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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Densen Complex 9

Love Horizon

+ posted by boke as translation on Aug 25, 2009 06:15 | Go to Densen Complex

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[boke's comments in brackets like this]

Page 186 Panel 4 Ma...

187-2 Matsuno-kun?

188-1 Here you go

188-3 So, when did you...?

188-4 Um...
Since when have you been a girl...?

189-1 From the start

189-2 Bu...
But... Um...

You were a guy, right?
When we went to school...

189-3 Yeah
I didn't have the guts...

I was afraid of Miyada and his homies. Of getting picked on and stuff...

189-4 But I've always been a girl at home

My family understands and supports me

189-5 stir stir

190-1 stir stir

190-2 But, I look completely different now

190-3 It's amazing,Yuki-chan
That you recognized me


190-4 Of course...

I'd recognize you

191-1 Wow

191-2 So cute

Yeah, really!

191-3 But that yellow one might suit your look better

Eh, really? This one?

191-5 This morning's horoscope

192-1 Said it was my lucky color

Wha? No way!

So, you're a gemini too?

192-2 Mm, maybe I should buy this

192-3 Matsuno-ku...


I take the "Yu" from Yuuji and call myself "Yuko"
If it's ok with you, call me that, ok?

192-4 Yuko...chan...
You're really a girl

It's not like you're into drag, right?

192-5 Yup

So, when I told you I loved you back then, it must have been pretty gross for you, huh?

193-2 I could never understand why you never answered me

193-3 "Gross"...? I didn't...

I'm really so stupid

193-4 You were just nice to me as a friend
I read too much into it

If that's what it was you should have said something earlier

193-5 Ah

Hey! Wai...

194-1 Wait!

194-3 I didn't think it was gross at all

I was really happy. Really!

194-4 You were my ideal when I thought about being a girl like this!

195-1 I hated being a boy so much I couldn't stand it

That you could say you loved the body I hated so much was the thing that saved me back then

196-1 Sorry

196-2 Eh? What for?

This must be so sudden for you

When I came out, it made things easier for me, but I know it puts a burden on other people

196-3 Mm-mn

At first the fact that you weren't the Matsuno-kun I loved was a shock

But you're you, Yuko-chan

Let's be friends

196-4 Friends...

We can do it, right?

197-1 Someday, I want to have surgery

197-2 Surgery?

Yeah. I'm on hormone treatment right now

I have what's called gender identity disorder. The diagnosis is a different disorder from being a transvestite or transexual, so I may be able to have surgery.

197-3 Aren't you scared?

I am!
It's supposed to reaaaly hurt!

197-4 Premarin, the hormone I'm on now, had some really bad side effects in the beginning

It was really tough

197-5 Wait... huh?
You can't have a sex change in Japan... right?

You can now, but with conditions

On top of having to get a variety of diagnosis, they only do one or two per year

198-1 You can go to Thailand and get the surgery. They're better in technique and it's much cheaper.

But I think that if even one more person with this diagnosis can get the surgery in Japan, then it has some meaning to it

198-3 Somehow
You seem to really have it together

Yeah, maybe
There's stuff that if you don't get stronger, you can't overcome it

198-4 But even if I get the surgery, and physically I'm female, it's not like society is going to accept me

Even if I get around the sexual discrimination by lying on my resume, they'll find out through the insurance

I've got to think about family registries and employment

199-2 Wow

I've got to pull it together...

199-3 What? Why?

You're doing great, Yuki-chan

You're not bothered by this, for example

You think so?

Yeah, yeah... Oh

199-4 What?

A run

199-5 You have a spare pair?


Ok, then the bathroom

200-1 Here they are
Ok, wait here for me

Ah, Mm-mn
I've got to go too

200-2 ...eh?

Actually, I've been holding it for a while

200-3 Click

201-2 Is that this fall's new color?

Yeah, you want to try it?

201-3 Here

Th... Thank you

201-5 Kiss

202-1 Hm?

202-2 Ah
Sorry! I'm sorry, ok?

I just...!

202-3 Aaah
You're just so cute!
That's an awful thing to do to someone who trusts you and has gotten close to you,huh!?



...you mean

202-4 Yuko-chan
Do you like me?


202-5 ...yeah

203-1 Whaaaa???
Just what do you mean?

Ah, listen, I've liked you since way back

203-2 I don't mind going out with either guys or girls

So when you said you loved me, I was really happy

203-3 But I can only love as a woman, not a man

You loved the male me, so I didn't think you wanted the female me

203-4 I'm the one who gets to decide what I want, right?

That's right!

Ah, so when you came into the bathroom with me, that means you accept me as a woman, right?

Ok, ok!
So my turn to confess! Can you go out with me even as a woman?

204-1 How would I know!?
I've never even thought about about it!


Yeah, that's right!

204-2 That's right...

204-3 Sight

204-4 Geez...

205-1 I've never thought about it, but


205-2 I'm willing to think about it


206-2 After that, the both of us had to get over a flood of tears

But those tears, at the end of summer in 2000

206-3 Were warm and happy

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