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Binbougami Ga 27

Stand Up

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Aug 15, 2012 13:32 | Go to Binbougami Ga

-> RTS Page for Binbougami Ga 27

Reserved For CXC

pg. 105
panel 1: well then ... that's it
panel 2: it's over
yo, Ichiko, how was the test?
it was a piece of cake
che! that's good then
panel 3: what are you going to do during your summer holidays Ranmaru?
i'll mostly be secluding myself in the mountains with my dad! it will be nothing but training everyday!
that's just like you isnt it
panel 4: there is this absurdely tough guy in the mountains we go to every year // we have a kind of relationship based on sworn rematches

pg. 106
in the back: doryaa!!!
panel 1: although he is an ordinary bear! / how many ridges has he carbed!?
Ranmaru... do you know about animal lovers organizations?
panel 2: what about you Nadeshiko?
panel 3: your family seems like it would have a villa on a deserted island
naturally // we have about five private islands
that's awesome! why don't we all go stay there!?
why am i supposed to happily invite you over!?
panel 4: it's ok if only Tsuwabuki-sama comes to visit me
what are you trying to do
panel 5: an island?
as i thought, you are too busy...
panel 6: If I’m free from work…
and if it’s ok if i bring my siblings...

pg. 107
panel 1: with just that phrase just now, you made Nadeshiko so happy...!!
just that phrase was enough!!?
panel 2: huh! i see!! when is that vacation!!?
when was it...
uooh!! me too, me too!!
panel 3: ha ha ha!
panel 4: that was somehow fun
perhaps this is what they call happiness...
panel 5: i also want to go and meet with Suwano however // it would be bad if i disturb his newlywed-life
i'm back...

pg. 108
welcome back
round 27: stand up

pg. 109
panel 1: i've been waiting // ...Sakura Ichiko
panel 2: huge...
panel 3: huge...

pg. 110
panel 1: huuuuuuge!!!
panel 2: you didn't have to say that so loud...
wh... who are you! you surprised me!!
moreover ...that voice, no way! you wouldn't be the one called Yamabuki, the boss of the binbougami would you
panel 3: fu fu fu! that was a good guess Sakura Ichiko...
finally the time for you to pay the piper has come as well!
panel 4: binbougami...

pg. 111
panel 1: What situation is this now?
as you can see, i'm in the middle of a lecture
kumagai: kneeling for seven hours straight
panel 3: we were just talking about you
panel 4: please sit down Sakura Ichiko...!
i have something important to tell you!
panel 5: wh...
what do you have to tell me?
before that, if you came back you should wash your hands and rinse your mouth!
a mother!?
Who the heck are you calling me mother!?
panel 6: once again

pg. 112
panel 1: i am the chief of the binbougami, Yamabuki
this little one is my familiar Safran
i guess you heard it from Momiji, but in this world there are two energies called happines- and misfortune-energy which allow you to be happy //
these two were originally evenly split, but due to the karma of your previous life or your success in life a little difference is created
wait a second...!
panel 2: (bubble in the back: during this long history)
what's it with her? // are all chief gods this big!?
(bubble in the back: one by one, with love)
(bubble behind Momiji: what // anyway, before it became like that, i don't think the happiness energy)
As time passes, the amount of energy she kept within body increases significantly//But if we’re talking simply about Happiness Energy, you still have more than her
panel 3: when she came here she kind of held back a little of her energy, but ...
she held back and is this big!?
panel 4: i mean first of all, why were you scolded, didn't she come as your replacement to aim for my happines energy?*
that's just how she is // please have a little sympathy

pg. 113
panel 1: did you listen properly!!?
panel 2: anyway!
you got that? Sakura Ichiko!
panel 3: the amount of happines energy you have at the moment, is obviously unnecessary!
panel 4: i can't deny it if you tell me that it's our fault...
but therefore, also for the sake of not letting this mistake happen again // it's impossible to let you be!
panel 5: i don't want to do this violently
be reasonable and hand over you happines energy plea...

pg. 114**
panel 1: why you!
If I’ve listened and understood your circumstances then I would’ve done that with Momiji already//No matter if even if you just repeated the same kind of words I’ve heard before!!
panel 2: That’s because i didn't want to behave violently
your subordinate can't behave in any other way but violently!!
panel 3: besides ...even if // even if my existence is the mistake of the gods...
thanks to that, i've been able to protect many important people
panel 4: even you can't claim...
that all of that is a mistake!!
panel 5: certainly... i can't deny people important to you

pg. 115
panel 1: i can't return in this condition
without having done anything
eeeeh!!? / sh... she's cried
panel 2: damn it!! how dare you! Yamabuki-neesan is crying!!
I indeed came here on Momiji's words without being able to supress my own feelings, if i return with empty hands like that, then I for sure will get to hear something from them.
i... it wasn't my intention to say it so intensely...
panel 3: you should apologize!!
uhhm... well... that is...
panel 4: don't mind
nooooo you're making a fool out of me, you're really making a fool out of me!!!
panel 5: what's with that sensitive facial expression!!!
now it has come to this, I'll take you on!
you're dealing the finishing blow to me!!

pg. 116**
panel 1: i mean / weren't you my opponent to begin with!?
how can you be relying on your boss, you've lost your edge too!
panel 2: watch what you say Ichiko...
i didn't rely on her... she came here for her own convenience!
how mean!!
panel 3: well are we going to have a match // let's have a summerlike nagashi soumen speed-eating contest!!
shouldn't we put something like that off until the real summer?
hahaa! in the end, you're just scared of being defeated, aren't you?
i'm not scared or anything!!
panel 4: Why do you two always seem to start fighting out of the blue!? // Instead of fighting, we should talk it out and reach a mutual understanding…
panel 5: outsiders should keep quiet!!
I have no confidence to avoid killing you once you’re involved

pg. 117
panel 1: what's with this situation...
kuroyuri(black lily)... now i understand your troubles
panel 2: what did i do for it to get like this? i'm being made fun of by my subordinate, the human is making a fool out of me // no one is listening to what i say, as i thought even if i stand out
panel 3: hm?
what is it?
what should i do? i wonder how i will make everyone understand? // it's still unpleasant... really everyone is just being egoistic... there's no way i'll get discouraged it's too early to give up
panel 4: what are you muttering?
if you like i will make you my opponent as well!!?
panel 5: opponent...?
a human... ...against me (a god)?

pg. 118
panel 1: ufufufufu...
you say some interesting things ...don't you
panel 3: trans-
nya nya nya
panel 4: wah...!!

pg. 119
panel 1: waah!!
panel 2: as you would expect, a manekineko // he quickly sensed the crisis of his owner
(tln: decided to leave it that way since it sounds better than beckoning cat)
panel 3: wh... what crisis!?
if she does things like crying or shouting, she is still alright on the inside... but // when she has that evil smile, Yamabuki-neesan is seriously dangerous
panel 4: oh...
she really is scared
panel 5: it's called "the normally serious, mature person that's scary when she gets angry"-pattern...
even 50-60 years ago, a guy (binbougami) got carried away and made nee-san angry // in one blow of retribution she'd made him lose all divine powers...
is... isn't that terrible?
that god spend the rest of his life in his hitodama-form (tln: hitodama = disembodied soul)
(box in the background: Yamabuki at that time)

pg. 120
panel 1: anyway... when neesan gets like that // she won't stop until she brings down the prey she aims for...
if you get caught, it won't end with just a scolding...
panel 2: is... isn't there a way to calm down her anger?
panel 3: that is, if you apologize she might forgive you though...
Ichiko Can you stop that thing behind you?
panel 4: huuuh

pg. 121
panel 1: why are you running away?
didn't you make me your opponent?
panel 3: let's play some more!!?
binbougami-item: "no need for cat" although they are the best at catching rats!
panel 4: wait a second!! your boss is just too damn scary!!
terribly, really terrible
panel 5: don't read manga while you walk
it's dangerous... hm?

pg. 122
panel 1: whhhoooaaa!!!
whoa !! what an amazing developement!!
panel 2: oops!
panel 3: binbougami-item: "it's transparent" makes the photographed object transparent
what is it, i just got to a good part
panel 4: ufufufufu // absolutely not letting you run away
Forget about manga now!
panel 5: what...? there's nothing there...
panel 6: how can you take advantage of me like that!?
don't say something cruel like that...
panel 7: nya!

pg. 123
panel 1: she said to enter over there
panel 2: aah!! excuse us!!!
panel 3: What was that a Witch’s Delivery Service-like thing!!?Like Kiki...!!? // Looks more like a shinai than a broom though!!
panel 4: rather than that, did you see her panties!!?
no, they can't be seen at all!!!
panel 5: ufufu...
panel 6: you’re smart for escaping underground // ...but

pg. 124
panel 1: that's regrettable!!!
panel 2: it's a huge hitodama...!!?
i mean // if you wanted to make me your opponent...
panel 3: I’ll do it then!!!

pg. 125
panel 2: well... isn't this dangerous
panel 3: If you’ve sent me all of your twelve guardians, it would’ve been over

pg. 126
panel 1: ufufufu... you really are an interesting girl
Usually it’s difficult to materialize energy no matter how much you have it, you know? // You have more Happiness Energy than me yet you’re still human size, too
panel 2: but... certainly...
that amount of happines energy is a littly burden
panel 3: wh... what what did you do...!?
panel 4: binbougami-item: "energy reader and kopi"
he does things like copy the energy of other people or yourself // and make it the same amount of energy within a certain time
panwl 5: right now i copied your happines energy

pg 127
panel 1: Now you and me have the identical amount of happines energy... // means that the amount of my (the pursuer) happines energy and your (the pursued) happines energy is identical
panel 2: we are now equal in terms of running speed in this game of tag... // so you can't run away from me even with luck
panel 3: right... steadily run away
After all, the one who’ve given up is the loser in this endurance contest
panel 4: Kumagai
panel 5: oh
you don't run away?

pg. 128
panel 1: you are an excellent familiar who would do something like throw away his body for the sake of his owner
panel 2: but
panel 3: if it's an excellent familiar, i have one too
panel 4: i'm going to leave that guy to you!

pg. 129*
panel 2: wait a second kitty-chan?
panel 3: isn't it the duty of a maneki neko to lead you to happiness?
even if we hide in this place...
panel 4: We’ll soon be found
well do as you like? my master is Ichiko-chan not you!
panel 5: You shitty cat

pg. 130
panel 1: your making a face like the world is about to end
panel 2: sh... shut up! r... right now // i'm thinking of how to bring down that boss of yours, so...!
panel 3: ...you can't bring her down
Now that the Happiness Energy that was your strength doesn’t hold its meaning anymore
what will you do to bring down said Yamabuki-neesan? // the items she has too are only things that you can't deal with with my unhappiness energy readings
panel 5: i told you to shut up!!!
panel 6: it's impossible to hand over all of my happines energy...
neither to you and nor to your boss...! // ...at last
panel 7: at last i have understood...

pg. 131
panel 1: until now i didn't know what happines was
all the time i felt like i understood, but...
panel 2: however, even though little by little// finally i came to understand
panel 3: i don't want to lose it...
i don't want to lose anything yet
panel 4: therefore i'll protect it...
i'll protect my own happines on my own...!!
panel 5: i see

pg. 132
panel 1: if that's the case, cooperate with me please, Ichiko
panel 2: huh...
i'm saying, let's join forces
panel 3: me too, i want to forgive Yamabuki-neesan's execution... // it... it's not particularly for your sake or anything
h... how is something like that with you...
panel 4: you said that it's impossible to bring her down
panel5: It is impossible// but if you are going to cooperate with me
i can make it to an even
panel 5: it's better than sitting here on your knees
panel 6: ...stand up

pg. 133
panel 1: if you don't want it to end here, stand up // if you have things you want to protect stand up
if you have someone important that you are scared of losing...
panel 2: stand up

pg. 135
panel 1: I…I’m just going to say this so you won’t misunderstand but
i'm only using you for my own sake
panel 2: i know

pg. 136
panel 2: oh... i caught up
have you given up already?
panel 4: don't move Ichiko
just a...
panel 5: I told you don't move

pg. 137
panel 1: what...
th... that item...!!
panel 2: piii
panel 3: what are you thinking // Momiji!!!
panel 4: fuuu

pg. 138
panel 1: i made you wait
Nami Icchou rises!
panel 2: uh... uhm / tell me a little of what you're doing!
what is this item!? // binbougami-item: "bandage of union"
panel 4: it's an item that forcefully joins the things it wraps around

pg. 139
panel 1: the amounts of Sakura Ichiko's happines energy and Momiji's unhappines energy are almost identical...
...i // i got them!!
is it B or C!?
they are essentially different things, it's said that when you join a plus and a minus you get an "equal"
panel 2: Actually no, you two
don't rub them
panel 3: how did you manage to become weaker than before...!?
panel 4: re... really! we brought in a good match with this!?
yeah... right now it's impossible!
wait a second!!?
Good…it came on time

pg. 140
panel 1: nice Kumagai!
panel 2: Kumagai is...!?
panel 3: Safran...!!!
panel 4: i'm sorry Yamabuki-neesan...
there's no other way

pg. 141
panel 1: this...
it can copy my energy to the enemy's as well, right?
panel 2: ah...
panel 3: aah...!! that's...
panel 4: my energy... // my body...!!!
panel 5: ...yeah

pg. 142
panel 1: with that it's halved
panel 2: she... she's too dangerous!!
what were you planning to do if Kumagai hadn't come...!!?
panel 3: then only one option would have been left Ichiko
it's alright...
panel 4: did this really turn out well?
there was no other way
What are you trying to do?

pg. 143
panel 1: both of our energies together are on the level of an ordinary human now
even your items that were strong on their own and proud of, can''t be used with this amount of energy... if that's the case...
panel 3: if that's the case, we're both flesh and blood humans, and the method to settle our dispute
will just be an ordinary brawl!? / i'm not going to lose in a brawl!
Panel 4: Uh…
panel 5: ku
panel 6: let's go/yeah!
panel 7: well then

pg. 144
panel 1: we're sorry for talking so impertinently
panel 2: yes // heh!
huh...? // ...uhm!?

pg. 145
panel 1: i'm sorry!! forgive me!!! i always get carried away and act like a child because of Yamabuki-neesan's kindness!!! it's all my fault!! //
i snapped out of it because of today, from now on i'm going to strive to fulfill my duties and be more diligent and not something like this!! so please!!! //
so would you please be so kind as to calm your anger!!!!
panel 2: wait a sec Momiji...
hey Ichiko!! you should earnestly apologize too!!
panel 3: i'm sorry for saying impolite things! i'm sorry!! at the thought of losing my life style, my attitude changed completely!!
but now it's different than before, i don't think that other people aren't worth worrying about!! i don't think that it's a bad thing to bring anyone happiness using my power as well!!!
panel 4: anyway, raise your head please you two...!
panel 5: until you forgive me, i'm going to keep apologizing...
panel 6: this girl ...no
panel 7: What are these girls…
panel 8: ...haaa

pg. 146
panel 1: ...well it's ok
panel 2: well then i'm going to return with that
...Sakura Ichiko
panel 3: yes!
panel 4: the you i first heard about from Momiji and // and the you right now are completely different...
the you right now can understand and appreciate Momiji's efforts until here...

pg. 147
panel 1: and... the fact that Momiji is taking her time in this mission
I’ll tell the superiors that it is because you’ve got some plan
panel 2: so properly do your regular report!!
panel 3: ...Momiji
the things you did until here
i won't say that you were mistaken
panel 4: but is it good?
was there no other way?
panel 5: even though you are a god and that girl is a human
someday absolutely...

pg. 148
panel 1: although you are absolutely going to say farewell...
panel 2: you see...
what is it?
panel 3: About today... to be honest it wasn't all your tactics was it?
such cruel suspicions! // since coming to the human world, i've never been as terrified as today
panel 4: really...?

pg. 149
panel 1: in that case did you casually keep that item which can join together?
of course i did // after all this item was first of all...
panel 3: to join you and Tsuwabuki-kun together
i had it planning for something like "connect the two in both mind and body with a *thump* ~the break down the wall called puberty tour~"
panel 4: joining you together with Bobby would've been too clichée
it needn't even be a human, i could've joined you... with an animal too / or an empty can
panel 5: you binbougamiiiii!!! you're the enemyyyyy!!!! as i thought you're the enemyyyyyyy!!!!
i don't remember anything about being an ally

pg. 150**
character file 32
birthday: unknown
blood type: unknown
height: 2m 50cm
weigth: unknown
things he likes: Yamabuki, things Yamabuki likes
things he dislikes: things Yamabuki dislikes, careless binbougami and their familiars
in the language of flowers: Safran (overly careful, abusive, standard beauty, normal love, pleasure, merry, joy of youth)

Kumagai's familiar-senpai, rather than his boss doesn't he look more like his instructor? spartanic. absolutely. did he go to the familiar training academy?
ah,I wanted to write about it can you imagine it, the youth of the familiars. they can't speak however. su... surreal...

character file 33
family head of the binbougami
if she would be Yamabuki's boss, i naturally had the idea of making her the family head.
she is a "sorry for lumping it all together!"- kind of god character, only with a "unkown" foundation.
the granny is the superior of Yamabuki, but are the other geezers too? or something... like that.
ah,, they are also the first male binbougami.
at least if i thought up of a name for the granny it would be Ichou (Chouju (Long life) Chinkon (Repose of Souls), the graceful).
i wanted to draw the granny on the back of the cover where it was said that she was over 1000 years, but
the assistant who saw the original picture made a brief comment: "would Yamabuki look like that granny as well after 1000 years?"
...huh? aah...
under these circumstances, there's no comment.

pg. 151
panel 2: Tsuwabuki-kun, how about a break
panel 3: Tsuwabuki-sama who works hard at his part-time-job...
...is so dreamy
panel 4: Nadeshiko-sama who works hard at stalking...
...is so dreamy
Nadeshiko's dad
do you understand what happens if you make a move on Nadeshiko ...Shinobu!?

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