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Binbougami Ga 25

Swim... All Of You

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Aug 15, 2012 13:24 | Go to Binbougami Ga

-> RTS Page for Binbougami Ga 25

Reserved For CXC

pg. 057
panel 1: summer ...
in commercial: [don't get burned anymore! never again!!「
Banner: To the shining sunrise
panel 2: the sea, the mountains // the pool, fireworks ...
commercial: together with your family! with your girlfriend!! with your friends!!!
panel 3: all sorts of events ...
commercial: let's come here next year as well
panel 4: attention: It is currently summer now
the common people are really easygoing!
why doesn't Nadeshiko-sama invite Tsuwabuki-sama to go somewhere?
of course i have invited him // ... but
panel 5: it doesn't work at all since he goes to his workplace every day
oh my ...
panel 6: oh?
are you in loser mode before the fight even started?

pg. 058
panel 1: Binbouda!!?
call me teacher!! //on board: (it's an umbrella which is like the heart in trees for lovers with the names): Nadeshiko, Tsuwabuki
in a place like this someone who is idly chit-chatting will be overtaken?
if you control the summer, you control love!
panel 2: I’m having a hard time because I don’t get to have any chances!!
panel 3: therefore i
have a good idea!
panel 4: yeah yeah
finally tomorrow is what everyone has been waiting for

pg. 059
panel 1: the pool will open!!
i have to buy a new swimsuit
panel 2/3 Also from this year // There will be a few changes to the precautions
panel 4: the lessons will be co-ed // you can bring your own swimsuits
panel 5: wha ...

pg. 060
panel 1: what's that !!!??
panel 2: the school's swimming pool changed into a private amusement park!!
until last year it was normal!!
oohhh! ho ho ho!! nice to see you everyone!!!
starting this year the school's swimming pool became a property of the Adenokouji household!!!!

pg. 061
panel 1: moreover we made a complete image change!!
please everyone, have fun to your hearts content!!!
i don't get what rich people are thinking
ah even the usual pool remained over there!
panel 2: that was a nice idea Binbouda!!
if you can't have a date outside
Just change the school into a dating spot
panel 4: Tsuwabuki-kun one Yakisoba please
got it!
why is it like this ...
remodeling the pool?
yeah // so together with me, would you
... you need one
you might need ... a shop!!!
busy business period!!
Why are you so active on these kinds?
panel 5: Tsuwabuki-kun one Ikayaki (Squid Grill) please and add a soda pop to that
panel 6: Heeey Binbouda! // Don’t start having fun without me!
... geez!

pg. 062
panel 1: this school is too laid back!
it could almost pass as unreasonable
panel 2: here's the real deal!!! this year's poolside queen is you!!
you're so dreamy Ranmaru-kun, your toned limbs, your outstanding bodyline!! i'm mesmerized and astonished!!
panel 3: fufufu
panel 4: as i thought it feels so good
those envious looks, this sense of superiority ...
panel 5: now then worship! ...
the shining me

pg. 063
panel 1: but really, how did you train to make 'em grow like this?
panel 2: thank you that was wonderful!!!
panel 3: stop it Ranmaru !!
my bad, my bad! that was just skinship
but in front of these guys
panel 4: you're immediately standing out you two, aren't you!
panel 5: don't worry, someone like you is standing out as well/ right?
as you would expect, stuff rich people do is different, your swimsuit was probably expensive as well
panel 6: you ... you You seem to understand!
if that's the case wouldn't this make you even cuter?

pg. 064
panel 1: huh?
ahahahaha! that really suits you Nadeshiko!!
like that you can be at ease even in the deep!!
don't treat me like a kid!!!
how cute, Adenokouji-san
panel 2: that's enough you two!!
no matter how much you helped Nadeshiko-sama i won't tolerate anymore insults!!
ah it's Shinobu!
panel 3: we're not insulting her or something
..It’s just for the while she’s in her growth period…
It’s meaningless if she grows any morrrrreeeeee!!!
What do you mean by ‘meaningless’!!
Heeyy~~ You there~~!

pg. 065
panel 1: it's dangerous to act violently at the poolside!
why are you up there!!?
i'm anywhere when there's boobies!
Come down so I can hit you!
but i hired him as a sort of lifeguard / you know him?
he got discharged from prison ...
panel 2: wait a second if Bobby is here
found you, tomboy-girl!!
just like i thought!
panel 3: today for sure i'm going to get my revenge from the 4th volume!!!
have a match with me one more time!!!
eh ... no way
because i get a bad feeling from you

pg. 066
panel 1: you~, say that one more time please~
panel 2: that's the bad feeling i told you about!!
aahn!! more!!
don't come near you pervert!!
yes!! i am!!
realize Ran ...
that you are pleasing him
panel 3: yaa! Seems like you all are enjoying this~
panel 4: Looks like you’re the one!
panel 5: i mean after all you gave Nadeshiko strange ideas didn't you?
ehehe // correct
if you understand it to this point then this'll be quick!
it's a match Ichiko ...!
you're not just going to leave me your happiness energy and quickly go home are you
because of the unpleasant sight of your breasts you spoilt my holidays
you aimed for the match from the beginning ...

pg. 067
panel 1: well ... if i were you, i would hesitate to play around too!
i'll crush you as a warm up exercise
why you got a match on?
you people are so carefree aren't you
panel 2: what are you betting on?
that'd of course be happiness energy ...
hey, hey, hey, hey!
panel 3: happiness ...? what's that?
are you an idiot!?
how's it gonna help if you tell them the truth / don't involve Ranmaru and the others
panel 4: uu ... hm so ...!
geez ...
panel 5: the winner will be fed // the Yakisoba Tsuwabuki-kun made/ you'll go all "Aaahhn"
what !!!
what was that !!!

pg. 068
panel 1: you ...! that's ...!? uhm ... !!
who gave you the permission for such a thing !!!
that brat just said that for her own convenience // are you saying it's okay...
well then i'm going to discuss this with himself
panel 2: seriously!?
panel 3: i got an "OK"
that's what they said
no way that's embarassing
if it aims at the spectators the sales will skyrocket
panel 4: i'm going to back you up Ichikooo! // so let's split the prize ...
why don't we switch and i take part in the match Binboudaa ... !!
panel 5: do something about this!
alright then ...

pg. 69
panel 1: somehow the summer-like event of year 1 class A came // the showdown of Sakura-san vs. Binbouda-san ... will now
be carried out as a team battle!
panel 2: the match will be a 150 m swimming race!!!
panel 3: why are Bobby and Momo joining!!?
if it's a team battle after all i thought it's more interesting in a lot of ways
we heard that there's a reward and came here!!

pg. 070
panel 1: if you win you'll let me rub them! // if you lose you'll tie me up?
there's absolutely no way!!
where have i seen those two before ...
it would be good if i could go as well ...!!!
don't slack off butler!!
cheers: Sakura-san, Rindouuuu!!
panel 2: now then the first contestants are these two
the two opposites of year one class A! // it's Rindou-san and Adenokouji-san!!!!! Commentator, I’ll kill you after all of this!!
i'm sorry !!!
panel 3: fu fu fu! everything goes according to my calculations
since the aim this time will be the team battle! // if it's the ninja Nadeshiko and the (still) god Momo then i have as good as won!
Ranmaru-kun is probably the fearful one?
furthermore this time
panel 4: the preparations are perfect!
panel 5: before the match began
Now Kumagai // when it's my turn and the match becomes a draw, please use this item

pg. 071
panel 1: poverty god item "nice trip to the sea"!!
if the gate opens inside the water anything can come and go from whatever river or ocean there is in this world
piranhas from the amazons!
beings from the coastal waters of south africa!!
panel 2: with this even Ichiko will be beaten / just kidding!
Momiji over here ! how are things going over there?
Kumagai? // please answer if you were able to set it up
panel 3: Kumagai ... He can’t answer!!
on your marks, ready !!
well then, start !!

pg. 072
panel 1: oh !? the one who takes the lead is Adenokouji-san!
fast! // that one's fast!!?
wha ... what is that brat!
isn't she absurdly good at swimming!
panel 2: she moves like a different person!!
panel 3: the way she moves her hand certainly seems like a different person!!
her hand sure is rugged isn't it?
panel 4: even her face is a different persons' !!!
wait, just wait!!
panel 5: that brat isn't here ...
panel 6: boiling water
panel 7: hoooowt!!!
ahh !! it was a fake !! the real one was hiding immediately near the starting point!! // how on earth did she let in the substitute!?
a foreign swimming team member on standby
she starts as soon as Nadeshiko enters the water

pg. 073
panel 1: that's not allowed Adenokouji-san!
Ai am Adenokoushi! (i am adenokouji: since she's foreign, she pronounces it wrong)
that's a joke!! / Your wigs falling off!!?
panel 2: you're not allowed to start until the fake returns from her penalty!
you reap what you sow!! // Ranmaru! you can't miss this opportunity!!!
panel 3: Ran ...?
glurgh gurgl!!
panel 4: when i was two years old my father threw me under a waterfall and since then swimming causes a trauma for me ...
then why did you participate!!?
at first i thought i could do it with fighting spirit ...
panel 5: ooh ho ho ho!! that's unsightly Ranmaru-san!!!

pg. 74
panel 1: you're not even on the same level as a swimming noob!!!
what's with that thing you have there!!?
panel 2: Ranmaru-kun!!
dont't lose!!!
the amber cheers can do nothing about her inability to swim!!
panel 3: that's right ... i can't lose!!
i want to eat the Yakisoba ...!!
that Tsuwabuki-kun made ...fr!
here you go, say aahn
panel 4: Yakisobaaaaaaa!!
panel 5: Ranmaru ...? // it's impossible for you ...!!
i can do it! // if i empty my mind ...

pg. 075
panel 1/2: the water's surface will be like the grounds surface!!!
as i thought
What a surpriiise!!! the girls who walks on the water's surface, Rindou Ranmaru, 15 years old!!!
this is not just because you cleared your mind!!! / this is only a question of the body's ability!!!
panel 3: orya!!
25 m in the blink of an eye!!
panel 4: that's not swimming anymore!!!
that's right
and there she immediately tags out with the second player!!
let's do it!! mr. monk!!!

pg. 076
panel 1: the second supporter from team sakura is player Bobby!
he's just casually swimming
panel 2: that's obvious! // don’t make me the same as that monster
panel 3: huh!!
hm! // th ... that is ...
panel 4: noo
my swimsuit top has been washed away
panel 5: fuoooo!!!
panel 6: what's this!!! don't tell me he is changing into divine Moses!!? // player Bobby has split the water of the pool in two

pg. 077
panel 1: and then he dashes away in a daze!!!
swim ... all of you
panel 2: is that what you lost? little miss!
panel 3: thank you you are a gentle person (Momiji's fake voice)
panel 4: Bobby who saved a girl in distress for some reason is letting down his shoulders and strolling around!
nice assist Kumagai!
panel 5: on Binbouda-san's team Adenokouji has finally managed to return!
the second supporter is player Inugami Momoh!
you're late Chibiko //TLN: nickname for Nadeshiko since she is small(=chibi)
who is the little one !! //TLN: chibiko also means small child
panel 6: i'll leave it to you Momoh / Make it easy for me
please leave it to me Momiji oneesama

pg. 078
panel 1: I’m warmed up properly!!
panel 2: Momo there's no way you can swim with the dog paddle!?
you're just a dog!?
laugh while you still can!
panel 3: Adenokouji-san tags out now!
panel 4: here i go!!!
panel 5: whoooaah!!! that's amazing !!!

pg. 079
panel 1: i never thought that the dog paddle would have such a miraculous speed!!!
panel 2: he closed the distance between him and player Bobby and Rindou-san in the blink of an eye!!! // without Bobby, the tables are turned for team Binbouda
pull yourself together mr. monk!!
panel 3: however... the differences are a few meters
after all this is a match between your cavalry and mine ... / well, well ...
fuu ...
looks like it!
panel 4: but what are you eating!! doping!?
before i realized it you were wearing that!
don't say such rude things please!
panel 5: that stuff i'm eating is a poverty god item that will make you feel like a fish // that's also it's name!!
gyo fiiiiish ...

pg. 80
panel 1: "don't call it mermaid bowl"
poverty god item:
"don't call it mermaid bowl": depending on the amount you ate you can transform into the form of a fish. if you eat half of it you'll turn into a mermaid. if you eat it all you'll turn into an ordinary fish.
panel 2: but that's doping!
panel 3: ah?
panel 4: player Inugami managed to come back and take the lead!!
it's your turn Momiji-oneesama!!
panel 5: Okay, will be there in an sec
no i give up i give up! if i get a little closer to the pool the transformation should work
panel 6: player Bobby also made it back
fu!! // this match

pg. 81
panel 1: i'll win it!!!
panel 2: damn
panel 3: Binbouda-san also enters the water now!! // but both of them turned into mermaids // they'll probably swim faster like that!!?
panel 4: it's really fast!!!
it's a showdown between the two anchors at godspeed ...
which of them will win!!!

pg. 082
panel 1: or rather they were too fast !!!
panel 2: ah ...
aahhh!! that little crash is making the pool collapse!! // that's bad!!!

pg. 083
panel 1: if i say such things everytime they tend to happen as well ... // the battlefield is destroyed and the match ended in a tie ...
therefore every pupil should please follow the instructions of the teachers and find shelter
panel 2: Sensei Sakura-san and Binbouda-san aren't here!!
since it's those two they'll be ok
that's irresponsible ...
Ichiko answer please!!
where are you Binbouda!
panel 3: hm?
wha ...
panel 4: what is a penguin doing in this place ...
it's hot over here ...
panel 5: And

pg. 084
panel 1: where is this place!!!?
panel 2: uhm // the southpole?
how did that happen!!?
Will you listen to me without getting mad?
panel 3: uuhhh!! I’m gonna die~!! Definitely going to die~!!
Ichiko in order to survive here we should form a truce and mutually warm up each other // in the nude
shortly after that Kumagai came to rescue them
panel 4: by the way the yakisoba prize
only player Inugami who swam fair and square will be granted the right to eat
open your mouth // so you can eat
hey say "aaahn" ...
i will not be humiliated like this again ...


pg. 85
panel 1: huh?
panel 2: you changed your necklace! // the one before was a palm right?
ah that?
panel 3: are the contents the same? I found a cute case for it
there are also various others, a cross, a star
panel 4: fuun / rather what is that suppose to be?
panel 5: if that keystone is in contact with my body i won't suck up the happiness energy of the people next to me
uhm ... that is ... // ju ... just normal amulet... !?
ehh // this stone...

pg. 86
panel 2: what are you doing Ranmaru!!! / again !!...It was in front of me so
... they are super soft
panel 3: together with Bobby!!
Ehh so the same as him~~
panel 4: thanks for the treat ...
why aren’t the boys getting out of the pool...?

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