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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Doll's Folklore 2

In demand.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 18, 2012 23:08 | Go to Doll's Folklore

-> RTS Page for Doll's Folklore 2

Maaaan. It's been nearly a month since I translated anything. I'm pretty sure I forgot Japanese for a while there. Depression will do that to you though. I'm on some meds and stuff so I guess until my prescription ends I'll be A-okay. Unless this is some kind of after school special where my doctor reveals that the meds are actually sugar cubes and I've always had the power to be happy on my own. Hahahaah. Yeah.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Aaaaand requests are open again~ Read here for details.

Chapter 2: In demand.

Yousuke: Mornin'


Students: He caaaaame!!

Who?! You mean the 'unlucky' virgo Oyamada actually showed up?!

Dude: For reals?!

Girl: All right! Free lunch for me!!

Other girl: You've got to be kidding!


Yousuke: It's mainly because of the problems at my house that I even bothered to come..

More like, it's her fault that my grandma kicked my ass.

Dude, did I hear someone took a bet on me just now?


Um...that's my seat...


Girl: I'm sorry....

I just like looking out at the sky so I always...

Yousuke: Oh! No problem! It's all good!

Was a girl like this always here...?

In any case it's my fault...

I mean since I never really come to school anyway...

???: Oh wow.

What, did your fortune give you permission to come to school today? I thought you dropped out!!

Yousuke: Yukimachi!

Ako: You should be happy, right?
I mean since I've thought you were a creepy loser for a while now.

(Side text- Especially for a guy.)

Girl: Wait...Ako...


Ako: Since staying back didn't seem to bug you all that much...

I thought for sure you were gonna run off with your biker chick girlfriend.

{She thinks that woman is....}

{My 'girlfriend'....?!?}

Yousuke: She ain't my girlfriend....

And whether I stay back or not isn't your problem.


Yousuke: Nguuff.


(Book- Language arts.)

Ako: Whoops. My bad. My hand slipped.

(Side- Read in monotone.)

???: Language arts got him!

He's been pierced by language arts!!

Ako: Hmph.

Girl: You went too far Ako~

Ako: I couldn't help it. My hand slipped.

Yousuke: I knew I shouldn't have come to school today.

???: But it's good you didn't let that get you down right?


???: Don't let your fortune get you down....
Instead, answer me this....do you think I'm cute?

Teacher(?): Yo~


{Well...I mean, I guess school isn't THAT bad sometimes...}

???: Hey, did you hear?


(Sign- Library)

Girl: You know how the old school building is off limits right?

It's because of the rumor that many children have jumped off the roof to commit suicide.

I heard of that! Also something 'comes out' of there too right?

One of the girls in the third year class said she saw it!

My parents know that story too.


(Sfx- kachiii clack)

{The Hamelin incident.}


{This incident refers to Kurozuka city where it is said in a one month period 108 children suddenly disappeared.}

{At the same time one six year old boy who was the sole witness managed to find shelter.}

{Now after 10 years, the truth behind this case has yet to be completely understood.}

Yousuke: The sole witness...


(Sfx- Kata kata kata klick klick)

(Sfx- kachii click)

(Search box: The Hamelin incident's missing people.)

(Screen: Hamelin incident list of missing people// listed by fififty.)

Yousuke: I know back then...

She told me her name but....

Girl: I am...


Yousuke: No matter what I do, I can't friggin' remember it...

{That doll...}

{She seemed to know something about 'that day' as well...}

Yousuke: Then she might know about that girl....


???: It seems like you stopped mopin' around at home but...

Though you should know what that bruise means.

You were hidin' all this time and everything, but that don't matter much~

Cause to a doll, you bein' out here now is like carrying a lantern on a dark path at night~

Yousuke: Ah....


What are you doing here?!


Kanno: I ain't just 'you'.

The name's Misaki Kanno-chan, iiiidiot.


Kanno: Next time you mess it up...

I'll kill you so bad that you'll be nothing more than a ghost doing Olympics in hell.~

(Sfx- Perooo liick)

Yousuke: You're....a...
Sick Bi--

Kanno: Who's a sick bitch, huuuh?

Yousuke: Why the hell did you come here wearing those clothes then?!


Kanno: We're going fishing.

And you're the bait.

You definitely made contact with her.

That bruise is the certifiable truth that you have been possessed by Makina.

She's gotta be hungry for a piece of you by now.

And once I find her, I'm gonna rip her a new one!!

You're him right? Oyamada Yousuke?


Yousuke: How did you get my name...?

Kanno: Hmph.

The sole witness of the Hamelin incident...you're that one boy right?

Though the boy witness would have to have seen...

Girl: What's with her?

Girl2: She's not wearing our uniform...

Girl3: Maybe I should call the teacher?

Girl: Geez..

Yousuke: I—is this a doll?


Kanno: That's a paper fish, or 'Shimi'.

It's easy for people's 'emotions' to get locked up in old books.

It's cause of your bruise that they've gotten thick enough to see.
But idle thoughts are merely temporary feelings at best.

So it's not a big deal to take care of them. These fishies are nothing but small fries~

(Sfx- chappu splish)

(Sfx- Oooooh)

Girl: Bwuh?


Kanno: Okay kiddies, it's bug extermination time~

Girl: Is that alcohol?!

Kanno: Do me a favor and get lost, mmkay?

Yousuke: She's screwed up.

(Sfx- Kwabacha kuwabacha sneak sneak)

Guy: Hey you! What are you doing?

Kanno: Shut up!! I'm workin' here!

Hey Yousuke.

Lemmie give you a warning.

No matter where you go, she's bound to show up eventually.

But don't get close to her.

Dude: Please stop...


Kanno: Places where people start getting 'those feelings',

are where the dolls are born.

(Sfx- Gegegeh)

{Does Makina really...}

{Know about 'that time'...?}

Yousuke: I doubt it's as convenient as...

just walking around in the open and hoping she'll show up, huh?

{I want to know more.}

{About that girl who saved me 10 years ago...}

{But I dunno where to find anyone who was still around after all that happened.}


Yousuke: Why is there a person on the roof of the old school building?


Hey! She's the one who was in my seat this morning!

...What was her name again?


Wait, is she seriously going to...

Hey! You guys!

Go call the teacher...

Kids: Some woman is kicking up trouble in the library!

Let's go see!!

(Sfx- Uhyooou*whistllle*)


Yousuke: Dammitall!

Ako: Oyamada?

Yousuke: 'She's bound to show up eventually' huh...

Kanno: Don't get close to her.

Yousuke: This is stupid.

I don't have time to start thinking about this now.

Yousuke: Hah..




N—No way...


(Side- No one's there?)

Yousuke: I don't see anything...


Girl: You?

What are you doing there?

Yousuke: Um...



Girl: Kyaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Yousuke: Sorry!!


Yousuke: I didn't think if I looked up I'd see PANTIES!!

I mean, no! I'm just nervous so I accidentally emphasized panties in my last statement..

Girl: I—It's okay I said..

It's my fault for being out here in the first place...

(Handwritten- You don't need to keep repeating the word panties though.)

Girl: I like looking at the scenery from here.

So I sneak up here from time to time.

I'm sorry if...
I surprised you!

You probably rushed up here to save me, right?

Girl: I'm fine.

I don't intend to jump from here.


Girl: Not alone anyway.

Yosuke: Wha..


Yousuke: Eh?

Girl: Your left arm smells sooooo good....

{My hand went through it?}

{You've got to be kidding...}


Ako: Are you an idiot?!

Hah hah..

Yousuke: Yukimachi?!

My hand didn't slip or anything!!

Besides that girl really fell!!

Hey look! Down there!


Ako: Shut up!!

I'm doing the best I can with you as is!!

{Besides, since I found you earlier...}

{You've been alone the whole time!!}

Yousuke: PANTIES!
I'm just nervous so I accidentally emphasized panties in my last statement..

Yousuke: Eh?

Doll: Shuruuu





Doll: Die and do it riiiiiiiiiight....


Yousuke: Gahh!!!

{A doll!!}

Ako: You're too heavy...


Yousuke: Aaaaaagh!!


Kanno: Welcome to the shoooow~


{Why do I have nothing but bad feelings...}


{About this?!}

Yousuke: Nugh..

Kanno: Batter up!!


Kanno: So sowwwy~

Man, he flew a long way.
Does he eat properly...?



Yousuke: Gahah!!


Yousuke: It's not coming this way?

Kanno: Nahah...

It's coming~


Kanno: For god's sake~

Cleaning the ass of an iiidiot is more trouble than it's worth!!

If that thing fails to kill Yousuke then..

It only means the next target is on it's way!!


Ako: Are you okay...?


Yousuke: Yukimachi...


Ako: Don't just stand there looking simple,

Go call the teacher!!

{No way...}

{It's going after Yukimachi?!}

Yousuke: Wait up!!

I thought you were after me!!

Why are you ignoring me now?!
???: Yousukeeee!!


Kanno: Quit acting retarded!!

Yousuke: Kanno?!

Kanno: Use the power of your thoughts! The torcher!!

It's the only weapon that can destroy a doll!!

Keep in mind that it's physical power is equivalent to zero though!!


Kanno: So now...

Show it to me...!

The 'form of your thoughts', your feelings!!


Yousuke: Ten years ago at that time...

I just cried my ass off and didn't do anything.

'It's not your fault, you were just a child'

That's what all the adults used to say to console me.....


Doll: Oooooooh

Yousuke: But you know...

There's a point where thinking

'Yeah they're right' isn't enough!



Yousuke: From here on in...

I'll do the protecting.
It seems that if I want to do doll busting...

This torcher is the best way to get the job done.


Really beat a doll didn't I..?

Though why did they leave me here?

Where'd Yukimachi go to?


Natsume: It seems that the 'Old school building suicide jumper was the source'...

Of this doll that has used the image born from human imagination to plague this place for such a long time.

Yousuke: Wait you're that...

Natsume: I'm Natsume.

Greetings, brat.

It seems now that the doll born from that thing that caused others to jump....

Should no longer pose a threat to people who come to this building.


Kanno: Hey jackass! Don't go dying before I can use you for bait dammit!!


Ako: Ah..


That biker chick from earlier.

(Sfx- Kiiiin grrrnd)


Kanno: You know you're really 'beep' to think you can 'beep'! 'For now on you'll 'beep'

until 'beep' the 'beep', you got 'beep' me?!

Don't die until I can catch Makina, ass.

Drill that into your brain and get ready.


Yousuke: Why is she so...vulgar?

Natsume: Well you did allow Makina to escape.

You've only got yourself to blame.

Yousuke: Did you say something?

Natsume: That you only have yourself to blame?

Big dude: The hell?! Who told you you got permission to enter the pool?!

Yousuke: S—Sorry!!



???: I found you..


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#1. by benii ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2012
Thank you for the translation, Bomber!

I had some things to deal with, and ended up just giving the raws to DeathDScythe from some-stuffs. So no Idea when the scanlations will come out.
#2. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2012
Not a problem....

Er, I don't suppose I could get Volume two in advance? :) I'd really like to read what happens next at least.
#3. by benii ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2012
Well, My computers hard drive broke. Untill I can get a new one I can't really use my scanner.
#4. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2012
Geez. Okay. Well thanks, I guess that explains why I haven't heard from you in a while. :-S
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