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Nejimaki Kagyu 26

That doesn't hurt.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 21, 2012 00:55 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

-> RTS Page for Nejimaki Kagyu 26

Welcome to Nejimaki December! From December 3rd to January 3rd I will translate at least one Nejimaki chapter a night! This should be in conjunction with other translations so no series will lose out! Enjoy it while it lasts people!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

It's Christmas all month long!

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Shino: Third decision...

Yae Zakura.

Chapter 26: That doesn't hurt.



(Sfx- Meki meki grrind griind)


Shino: All of your attacks have been neutralized.

Dear me...

It seems I won't need more than the third decision to deal with you.

Marue: What's the chairman talking about decisions for? What does she mean?

Olufe: She speaks of the Hyakunin isshu, which is 100 poems by 100 poets.

She's talking about the characters written on each of the cards. By reading them she is able to bid and decide on character to use.

It's in this way that bids for the more important of the Hyakunin isshu were rapidly taken.

This component was essential.

For example, if the third decision had to start from the character 'い' or 'I'....

The cards with 'い' as the first letter are three in number.

Which is to say that there are three character lines she will use to determine her victory.

In short...

The chairman has two attacks more powerful than the 'Yae zakura' at her disposal.


Marue: She has moves stronger than that one?!

Olufe: Since our childhood, there hasn't been a single opponent..

that has been able to defeat her method.

Ageha: Kagyuu-chan..

Kagyuu: Nnnnh..

That didn't hurt.


{Your nose is bleeding and you can still say something like that?!}


Kagyuu: It didn't hurt even a little.

If that's all the punch your attacks pack then you couldn't possibly beat a elementary schooler, much less me.

Shino: Stop with the thinly veiled bluffing.

You don't have a single chance at victory.

Kagyuu: It's you...

Who needs to stop with the thinly veiled bluffing.


Kagyuu: Nejimaki....

Marue: She's using the same attack?!

Is she retarded, hey?!

Kagyuu: Zenma...

Shino: Yae Zakura.


Kagyuu: That doesn't hurt!!


{Be it her leg or arms, Kagyuu-chan can't...}

{This ain't even worth talkin' about.}

{It's like a match between an Elephant and an Ant.}
{Is this an overwhelming victory for the chairman...?}

Kamo: ….Ugh..

Alice: Negizawa-sensei..

While I do understand your concern for Kagyuu Jyuubee's safety, assisting a student during the fight is against the rules.

Well...in any case it's not as if you can move.

{He's not looking at Kagyuu...}

{Then what on earth...}


{We'd gather at her parents place only once a year, and that was pretty much the only time I'd see her but...}

{The Shino-chan I know was a childish girl with a cute and childlike smile.}

{When did she change I wonder....?}

{Or is this like some sort of act as well...?}

{If it is some sort of act...}

{Why does Shino-chan look so pained right now...?}


Shino: I'll tell you something...

The counter is a move that uses the opponent's power against them.

So the more you charge at me with powered up attacks, the more damage ends up being heaped upon yourself.

That's why you should just stop this Kagyuu Jyuube.

No matter how much you struggle, you've lost....

Egumi: From above?!

Just recklessly trying to bust through is gonna result in the same thing!!

Ageha: No...I think Kagyuu-chan has noticed it too!

Egumi: Eh?

Tomie: Yes...


Kagyuu: Zenmai ken!!

Shino: Yae Zakura!!!

Kagyuu: Tsumuji nagaishi!!

{Since she knows the counter is definitely coming....}


Kagyuu: Ne



Enchou chuu!!!

{She's going to go along with it....}

{And counter...}

{With a counter!!}


(Sfx- Zuruuh shffft)

Ageha: No...

No way...

The counter of her counter...

Was combined with her move and countered...

Olufe: But of course.

She won't stand again.


(Sfx- Fuuhh)
(Sfx- Fuuuh)

(Sfx- Fuuhh)


Kagyuu: That doesn't hurt.


Shino: You...

Why are you...

To this extent...

Kagyuu: Your fists have nothing riding on them...

No matter how much you hit me with those fists full of emptiness...

You'll never be able to hurt me...


Kagyuu: Olufe's attacks....

Hurt a thousand times more!!

Shino: Heh...

As you wish...

If you want me to break you that badly...all you needed to do was ask...

I'll let you see the second decision....!!!

BC: Oooh, it's about to hit the fan now!!

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