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Nejimaki Kagyu 37


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 1, 2013 00:10 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

-> RTS Page for Nejimaki Kagyu 37

Welcome to Nejimaki December! From December 3rd to January 3rd I will translate at least one Nejimaki chapter a night! This should be in conjunction with other translations so no series will lose out! Enjoy it while it lasts people!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

It's Christmas all month long!

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.



Chapter 37: Sisters.


(Sign- Student council room.)

Shino: Pardon the intrusion.

Marue: Chairman...!!

Olufe: You were with the student council chairman...?

Shino: Yes...I was scolded soundly too.

Paying for my mistakes.

My badge was confiscated...

and we were relieved from our posts.


Shino: But that is not a cause for depression.

Although we are the morals shitennou no more, we can still protect the school individually.

Isn't that more than enough?

We can find a way to resume after that.

Group: Yes chairman!

Shino: More concerning than our situation is them...

Olufe: No way...

Them already...?

Shino: Today that the moral power that had suppressed them has been disbanded, there's reason to believe that they'd take this day and make their return....

The president was concerned about this...that the lawless triplet sisters that we stopped would find their way back now that their house arrest has been lifted...!!

The Gatapi Sisters!!

Marue: Those...

girls again...

It took the four of us to put the justice smack down on them...and we were only barely able to do it, hey...


Shino: This is a conflict between fellow students so the student council president said we are not to get involved.

As in, we cannot finish what we started against them.

I expect they'd carry quite the grudge toward us....

And as such they will probably have a scheme cooking for us, but we must report any infractions to the proper authorities.

Olufe: Yes ma'am!

???: You're a member of the sumo club...

Dude(?): Marue-san, the sumo club has...


Dude(?): The sumo club has been annihilated....

It's the Gatapi sisters....

Marue: Oi..?!

Hey! Hang in there, hey!!


{Could it be...}

{Their aim is to take advantage of our absence?!}


Marue: That's dirty, hey!!

???: Chief Matilda...!!

chief...the entire survival club's been taken out!!

(Sfx- Hah hah.)

Matilda: ….Ugh!!

Olufe: Those...



Sistah: Hey yo!

These morning after house arrest preparation exercises ain't shit yo!


Sister: Seriously. These fools could be taken out by the youngest of us alone.

What next sis? The Karuta club?

Sis: Nah. We don't need to bother with them.

Sistah: Wha...?

Hey hey, is that aiight, Yo?!

We got a beef against the moral's committee to settle Yo!

Sis: But this is boring...

Playing around like this...

For Shino....

Killing her twice over is the only thing that'll do.

This hatred I have for morals...

is a vengeance only a bloodbath will satisfy.


(Sfx- Geho geho cough cough)

???: It was a long ass trip..

To get to Japan..

Imma die...

But it's definitely here...

The scent is close...


Sistah: The hell is that?

Sister: She's covered in blood.

Sis: Leave her be.


Sistah: So what are we gonna do next, Yo?

Gonna hunt the shitennou one by one?

Sis: That's fine.

But from what I hear, the one who beat the entire morals committee...

is a transfer student...Kagyuu Jyuubee.

Sister: Kagyuu huh?

Interesting...did a supernova appear at the school or something?

Though anyone who stands out more than us is unforgivable.

Before we do anything else, lets send her ass back to space.

???: Um..


Sisters: Huh?!


Ageha: Aaah!

Lessons are finally over!

Hey Kagyuu-chan, wanna go to karaoke? My treat.
Kagyuu: Karaoke? What's that?

Tomie: I'll be glad to explain.

Ageha: Um..has anyone ever told you that you're an eyesore?

Tomie: No, but I intended to tell YOU that.

(Handwritten- Wanna fight about it?!)

Yoh: Ah...someone's coming over here...


???: Jyu—bee....

(Sfx- Geho cough)

Kagyuu: Ah..




???: Jyuubee-chaaaan...I've wanted to see you again so badly...

Ahahaa...It's been so long Jyuubee...your taste is still so delicious...

Kagyuu: Mabu-nee...stop..

Ageha: Hey you!!

What are you doing to Kagyuu-chan?!



You don't mean...


Kagyuu: She's Marble~

My big sister.

Kagyuu: I do.

Marble: You've gotten bigger Jyuubee-chan..

I'm so happy.

Ageha: Big sissss!!

Marble: Eh? Who the hell are they?

(Handwritten- She's annoying.)


(Sfx- Pichaaan bloosh)




{Who is she?!}

Olufe: There they are!!

We've finally cornered the sisters....!!


Olufe: Wha...


Who did this?!

{This spiral mark....}

{Nejimaki Ken...?!}


Sis: Maromayu's scaaary.

Sistah: Maromayu's scaaary.

Sister: Maromayu's scarry.

(TN- All the handwritten notes say the same thing. All I could find relating to Maromayu is a manga by Hikawa Hekiru.)

(TNPS- Ah. I see. It's a specific dot eyebrow style that Marble has apparently.)




(Top text- End of volume omake manga.)

Ageha: Egumi!!

I'm gonna make woman outta ya!

Egumi: Say what?

Ageha: I owe you one don't I?

You helped during the resignation letter thing right?

That's why I've decided to put my utmost effort into giving your feminine wiles a level upgrade!

Egumi: I don't need a feminine wiles upgrade..

If you wanna give me something, how about a new bike?

Girls(?): Egumi with feminine wiles?

C'mon Egumi-san...

She came all this way, why not?

You might become super popular!!

Egumi: Hey! You guys just think it'd be funny don't you?


Ageha: Done!

Girls: …...Uuuh...

Egumi: Has anything really changed?

Um...maybe it's just me but I'm getting looks..

Especially from the boys...

They're totally glaring at me...

Girl: Hey...what the hell did you do to Egumi-san?!

You even friggin' changed her bone structure..!!

Ageha: Teehee...

Don't underestimate my hair and makeup skills!


Ageha: I used a special foundation to divert light away from her and create a new layer of delicate corpuscles,

As for her current appearance...

{Actual image.}

(Under eye: Observer.)

Ageha: this is what happens.

Calulating and bending refractive index, results in the creation of a fake image~

This is the Mikado family asset...

My makeup skill...hyper collaboration!


Egumi: Seriously...I said I don't need this sorta girly stuff.

You're rich right? Then buy me a new bike.

Ageha: What?!

Don't you understand the joy that women get from pampering themselves?!

Egumi: Just buy me a bike for real!!

Ageha: Uugh..

{No..I can't...that's Egumi there...!}

{She looks adorable, but what's under there is a yamanba!}


Ageha: Fine..I get it...

I'll buy you a bi--

{But why is my heart racing like this?}



Girls: Yamanbaaaah!!!

Egumi: Who's a Yamanba?! I'll kill you dead!

Girls: Hiii...

Save me!

Ageha: I probably should have used a water proof (water resistant) makeup..

The hyper foundation still has points I need to improve upon...


Marue: Hey, give me some of those feminine wiles of yours!

{The next day.}

(Bottom text- End of volume omake manga end.)

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