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Ocha Nigosu 10

Tea Club Room ( tea house )

+ posted by Bogangavriel as translation on Jun 10, 2009 09:05 | Go to Ocha Nigosu

-> RTS Page for Ocha Nigosu 10

1. Ma-Kun : Today i'm going to be extremely gentle as well.I also haven't been hitting people recently .

Yamada : Is that being extremely?

Ma-Kun : Yes. I’ve already acquired a heart by treasuring meetings and repairing things. I’m getting closer to the president .

Yamada :You are saying such bad things. I think you should change that objective .

Ma-Kun : How are you talking about?

Yamada :I’m wonderind....

Stupid . You were saying that to me.

What did you say. Why do i need to be degenerated??

2. Tea Club

Ma-Kun : Hello.

Yamada : No one is here. Today are only the first-year students as i remember.

Ma-Kun : Look Yamada, this huge ear-pick i found.

Yamada :What are you saying, in the tea club can’t be an ear-pick.

Girl : Good afternoon.

Yamada : Isn’t this a tea ceremony tool, right ?

3. Yamada : It sure does look like an ear-pick.

Ma-Kun : That is because it is an ear-pick.

Girl : Good afternoon.(that tool)


Ma-Kun : Ouch!

Ma-Kun : It doesn’t enter well.

For what purpose was it made this big??

Souvenir shops often sell big pencils right?

I see.

Kaho : Isn’t that a “Mago no Te” ?

Ma-Kun : “Mago no Te”?
Ma-Kun : Idiot, like there would be a “Mago no te” this small.

4. Kaho : “Idiot... This person made me an idiot ??I don’t want to be made an idiot by a bigger one..”

Kaho : I would be better of dead? What are you saying, a big ear-pick like this can’t exist.

Ma-Kun : He he, this isn’t a “Mago no Te”. Look, there isn’t any round part, right ?

Ma-Kun : “Mago no te” is also used to hit over the shoulder right?!

Ma-Kun : Therefore this is a ear-pick.

Girl : An extremely plausible thing to say.

Kaho : Aren’t you an idiot? You just don’t understand do you? Just think of the real meaning of the Tea Ceremony. (Now i can continue without dying)

Background : Aren’t you stupid. You just don’t understand do you?

Ma-Kun : Does this bad luck girl know more about the Tea Ceremony then me?

5. Kaho : The world of the Tea Ceremony is a formal one . Sitting in seiza, bowing your head, wearing kimono, meeting in thigh spaces. For using it in such small places it is so small.

Girl : Wow you said a wrong thing with such confidence.

Ma-Kun : So that was it.

Ma-Kun : A small place like this??

Yamada : Why would you do something like this on purpose?

Kaho :In worst case you would hide it behind your back.

Yamada : I see.That is logic. Because of that this is not a ear-pick. It is your mistake.

Ma-Kun : But it can still be used as an ear-pick.

Kaho :Not it can not.

6. President : Funabashi-kun that is a chashaku.


Ma-Kun : chashaku??

AA.. President.

President :You use it this way to scoop the tea.

7. Yamada : Why do it has to have that form?

Ma-Kun : “ooo”(sound when you have a question u can adapt it:))

President :What is it Funabashi-kun??

Ma-Kun : Why does it have such a misleading form? Wouldn’t be better it would be more like a spoon? In the past wouldn’t they use it as a ear-pick?

8. Kaho : You are troubling the president stupid. It is fine as it is. If the golf cross would be like a tennis racket it wouldn’t be golf.

Ma-Kun : I see that wouldn’t be golf.

Girl : So honest .

9. President : I'm sorry because i'm so unknowing. I can’t answer you.

Kaho : You don’t need to apologise.You do the apologising.

Kaho : I don’t understand way but this doesn't feel right.

Ma-Kun : I'm sorry.

Girl : Awfully honest

Kaho : You are annoying.

Kaho : What ear-picker.

Ma-Kun : I was just saying.

President : People ..... We are in the school’s tea class, not outside. The tea class is separated from the real world forever.This class, from the moment you entered and sat on the tatami, you must forget everything vulgar and you must not get angry.

10. Mind Ma-kun : Forget everything vulgar.
Gang leader : Lets go bastards: #%@%$

Girl : From the moment you enter

Yamada : Forget everything

Kaho : Don’t get angry.

Kaho : As long as this idiot is here

Both : this thing is impossibile.

Ma-kun : It doesn’t matter how much you try if this woman is here .

13. President : This is light brown tea.

Ma-kun : Eto

President : Put the bowl on the edge of the mattress between you and the person next to you.You greet the person next to you with “ Please go first-Osakini”. The person next to you will greet you also. It will say “Please go ahead-Douzo”.

Ma-kun : Please go first

14 . Kaho :Please go ahead

Ma-kun : Please go first

Kaho :Please go ahead

Ma-kun : AA, harmony.

15. Ma-kun :Then you do it backwards, right?

President : Yes, respectfully,you turn your face forward.

Ma-kun :Forward?

President :You turn towards me . Light tea has an unique composition so please try it. Last thing is to say something after drinking. “This was delicious” is the formal expression .

Ma-kun :This my first time drinking this. Delicious.


16 . President :Do you want seconds?

Ma-kun : It’s that alright? Itadakimasu

Ma-kun :Please go first

Kaho :Please go ahead

President : Do you want seconds?

Ma-kun : It’s that alright?

Ma-kun :Tea is the best!

Kaho : Isn’t that right!

17 . Kaho :You!! Aren’t you an idiot?? How many second do you think you had?? Do you think it is alright if you have 6 cups?? Why do i have to bow my head 6 times to you?

Yamada : That is the truth. Asshole. How much do you think we had to wait?? From time to time look around you!!

Girl : I was the last ..

Ma-kun : This was meant when it was said that the tea class is in another world.

President : You are wrong.

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Approved by njt

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#1. by Meriken ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2009
There's a lot of mistakes... :( I take it English isn't your first language? I can fix the bolded parts, but a proofreader needs to handle the rest...
#2. by Bogangavriel ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2009
When you say that there are a lot of mistakes do you refer to the english part or the translation? I know that my english writing skill's suck because i haven't been practicing a lot :P.
#3. by Meriken ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2009
I was referring to the English. You should probably request a proofreading if you haven't already.

Areas to check:

I have bold-ed the part i didn't know how to translate it . I couldn't read the furigana or the kanji.

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