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Cross Manage Oneshot : One-Shot

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Aug 7, 2012 18:17 | Go to Cross Manage

Reserved for Kuudere-Scans - Don't Use Without My Permission

pg. 02
after school it's time for club activities!
hey, Misora, stop it with the homeruns
whoa // sorry
They sure are energetic at club activities.

pg. 03
panel 1: the sports clubs are doing their best today as well // Sakurai-san
how are you feeling now
panel 2: Lazy
panel 3: I'm busy living a comfortable life. // I have no free time for things like club activities
as expected of Sakurai
Lazy as ever!
panel 4: That Toyoguchi-san created a club from scratch. // The Lacrosse club
Wow, she's so passionate.
panel 5: am i not doing enough exercise by coming to school?
that's not what you call exercise, Sakurai-san

pg. 04
panel 1: Sakurai-kun, // you sure are canny.
panel 2: Seems like you're living without waste.
i think that's really awesome
panel 4: Hayami...
panel 5: indeed, it saves energy
So he's a hardcore eco-friend?
panel 6: well something along those lines
So cool, Sakurai-san. Really phat.
panel 7: even if I don't put in any effort
everyday is fun
hey what is next?
let's go to a Karaoke bar

pg. 05
panel 1: In it's own way.
panel 2: damn, I still didn't get my the umbrella from Yamaguchi
aah // it might rain tomorrow
(you're going to regret it)
anyhow he's idling in the club room, so i'm going to drop by there
panel 4: Yamaguchi
my umbrella...

pg. 06

pg. 07
panel 1: wha...
panel 2: whaaa!?
panel 4: oh? Sakurai, what are you doing?
panel 5: ah the umbrella? // too bad, i forgot it at home, i'm going to return it tomorrow
You're late, Yamaguchi. // Sorry
panel 8/9: To... // Toyoguchi...?

pg. 08
panel 1: are you prepared to die?
panel 2: To... Toyoguchi!! uhm // it wasn't on purpose, i got the wrong clubroom
an accident // it was an accident, so...
panel 3: do you know how to knock? Sakurai // You do it like this.
i know!! i know!! Toyoguchi-san!!
panel 4: it was bad, sorry
but it really wasn't on purpose // forgive me please
panel 6: ... // what can i do
so you forgive me...

pg. 09
panel 1: say "i will listen to whatever you say"
panel 3: huh?
panel 4: say "i will listen to whatever you say" // i said
panel 5: tha...
panel 6: that's an abovious death trap
panel 7: say it
panel 8: ...i'll listen... // to whatever you say

pg. 10
panel 1: How did it turn out like this...
panel 7: what's with this situation...
Misora, who is this guy?
fufufu, that's Sakurai-kun // as a matter of fact, starting today

pg. 11
panel 1: he became the manager of the girl's lacrosse club
everyone, make use of him
panel 2: huh
panel 3: huh
panel 4: HUH!?
panel 5: it's just great we got a male manager,
But captain Toyoguchi, a boy is just dangerous
he certainly came here with dirty intentions
(no way)
panel 6: it's alright, he won't disobey anything i tell him // right
(what do you mean)
How did it turn out like this...
panel 7: Bastard
you understand what will happen if you lay your hands on the club members, right
(oh dear, Nachiko's stick broke)
panel 8: Nacchin, stop doing this to the stick.
panel 10: fix it // manager

pg. 12
panel 1: alright! // We'll have you work really hard // for the sake of the lacrosse club
panel 2: (hey hey, quickly)
He's so weak
why am i doing this in the first place
panel 3: if you disobey me,
i'm going to tell everyone
panel 4: (oh my, get these)
why do i
panel 5: If I tell them you'll be hated
panel 6: (Pocari's for everyone) http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%9D%E3%82%AB%E3%83%AA%E3%82%B9%E3%82%A8%E3%83%83%E3%83%88
panel 7: you're going to be branded as a criminal for the rest of your school life
panel 8: Why
(stand up properly)
panel 9: am i doing this in the first place
panel 10: are you alright Sakurai?

pg. 13
panel 1: is he dead
panel 2: did Sakurai-kun enter a club?
(he seems busy recently...)
Seems so
he is obstinate about telling me which club it is
As if i could tell them that i was forced to become the girl's club manager
panel 4: Sakurai-kun, are you okay with sweet stuff?
panel 5: don't overdo it // that's not like you, Sakurai-kun
I found a nice cafe // hey, why don't you skip club activities today
panel 6: uu raa ii
panel 7: saa kuu raa ii
panel 8: it's after school
the sign for "helping with practice"
panel 9: Hayami
panel 10: sorry
why a frog... [the sign]

pg. 14
panel 4: hey, let's go home already, Toyoguchi
nobody's here anymore
Just a bit. // Just a bit longer.

pg. 15
panel 1: ah
panel 2: right, i saw it
the DVD you lent me / the one about Lacrosse
panel 3: you saw it? how was it? // wasn't it amazing!?
panel 4: aah... well...
it's a harder sport than I thought
it is isn't it, it's amazing and cool! and super exciting!!
panel 5: i first saw it during my time in middle school // i couldn't sleep after that
That's a bit too much...
panel 6: lacrosse was originally // a form of martial arts that native americans were performing // you could even call it a rite
moreover, since the item they used resembled a priest's staff, it was called // "cross"
panel 8: and // since the french people came up with the name, it was

pg. 16
panel 1: it's called "the fastest hand-to-hand ball game on earth"
panel 2: it's hyper-cool!!
panel 3: after watching the DVD i can now understand that you're pretty bad
whaaah, why doesn't it fly straight!?
panel 4: hmph, just watch // i've decided to do some super-training, so i can absolutely score one point in the next match
ooh, that's a considerably huge goal
panel 5: a "one-point lead"
that's my dream right now!

pg. 17
panel 2: Toyoguchi
didn't you become // tired?
panel 3: didn't you become tired, that
you couldn't become skilled...
panel 6: i
have many things i can't not skilled at
panel 7: so // i'm not concerned with being good or being bad
panel 8: I just put my heart
into what I like.

pg. 18
panel 1: 'Cause Having fun is never a waste.
panel 3: however you might not understand it, since you are skilled
panel 5: skilled, huh..

pg. 19
panel 1: It's not fair that only I'm talking.
panel 2: what is it you like Sakurai?
panel 3: i'm just doing nothing but "things i can do"
No clue...
panel 4: hop
panel 5: ooh
(i thought it would be harder...)
i threw it normally
eehh, no way, how? how?
panel 6: why can't she do it...
(it fell down again)
panel 7: ah
panel 8: your stance when swinging is kinda exaggerated // it should be better like this?
panel 9: like this? (*drop*)
no... this is too much as well
like this? (*drop*)
no, a little more
like this? (*drop*) // like this? (*drop*) // like this? (*drop*)
no that's wrong
panel 10: uuuhh
aah // I'm telling you...

pg. 20
panel 1: like this
panel 4: see // this is even...
panel 5: hm?
panel 6/7: ah?
panel 8: uwaah!! // sorry...

pg. 21
panel 1: ugh what a surprise. // what was I doing.
panel 5: i did it...!
panel 6: i did it!!
i did it Sakurai!!
panel 7: look, look // it's a shot
look // awesome

pg. 22
panel 1: it's a proper shot
i did it Sakurai
panel 2: what is that?
panel 3: awesome // awesome Sakurai
hey, are there more? // Are there more tricks?
panel 4: no... that is // by chance
panel 5: what is this
hey, you can teach everyone
panel 6: (shut up Pachy)
(i'm getting into the bath)
panel 7: (hey father)
(you should clean up the table)
panel 8: hey dad, can i borrow your computer?

pg. 23
panel 1: (web),(images),(video),(dictionary)
panel 3: don't just throw with your hand, use your hips too // next time, swing it properly
When you catch it, fall back a bit. / like this
you just do it with your wrist, do it with your whole arm
panel 4: yes, like that
how // is it?
panel 5: wh... // what is it
panel 6: you're amazing Sakurai
It's really easy to understand
so accurate
panel 7: Well, maybe more like this?
right, it's awesome
panel 8: what? did you study or something?

pg. 24
panel 1: i... / i didn't... It was just some random stuff.
Sakurai, what about the grabbing technique?
For grabbing....
what might it be
panel 5: what did you buy Sakurai?
an ero book? how dirty
no you idiot
panel 6: (on leaflet: training warmup, 30m dash x8, 50m dash x4, 100m dash x3,...)
panel 7: although it's a bit extreme
panel 9: (one)
panel 10: did you do the homework Sakurai
yeah i did
you're lying, didn't you copy mine earlier
didn't you think of that
panel 11: you

pg. 25
panel 3: what was that Sakurai? was that a dog?
i'll do a pidgeon
panel 4: shut up
panel 6: somehow
it's really...

pg. 26
panel 1: oh? Sakurai-kun
panel 2: what are you doing?
panel 5: damn
panel 6: is that Lacrosse?
heh, Sakurai was really doing club activities // is it the Lacrosse club?
but isn't the Lacrosse club for girls?
eh? what do you mean?
panel 7: no... i'm the manager...

pg. 27
panel 1: THE MANAGER!?
the male manager of the girls' club!?
somehow that's extremely bold
What's up with you. // That's so funny.
panel 2: what!? were you perhaps after for the girls?
who is it? if that Sakurai goes that far, it must be an amazing girl
panel 3: uwah what a detailed memo.
hiyah that's mega-desperate
panel 4: just how hard have you fallen for her.
that cute...
panel 5: huh
panel 6: n... no
what are you all saying, your mistaking something
panel 7: who said I'm doing this because I want to? // ahh that's really lame (haha)
It's obvious I was forced to do it.
panel 8: Such lame stuff, I'll quit right...
panel 9: Toyoguchi-san

pg. 28
panel 2: Toyo... // guchi...
panel 5: well
panel 6: That's how it is.
panel 7: sorry, i just borrowed Sakurai for a very long time
panel 8: ha ha ha he worked better than i thought he would
uh huh, i appreciate your efforts

pg. 29
panel 1: thank you
it's ok to stop from today on
panel 2: huh?
panel 3: what... happened so suddenly... // that just now was... nothing? right?
wh... what about the match tomorrow...
panel 8: aah, I see...

pg. 30
panel 1: That's how it is.
(on calender: match 14:00)
panel 2: it's good it's sunny, Misora
the match is this afternoon? // at 2pm
your opponent is called Nantoka high, isn't that a rich private school?
panel 3: (do your best Misora!)
(eh, what was that)
(even if you won thursday)
panel 4: Sakurai, what did you do in the staff room this morning?
did they call you?
nothing at all / (shut up)
panel 5: (bye bye) (see ya)
panel 6: Inbound commute train on line 2....
is everyone here?
it's pretty quiet inside this wagon.
huh? Captain Toyoguchi, what about Sakurai-kun?

pg. 31
panel 1/2/3: *tik* *tik* *tik*
panel 4: How long am I going to lay here.
So lame.

pg. 32
panel 1: (let's do it)
panel 2: Haya // mi...
panel 3: Sakurai-kun, are you going home now?
panel 4: let's go home together
eh // ah
panel 5: sorry i'm...
in a hurry

pg. 33
panel 1: are you going to where Toyoguchi is?
panel 3: why?
panel 4: it's not like you were this kind of person Sakurai
panel 5: Skilled at // not doing things in vain.
panel 6: With a motto to do things with the least effort. // Not being pathetic about it.

pg. 34
panel 1: Toyoguchi-san and you are different.
panel 3: Even if you give your best, it won't get you anything.

pg. 35
panel 1: Sakurai-kun
i think we both are alike
panel 2: When you long for something out of your reach // it'll just deeply hurt you.
panel 3: hey // what is your reason for doing your best
panel 4: it would be useless if you weren't rewarded right?
panel 5: There's no need to take

pg. 36
panel 1: the thorny path on purpose, right?
panel 3: pass, Misora, pass
panel 4: uwei *drop*
Misora, don't be impatient
panel 5: It'll down behind her.
There's a hole.
panel 6: *pant* *pant*

pg. 37
panel 2: are you ok Misora?
panel 3: i'm alright, let's go
let's score one point in the second half
oh, as expected
That's how it should be.
panel 4: we practiced so much.
let's take one point
panel 5: that's right, we
trained so much.
panel 6: We trained
panel 8: so much // for it...
panel 9: right...

pg. 38
panel 3: sa...
panel 4: Sakurai // why...?
panel 5: eh
did you run all the way... // ?
panel 6: can... // i have some water?

pg. 39

pg. 40
panel 1: Hayami
panel 2: i also
panel 3: thought... like that

pg. 41
panel 1: i was scared of coming to like something i wouldn't be rewarded for
Only doing things I was good in. Only to a limit I could handle.
not struggeling, not doing my best and not becoming desperate
panel 2: I lived like that
because it was pretty successful and pretty easy.
panel 3: But

pg. 42
panel 1: What I was wasting
was myself
panel 2: so Hayami
i got to go

pg. 43
panel 6: Don't rush it...
panel 8: Go...
panel 9: GOOOO

pg. 44
panel 4: ...it went in

pg. 45
panel 2: it went in Sakurai!
it went in
panel 4: it's thanks to Sakurai
thank you... // thank you very much
panel 6: i should be thanking you

pg. 46
panel 1: thank you // for making me the manager
panel 2: thank you
(club entrance application 1st year class C number 12
Sakurai Hoshi
Lacross club (manager)
panel 3: so lazy.
So lazy again today.
panel 4: They're really so energetic at club activities.

pg. 47
panel 1: but that lazy-ass Sakurai really became a club activity maniac...
i still can't believe it
i don't understand the world anymore
panel 2: but he's acting kinda lively isn't he
right / I wonder if something nice will happen to us too...
Yeah, it's really boring.
panel 3: Hayami...?
(oh? Was she that kind of character?)
I can't believe he could reject me so calmly in that situation.
(what are you talking about?)
panel 4: aah // i wonder if even i should try to do my best too..
at what?
panel 5: something i could be serious at
Focused, trying his best. From now on

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