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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Muramasa 4

Look Look Good Evening

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jun 7, 2010 08:53 | Go to Muramasa

-> RTS Page for Muramasa 4

So... When I first read this from hyuugalegacy's edit of this a year or two back, I laughed. Firstly because it had a girl with a sword and I like girls with swords. Secondly because the girl had ridiculous boobs. Thirdly because the author set up such a stupid scenario to have the girl do crazy things. And because of all these things, I like the manga.
Will I continue trying to badly translate this manga? Maybe, maybe not.
What I do want is for c_k to get the rest of the raws so I can see what happens in the end. I'm looking at you c_k!

BokoLife points two fingers at his own eyes
BokoLife then points index finger at c_k

Anyways, some of the japanese in here was a bit weird for me. Especially the constant double and even triple negatives... I tried to stay true to hyuugalegacy's style of words but mixed in my own when I felt like it.

Chapter 4

Title: Look Look Good evening

page 1

a. The great destiny that began to encompass them...

b. The distance between the two beings to shrink...

page 2

a. Within the hanging dark clouds, this towering building is...?!

BOX: (This is just a summary. I am not going to tl this)

1. Don't you guys have any moviatation? How could you not get the Youtou-Ganari from Nozomi Murasaki?...

2. We even lost four swords too...

page 3

1. The curse of your Youtou-Araiwa cannot be use if you're not hungry... You're doing great at bringe eating!!
TL note: Umm... sarcasm here... I'm not good at putting sarcasm to words

2. The curse of your Youtou-Higurashi cannot be use if you're not sleepy... Don't fall asleep!!

3. The curse of your Youtou-Shuuzou can't be used if you're not hot blooded... Trim your eyebrows!!

4. The curse of your Youtou-Sorimachi can't be used if you're a not pretty boy... Damn... You do look as good as usual though...

5. We are here for one reason only! To get the Youtou blades!!

6. I'm a fool to have entrusted this to the likes of you underlings!!

7. With that, you're next!! I can leave it to you, right?!!!

8. Sure...

9. Well then, you're all fired.

10. Wha... Please wait. We'll do better. / Why are you so fixated on the Ganari blade anyways? / Let's first get all the other blades before we try for the Ganari!!

11. I'm angry...

12. Eh?

page 4

1. At Nozomi Murasaki... At her incredibly huge breasts / while still being so young...

2. The Youtou-Ganari's curse cannot be used if you're not feeling lewd.

3. I don't stand a chance against her boobs and youth!! I'm so angry at her!!!

4. Isn't she like two girls packed into one?!!
TL note: I have no idea...

5. N... No. America... No, this has nothing to do with America...
TL note: I really don't get this. Unless the guy is mispronoucing a word

6. Umm... There isn't only one person. Not only one.

7. ?! / Not only one? Nozomi Murasaki has someone else with a Youtou beside her?

8. Ah... Not a Youtou per say...

9. More like...

page 5

1. No!!

2. Ah... Umm... Forgive me...

3. Ah... It's fine!!

4. What are you doing to the customer?

5. Ah... I had this horrible feeling when touched his hand as I handed him his change...

6. A horrible feeling from a touch... What the hell...

7. Forgive me. Are you okay?

8. Ah... Yeah...

9. Whoa!! Don't touch me!!!

10. Ah... Sorry...

11. It's fine... I'm fine.

page 6

1. I'm okay... Okay.

2. I am totally okay.

3. I don't care if everyone hates me, find me disgusting, or don't want to touch me...

4. It's only because I'm cursed!

5. Cursed by not being able to touch anyone that's not being lewd!!

6. Masakatsu-kun?

7. ?!

page 7

1. Good... Good Evening.

2. You did some shopping at the convience store?

3. Ah... Mu... Murasaki-san...

4. I... I'm going to the SuperMarket over there. / Can you accompany me along the way?

5. ......

6. I'll do my best to be lewd, so
TL note: flashback

8. let's work together!
TL note: flashback

9. ?

10. Wait... Everytime I'm happy and rush into this, something weird happens. I should be catious...

11. I'll just speak naturally!! Good luck me!!!

12. Ah, Umm...

13. Yes?

page 8

1. When you said you'll be lewd... What did you mean by that?

2. What the hell did I

3. just say?!!!

4. Umm... To work hard at being lewd... Umm... It's... In order to... Umm... Use Youtou-Ganari.

5. Umm... That's what......

6. When someone comes to steal Ganari, is it wrong to protect like that?

7. Ah... Though Masakatsu-kun is here too...

8. Masakatsu-kun has the same curse as Ganari...

9. Eh... I'm here?!! Because I'm here? To say that...

10. Is it a trap?! ...No, but...

page 9

1. !!

2. !!

3. I-I couldn't see his blitz-like approach.
TL note: approach... Dash? I dunno...

4. Masakatsu-kun, please becareful.

5. ?

6. Masakatsu-kun?

page 10

1. My clothes... I see... That Youtou is...

2. Darn!! Only her sleeve?!!!

3. No way!! Did he cut it? I can't believe he only cut her clothes.

4. Hm?

5. ?

6. Eh? Wha? My meal?!! How?...

page 11

1. He had to had cut it, right? But... To had cut it like this...
TL note: It says to cut it all DeroDero like... I have no idea what derodero is.

2. It's was only reduced...

3. Eh?

4. That katana is the Youtou-Kishibe.

5. The curse of the Youtou-Kishibe cannot be used unless you have no motivation!!

6. To be cut by Kishibe

7. is to lose your moviatation!!

8. Lose moviatation?!!

9. Oh!!

page 12

1. I see. When her sleeve and my meal lost their motivation when they were cut.

2. her sleeve and my meal lost themselves, right?!!
TL note: okay, this is actually kinda hard to explain... It's like... They lost their will to hold themselves together... To keep being a sleeve/meal... Btw, it doesn't really say sleeve/meal, but it's more specific/english-friendly to refer to them as that.

3. !

4. Wa..What? He disappeared.

5. !!

6. When did he get behind us?!!

page 13

a. When did he get behind us?... He's really fast... Even though you can only use it when you have no motivation, how did he...

1. !

2. Ah!...

3. Masakatsu-kun... Doh.. Don't look...

4. Eh? Ah... Well... I'm not looking.

5. !!

6. Masakatsu-kun. NO!...

7. Eh? Ah... Me too... Ah... This is whoa...

8. Anyways, you with no motivation... You really have a lot of motivation!!
TL note: I had to pick one word to consistently describe his power and keep with the gag... I'm not sure if motivation is the best word, but that's what i decided.

9. Eh? Ah...

10. Umm... But... That katana is... certainly...

11. Honey, I'm out of place. But you were fabulous. Just a little longer!!

page 14

a. Annoying. Everything and anything is just annoying.

1. It's another person!! She has such little motivation that it's amazing!!!

2. Though she talks a lot, it's a bride with no motivation!!!

a. You're beautiful, Honey(heart)

b. It's annoying to change clothes.

3. Though we're still newlyweds after three years, we hate to work. / Anyways with Honey, we're pretty much a perfect match. We're kill this intruding boy, then we'll go after the Ganari!!!
TL note: I am not sure about this line

c. Oh... Oh... Whatever you want.

4. !! ...Did he say newlyweds for three years?...

page 15

1. Couldn't be cut by a Youtou?

2. This Masakatsu guy whose with Murasaki?

3. A human who can't be cut by a Youtou... I see...

4. Yes.. It's like that.

a. HmmHmm

5. Die you!!

6. Wah!

7. Too fast... I can't draw Ganari fast enough...

8. So, then I'll use Masakatsu-kun!!!

page 16-17

page 18

1. Clinging to a half-naked boy half-nakedly... If I do this, I'll keep Masakatsu-kun from harm...

2. By me doing this perverse thing...

3. Oooh... T-The feeling on my side...

4. It's... It IS

page 19

1. Such a guy can't exist!!!

2. Don't make excuses for your broken Youtou blades!!

3. Don't lie!!

4. It's not a lie! It's true!!!

5. Then what? Since that Masakatsu guy broke your Youtou blades,

6. then there is a human whose cursed like a Youtou?!

7. If such a human exists...

page 20

1. Ah!!!

2. ......

3. ? / What's wrong?

a. What does Odeko-chan (arrow) know...?!

4. I see... Masakatsu...

5. If the Masakatsu these guys are talking about is the same Masakatsu that I know

6. It's likely there is a human who is actually cursed like a Youtou...

7. To have broken Youtou-Kishibe instead, what are...

8. ...you...?

9. Umm... Masakatsu-kun...

10. Eh? Ah!... I'm sorry!! / They're amazing breasts. Amazing!!

11. !

12. Ah... No, that's not what I...

13. Yeah, you're talking to yourself.

14. Masakatsu-kun. NO!

15. No... I meant to say... A-America...

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