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Coppelion 9

Tokyo Nights

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 18, 2009 00:39 | Go to Coppelion

-> RTS Page for Coppelion 9

Seriously though. Where are chapters 1-7? It's really annoying to read//translate when I have no idea how the events in this series started.

PLEASE for the love of every major deity do NOT use this on Scantlation. I SUUUUCK when it comes to reading Kanji without Furigana, but I like what I was reading (or barely could read) in Coppelion. I also realize that running away from what I'm scared of won't make me better at it. So I decided to do two of them to see if I could. (And it took me a long long time.) If you really really really badly need to make a scantlation out of these. GET A SEASONED JAPANESE TRANSLATOR to read over them, and then maybe get his mom, then his brother, and then maybe his aunt for good measure. (Never hurts to have a few extra eyes.) If after several checks it works out for your group, then go ahead and use it. But if you're not willing to put that effort in. DON'T. USE. THIS. I'm VERY serious.

Why am I the only one that has to suffer~~!
(Sfx- Kiiiiiiii)
Naruse: I gotta go save Aoi now…!
(TN- Naruse, now that I know her first name. J)
Kurobee: Not with your body like this! You can barely even stand!
Haruto: Calm down Naruse.
I figured this might happen…
There’s a tracker in Fukasaku Aoi’s pocket.
(Top text- A dangerous futuristic SF action series.)
Haruto: With this, we can head right to their place.

Mission 8: Tokyo Nights.

Naruse: Huh…?
Wait a sec.
I know it’s my own fault for gettin’ banged up in the first place, but are ya sayin’ you’ll save Aoi Haruto?
Just a minute ya ain’t sayin…
Ya ain’t saying that ‘cause ya wanted to talk to teach, you let Aoi get caught are ya?
Haruto: I need to understand our situation.
Why are the Coppelion being gathered? Why do they even exist? For the answers to those questions, I have to be a bit drastic right?
Don’t tell me you’ve never once thought about it?
I know you have to wonder just what the first unit wants with us.
Naruse: Ya can’t go and use our friends as scapegoats!
(Sfx- Baan *thud*)
Haruto: I never said anything about using anyone as a scapegoat Naruse.
Its means to an end. Of course I plan to get her out alive.
Have a look.
I managed to get something useful out of that junked old graveyard.
With this, they can’t go anywhere without us knowing about it.
(Sfx- Pii)
Haruto: Another handy feature is that now we know exactly where Fukusaku Aoi is, so that we can save her.
It effectively kills two birds with one stone.
Kurobee: So when the Ghosts start moving, we can plan our counterstrike.
Is that what you’re saying Mr. Mad bomber?
Haruto: Exactly!
As long as we have this, things should go smoothly.
Kurobee: So you can get some rest now Miss Southern Belle.
There’s no point in you getting worked up when you’re in such bad shape!
Naruse: She’s probably bawlin’ her eyes out…
That Aoi…..
(Sfx- Mogu mogu *chew chew*)

(Sfx- Soku)
Aoi: This Riceball’s delicious!
Miso soup please!
(Sfx- Kaa kaa kaa)
(Sfx- Kiko kiko *ree ree*)
(Sfx- Pachi *flutter*)
Aoi: Aww…
It’s already night time…
I can’t even change my panties in here, much less sleep….
On top of that, how can I take a bath and get cleaned up~?
Aoi: What’s that?
That orange colored thing….
(Sfx- Pachi pachi *Crackle crackle*)
(Sfx- Pachi *Crackle*)
Naruse: Yo Haruto…
D’ya think that it’s such a good idea to be on this department store roof?
(Sfx- Poi *toss*)
Haruto: The first squad won’t be here.
Right now, they’re busy running about the country.
I’ll watch over things.
If you want to head on alone, I wouldn’t mind it.
Naruse: Heh!
Yer on! These scratches taint nothin’!
Haruto: Quit exaggerating.
You haven’t changed one bit you liar.
Haruto: I gave your body an extensive examination while you were sleeping. Most people would require a few more days to recover…
But with your ability, you probably just need to rest a day.
(Sfx- Zatsu *Swif*)
Naruse: Ya…examined me…
???: Wahahah!
Kurobee: And then my smoke candle billowed a pure white smokestack!

Those idiots couldn't stand it, and ran clear to the other side of the moon!

???: Hoho! Still telling those horror stories huh Kurobee?

(Sfx- Hikku Hic)

Kurobee: But goddamn....


Kurobee: We keep talking about saving this and saving that...

But looking out at the landscape, you start to realize how bad it is. I dunno if anything has hope of living out there...

Plus it's pretty damn hard to make any money out here!


There's no comparison to how things were 20 years ago! Making a living was easy then.

???: Do you think...

We'll ever go back to how things were back then?

Kurobee: I'm never heading back to that damned company again.

???: But Kurobee....

What do you think of this?


???: Those kids have had the fate of the world resting on their shoulders since they were born.

It sounds like they're blessed to be the way they are, but in reality it's a curse they have to live with until the very end.

I've never really put too much stock into saving myself....

But I dunno how to feel about leaving things on their backs...

Just when do those kids get to live freely?

(Sfx- Patan slam)


Naruse: Wow...

Look at all them stars up there...

Haruto: Do you know why we can see the stars so clearly on this building, Naruse?

Naruse: Hm?


Haruto: It's because there are no lights.

All of the electricity,

Is gone from this civilization, all for science.

Humanity is pretty saddening isn't it....

We kept pushing ourselves to evolve, but in the end we're back in the dark ages.

Naruse: Hey Haruto....

What does yer organization, the sweepers do anyway?


Naruse: I think I heard somethin' bout you guys checkin' for radiation surivors and all...

But yall don't need stuff like tanks and bombs ta do somethin' like that do ya?

(Sfx- Hyuuuuu fwissssh)

Haruto: The wind is picking up.

We should go back downstairs and warm ourselves up with coffee.

All right.....

If you can snatch this from me, I'll tell you.

(Sfx- Pon pat)


???: Gah~

It's already 11 at night!

Kurobee: What the heck are those brats still doing up there....and they've got a fire going?


Naruse: Kyahahah!

Hold it!

Haruto: Over here Naruse!

Kurobee: Doesn't sound like they're having problems to me...


(Sfx- Pipi)

Naruse: Gotcha!

(Sfx- Pashiii fssssh)

Haruto: Wait!


The tracker, it started moving!

(Sfx- Pii)

Naruse: Huh?!

Haruto: Looks like the first unit has started moving.

We don't have the time to play around here!


No wait! Northwest!

(Sfx- Uro uro spin spin)


Haruto: Are you ready to go? Naruse.

Naruse: Yeah!

(Sfx- Peron peel)

Haruto: All right then. I'm feeling up to some Ghostbusting tonight.

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