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Doll's Folklore 5

Those who stand for Misaki

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 23, 2012 05:19 | Go to Doll's Folklore

-> RTS Page for Doll's Folklore 5

That feeling when you plan having two translations out, and instead end up using all of your time on one.

folklore scans only.



(Back flap- 'Yochan I'll protect you'. The words of the ultimate evil doll Makina bewilder Yousuke. Is this about the 'promise' they exchanged?! Between Makina who protects Yousuke and Kanno who wants to destroy Makina is a rift where his feelings sway and widen. When his will finally becomes resolute his blade will bring forth a new power residing within..!!)



I happen to really love cats. Though I have a severe cat allergy. In addition I also have a Dogs allergy, so sometimes I think I may actually be cursed by a doll too.






Misaki Kanno

A member of the Misaki agency. She's violent and sadistic but her powers of exorcism are high. It seems she has a history with Makina.


The ultimate evil doll born from the 'Hamilin incident'. She is similar to the girl who saved Yousuke.

Oyamada Yousuke

The lone survivor of the 'Hamilin Incident'. The toy beam saber he has is what manifests his torcher.

Adachigahara Natsume.

Saburou's little sister whom uses Shikigami at will. She shoulders the support of the battle plan. She uses shikigami to conduct all of her conversations as well.

Adachigahara Saburou

The commander of the Makina subjugation battle plan. His ability allows him to take over space using a photograph. It is called 'lost memory'. Although he is normally calm and collected he has a habit of being a siscon.

Doll (=Ningyo)

A monster which is a condensation of people's thoughts made reality. Cannot be seen by normal people. These 'thoughts' are what people tend to talk about as 'rumored stories' (=aka folklore). It is these folklore that decide their power, though without them (the folkore) they cannot exist.

Doll: Gyohohohohohohoho

Hamilin Incident.

10 years before in Kurotsuka city there was a serial children disappearance case. In one month's time 108 children suddenly disappeared. This unsolved case has been transmitted to current events. At the same time, a six year old boy remained behind as the only witness.

Yousuke: I know back then..

She had to have told me her name....

{The story up until now: Since the incident 10 years ago, Yousuke has found himself being the target of dolls on a daily basis. It is then that a girl who exterminates Dolls with a 'torcher' named Kanno appeared. Kanno opposes dolls for the 'Misaki agency' which she is a member of, and during a pursuit of a doll, the seal for the ultimate evil doll Makina is broken. She is the splitting image of the girl who protected Yousuke 10 years ago. Yousuke manifests his 'torcher' and and releases her from the seal, after which she infects him with her 'marking'. Since dolls seems to be drawn to Yousuke's 'marking', it is the Misaki agency's plan to use this to attract Makina and capture her. Unfortunately before her power Kanno is gravely injured and Yousuke is left in a bad situation. Just when the situation is at it's most dire, Makina says 'Yo-chan, I'll protect you'. What could the meaning behind her words be...?!}


Chapter five: Those who stand for Misaki.......5

Chapter six: The person I've been waiting for has come....39

Chapter seven: Hashime Sama....73.

Chapter eight: The end of the day of loathing.....109

Chapter nine: Dancing dolls.....149


{If Makina's birth was really a result of the 'Hamilin incident...}

{Then by my hands...}

(Side- Chapter 5)
{Because that girl...}

{It's my fault.....}

Yousuke: Bring it Makina..!!!

{The sword....}

{Won't come out?}


Makina: I'll protect you Yo-chan.

Because I swore this to you.

It's a promise.

Chapter 5: Those who stand for Misaki.


Yousuke: Y-you..

You don't hate me?

Makina: You'll protect me too Yo-chan...

It's what you....

Promised me.

Yousuke: Gah....!!


Saburo: It...

It disappeared?

What's the meaning of this....

Natsume: We..

We're saved....

Yousuke: Kanno!!

Are you alive?!?
Hang on!!!


Kanno: Nnh...

{She's alive!!}

Yousuke: But...

It's all she can do to breathe....at this rate....

Saburo: We'll need to go to Tachibana-san's place immediately if we want to save her.

Yousuke: Tachibana...you mean Kanno's uncle....

Is he a doctor or something?

Anyway lets get going fast!!

You need medical treatment too, Saburo-san!!

Natsume bring the car over...!!

Natsume: W—wait....!


Makina: Yo-chan, you'll protect me too...

its' what you promised me...

(Sfx- Hah hah hah...)

{...Is it because of this promise that Makina did this to her...?}

(Sfx- Hah hah...)

{Even going as far as coming to look for me...?}

Yousuke: I don't remember making any sort of promise to her.

Is she going to try to kill me next time then?

I mean it's not like she's gone to heaven right....?



Yousuke: What's that thing?

It's a huge face?

Saburo: That is the dregs of God.

(Handwritten- Violent death?)

(TN- Saburo said 'Zanshi' which is dregs but Yousuke heard it as 'Zanshi' with a differen kanji that reads 'Tragic death.' It should be '残滓' instead of Yousuke's version which was '惨死'.)

Saburo: It seems that you can see that too.

Prolonged contact with dolls...

Grants your power strength which gives you recognition of things you couldn't see before.

Yousuke: Things I couldn't see...?

Saburo: That thing is idea that many people embrace as God...just with a shape.

What you are seeing is a result of expectation and fear of God as it begins to wane....the remains.

The 'death of god'.

Yousuke: Then...that's a doll too...?


Natsume: We're here.

(Sfx- Gacha clack)

Yousuke: Um I know it's a little late to bring this up now, but why are we letting Natsume drive?

She sorta sucks at it.

Saburo: Well, I don't have a license.

Natsume: Despite the way I look I'm 20 years old.

(Handwritten- You getting something mixed up?)


Kanno: Guh...

Yousuke: Hey! Hang on! We're almost there...
{Why does Kanno do this sort of work?}

(Sfx- Hah hah)

{I know they say she's got some sorta connection with Makina but...}

(Sfx- Hah hah.)

Yousuke: In any case...

There's no mistaking it...

She's definitely a girl if anything.

(Sfx- Hah hah hah.)


Natsume: Tengen toppa!!

(TN- Tengen is the name of a historical era, and toppa is 'breaking through'. Not sure why they're together here. Though...There is Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann....naaaah. Sure that drill is just a coincidence too.)

Natsume: Quit getting a hard on, damn pervert!!

Saburo: I'm so proud of you Natsume....it seems you've made a good friend!

(Handwritten- Your big brother is happy.)

Natsume: Don't say stupid shit, lolicon!!

Saburo: Why are you blushing Natsume?

(Sfx- Bubaaah blooorsh)

Natsume: Hngh!

(Sfx- Hyuuuun veeeeen)

(Sfx- Chiiin beeep)


'Fro: Welcome to the Misaki company.

Oyamada Yousuke-san.

Yousuke: Are you Tachibana-san?
Please!! You have to hurry and save Kanno...!!

'Fro: No way....I'm Tosumi Kuroko.

I'm merely the guard here at 'Dolls Cemetary'.

Now is everyone on board?

Then, let us go.


Yousuke: Wait....

Isn't this the first floor...?

'Fro: Over this way.


Yousuke: Whats' with all those doors up there? Why are they here?

Natsume: Heheheh, they're interesting aren't they?

'Fro: Right this way Yousuke-san.

Tachibana is waiting for you.

Yousuke: Y—yeah.

Sorry to bug you....



Yousuke: H—hey!!!

(Sfx- Gachaan clack)

Yousuke: Saburo-san?!

Saburo: I'm sorry about this Yousuke-kun.

You whom has been possessed by Makina can only become a liability if allowed to remain outside.

Natsume: That's how it is...

Please forgive me.
Yousuke: Are you serious...?!

???: It'll be fine....


???: Speaking of fine, I have to say I like 'em young....

I'm so very excited~

Natsume: Bureau director Tachibana!!

Yousuke: Huh?

You mean Tachibana the old du--

(Sfx- Petaaah Thup)

Yousuke: Nugoonn.


Natsume: Shut up.

You say something like that when you're with that person and you're not gonna leave unscathed.

Only Kanno can call him that.

(Sfx- Hafu hafu wiff wff)

Tachibana: I've heard quite a bit about you from Kanno~

(Sfx- Nogooh nofff)

Tachibana: I'm Tachibana Mugade.

The Bureau director of this place.

You've got quite the manly face on you huuh~

I think I understand why Kanno's put so much effort in regards to you now.

(Sfx- Guii giiii)

Tachibana: It's a pleasure Yousuke-kun.


{A dude...}

Tachibana: For goodness sake..

It's because the only things that gets bigger on you are your boobs that you ended up this way.

Yousuke: Gum tape?

(Sfx- Biri riiip)

Tachibana: Always the boobs....

They droop so much they ougta just fall off!!

Kanno: Uuuh..

Natsume: What the hell are you doing?!


Natsume: If you don't hurry, Kanno will..

Tachibana: It's already done.

The blood from her injured organs has already stopped...

and the scars themselves have already filled in.

All she needs now is some antibiotics and all's well.

Natsume: Ooh!

Yousuke: Her injuries have closed up?!

What did...

You do just now?

Tachibana: More importantly, this lady here would like to know more about you.

C'mon, it'll be okay.

(Sfx- Muh. Blup)


Tachibana: Ariadone's thread....this is what connects you and Makina.

(Bottom panel: A Galician myth about a thread that lead to the way out of Teseus's labyrinth.)
Tachibana: If you run from Makina no matter where and how...this bruise will widen..

And dolls will be drawn to you.

On the contrary, if Makina is close to you...

The bruise shrinks.

{The bruise...}

{It got smaller...!!}

Yousuke: So then right now too...

Makina is...


Tachibana: Yup...she's nearby...

Probably watching you.

Yousuke: Of course I know I can't just let Makina go on like this..

But at the same time I want to see her again, even if it's not for long.

I've got to do something....

I mean...what if there is something I can do for her?


Tachibana: Oh dear...

As long as you're connected to Makina I can't really let you leave this place...


How about this thing...?



Yousuke: Whoa...! It's an arm?!


Tachibana: My power allows me to make 'substitutes.'
Yes since it was created it won't get as much mileage as you'd think...

But your organs and brains will believe it's the real deal and it will be able to function as such.

Do you know something about the effectiveness of placebos? Against some illnesses these are amazingly strong.

(Sfx- Hore hore wiff wiff)

Tachibana: But against those who doubt and suspect the effectiveness isn't so great..

You don't look like that sort of person though.

(Sfx- Kaku kaku sfft sfft)

Yousuke: No way....that arm...


Tachibana: That's right...

I intend on cutting off your bruised left arm...

And exchanging it with this one here.

Natsume: Y--

You're kidding!!

Yousuke: Hiii!!

{My left arm---}

Tachibana: It'll be just fine okay?

I'll be finished so fast you won't even be able to tell wha thappened.

Yousuke: Sto...


Yousuke: It...

Tachibana: Makina...


Natsume: Bureau Chief!!!

Yousuke: Makina?!!?

Why would you....!!


Tachibana: Just a bit more and you might have broken my Michelangelo sculpted body....

That was close~

Yousuke: Then...what just got broken...?

Tachibana: I believe I said it already.... Sukeprabaz can create substitutes.

Well in this case the doll acted as something you could see..

But this makes things perfectly clear.


Tachibana: Makina react to you as one would their enemy...

But as someone to protect.

Yousuke: Makina wants to....

Wait you were testing me?

Tachibana: But what in the world is going on here?

At the nucleus of a doll is a 'feeling' that controls their movements.

Makina's nucleus is the 'pain of people' or so I thought...

But it seems the desire to protect you is more important to her than that...

Just what are you to Makina....?


Natsume: I hate to bug you...

But it seems like Kuroko's got a report.

Kuroko: I'm under the perception that the southern and northern gates are under attack.

It's an omen of a doll outbreak.

And unfortunately we're understaffed...
Kanno-san is unable to move either...

(Phone: The Dolls on the south look spiteful heheheheheheheheehehehehehe)

(Phone: I can see dolls coming on the north...shall I go? Heheheheeheheheheheehehehehe)

Natsume: If we need someone with a torcher that can attack we could ask Souma-san..

Tachibana: No way do I want to ask him.

This is really bad, having someone like you isolated here despite the amount of danger you attract...

But we're not going to get out of this situation without a sacrifice or two.


Tachibana: One...

If you allow us to observe you and give up your freedom entirely, we can guarantee your life.


When the time comes for it including Makina you'll exterminate and seal dolls..

For the good of the organization.

Choose the one you want...



Saburo: There's no way around it...

I'll go on my own.

Natsume: if you go looking like that, you're just an idiot.

Moreover it's time to open the door for the Bureau chief.

Saburo: …..mnh...

Tachibana: Hello there everyone....

sorry to keep you waiting.


Tachibana: I'd like to introduce you to your new coworker...
Be sure to play nice with him~

Yousuke: From today on, I Oyamada Yousuke...

Will be serving the Misaki agency's anti doll administration bureau!!


Saburo: Wha...

What is the meaning of this Tachibana-san?!

He and Makina...

Tachibana: Calm down Saburo.

There's a method to using him...

of course...

this includes Makina too.

Saburo: Don't blame me if anything happens.

{This time I...}

{On the basis of being able to protect Makina...}

{Thought that the only means I have at my disposal to save her is extermination.}


Tachibana: Now!!

If you could please go and exterminate those dolls~!


{It's because of this choice that I'd lose another person who is precious to me...}

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