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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Nejimaki Kagyu 3

Kagyu and Kamo

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 28, 2012 03:38 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

-> RTS Page for Nejimaki Kagyu 3

I really hoped that the text would stay as easy as this chapter, but reading through parts of volume 3 and 4 dashed those hopes expertly. There are parts where I have no friggin' idea of what they're saying. Needless to say I'm not looking forward to those. Give me your strength fellow seinen translators!!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.


No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Kewl, aegdon rokudo, Magi, Koko no hito! GRANT ME STRENGTH!


Tomie: My Melos...




Chapter 3: Kagyu and Kamo


Jyuubee: Hmmmm


Tomie: You certainly are putting your heart into studying, Kagyu-chan...

Jyubee: Tomie..


Because I...

I decided to be the beset student there ever was!

Tomie: Ooh. That's quite an undertaking...But this problem here...

Jyuubee: Is on an elementary school level.

Tomie: Are you in first grade?!

{So she's made a friend...?}

{That's good.}


{Come to think of it, I don't know where Kagyu-chan lives....}

{Or anything about her parents.}

{We used to play together back in the day...}

{But I don't really know anything about Kagyu-chan.}

{Ah, that's no good.}
{I'm not just some person to her....but a teacher!}

{It wouldn't be proper for me to have those sorts of interests in my students...!!}

{That's right!}

{I can do a home visit!!}

Kamo: Kagyu-chan! Do you have time after school...?


Kamo: Eh?


{This is...}

{The temple where Kagyu-chan and I used to play...}

Kamo: But the address seems correct....

Jyuubee: Sensei!


Welcome to my humble abode...


Kamo: I'm surprised Kagyu-chan...

To think you lived in a temple like this...!

But it's so nostalgic...

We'd pull all sorts of pranks here...

and old man Genko would use his 'fists' to scold us...

???: Hey brat!!

Kamo: OW!!

???: When you come into someone else's house, shouldn't you greet them first?!

Kamo: Old man Genko...


Kamo: Excuse my rudeness sir!

Genko: Well...at least you appear to be healthy.

Now should I get tea...

Jyuubee: Let me get the tea!

Genko: Oh? You'd do that?

Hmm...the last time Jyuubee got me tea, the whole house became a waterfall.

Well, things should be fine I suppose.

Sit down brat.

Kami: Y—Yessir!


{My body still fears him...}

Kamo: Um...

Sir? About Kagyu-chan's...


Genko: She and I aren't blood related.

I happen to be a long time acquaintance of her mother's you see.

She happened to come into my care about a week ago.

My grandchild returned to china and i've been residing here alone since then.

Since this temple is poor, I don't have much in the way of luxuries, but it beats spending a night out in the rain.

In any case, she helps around the house so I can't complain.

Jyuubee: I'm pretty sure grandpa...

uses this to warm up the water...


Kamo: Wh—whoa! Is that Kagyu-chan?!

Is she going to be okay?! This building can't sustain...

Genko: But I never would have imagined a brat like you actually becoming a teacher...

(Handwritten- And doing home visits...)

{He's ignoring it?!}

Genko: Oh right...

Come here for a moment.


Genko: Maybe you don't remember this anymore...


Have a look at this pillar.

(Pillar: Kagyu// I'll become a teacher! Kamo)

Kamo: Ah...

Kid: He's crying again!

Look at that mangirl go!

Stuupid! Stuupid!


Kamo: Ouch...

Well at least they're going home for today.

Are you okay, Kagyu-chan?


(Sfx- Gari gari scrtch scrtch)

Kamo: Times I'm feeling down, I like to remind myself of my future dream by writing it down!

(Sfx- Gari gari gari gari scrtch scrtch scrtch)

Kamo: So I'll never forget it!
I can look forward to this..

And all the pain..

And tears stop!


Jyuubee: No!


It's not because I'm hurt that I'm crying...

It's because it's my fault...

That you're getting bullied Kamo-niichan...

I'm sorry...

I'm so sorry...

Jyuubee: But that looks fun! I'll do it too!

(Sfx- gari gari gari scrtch sctrch sctrch)


Genko: What the hell do you brats think you're doing?!

Jyuubee: Ow..


(Sfx- Meki meki meki Grinnnd crrrack)

Genko: Maybe she's changed on the outside...

But within she's still the same.

She stays up all night on her knees studying....

Despite her being pretty terrible at it.

So she can honor what's written there...

(Pillar- When Kamo-niichan becomes a teacher, I'll protect him! Kagyu// I'll become a teacher! Kamo)

Genko: And become your best student.
Kamo: Yeah...!

Kagyu-chan is a precious student to me...!!

Jyuubee: Granpa!



Jyuubee: I have tea.

Genko: Thanks.


Jyuubee: Is it good?

Kamo: S—sure..

There's no taste...

I'll see you at school!

Jyuubee: Goodbye sensei!


{I get the feeling that I understand Kagyu-chan a little better.}


Jyuubee: Please make me your bride Sensei.

{Would she really be happy being my wife...?}

{And am I happy just being the teacher who watches over her...?}

{How do I respond to...}

{Kagyu-chan's feelings...?}

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Serious Sam, benii

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