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Binbougami Ga 26

Even I Have Pride!

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Aug 15, 2012 13:27 | Go to Binbougami Ga

-> RTS Page for Binbougami Ga 26

Reserved for CXC

pg. 087
panel 1: the realm in which the gods reside // the heavens (Takamagahara)
panel 2: in a corner of it
is the world in which the binbougami dwell, the binbougami world
panel 3/4: sign: in the middle of a meeting
so? // how about being honest...

pg. 088
panel 1: the collection of Sakura Ichiko's happiness energy
the absorbtion of the energy of outsiders has stopped but... // isn't the clean-up of the remainder getting delayed?
panel 2/3/4: for a single human to be storing up large amounts of happines energy...
i don't know what effect this will have
panel 5: on left board: one, on right board right: 9
are you alright family head...!
a... anyhow tell that girl called Momiji!
fuu fuu *blowing*
panel 6: That if you only have so little to do to complete the mission Then hurry up and finish...ok!
... // yes

pg. 089
"even i have pride!"

pg. 090
panel 1: you should pay no attention to the opinions of retired old geezers//just ignore them
you can't talk like that...
panel 2: leaving that aside, what about the binbougami-item i requested?
i have sent it
with this... what about... the money...?
i paid it in advance
as expected!
panel 3: and you momiji, did you take care of what i asked you about?
what was it?
this matches my lifestyle perfectly!!
panel 4: i told you before "the memorial photo album for the 10th anniversary of the solo debut of the visual world's charisma Nama-sama, Nama Chyudoku (Namachuu)"
the one volume package of the path of 10 years since the breakup of the legendary band "Le Minagoroshi-An"! the ever-lasting, complete 966 pages, megaton class volume print!! (the first time limited Live DVD version) for 27.000 Yen
// TL note: Le Minagoroshi was a japanese death metal band that also broke up

pg. 91
panel 1: sorry i forgot
panel 2: that's mean, even though i told you to pre-order it // you knew that i was looking forward to it!? the chances that it appears online are next to nothing so...
panel 3: quit it please Yamabuki-neesan!!
what's the point of you getting infatuated with things from the human world!!!? // in that situation you're setting up a bad example for the other binbougami!!!!
panel 4: so... // sorry
panel 5: as usual you're facing hardships

pg. 92
on their heads: pestilence(the nurse-ish one), death(the nun-ish one)
panel 1: and if you fired her?
(waitress in the corner: edamane is over here)
when something happens the superior will take the blame // so you should make a useless subordinate quit
panel 2: th... that is...
panel 3: doesn't this one do things like immediately "cut the ties" with a person you're not pleased with? // right?
yeah! // i do "cut the ties"!
i cut 'em without delay! // in two ways
don't say such scary stuff please!
but momiji is a girl you can count on when you need her // i just have a feeling that she's someone who finds things a little bothersome...
a little?
i'm passing through!!
that Momiji is having a hard fight // the human called Sakura Ichiko seems to be really tough!

pg. 93
panel 1: but you've never directly gone against that human, have you?
i... i haven't
panel 2: you can't expect someone else to finish it quickly if you leave it to them~~? // Momiji only does nothing but pass her time having fun out here
Momiji wouldn't...!
panel 3: ah... i can't deny that!
do you see it now! she just made a sweet face and was spoiled by you // she is a person like that, who only likes to complain about her superiors
panel 4: what to do!? if my own subordinate was bad mouthing me behind my back!!
cut him, slash him!
just sever him
please stop it!
panel 5: I'm (probably) alright... i'll believe in Momiji!!
i'm sure that Momiji will complete her task!!
it's all the same to me
need a scythe?

pg. 94
panel 1: *sounds of merrymaking*
panel 2: What are you doing Momiji!!!
we're charging our energies!!
it's Yamabuki-san! / it's been a long time!
panel 3: Yamabuki-san come on and drink with us once in a while too!!
i'm jealous that you're boss is such a babe!!
panel 4: but she’s a flat chest!!!
Oh, crap!!
kumagai: they are all idiots...

pg. 95
panel 1: and what's the condition?
it's not bad...
didn't the stress pile up obviously?
panel 2: instead of having needless worries // there's even a much easier method to get it completed
panel 3: you will go to the human world
you will do your duty like that at once...
panel 4: m... me?

pg. 96
panel 1: wa ha ha! the granny is telling weird stuff again!
won't it stand out if the head god goes to the human world!!
although i already went there once...
panel 2: if it ends up with yamabuki-chan going, it's the end
panel 3: Yamabuki-chan is a carreer-god after all!
you have practically no field experience!
aah yeah that's right as well!
panel 4: yeah yeah! // i'm leaving now
hm? // it's not... our phone
in that case it must be Momiji's

pg. 97
panel 2: Hello, Momiji? it's just Yamabuki...
how often do i have to tell you to do your regular report?
panel 3: Yamabuki... i wonder if she's momiji's boss?
yes! listening?
panel 4: isn't your voice different than usual?
i feel like i have catched a cold now...
you have to take care of yourself
panel 5: about the matter of Sakura Ichiko's happiness energy...
what, just that // would it be okay if i just leave that?
panel 6: wh... what are you saying all of a sudden!?
i'm saying that i honestly don't feel like i can win // she is invincible, cute and has a figure
panel 7: i'm saying that since the beginning, us no-breast-gods never were no match for her
what are you doing...

pg. 98
panel 1: please don't pick it up for your own convinience ...even if it was charging!
using the electricity in other peoples houses is ...
Mo... Momiji
panel 2: Hello this is the real Momiji // // that was sakura ichiko just now?
panel 3: eh!! you really believed that!!?
didn't you become suspicious when i said that i catched a cold?
uwah... Yamabuki-neesan, that's too stupid...
stop already...
quit it already

pg. 99
panel 1: what is that!! why is everybody always, always making a fool out of me!!
without knowing the person's feelings you just say whatever you want!!!
what happened!!?
panel 2: i... i didn't make an idiot out of you // look...! Yamabuki-neesan i'm sure you are tired
i don't need that sympathy!!!
panel 3: it's your fault!! (sidebubble:huh?) // i trusted you momiji, so i asked you to do this mission, but all you do is play around (sidebubble:aah...) // if Momiji would have completed her task then it would've been settled without me saying various things (sidebubble:...yeah)
ah! crap...
in the end i was teased by Sakura Ichiko!! // you even forgot about Nama-sama's photo collection!!
it got kinda bothersome
panel 4: Then you should’ve done it in the first place

pg. 100

pg. 101
panel 1: ...huh // Yamabuki-neesan?
box: expectation
if that's all you have to say, then it's over!!?
panel 2: she hung up
like i care! / get out already
panel 3: is Yamabuki here? // i have some free time, let's play some sengoku warriors 3
why, you aren't here...?
th... // that's!
note: please don't search for me Yamabuki
panel 4: Mooooooo

pg. 102
panel 1: jiiiiiiii
panel 2: what was that just now!?
an earthquake!?
panel 3: aah...
i managed to come here... / with my energy...
panel 4: ...but // even i have pride!
since i can't draw back later anymore...!!

pg. 103
panel 1: i will bring down Sakura Ichiko!!
please watch Momiji...! / sniff
panel 2: after this i'm going to punish you!!
panel 3: to be continued!

character page:
character file 30
birthday: "you ask a woman how old she is? and her cavities too?
blood type: "first of all it's red"
height:/weight: "i'm still growing... ok? got a problem?"
things she likes: good-looking male gods (with good income, even better if they're not living together with their parents), ... alcohol?
things she dislikes: incompetent subordinates, children, sexually harassing superiors (and their cavities too?)
in the language of flowers: Karin (seduction, elegance, beautiful, having a chance, only love)

character file 31
birthday: "a fairly old day"
blood type: bam!! (she hits herself in the face) "today it's red"
height: "huge!"
weight: "heavy!"
things she likes: Yamabuki, Karin (nothing else)
things she dislikes: incompetent subordinates, humans, sexually harassing superiors(cut 'em, cut 'em!)
in the language of flowers: (seduction, sweet aroma, foresight, respect and love)

they are a shinigami(=death god) and a yakubyougami(=god of epidemies) and co-workers of Yamabuki. you could say they're drinking buddies...?
i wanted to draw a story of the two making a firm entrance, if I get the chance
(i mean to be frank, it's in the middle of planning). even in the stories of "binbougami ga!", each of them will make a little appearance,
but the view of the world will be to broad like that!( as if it’s someone else's problem...)

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