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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128
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Nejimaki Kagyu 34

Have a short romance this summer Maidens (Part 1)

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 28, 2012 22:15 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

-> RTS Page for Nejimaki Kagyu 34

Welcome to Nejimaki December! From December 3rd to January 3rd I will translate at least one Nejimaki chapter a night! This should be in conjunction with other translations so no series will lose out! Enjoy it while it lasts people!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

It's Christmas all month long!

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Yoh: It was bookmarked!!




Chapter 34
Summer is for short romances Maidens. (Part 1)

Ageha: Ooh, this one is tasty!

Say 'aah' Kagyuu-chan.

Tomie: The one I made is good too...

(Handwritten- They're feeding her...)

{After that...}

{One might wonder how I became friends with Kagyuu-san..}

{And how I ended up in a place like this...}


Ageha: Summer is for short romances maidens!!

Tomie: Your brain finally reflects the panty flasher you are...

Ageha: Shut up glasses bitch!!

Kagyuu-chan, my folks have a place near the sea!

You should invite Kamo-sensei so we can all go!

Ageha: It's summer vacation after all!

Kagyuu: Sensei...

And the sea....


Ageha: You won the fight fair and square Kagyuu-chan!

And now the school officially acknowledges your affair as pure!

And now there's nothing stopping you from getting closer to Kamo-sensei!!

Plus he'll be able to see you in your swimsuit!!

There's no way he'll be able to keep his hands off of you then~

Tomie: A trip to the sea..? That sounds good.

Would you like to go Kagyuu-chan....

Ageha: W—wait! Who the hell invited you!!

Emo bitches should just stay at home and read!!

Tomie: What are you saying....

I'm one of your friends right?

There will be plenty of places to read there too.


(Handwritten- You wanna go?!)

(Handwritten- You wanna go?!)

{Ahh...when we're in class, Tomie-san and Ageha-san give off an unapprochable vibe, but when they're with Kagyuu-san they seem like ordinary friends...}


{Wonder if I should really be here?}

Ageha: And then there's Nakamura-san who's in our class...

Though I've never talked to her...

Tomie: Why are you here....

Yoh: Hiii...I..

I'm sorry!

Kagyuu: Yoh is my friend.

Yoh: Kagyuu-san..!

Girls: Friend...?


Ageha: Well....if Kagyuu-chan says so, it's fine.....

Tomie: Pleased to meet you.

{It's somehow hard to look them in the eye..!!}

Ageha: Okay then! Let's hurry up and invite Kamo-sensei!

Kamo: I can't.

Ageha: Eeeeeeh!? Whhhhhy?! Your affair isn't illict anymore right?!

Kamo: Yes, but a male teacher going on a trip with a group of female students outside of school hours is kind of a bad idea...

Ageha: Then you could just be the leader...

???: Would another teacher going with your group be better?


Kamo: Mori-sensei?!

Mori: If the two of us take the lead, there should be no problem right Kamo-kyun-sensei?

Kamo: I—I guess...

Ageha: Mori-sensei!! Thank you sooooo much!

{What's that woman planning....?}

Kagyuu: It'll be fun to go to the sea with sensei and everyone...

Kamo: Yeah...

I guess if we're gonna go, we should at least have fun.

{My boring days have become just a bit more exciting...}

{Just by becoming close to Kagyuu-san.}


{Oh dear, I...}

{Was so excited yesterday that I didn't get a wink of sleep...}

Kamo: Huh? Where's everyone else?


Yoh: They're here!


Ageha: YAHOOO!!!


Tomie: I had no idea...I knew idiots liked high places, but water puddles too...?

Ageha: Oooh, sounds like someone's jealous of my proportions~

Don't be mad 'cause I've got curves unlike you.

{Wow...they're both so cute.}

{Especially Ageha-san...she's got the body of a model...}

(Handwritten- I AM a boy though...)

(Handwritten- I hope I don't get found out...)


Mori: Going to the beach occasionally is a good thing.

I bought a new swimsuit but I never have the chance to war it...

Ageha: She's got monstrous T&A!

How can someone older than me be this sexy?!

{An adult's glamorous power is amazing!}

Mori: Oh? I think your beet red face is rather cute Kamo-kyun-sensei. Let me see more.

Kamo: P—please don't get any closer sensei!!

Kagyuu: Um...


Kagyuu: This...

Isn't too weird or anything is it?
Tomie: It isn't weird at all!!

Ageha: The school suit is a good choice!

Kagyuu: Really?

But I can't use the Zenmai ken in this...

Girls: You can leave the Zenmai ken behind just this once.

(Handwritten- In harmony.)

{My sleepiness was blown right to the bottoms of the earth.}


Ageha: You say something too, Kamo-sensei!

Kamo: Ah...



Go buy drinks.

Kagyuu: The other time he...

Said I was cute though....


Kagyuu: I knew it! I don't look good in a swimsuit at all!!

(Sfx- Girii Griiind)

Kagyuu: Zenmai ken!!

Girls: She made another pit like that time....

???: I've got juice and yakisoba here!!

Huh? You guys!


{Eh..? This person is the lady's crew...!!}

Ageha: Egumi why are you here?
Egumi: Shut up! It's my part time job!

I'm working to buy my third bike...

What, did you guys come here to swim?

Ageha: Well...something like that.

{Huh? They're friends...?}

Egumi: What's the nejimaki girl doing there?

Ageha: That's sorta 'cause of Kamo-sensei...

Egumi: Here. Give these to her....maybe they'll cheer her up.

Ageha: Ah...

Thanks. How much?

Egumi: They're my treat, stupid.

See ya.


{So manly...!!}


Yoh: Mmm...

{I drank too much juice this afternoon...}

{Gotta use the bathroom.}

Kamo: Thanks so much Mori-sensei.

The girls seem to be having a good time.

I guess it was a good idea to have this outing.

Mori: Yup, it sure was.

{Kamo-sensei and Mori-sensei...}


(Sfx- Guiii Siiiip)
Mori: Why didn't you say that Kagyuu-chan is cute I wonder?

Kamo: Well...about that...

I wasn't sure whether it was cute or not...I guess.

Mori: What's that?

Kamo: You can't tell anyone this...

Mori: I won't.

Kamo: I...


Kamo: I honestly think she's adorable....

But I couldn't find the words to convey it.

My heart just started racing...

And I got embarassed..

I didn't know what to do so I just ran.

Could it be that I...

Don't think of Kagyuu-chan

As simply a student...

That I instead see her as a girl....?


Kamo: I started thinking that way and couldn't think straight...

so I ran off.

I'm sorry...it was pretty disgraceful.

{Thank goodness! Kamo-sensei doesn't hate Kagyuu-san at all!!}

{It had nothing to do with him thinking she wasn't cute!}

{I have to tell Kagyuu-san...!}

Kamo: We're teacher and student after all...I shouldn't be thinking such things..

I'm still only half a man when it comes to being a teacher....


Mori: Oh?

Hey Kamo-kyun-sensei...


Mori: Would you prefer something between

two teachers...?


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