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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Muramasa 5

Wife Attack

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jun 8, 2010 05:21 | Go to Muramasa

-> RTS Page for Muramasa 5

Anybody who has even talked to me about Japanese know that I only tl when I am extremely bored... Also when I get sick. Bet you guys didn't know that! I'm not sick by the way... Anyways, this project is just me doing something while I'm bored... And when I don't want to overheat my ps3.
Do note that the first 3 chapters were already scanlated and thus I will not translate those. Look them up.


Chapter 5
Wife Attack

page 1

Box: (summary. From this chapter forward, I will not even mention the summary box)

1. It's true. Even if you don't believe us, it's a kid named Masakatsu...

2. I believe you... / Masakatsu... I see...

3. eh?...

a. This is a work of fiction (blah blah blah)
TL note: I forget the exact phrase that's use in english

4. Masaktasu-kun!!

b. What does the enemy know about Shiro?!
TL note: side text.
TL note2: Shiro... Umm... that is the kid's first name? I forget.

5. If the Masakatsu you are talking about... / is the same Masakatsu I know...

6. An unarmed human... Then, the stories of the Youtou blades being broken by Shiro Masakatsu isn't a lie.

page 2

1. A human with the same curse as a Youtou!!!

2. The circumstances are made clear.

a. Unprecedented (heart) Love Action!!

page 3

1. The secret of Shiro, the cursed boy!!

2. You should've told me sooner!!

3. We been telling you, you just wouldn't believe us!!

4. W-w-w-what should I do?!!

5. Please!! Return safely. With only your own katana is fine!!!

page 4

1. I had you take care of things again, Masakatsu-kun.

2. Forgive me... There wasn't enough time to draw out Ganari. I instead ended up relying on you, Masakatsu-kun, again...

3. Ah... Well... It's cool!! Anytime!! They're awesome boobs!! / Ah... No... Umm... That's not what... Umm...

4. !!

5. An-Anyways... Let's quickly get away.

6. Eh?... Ah. Yeah...

page 5

1. Even though they can't use the Youtou-Kishibe since it broke...

2. They could call for friends with other Youtou blades, so before that...

3. ?!

4. Huh... What?

5. ? Murasaki-san?

6. I... Ganari is... What the? Where it go?...

7. !!!

8. You mean this Ganari?

9. Did you think you could relax when you broke Kishibe? You left yourselves wide open.

10. No... No way... When did you?

11. Although you broke Honey's Kishibe, with this, we're even... However...

12. In order to get the Ganari, I needed to seperate myself from Honey for this long...

page 6

1. Good bye, Auntie.

2. I'm sorry to put you through this everyday.

3. It's fine. I like doing this.

4. See you later.

5. How is it? Is it good?

6. I don't know...

page 7

1. When we accepted you for the position, there wasn't any problems, but... Umm... When you were only one.

2. Is that lady going to be with you while you work?

3. yes, what of it?

4. Ah... Nevermind... It's fine...

a. Quiet down.

b. Ceh.
TL note: last frame

page 8

1. It breaks my heart that we must go through this horrible event...

2. I have never once been this far away from Honey.

a. 1 meter

3. While I rather just cuddle with her at home instead of working or something...

4. However, I can't use this Youtou without feeling bad.

5. The cursed katana that can only be used when you're feeling horrible.

6. I'll become super fast with this. The Youtou-Itsutoku.

page 9

1. The end this horribleness soon.

2. The greater this feeling, the faster I'll be!!! Then I'll return to you Honey, my love!!!

3. Here.

4. Eh...

5. What?

6. Thank you, Masakatsu-kun.

7. Nah... It's all because of that old guy.
TL note: does it imply because he was talking to himself?

8. Again it's that brat!!!

9. Speaking of which, before when I tried to kill him with Kishibe, he broke it instead. What the hell is this kid?!! Though this time it was my fault...

page 10

1. Maybe he's cursed?

2. Cursed? / Honey? That kid? Like a Youtou?

3. No way, can't be, impossible.

4. How brothersome... No need to get snippy. It was just a thought.

5. That's... That's right!! Masaktasu-kun isn't cursed!!

6. Masakatsu-kun was affected by Ganari's pervert curse so if you're not perverse, you can't touch him.

7. So... Like that, he became completely resolute and couldn't be affected by Kishibe...

8. He's not cursed!!! Most definitely not!!!

page 11

1. You're kidding me...

2. Good job, Honey!! Right on the mark!!

3. It's annoying so I thought it would be better to not say anything.

4. No... No... Even after all that...

5. No... It was to be expected from that just now...

6. It got exposed... It got exposed but... Right now, somehow I must destory

7. the blade that's in front of me, the Youtou-Itsutoku!!

8. No matter how fast he moves, as long as I concentrate...!!!

page 12

1. !!

page 13

1. It was an afterimage...

2. A sour taste was left in my mouth when Kishibe broke... So, if I first deal with the Ganari girl...

3. Kuh...

page 14

1. Subsonic

page 15

1. Kuh...

2. It's no good... He's too fast!!

3. What the... Her outfit became so naughty in an instant. AMAZING!!

4. Wait, this is dangerous!! That old man, he's dangerous!!! What... What could I possibly do... My body can barely move!!!

5. It's over.

6. !!

page 16

1. What?!... What's this bad feeling?!! S-Shit!!!

2. ......!

3. This feeling... I can't use the curse like this. The same thing will happen if my Youtou is touched... This kid... Is he really be cursed?!!
TL note: double check

page 17

1. Strange... I moved despite being too scared to move.

2. But, it can't be helped. I move when there is an improper girl about...

3. Forgive me, Murasaki-san. i'll say this as many times as it'll take, but I didn't want to. I'm not lying!!!

4. M-Masakatsu-kun...

5. No!! That's it! If I stretch out my arms, I'll get to the girl's... / No... That's not right, umm... My body is acting on it's own.

6. Eh?

7. Eh? Ah... / What?! Umm... The one I'm holding onto right now is...

8. There's no boobs!... No, it's not Murasaki-san!!!

9. My body... Is this a joke? Don't move to this body... When you move, don't go to a man. Women, go to a girl...

10. S-shit... I'm losing my consciousness... Damn... How could he...

11. How... Could this kid...

page 18

1. How could this human be cursed...

2. Can't be... That Masakatsu is a kid?!

3. Certainly... No... It has to be... Masakatsu is a rare name. Also...

4. Masaki Yamamoto of the Yamamoto family swordsmiths who crafted the Youtou-Ganari.

5. Their names may be different, but Shiro Masakatsu has to be his son!!!

page 19

1. Masaki Yamamoto?!! That person is...

2. !

3. I failed to get the Ganari blade.

4. And Kishibe was...

5. Well... It's better that you came back safety...

6. However, it's great how you protected yourself from that cursed guy clinging onto you...

7. No, honestly, it got close, I almost...

8. !!

page 20

1. Don't touch him!!

2. Ah!

3. When I'm touch, Honey comes and save me.

4. Who said you can touch him?

5. For-Forgive me...

6. Masakatsu-kun, you saved me!!

7. Ah... You were hit, are you okay?

8. Yeah... I'm cool.

9. Thank you Miss Wife person for helping me seperate the two of us!!! If possible, I wish you had knocked away the memories of that too.

a. Strong wife!!

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