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Nejimaki Kagyu 2

Melos's love.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 23, 2012 04:27 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

-> RTS Page for Nejimaki Kagyu 2

Considering this entire chapter was pretty much riffing off of this short story, I feel like mentioning it here would be more prudent than in the translation itself. Wiki is your friend. :)

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

I just hope you guys understand that this took me two hours to do...despite having next to no text. By comparison, a Gintama chapter with furigana takes about two and a half to three. Wait...what point was I making again? Right. This.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Again please check this if you intend to use it, and no I don't have public raws. Just the ones I bought with my money. I think I'm going to try (italicized for emphasis.) and level up here and perhaps pull an aegon-rokudo or kewl and catch up to this series one chapter at a time until I get to where Japan is. I doubt I can pull it off, so feel free to mock me when I give up in a month.

(Handwritten- She's half naked.//Half naked!//Hanra!! (Half naked.)



Chapter 2

Melos's love.


Kamo: I'd like to introduce our transfer student...

Kagyu Jyuubee. Please be good friends with her.


Kamo: Her school uniform isn't quite ready yet, and from her attire I know people may not be able to tell, but she's...

Well...a she.

Kid: A girl?

She's a chick?

I thought she was a dude...

Kamo: How about an introduction?

Jyuubee: What should I say?

Kamo: Anything is fine.

Your special talents.

Future dreams...

Anything you'd like to tell everyone else.

Jyuubee: Understood.


(Sfx- Pita pit)


Jyuubee: My special talent

Is the southern house's Neijimaki fist.


(Sfx- Bara bara clatter clatter)


Jyuubee: My future dream is...

To be K—Kamo-sensei's wife...!!

Kamo: eeeeeeh!? Why would she say that?!

Kids: Dude she's scary!

And a little cute!

I don't want to run into her!

Though is she really sensei's fiancee?!


{My name is Negizawa Kamo (23 years old.)}

{I'm a new teacher.}

{I was born with an a serious issue of attracting the wrong sort of attention from women.}

{Because of my constitution I've had lady troubles for pretty much half of my life.}

{And now Kagyu-chan who had been my childhood friend...}

{Came back from China and swore to protect me.}

{What's going to happen to …}

{My daily life with these events?}

Kamo: Breaking the blackboard is a no-no, got it?


(Sfx- mishii mishii Grind grind)

(Sfx- Mishii griiind)
Kamo: Why'd you say such a thing?


Jyuubee: What such thing?

Kamo: Um..

You know...


That you wanted to be my wife...

...that thing.

But of course you're kidding right?



Jyuubee: I'm serious.


{That's right...}

{Even back then she...}


{Wasn't the type to embellish things or tell jokes!}

{She's a girl who's as straightforward as they come!}

Kamo: Kagyu-chan...

I'm really glad you feel that way about me...


It's no good.


Kamo: Feeling that way is...

No good.
Jyuubee: It's no good?


Kamo: That's...

???: Negizawa-sensei..


???: May I...

have a word with you?

Kamo: Oh! It's the library committee member Yamazaki Tomie-san.

You'd like to talk to me? About what?

Sorry Kagyu-chan...

Could you hold on a moment for me?

Tomie: Sensei...

Kamo: Hm?


Tomie: What is that girl...

to you?

Kamo: Eh? What is she...?

Oh...let me introduce her again..

She's a transfer...

Jyuubee: I'm fated to be with him.

We're connected by a red string.

Kamo: W—Wait Kagyu-chan!! Yamazaki-san is going to misunderstand you! Take it back!

Jyuubee: Why?

Kamo: Yamazaki-san, I'm sorry if this troubles you or anything...

The truth is Kagyu-chan is a childhood frie---
Tomie: This is betrayal....

Kamo: Eh?


Tomie: Betrayal...




Kamo: Wha?

Um...hold on, but...wha?



Tomie: Betrayal isn't even the worst part of this corruption...


Tomie: Sensei, you and I are Melos and Selinuntius!

We're supposed to have a deeper love for each other!

Kamo: Melo---

Whaaaat?! What does that even mean?! Love?!


Tomie: So you don't remember do you?

{As Tomie walked with the setting sun at her back...}

{Her precious book dropped and tumbled towards the river.}

{But at that moment...}

{On the winds themselves...}

{His shape appeared...}


{Swift footed Melos!!}

Kamo: Ugh..


Thank goodness!

Your book seems to be undamaged!




Kamo: I like...

this book too.

Even in an extreme situation like theirs....

Melos and Selinuntius's self sacrificing love held through didn't it?

Tomie: I thought that as well..

Kamo: Oh right...that did happen then huh?

Jyuubee: You go sensei...



Tomie: They swore to love each other forever...

Betrayal cannot be forgiven...

(Sfx- Suhh shfft)

(Sfx- Suuhh Sffft)

Tomie: So I shall kill you, and then join the dearly departed myself...

Kamo: Um...wait a minute Yamazaki-san...


Tomie: Tomie's enraged.....


Kamo: Wha...

Tomie: Good by Melos....


(Sfx- Pota drip)

(Sfx- Pota drip)

(Sfx- Pota drip)

(Sfx- Pota drip)

Kamo: Kagyu-chan!!


Jyuubee: I won't let you...

lay a finger on sensei.

Tomie: Dionys you damned tyrant!!

It's because of you that this tragedy is unfolding...!!

I won't hand my Melos -Negizawa-sensei to the likes of you....!

I'll chop him into mincemeat before that happens!!

Negizawa-sensei is..

My lover!!


Kamo: STOP!!!

You can't do this...

You just can't...

This whole thing can't happen....

a love between a teacher and his students...

Kamo: I have the same love and affection...

For all of the students I teach....

There's no one I think better of or worse of...

That's why...

I won't give any one of you special treatment...

I can't...

I'm sorry...

Tomie: Whats all this....?


Tomie: Are you saying this is a story of love between the two of us and you?! What nonsense is...

Jyuubee: As expected of Sensei...

Tomie: What?

Jyuubee: It's because Sensei is who he is...

That I love him.

Tomie: Shut up...

Shut up...

Shut up...


Tomie: I've had enough of this farce...

from the both of youuuu!!

(Sfx- kiri kiri kiri kiri wiinddd)


Jyuubee: Nejimaki..

Kamo: Ar—are you okay?

Jyuubee: I held back. Don't worry.


I know you have equal love for all of the students here so...


Until graduation...


Jyuubee: Will become your number one!!


Jyuubee: I want you to acknowlege me too!

I'll work extra hard to be your best student!!


When that happens...

Please let me be your wife...

Kamo: Kagyu-chan..


Kamo: Dressed like that you're liable to catch a cold...

Jyuubee: You're so warm...


Tomie: Nnh..




{The red cape...!}

{The wings that Melos gained from running the race and staying the course...}
Tomie: I've lost...


Tomie: I'm no match for Kagyu-chan....


Tomie: I'm Tomie...?

Kamo: Um...Yamazaki-san, have you considered wearing contacts?

Tomie: Eh?

Jyuubee: I think that would be good.

Kamo: You too, Kagyu-chan?!

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