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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Doll's Folklore 9

Dancing dolls

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 24, 2013 03:42 | Go to Doll's Folklore

-> RTS Page for Doll's Folklore 9

And so Volume two comes to a close. Here's hoping I can get to the end of volume three before my free time dries up in February.

Folklore scans only.

???: No way that the entirety of the dolls in the area would be covered by the birth of a giant doll…..
(Side text- Chapter 9: Dancing dolls.)
(Sfx- Bashaan *crash*)

Saburo: But… The end of the day of loathing really came today December 20th at this location just as the rumors said.
{December 20th 5:48. Former place of execution, currently a Convenience store.}
Saburo: We’re quite fortunate that the effects are only on those who are on the ‘outside’ for now.
(Sfx- Oooohh *rooooar*)
Saburo: Though I say that…
No matter how many I defeat, another one appears…..I’m really no opponent for them.
It appears I won’t have the leisure to stay my hand here….?
Yousuke: What kind of leisurely things are you saying over there?
Hurry up and let me out of here, Saburo-san!!

Yousuke: At this rate if we don’t do something before the day changes the people who were captured…
Dude: What is this…
Dude2: The others are still out there Manager..
Yousuke: Kanno and the others will be killed won’t they?!
If we just sit here defeating dolls over and over,
We can’t go and save them can we?!
Saburo: …You say this though Makina is possessing you…
In any case saving this many people is the most we can do without having the tables turned on us.
These are Tachibana-san’s orders…
Yousuke: What the hell is this…
Are you saying I should just sit here quietly and let Kanno die..

Saburo: Have you forgotten Yousuke-kun…?
My barrier was created to keep Makina from infiltrating our ranks?
(Sfx- Bachichi bachichi bachichi *zzzt zzzt zzt*)
Yousuke: Have YOU forgotten huuuuh?!
I’ve broken through Makina’s barrier with my sword before!!!

Natsume: Hey useless aniki.
Just keep on the keep on for a little longer.
It seems there are people coming from the chief’s office…
And they’re bringing Souma with them.
Saburo: Natsume….
You do know your older brother doesn’t like jokes like those..
Natsume: Whether you believe me or not, he’ll be here in 30 minutes.
Yousuke: Souma??
Saburo: ….No way…
Are there really no other ways to handle this….!?

(Sfx- Uwaaaah!)
Saburo: You should understand very well what the implications of this are!!
???: Tachibana!!! What the hell is the meaning of this?!
(Sfx- Gatan *Clatter*)
(Sfx- Gatatan *clatter clatter*)
Tachibana: Weren’t you the ones who said that you’d be cutting our budget before? It’s because of this that we’re shorthanded.
???: Don’t screw around!!
Tachibana: Soo if you want to blame anyone, I believe you should have a look in the mirror.
???: Have you forgotten what ‘he’ has done?!
In any case, return him to us immediately….!
(Sfx- Puhh *beep*)

Tachibana: Of course if I’m bringing someone like you out then it means that we aren’t at our best now.
But the situation as it is, all I can do is not hope for the best, but choose whatever we’ve got.
Now I’d like to go over our single requirement one more time.
At 12 midnight…or less than 5 hours, the targeted doll’s seal will be lifted. You will go there and assist our members as well as help to save the bystanders.
Let me put it to you like this. If you do anything that even seems a little bit strange…
(Sfx- Jyokiin *chock*)
(Sfx- Jyokihhh *chock*)
Tachibana: I will not hesitate to kill you.

???: Understood.
You’re just as scary as ever, Tachibana-san.
As our negotiating point, I do hope you’ll keep your promise to me.
And your head is still as fluffy and light as ever.
After this is done, there’s more I’d be ever so happy for you to do for me…

Tachibana: My condition to you was to ‘cut your hair’, and nothing else.
Don’t go getting conceited….
The man who blows hamelin’s flute….
???: That’s a shame…
Tachibana: Souma Kei.

{December 20th, 6:32 highway on the outskirts of the former execution site.}
Souma: Kagome~
The bird in the cage….

Souma: When will it come out?
In the night of dawn…
The crane and turtle slipped…

Souma: Which one is…
(TN- This is a song associated with a chidren’s game, where one person is chosen as a oni or ‘it’, while other children circle around him/her with their hands joined.)
(Sfx- Shururu shruru *spinnninn*)

{Guran ginyoru}
(Sfx- Petohh *thopp*)

(Sfx- Bikushhh *tpppt*)

Dude: What? Did something just come out?
Yousuke: Wh—what’s that? The dolls are….
Saburo: Th—
This power is….
They really brought him along….?
That man….!!!

Souma: You’ve sure gotten big in these last 10 years…
Saburo: I wouldn’t have ever dreamed that we’d meet again….
Souma: You’re still the same as you were back then too…
Whoa, they’re still doing this…?
{Wait, did they know this dude way back or something?}
Souma: Hahahah, I totally don’t get this story….
{But for him to come at a time like this means….}
Yousuke: No way….

Yousuke: Are you the one they called to save Kanno and the others?!
Dude: Hey are you people going to save us?!
These people are kinda weird in the head!!
Yousuke: Then I want to go too…
Souma: Whoaa!! You’re over here too?
Yousuke: Eeeeh?
Souma: Makina!!
Youskue: …Eh?
Souma: I’m sorta interested in Makina…but wha—
What are you doing…

Tachibana: Hurry up.
We have no time for this.
Souma: Ye—
Dude: Er…now there’s a chick here with a gun?!
Tachibana: Let me explain the situation to you…
That doll should appear in the center of this place and effect an area of 500 meters in an concentric circle of increasing size as seen here.
{Origin of outbreak area.}
Tachibana: This area, better known as the origin of outbreak has the highest possibility of being where the doll’s main body is created.
The origin of outbreak will be a black memorial stone….
This will be the point of contact.

Souma: So you want me to stop this ‘doll of sin’ from moving right?
I guess no one else can.
And in this space of time and area you guys can charge in and destroy the main body right?
And if you can defeat the main body…
Then you can save the people who have been kidnapped right?

{Guran ginyoru}

Yousuke: That’s awesome!! They opened a path!!
(Handwritten- Ooh!)
Saburo: That’s the torcher ‘Guran ginyoru’.
By using a part of the hair as the intermediary, he is able to create parasites.
By placing these on dolls, he gains the power to control them.
Yousuke: So wait, you’re saying he can control dolls? Then this should be an easy victory…!
Saburo: That man…
Souma is the man known as the ‘one who blows on ‘hamilin’s flute’ for one reason.
He’s the man who is the culprit…
Behind the case ten years ago…

Souma: Heey?
If we’re gonna do this then its better we pick up the pace you two.
Within the thought vortex something is beginning to take shape.
It looks like the moment of ‘execution’ has started.
If I want to take control of that thing I may end up shattering a few bones huh?


Yousuke: That huge thing is the main body?!
Saburo: Yousuke-kun, I’m going to undo the barrier.
But before that I have to know what matter of conduct you intend for us to follow.

Saburo: One option is to believe in Souma’s power and use it to save Kanno and the others.
(Handwritten- Those people are floating?!)
Saburo: The other is to not use Souma’s power which means we can’t save them…
It appears I’m far too cowardly to make a decision on my own..
So I leave the decision making responsibility in your hands.
Yousuke: You already know full well which one Imma chose right?
Saburo: That’s true.

Yousuke: I dunno what exactly you are…
But it seems like you’ve got the power to save everyone, so I’m gonna take a gamble on workin’ with you.
But when this is all said and done, I’ve got a ton of stuff to ask you….
When we return.
Souma: I can’t wait.

Dude: Wha?! What the heck is that thing?!
Saburo: It’s starting to move!!
It’s intends to start the execution!!
Yousuke: AS IF I’LL LET IT!!

{Too shallow!!}
Yousuke: This is no good!!
There’s no effect!!
(Sfx- Dosuunn *thud*)
Yousuke: Ugeahh!

Saburo: This isn’t an opponent you can beat without putting your all on the line!
I’ll create footholds for you.
Your priority should be to save everyone.
Yousuke: You got it!!
(Sfx- Bashaaan *dssssh*)

(Sfx- Kyaaah!)
Saburo: That’s good Yousuke-kun!
Just like that!!

Dude: Are you friggin’ serious?!
Let me go!! I’ll friggin’ kill you!!
Natsume: Yousuke!!
My bro is…!!!

Natsume: My bro’s being spirited away!!!
Saburo: I was unprepared…
Yousuke: Saburo-san!!
Why?! Why are they….?!

Yousuke: Souma-san why…
(Sfx- Guuuh)
(Sfx- Gachiin *Clack*)

Youske: What are you doing over there!! You’re really gonna let yourself get killed?!
Dolls: Aaaugh…

Yousuke: Eeegh!
I’m begging you…
These people have been captured!! You have to save them!!
Makina: …..Why?

Kanno: Why…
I guess…
With this I can finally be forgiven….huh?

Yousuke: Don’t go saying stuff…
That doesn’t suit you?!
It’s my job to say feeble stuff like thaaaaaaaaaaat!!
Kanno: H—Hey…
What are you spouting (beep) stuff like that?

Kanno: I’ve been acting like big stuff…
That an opponent that a brat like you can take on went and got the best of me.
That’s why for now own…

Kanno: You’ll have to take care of (beep) on your own.




The intermediary is Souma’s insanity as Yousuke, Kanno and Makina’s fates all come together, The ‘Hamilin incident’’s continuation spins into a new folklore…!

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