
no i can really swing it easily that shinai ...
panel 4: ... who on earth was he ... that person
i knew he was a swordsman ... was he strong?
panel 5: if he saw through Kurogane's habit in that instant
... then maybe he's a guy worthy of killing
panel 6: well although you understand that whoever your opponent my be, you have to cut him down!!
Sayuri should be quiet for a little
what i was cut with this idea

pg. 02
panel 1: that guy, who is he related to the next time i meet him i'll send him flying!!
he's Tsubame-san's enemy!!!
Tsubame-san didn't particularly die
panel 2: hm!? where is Tsubame-san at where is she!?
uhhm today is monday therefore
panel 3: she probably is training at the female kendo club
since together with being the male kendo club's manager, she appears to be holding two positions
panel 4: female kendo club
panel 5: sorry for being a little late
please treat me well ...

pg. 03
panel 1: big breasts must die (revenge)
panel 2: Mai-chan!?
i was just helping you change clothes
aah the button and hook of the blouse!!!
first year female: Hachimi Mai
panel 3: my still coming late? the Kantos are near so be more reliable
therefore this year the women will get 4 persons entering the tournament
3rd year female captain: Shiratori Kujaku (Tsubame's sister)
2nd year vice-captain: Kagimiya Hime
eeh how bothersome
the male cheering is no good this year as well?
Stop it!!
don't call me Kuu-chan!!
panel 4: oh my today you were in a good mood and i broke it
uhm Hime-san
i'm your senpai
but since i lstened to papa ... very soon ... very soon ...
panel 5: Asagiri-sama
will return ...

pg. 04
panel 1: Asagiri
sama ...?
panel 2: huh!? didn't you know? i thought you were the manager of the male club!?
although he did a student exchange to germany for 3rd years
the vice-captain is Yuri-san
that guy is just a stand-in
panel 3: stiill
since i got a picture shall i show you
she got one
look this person

pg. 05
panel 1: huuuuuh!?
panel 2: the (guy/person) from yesterday
is our senpai!!?
panel 3: that's right!! he's a male third year but he is still the only one!!
the former vice-captain ... he was a swordsman called "the last ace"
Asagiri Nao ...!!!
panel 4: according to the female senpais he was a powerful person who didn't even fall behind Kamiya-san
until last year the two of them supported Ouka all the time however ...
panel 5: ... that person what is his connection now?

pg. 06
panel 1: even the female senpai ...
just made it clear
panel 2: after last years Kanto preliminary Asagiri-senpai
left this club ...!!
panel 3: the senpai said that the Kantos were special and participated in them right
right ... yeah
perhaps Asagiri-senpai wasn't as well
panel 4: i wonder if that senpai is returning ...
panel 5: he's only following that ...
panel 6: haa?
panel 7: one year ago he suddenly dissappeared, that mysterious ace ...
what was it ... that made the senpais silent ...
will he return completely ...!? this is the greatest mystery since highschool began ...!!

pg. 07
panel 1: the one who is called Ouka's best ace
even such a small mystery, i won't allow it!!!
let's follow it!! Asagiri-senpai's mystery!!!
didn't you know that that it's strange to like rumors?
panel 2: so it's settled we're going to follow Asagiri-senpai at once!!
panel 3: that's foolish ... i'm going home
Kurogane-kun you're going right!?
that's what you said!!
what i said!?
panel 4: ... well it's ok
i wonder if he was an amazing senpai
perhaps he was returning ...?
panel 5: how will we do that! how are we going to follow a guy without knowing where he is!?
uuh ...
panel 6: ah
perhaps he is in Machinaka where we saw him yesterday ...
panel 7: wait a second
didn't he go to an expensive place

pg. 08
panel 2: well? did you see him? Kurogane-kun
yeah ...
Hey hey?! Are you saying this is normal for him?! But I don't see him...
panel 3: ah
panel 4: there!! he came out from the book store in front of the station
no way!!?
it's been a long time that guy
panel 6: he really came ... you're amazing Hiroto
haha ... but ... what is he doing out here?
panel 7: wouldn't it be alright if we just asked him directly?
yeah but ... senpai didn't mention him in one year therefore
perhaps he is in a complicated situation ...

pg. 09
panel 1: that's no good because of this let's stalk him
i won't understand the things i wan't to find out by just asking him normally ...
Tsubame-san ...
he's moving!!
panel 3: what kind of book did he buy?
hmm ... a medical book? but is he aming to become a doctor ...
panel 4: he threw it away!!?
panel 5: eeh!? no way he stopped reading!?
how idiotic
he's approaching a game center
he's taking a stuffed toy
whoa amazing he took it on the first try
oh he's doing something weird
panel 7: he's going home just like that!!!

pg. 10
panel 1: huh !? what's going on with this person!?
is he amazing or normal or strange ...
panel 2: he's helping an old lady to cross the road
that's unexpectedly kind ...
panel 3: ah!! while he's giving a piggyback to another old lady he is also carrying the bagagge of the old man
that's amazingly kind!!!
panel 4: ah
the old lady is pulling a card ...
huh there's now way he's doing that ...
panel 5: oh ...
panel 6: oh my ...
panel 7: he did it
what the heck even me
panel 8: that guy
he toyed with Tsubame-san
i'll really send him flying!!!

pg. 11
panel 1: he vanished ...!!
panel 2: that guy!! i'm not letting him escape!!!
wha !! wait a second Aoharu!!
let's follow him Kurogane-kun!!
panel 3: he's fast!!!
panel 4: really what kind of person could Asagiri-san be!!
yeah ...
as expected it's an unnatural motivation ...
panel 5: ah
panel 6: Kurogane-kun!!
that is
panel 7: this card

pg. 12
panel 1: it's a jo~ker~
panel 2: hey hey i just threatened you a little
panel 3: we meet again you cutey cute japanese ...!!
well ... are you going to spit it out?
why you followed me
panel 4: ...!! as i thought ...
since when did you know
ooh ... you came here to investigate as i expected
panel 5: well so you're burning with passion
you thought that i unexpectedly come here every day?
you were also making fun of us until where

pg. 13
panel 1: Asagiri-senpai
were you the former vice-captain of the Ouka kendo club
panel 2: what is it in reality ...!?
panel 4: ... it's my elbow ...
the ligament was done in in last years Kantou preliminary ...
... it still ... hasn't healed

pg. 14
panel 1: even so ... i wanted to go to the nationals ...
the result was absurd
it was this mess ...
panel 2: that's why ... it's bad
i still
can't return ...
panel 3: so ...
it was like that ...
panel 5: aah !!!
i found you!!!
panel 6: you will leave Tsubame-san alone this instant you foreigner !!!
panel 7: A ... Aoharu!?
don't!! this person!!

pg. 15
you will get it!!!

pg. 16
panel 2: wha ...
panel 3: the book came falling down on this place ...
he made him avoid it ...
in that moment ...!!
panel 4: without using his hands Aoharu was ...
panel 5: wahhh!!
that's cowardly !!
fight me directly!!
... cowardly?

pg. 17
panel 1: the winner is decided beforehand by any means
if a person is being to picky about his winning method he isn't powerfull
panel 2: remember that kouhai
what's wrong with him!!
panel 3: did you just understand it on your own
panel 4: that person ...
just used a magic trick ...
i think he used his right hand
even some time ago it was totally alright as well ...
panel 5: after all i didn't understand anything ...

pg. 18
panel 1: Yuri-senpai
ha ha ...
is everyone together ...
panel 2: wasn't there a strange guy here!?
he has peculiar highlights in his hair he gave off a man-eater kind of feeling ...
panel 3: is it ... Asagiri-san?
! you ... know him ...
panel 4: please tell us Yuri-senpai
what is on earth is the deal with this person!?
panel 5: that guy ...
panel 8: because of us he ...
had to quit the kendo club
the best friend ...
of Kamiya

pg. 19
panel 1: you ...
panel 2: ... did you grow a little?
Tsurugi ...
the two who are the best friends as well as comrades in arms ...!!
what on earth happened one year ago ... !?


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