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Doll's Folklore 8

The end of the day of loathing.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 16, 2013 01:08 | Go to Doll's Folklore

-> RTS Page for Doll's Folklore 8

Welp, vacation's over. Time to get shit poppin'.

Folklore scans only.

(Side- Chapter 8)

{Misaki agency headquarters.}

{A facility separated underground from the main building.}


Chapter 8: The end of the day of loathing.


Ako: Hey Oyamada...

So what is it that you do at your job anyway?

I met your co-worker before right? That really shady lady...

So you guys have to be up to something bad right?

(Handwritten- Don't go deciding that on your own.)

Yousuke: No we aren't! More like, don't go accusing us of stuff! What kinda person do you think I am?

Though I guess thanks to the job I sorta have...

A better idea of what it is I should and can do.

In any case I'm not doing anything weird, and my job isn't weird, kay?


Ako: Wha?!!

Ako's friend: A—an accident?!

Yousuke: Ah...

Kanno: Ahh...



Yousuke: Is this sorta thing okay?

Saburo: I suppose. The higher ups in the organization have roots all over.

As it is, we're quite flexible.
We fixed your room too, right?

Though It goes without saying that there's a limit to all good things....


Kanno: Ahh shut it.

I whupped doll ass, so it works out in the end.


Saburo: I'm referring to your body, not the doll.

If you keep fighting the way you have been, eventually you'll get to a point of no return....

Kanno: If the job is done, then I'm going home.

Saburo: Hey Kanno!

I'm not done speaking...

Yousuke: Since Kanno's that attached to dolls...

It makes sense that Makina would be born from her....


Saburo: 10 years ago...

In a giant iron box, the corpses of 107 bodies were found...

and the sole person chosen by salvation was Kanno...

so now she purely uses the power she has to beat back dolls.

You see, she defeats them to atone in her own way....


Yousuke: Atone?

(Sfx- Muhaahah)

Saburo: Well, I suppose it's an old timer who understands the thoughts of youngsters best.

Rather I'd think you'd understand wouldn't you?

After all you are a survivor of the same incident.
Oh, right. The Bureau chief had contacted us earlier...

It seems we're supposed to gather at the bureau of administration later.

Yousuke: Okay..

Saburo: Well, see you later.

Ako: What about that is 'normal'? I don't see a single person who looks remotely respectable in that group!

That egghead's gotta be a member of the yakuza!!

Ako's friend: No way! He's totally got the appeal and charm of an adult...isn't it great?!


Yousuke: Makina is a doll born from Kanno...

If Makina knows about me, that means Kanno is...

Kanno is...

Ako: What's up Oyamada?

Yousuke: Eh?!

Ah! No, it's just I suddenly realized I have to go to work...


Yousuke: It couldn't be....right?

{December 19th, 8:03. Misaki agency Doll's cemetery.}

Tachibana: All right!

Looks like all you guys finally made it!!


Tachibana: Orders from the headquarters,

Yousuke: Is that a gun?!

Tachibana: Say to summon you guys six hours before the Akashic vortex's first wave!

Should it continue past this first wave that instant is when we should begin preparations for the second wave which should be approximately four hours after the first!
It is said when this occurs that it will be on the scale of a V4 class typhoon!!!

Get ready kiddies, cause the real deal is here.


Yousuke: Akashic vortex? What the heck is that?

Saburo: It is said that it is a 'thought vortex' that hastens an outbreakd of dolls.

(Chart- Top: Strong// first box: Maelstrom// side: V (Vortex)// bottom: weak.)

Saburo: The bigger the vortex, the stronger the doll that is produced from it.

Yousuke: So V4 is pretty bad right?

Saburo: The last time a V4 and above was perceived was 10 years ago...

Better known as around the time of Makina's birth.

(Sfx- Kon pat)


Tachibana: Don't underestimate it....

Or you might die?

(Sfx-Zawa zawa zawa zztzzt)

Yousuke: Heheehiiii?

Tachibana: Okaaaay?

(Sfx- Tan tap)

Tachibana: And the doll that we have here was formerly thought to be a rumor...

{I: Until the end of the day of loathing.// 1: Name: A story that might scare you to death// On December 20th the end of the day of loathing is here. Imprisoned on this day is....it is expected that after many years....could you all confirm this...?}

{Name: A story that might scare you to death.}


Tachibana: Until the Meji era, this place served as a public execution grounds each year on December 20th.

It became customary practice for the prisoners to be lined up here simutaniously and for their final wishes to be heard.

However one of these guilty parties had kid

This is origin of the Kurotsuka city's memorial stone which was left as a part of the former kyuukai douzo.

(TN- This is an old road that leads to the Hakone old tokaido highway museum.)

Tachibana: As well as the reason why it became a taboo to go outside on December 20th....

As rumored anyway.


Natsume: Was there a taboo like that back then?

Tachibana: Whether this is the truth or not...

isn't the problem.

This rumor appeared on occult forums on the internet about ten years or so..

Though the true problem is this case here where a girl disappeared immediately after 'that day'.

{Top text- Joy after eating everything, Mr & Mrs. Kejiwara-san.}

{Side text- Female college student on her way home missing.}

{A young lady on her way home from college en route to Kurozuka city has disappeared on her way home. The girl, Miyuki-san (19) was last seen gathering mail, and as of now her current whereabouts are unknown. Colleges in the metropolitan area are following suit in Miyuki-san's disappearance and asking anyone who has traveled outside of Kurazuka city to return home …}

{Bottom- 29th: Atmospheric temperature Weather until 3 this afternoon will reach highs until this evening after 3. After wards it will be at it's lowest point after 9 until before nine the next morning.}

Tachibana: At that moment the Hamilin incident was causing a big stir, so this case barely registered on anyone's radar...

But net users began to profilriate the story wanting to know 'the reality in the rumor' and steadily started gathering important facts.


Tachibana: Lately the 'unseen' people at the headquarters have been sticking their nose into our affairs...

And despite your hard work, want to start shaving the budget.

Although the fools at headquarters know how tough things are for us, and how important this case is...

They still give is the job of ensuring that no one has a painful experience.

So then..

You're going to have to give this one your all!!


Kanno: V4 class doll...


Sounds like a blast...


Yousuke: Kanno...

Kanno: Heheheh....


{December 19th 11:47pm.}

{Kurotsuka providence Hirasaka block: Former execution site.}


Yousuke: What's this?!

Saburo: I guess youngsters who have heard of the rumor and have a little bit too much free time gather here to have a party of sorts...

Or it would seem.

Guys: Who's this chick? She's quite the catch but...


Dude: It's dangerous here, so you oughtta go home, kay?

Could it be you're a girl who can sense spirits?

If you just came to hang out, then it's better you just go though?

Yousuke: What are they doing?! Do they know no fear?

(Handwritten- That's totally reckless!)
Natsume: Rather than leave them in the cemetary, we should move 'em all to Misaki...

I can feel the Akashic Vortex...

Kanno: You were warned...

so don't go regrettin' nothin now.


???: The time left before the dolls formations hit critical mass is 5 secons.





now beginning the doll outbreak.








Yousuke: Dolls!!


What should we do?

{Lost Memory}

Saburo: Calm down Yousuke-kun!

Yousuke: Saburo-san

Girl: Hey, do you feel something weird?
Dude: Huh? What are you talking about?

Saburo: Although they can't see anything these are definitely the results of a doll's power!


Tachibana: Strictly speaking...

I would have never expected the effects to be this pronounced...

'Fro: Be careful everyone...

The effects the dolls are having on the vicinity are increasing at a rapid pace.

If this is truly the rumored doll...

Then it's very likely that it will take people on 'a journey upon the path of the dead'.

Dude: Whoa, it's really dark.

'Fro: Which is to say the people within this vicinity will more likely meet their demise on this the end of the day of loathing.

In brief, they'll die.

Girl: Eh?

My body is..

Dude: What the hell is this?

Saburo: Say scary things like that sooner!

Natsume: Yousuke!!!



{Grand cross!!}

Dude: Uwaaah!!


What the hell are youd oing?!

Yousuke: Forget about that and get the hell out of here already!


Dude: Uwaah!!

Kanno: The hell ya doin, Yosuke!!

If you got time to do that crap then knock out a doll or two, will ya?!

(Sfx- Fuuuuunn swhhhht)

Kanno: That's our job ain't it?!


Yousuke: What are you saying?!

(Sfx- Gehohh cough)

Yousuke: We're fighting to protect people aren't we?!

Kanno: Save them?

Why bother?

If you've got bad luck, then you just just fucking die.

If you've got good luck then you live a little longer.

Dude: My boddy...

It won't move...

Dude: Aaaaah?!

No matter what path a person's on, they die in the end.


Kanno: This is the fate of the people who decided to come and loiter in a hell hole like this.

That's all there is to it.


Dude: S---

Save me...

Kanno: Let go of me!!
Dude: My body's started acting weird...

My arms and legs are....

Dude 2: My eyes...

Dude 3: I'm beggin' ya, take me to a doctor...!!


Yousuke: Kanno!!

Kanno: Dammit....

Let go of me bastards...!

Saburo: Yousuke-kun! You can't go in there alone!!

Yousuke: So what, just cause you'll die either way you're just gonna go ahead and let it happen...?


Yousuke: Spouting stupid reasoning like that....

You dumbass!!


Saburo: Amazing...

He was able to take out that many dolls....


Kanno: Assshead...

Who the hell do ya think yer talking to...?

You're just a (beep)....

Yousuke: Ah...!!


Yousuke: Kah....


Kanno: Dammit...I guess this is how it works out for me..
My luck must really suck huh....


???: Leader...

They've gone and died haven't they?


???: It's been a month since we've come here and it hasn't moved once...

Doctor: It's not been a month, but 10 years, newbie.

Though I suppose it is amazing we've had it captured here for 10 years...

Newbie: The—then it's....

Gotta be..

Doctor: It's alive....

We've been completely monitoring that man's vitals....


Doctor: The powers he controls won't allow him to die after all...

Not only that, but this is all a part of the wheels of fate.

Newbie: ….well we at least managed to name him well...

Suddenly appearing at will and kidnapping children...

the phantom that who's sudden appearance threw the world into disarray...


Newbie: The man who blows the flute of Hamiln....

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