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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Muramasa 6

Mother's Box

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jun 11, 2010 09:06 | Go to Muramasa

-> RTS Page for Muramasa 6

There might be some missing TLs in this because I had a document problem...
And also this I'm uploading to see what happens to Kafuka (The IRC #mangahelpers bot) when I upload this! <3
EDIT: It took around 17 hours for kafuka to update to say that I uploaded this!!!

Chapter 6
Mother's Box

page 1

1. As long as you're alive,

2. FIGHT!!

page 2

1. Shiro-chan, welcome home...

2. !!

3. Mommy...

4. Your face... Again...

a. There There

5. Everyone hates me... They don't want to even touch me...

page 3

1. My dad must hate me too since he isn't here.

2. Everyone else has their dad but I don't, so he must hate me...

3. I told you about your father before, didn't I? He died when you were still very small...

4. But, we never once even went to his grave!

5. T-That is... umm... because it's really far away...

6. There There... You got yourself quite dirty...

a. Sniff Sniff Sniff
Tl note: etc etc etc. I can barely raed the characters so I will just assume it is his sniffing

7. Ah... S-Shiro-chan... I-I just...

8. Well, I'll just hate everyone too!!!

9. Shiro-chan!!!

page 4

1. Well, I'll see you later Murasaki-san. This way is to my house.

2. Ah...

3. Umm... Masakatsu-kun...

4. ?

5. Umm... Why don't I... Umm... accompany you to your house today...

page 5

1. Wha?! To my house?!

//Fantasy page//

1. So this is Masakatsu-kun's house.

2. There's no one home right now.

3. It's a bit hot in here isn't it?

4. Murasaki-san!

5. Ah! (heart)

//Fantasy page end//

2. Can't it really be that?!!

3. A trick?

4. No... If I recall the things up to now, it's probably not a trick.

5. Am I really going to ascend the stairs into adulthood?

6. I'm worried about you since I leaked out that you're cursed to those people yesterday.

7. Sorry my friends but I'm going to leave you all behind!!!
TL note: This means more like he is going to ascend into "adulthood" leaving all his guy friends in "childhood." I don't know how to phrase that properly here.

page 6

1. Well, Masakatsu-kun, I'll see you tomorrow.

2. Ah, yeah, okay... Good bye.
TL note: He doesn't say good bye. Instead after he says okay, he opens the door and using a japanese expression to say he is entering the home. It is kinda hard to fit that in.

3. It wasn't a trick, but

4. neither were they stairs to adulthood.

page 7

a. Shiro-chan warm it up before you eat it, okay? Mom.

1. Ah!...

2. !

page 8

1. Aah...

2. Bad luck... Now that I think about it, today has been nothing but bad luck for me...

3. I went to my office, forgetting it's my day off... / These didn't come cheap either...

4. Umm... may I lend a hand?

5. Eh?...

6. Thank... Thank you.

7. It's no problem.

8. Huh?

9. That uniform is the same as Shiro-chan's school's...

page 9

1. Eh? Shiro-chan...?

2. You mean Masakatsu-kun?

3. ...Hm?!

4. Why is my mom with Murisaki-san?!!

5. Moreover, why isn't she at work...?

6. M-Masakatsu-kun?... That... No way...

7. Eh?... Eh?

8. Excuse me?

page 10

1. Thank you!!

2. !!

3. You're friends with Shiro-chan, aren't you? That's it isn't it? Right?! Right?!!

4. A trick? This isn't a trick, right?!

5. No one can touch Shri-chan because of a curse that won't let anyone touch him whose not being perverse.

6. That was the conclusion I drew when I tried to touch him. And because of that, my Shiro-chan could never make any friends!!!

page 11

1. I'm-I'm so happy...

2. Ah... Umm...

3. I know!! Go to my home!! I want to show my thanks!!! You're Shiro-chan's friend, right?!!! / Right? / Right?!!

4. Eh... Ah... Yes...

5. Come on, come in come in.

6. P-Pardon me.

page 12

1. Hm? Shiro-chan?

2. One of your friends is here... Shiro-Chan!

3. !

4. ?

5. Ah... Umm... It seems Shiro-chan went out.

6. Sorry for dragging you here.

7. Ah... It's no problem...

8. What? Even though we came here together, when did he leave?

9. ......

page 13

1. Why am I hiding?... And in a place like this...

2. Umm... Since it seems Masakatsu-kun isn't here, I'll take my leave then.

3. Ah... Okay... Sorry for this...

4. Masakatsu-kun must've been found by the people aiming for the Youtou blades when he was alone.

5. It was my fault that Masakatsu-kun's was found out... Since I couldn't protect him with Ganari... But, where are you Masakatsu-kun? Even though we came here together.

6. Ah... Hold up a minute...

7. Yes?

page 14

1. She is a girl. Since they're both shy, they shouldn't have an intimate relationship yet, so they should still be just friends for now, but if they were to ever touch each other...

2. ?

3. Because of Shiro-chan's curse that doesn't let anyone touch him who isn't acting perverse, their relationship...

4. It's too complicated for a mother, but not so much for a girl. I'm impossible for me to be perverse to him...

5. If I can get her to take these many lewd items... Well, first I should probably start off with something small...

6. Mom... What are you doing with that box?...

7. You mustn't look into this box, k?!

8. I... I won't look!!

9. Since you said that, I may sure to never look inside, believing it had erotic things in it!! I didn't want want to look or hear about my parent's stuff...

10. ...When I look at these, it reminds me of that person...

11. Masaki-san, where are you now?...

12. !!

page 15

1. Who-Who is Masaki?!!

2. M-Masakatsu-kun?!

3. Ah...

4. Shiro-chan?!!

5. Wah!...

6. W-Watch out!!!

7. Oh no... I touched Masakatsu-kun when I'm not being perverse... This horrible feeling...

8. B-But... I mustn't let go...

9. I can't let go, but... If this keeps up, I'll...

page 16

page 17

1. Murasaki-san... Y-You're not wearing a skirt?

2. If you're saying that, that means you can't see it from that angle...

3. I-I am!!

4. So you are.

page 18

1. However, I'm glad I saved you. Thanks to your mother putting this on me to make me perverse.

2. Though I wouldn't even had noticed if you didn't say something...

3. Eh? Perverse?... Do you perhaps... / know of Shiro-chan's curse?...

4. Eh?... Ah... Yes...

5. It really isn't all a trick!!

6. Eh? yes...

7. Umm...

8. Thank you! For understanding Shiro-chan's curse...

9. Hey... Mom, you know about my curse?...

10. Eh?...

11. If you knew about it, why didn't you tell me?! I only recently found out about it!!!

12. Oh... Then who told you about it?

13. Ah... I did...

14. AH... Then how do you know about the curse?!!

page 19

1. And who the hell is Masaki?! / I don't want some new father!!

2. Eh?!

3. What are you talking about? Did you forget that Masaki-san is your real father who died?

4. Ah...

5. Ah... I-I didn't forget. It doesn't really matter anyways...

6. ...Huh? I'm certain that she said... "Where are you now?"...

7. She wouldn't had said that if he's dead... Did I hear it wrong?

8. That's my report... Well,

9. if you'll excuse me now.

page 20

1. It seems you were able to find what you were looking for...

2. Masaki Yamamoto, sir.

3. Yes... I thought it would take longer to get back the Ganari blade... And Shiro was with it too, huh?...

4. That Shiro is the Youtou I created after all...

a. What does Masaki, the father, mean by that...?!

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