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Doll's Folklore 4

An ugly appearance.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 28, 2012 23:17 | Go to Doll's Folklore

-> RTS Page for Doll's Folklore 4

And that ends volume one of this three volume epic. (Insert bitching about BDR's anti midas touch here.)

reserved for folklore scans.

Chapter 4: An ugly appearance.


Saburo: Despite having traits exceeding other dolls, it is without a doubt she will come for you.

Knowing this makes our battle plan simple.

If Makina shows up, Natsume's shikigami will sense her.

After that, I'll capture her and Kanno will deliver the final blow.

While all of this is going on, you should hide within the shrine.

Yousuke: Hide...

In here??


Saburo: For generations my family were tasked to serve as the priests.

Well that's how things were until my father's generation.

Now Yousuke-kun, please go on in.

(Sfx- Gehooh cough)

Saburo: While the appearance of the shrine leaves a lot to be desired, it has quite the pedigree behind it.

If it's here my 'powers' gain a boost that can even oppose Makina.

Yousuke: Ah...

(Sfx- geho cough)

Yousuke: Adachigahara-san, what is your power anyway?

Saburo: Calling me 'Sabu-chan' is fine.

Yousuke: Gyah!


Saburo: My power is 'Lost memories'.

Anything caught in the pictures I take is captured in a space outside the physical plane.

(Sfx- Beshii swffft)
Saburo: Anything captured in that space cannot leave without my permission.

This of course includes Makina.

Yousuke: Can't leave...?

(Handwritten- Hold on...!!)

Yousuke: Are you saying I can't get out either?!

Saburo: No need to worry.

As soon as I rip this picture up the barrier will disappear.


Yousuke: Listen man...I'm sorry for destroying the barrier that kept Makina from escaping...

It was my fault.

Saburo: I'll admit you did act rather rashly...

(Sfx- patan clamp)

Saburo: But that barrier was due to burst from the cracks in it's seams sooner or later.

Yousuke: Huh?

Saburo: So it wasn't particularly reliable anymore.

Natsume: That ain't so!


Natsume: That barrier was perfect!

It's completely your fault that it broke!!

If you understand that much then you're gonna fix this problem with me, got it?

Yousuke: Who's this kid?

Saburo: She's a shikigami user...her name is Natsume.

She's my little sister.

Yousuke: Wait, Natsume is a girl?!

Natsume: Sorry that I'm a woman dumbass!!

Saburo: Please try not to think badly of her...

This is...well, Kanno's influence.

Natsume: Wanna fight about it?

Yousuke: Speaking of which, where is Kanno?

Whenever I don't see her I get nervous...

Natsume: 'Kanno' huuuh?

Listen up, you'd better get yer head out of her ass!

She's my woman got it?!

Saburo: Kanno-kun is on standby outside.

Well, in any case it's probably more prudent she's there now.


Saburo: I believe like you, she too has a more than shallow connection with Makina.


Natsume: She's here.

{It's Makina....}

{She was the doll born....}

{From the incident involving 108 children victims.....}


{Makina is attached to me...}

{As the sole survivor of that incident...}

{She wants to dispel her hatred towards me...}


Saburo: She's careful....bringing those other dolls with her..

Well...dolls at that level won't be able to enter this area..
Just in case this crowd becomes riled up any more than this...

Natsume contact Tachibana-san right away.

Natsume: You just be sure to remember your end of the bargain, 4-eyed siscon.


???: Nice backup Natsume.


Saburo: When this is all over, I'll buy you some 'Tama mochi'.

(TN- Japanese snack that's similar to ice cream.)

Natsume(?): I-I want pink!!


{Lost memory}

{She's outside...?!}

Yousuke: Uwaaaah!!


Yousuke: Waaaah!!

Natsume: Calm down!!!

She ain't getting' in here noway!


Saburo: All right...!!

Yousuke: Onecha--


Saburo: Don't hold back, Kanno!!

Make sure to finish her off!!

Kanno: Just shut yer (beep) mouth!!

I'm gonna nail Makina and clean up after that guy's mess!

Yousuke: I was calling that thing 'oneechan'?!

What was I tripping off of?!

No matter how you slice it, she's a monster!!

Saburo: This is Makina's ability...

She's able to 'manifest the world's pain' and give it form...!!


{Is this how a 'torcher' originally came into being?}

Kanno: Harasou gyatei hajisowaka

With all the people you victimized, is this the best you can do?!

Show me what you're really made of, Makina-tan!!


Kanno: Cause I dunno how to hold back!!



Bigface: Aauggh...

Saburo: Kanno!!!


(Sfx- Gahaah)

{This is bad...}

{She can't scratch or destroy the picture itself...}

{But she can aim for the actual image in the spirit photography!}

{If the image within is scratched or scarred...}

(Sfx- Pihh beep)

{The barrier...}

{Will disappear!}

Yousuke: Woah!

I fell out?!

Natsume: Y—you idiot!

Don't just sit there!!

???: It's...

All over.


Yousuke: Top...

Stop it...


Kanno: Damn..

This sucks~


Yousuke: I said stop....


Yousuke: I'm begging you...

Please, no more of this!!


Kanno: Ya idiot...

You should have run away....

(Sfx- Zuzuzu slliiid)

Yousuke: I'm sorry...

I didn't do anything back then...
Yet you still tried your best to save me...

Natsume: C'mon!!

We gotta run away!!

Yousuke: But....

It's because you saved my life back then...

That I...!!

{I hate this....}


Yousuke: This kind of....

{I can't stand it...}

{I still...}


{I still want to live!!!}


Saburo: N—no way...

(Sfx- Myuruun bllosh)

Saburo: Makina is attacking the other dolls?!

Makina: …..don't worry...


Makina: Yo-chan...

I'll protect you.




{The thread of fate between she and myself...}

{Intertwines us both...}

Makina: It's a promise, okay?

{Knowing the deep fate between her and himself, Yousuke brings about a new disaster.}




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Ryogo, benii

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#1. by benii (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 28, 2012
Thank you for the translation, Bomber.
I'll probably get this done sometime tonight.

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