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Doll's Folklore 6

The person I've been waiting for has come.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 23, 2012 18:20 | Go to Doll's Folklore

-> RTS Page for Doll's Folklore 6

I think the story really takes off starting with the next chapter.

folklore scans only.

Chapter 6: The person I've been waiting for has come.


???: Little missy...

You're quite cute.

(Sfx- Haa haa)

???: As a gentleman, I'd like to gobble you up!!!

Natsume: NOOOOOOO!!!

Saburo: This is bad!!

(Sfx- Gachaa fwaaash)

Saburo: The photo isn't going to clear in time!!


(Sfx- Aaaan)

(On leg- Gentleman.)

Yousuke: Are you okay Natsume?

Natsume: Yousuke...


Saburo: You're a lifesaver, Yousuke-kun.

Natsume: N—Not bad...

Yousuke: ...Uh, but Saburo-san....don't you think you should consider changing to a new camera? That one doesn't look any good.

Saburo: An important component of torcher manifestation is having an item which holds 'memories'~

It's where the abilities themselves gain their names.

How about you? Have you decided on one for yours?

The name that is...

Yousuke: Name...?

I suck at that...


(Side text- For example, my Geography grades are terrible.)

Saburo: By the way...what happened to Makina

After that?


Yousuke: Since then I haven't seen or heard from her...

Though my bruise hasn't gotten any wider, so I guess she's nearby...

Saburo: Is that so?

Then that's fine.

Just keep going as you have been. I'm relying on you.

If the 'results' keep coming out well, then we may receive a bonus from above~

Natsume: See ya later Yousuke!



{Was the doll born from the 'grudges' of 108 children....}

Makina: I'll protect you Yo-chan.

Yousuke: Even though she says that, I can't possibly chill out.

Cause she's trying to kill Kanno and the others~


Right now the other dolls aren't eying me for slaughter.

Moreover, when she isn't scaring the crap out of me...

She's actually kind of cute.

???: Eww. What are you grinning to yourself for there? It's creepy.


Girl: Hasn't Oyamada-kun been acting strange recently?

It has to do with that biker chick from before....the one you're dating right?

Ako: Is that so?

Yousuke: Like I said, that's not it!!

Ako: Well whatever.

That woman looks like she has experience, so at least one of you knows what you're doing right?

(Sfx- Bubuuh vvzzzzt)

(Sfx- Chaka chaka click click)

Ako: This again?

Girl: Is it that annoying mail again?

Ako: Looks like it.

It's from a weird address and the only thing in the message is a picture.


(Sign- Ramen)

Yousuke: A...advertisement sign?

Ako: I keep getting these....where's the location of the scenery in the photo?

Girl: Ako I think...

You should erase that immediately.

Isn't this Machiko-san's mail?

Ako&Yousuke: Machiko??

Girl: You don't know?

The rumor of 'Meeting Machiko-san.'


{That day, Machiko-san's heart was racing. Her fiancee who had been out of the country for three years would return and they would be reunited.}

{The two had exchanged promises that they would be married upon his return.}

{Machiko-san rushed to their appointed meeting place...}



(Subject: Welcome Ba--)

{Just wait for me! I'll come to meet you soon, and then we'll always be together!}

(Left to right: Menu//Page//Selection//Send.)

{As such the mail she had wanted to send would never reach him.}

{She continues to loiter around wanting to reach her man or anyone who will listen.}

{If anyone receives her mail, Machiko-san will come....}

{That's right...}

{To honor the promise she made with him...}


Ako: What's that? An urban legend?

Girl: Nooo!!

My friend's friend's friend was taken away by Machiko-san!!!

(Sfx- Zukiiih throoob)

Ako: Hah...

Yeah, yeah. Well I'm going to the bathroom.

Girl: You don't believe me at all do you, Akoo?!

Ako: For goodness sake.

Only Sango'd believe in a story like that.

Before this she was talking about the 'Man underneath the bed.' and scared herself into sleep deprivation.

Well...I can't deny that it would be kind of interesting to see.

(Sfx- Buu buuu vzzzzzt)


{One mail// Return.}

Ako: Again?!

I'll have to set this thing to ignore then...

I have no idea what's going on....

(Sfx- Kachi kachi click click)

Ako: That's...

Our school?

(Sfx- Buu buu)

(One mail.)

(Sfx- Chika chika tip tip)


Ako: Ah...

That's me...?


Ako: Do--

Don't surprise me like...

(Sfx- Bubuhh vzzzzt)

(Sfx- Kachi tclik)

{I've come to meet you// I've come to meet you// I've come to meet you// I've come to meet you//I've come to meet you// I've come to meet you.}


Ako: Eh?

What is this...?


Yousuke: Yukimachi?!

Makina's bruise is reacting...!! I knew it!!

{Then a doll....}

{Is here...!!!}


Yousuke: Yukimachi!!!


Where are you?!?


{Always together.....}

Youske: Are you serious...?!

Saburo: What's going on Yousuke-kun?

Oh, have you decided to call me Sabu-chan?

Natsume: They have every Tama mochi except pink!!

(Sign- Pink tama mochi has sold out (Sold out in bubble).)


Yousuke: I think my friend got taken away by a doll!!

Teacher: Oyamada are you leaving early again?!

Yousuke: And I have no idea where they might be going!!

Saburo: Listen Yousuke-kun..

You should investigate the rumors that are the origin of this doll.

Yousuke: Rumor?!

Saburo: A dolls movements are dictated from birth by people's imaginations.
Natsume: Yousuke?


Saburo: I'm positive that within those rumors there is a hint.

There's no doll that can advance without this 'rumor'.

Yousuke: Within the rumors....

When Machiko was en route to meet her fiancee...

She was involved in an accident....


The site of the accident....!!

B—but I don't know where that is...

Saburo: Calm down Yousuke-kun.

This is a situation that can be decided in a moment.

Yousuke: No way...

Saburo: If you act too late your friend's life won't be guaranteed.


Saburo: You can save your friend.

You have the power.

If anything should happen contact me immediately.

Got it?

Yousuke: Were there any hints in the mail Yukimachi got...?

Any hints at all...?


Yousuke: The last picture taken is of Yukimachi....

(Sfx- Kachi click)

(Sfx- Kachi click)
Yousuke: Before that is one of the school..

(Sfx- Kachi click)

Yousuke: Before that...

{Isn't she getting closer with each one of these....?!}

Yousuke: Then....

If I retrace the path left by these pictures, but in reverse...


{I'll find the doll there!!}

(Sfx- Hah Hah)

(Sfx- Hah hah)

(Sfx- Hah)

(Sfx- Hah)

(Sfx- Hah)

(Sfx- Hah)

(Sfx- Hah)


Yousuke: This is the final picture...

But where are they?!


Natsume: Ah...I know about this place.

Yousuke: Natsume?!

Natsume: Yo.

You do know you're under surveillance right?


Yousuke: You've been watching the whole time?!
Then why....

Natsume: Don't get it twisted.

We're only interested in...

you and Makina.

Anyway aren't we in a hurry?

Come over here.

Over here.

Yousuke: Hah


W—wait a minute Natsume!

Natsume: We're here.

Yousuke: Hah...hah..


Yousuke: Yukimachi!!!


Natsume: You should be grateful.

It seems like she wanted to bring that girl with her...

'Cause she wanted the same thing that happened to her to happen again.

Machiko: We'll always be together.....

Natsume: ….Eh



Yousuke: I'll send you back!!

With my Folklore...!!




Machiko: Always...



Yousuke: This is the form of my 'feelings'....




Ako: Kyaaaaaah!!

(Sfx- Aaapapaaaahh beebeeeeep)

Yousuke: Yukimachi!

Are you hurt?

Ako: O—Oyamada...

What happened to me...?

Yousuke: Everything is fine!

No need to worry!


Ako: Wh---what are you saying?

Saburo: They're existences controlled by feelings...

But until those feelings have been carried out, they cannot go anywhere.

When you think about it, dolls are pathetic existences are they not?

Yousuke: Saburo-san...

Ako: Who—Who's he?

Yousuke: Um...he's a co-worker....

Natsume: Don't go flirting around, dammit!

(Sfx- Fufufu hehehe)

Yousuke: What is she doing....


Saburo: I saw your torcher Yousuke-kun.

It seems the shape of your thoughts is clear and concise.

Yousuke: A—for reall?

Natsume: Grand Cross...

Saburo: Grand Cross...

Natsume: Grand Cross..

Yousuke: You guys are making fun of me aren't you?!

(Handwritten- I'm plenty embarrassed already!)

Yousuke: Didn't you tell me to name it Saburo-san?!


{Dolls can't act before those feelings....}

{Then, I'll ensure I keep the promise....}


{Even if it's to Makina.}

Kanno: I don't know what your feelings or whatever are, but I'll make sure to send you straight to the next world...


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