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Doll's Folklore 10

The man who blows the flute of hamilin

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 7, 2013 01:25 | Go to Doll's Folklore

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So now volume 3. Will BDR actually manage to finish another series? You'll have to watch the next episode of Dragon Ball Z to find out.

Folklore scans only.

(Back flap- Souma Kei better known as the man who ‘Blows the flute of hamilin’, aims to ‘Create god’…! Against this warped sense of justice, and Makina’s awakening do Yousuke and the others have a means to stop them?! As the time for mankind’s judgment draws near, what will Yousuke turn to for hope…?! The boy and two girls’s strange tale winds and ravels towards it’s finale!!)

….Oh? Did you see it? Well that’s a shame. Shall we put an end to this right here? Hopefully we meet again someday…Uheheheheheheh.


Misaki Kanno
A member of the Misaki agency. She's violent and sadistic but her powers of exorcism are high. Due to the ‘Hamilin incident’ she is the originator of Makina.
The ultimate evil doll born from the 'Hamilin incident'. She is similar to the girl who saved Yousuke.
Oyamada Yousuke
The lone survivor of the 'Hamilin Incident'. The toy beam saber he has is what manifests his torcher.
Adachigahara Natsume.
Saburou's little sister whom uses Shikigami at will. She shoulders the support of the battle plan. She uses shikigami to conduct all of her conversations as well.
Adachigahara Saburou
The commander of the Makina subjugation battle plan. His ability allows him to take over space using a photograph. It is called 'lost memory'. Although he is normally calm and collected he has a habit of being a siscon.
Tachibana Mukade
Chief of the doll administration bureau, and Kanno’s uncle. His ability is ‘Sukeprabaz’ which can create ‘substitutes’.
Souma Kei
The criminal behind the serial children disappearance case, AKA ‘The man who blows Hamilin’s flute’. His power allows him to control doll’s bodies, and it is named ‘Guran ginyoru’

Doll (=Ningyo)
A monster which is a condensation of people's thoughts made reality. Cannot be seen by normal people. These 'thoughts' are what people tend to talk about as 'rumored stories' (=aka folklore). It is these folklore that decide their power, though without them (the folkore) they cannot exist.
Doll: Gyohohohohohohoho
Hamilin Incident.
10 years before in Kurotsuka city there was a serial children disappearance case. In one month's time 108 children suddenly disappeared. This unsolved case has been transmitted to current events. At the same time, a six year old boy remained behind as the only witness.
Yousuke: I know back then..
She had to have told me her name....
{The story up until now: Yousuke secrely becomes a member of the Misaki agency’s doll administration bureau. What is the ‘promise’ shared between him and Makina? What is Kanno’s reason for wanting to be rid of Makina? Confronted with many questions and doubts Yousuke gets involved with his ability, the origin of which is ‘a power that can protect anyone’. He gains confidence and manages to grow up. Though soon he was confronted with the giant doll who comes out on the ‘End of the day of loathing’, who’s power dwarfs his with overwhelming pressure. Kanno is captured and seems to resign to her fate, until Chief Tachibana plays his final trump card and has Souma Kei summoned. He is thrown into the battle, coming from the lower annals of the Misaki agency where he was kept. This man is the culprit behind the ‘Hamilin incident…!!’ Yousuke’s feelings on the matter are complicated, but he decides to put them aside so that he can save Kanno with Souma’s help. However it seems that Kanno has already succumbed to the demonic reach of the end of the day of loathing…?!}

Chapter ten: The man who blows the flute of hamilin…..5
Chapter eleven: Where there’s a will there’s a way…….37
Chapter twelve: Tenshi-sama…..75
Chapter thirteen: Altered wish……107
Final chapter: Believe it or not…..139.

(Side- Chapter 10.)

Chapter 10: The man who blows the flute of hamilin.

Natsume: Yousuke!!
Yousuke: It’s the same as before….
{This is the same as…}
{Before, isn’t it?!}

{Just like back then.}
News lady: It has been just one day since the boy was taken into custody.
Up until now there hasn’t been any developments in the serial children disappearing case. Though now there may be a break…
The key being the lone boy’s testimony as to what he thinks happened.
The related parties in the case have high hopes riding on this boy’s shoulders…
Isn’t this right? Matsuhara-san…? This boy….

Grandma: Okay. It’s time to go.
Grandma made you some salmon and veggies.
Yousuke: Grandma…
Grandma: It’s fine, don’t be scared.
Just go on and blurt it out.
???: Hold it!
You’re the one survivor of the incident aren’t you?
Officer: Ma’am!
Lady: Hey…
Is it true you really don’t remember anything?

Lady: Do you know the criminal’s face? His height?!
Or at least something he was wearing! You had to have seen that much at least?!
Yousuke: T—That hurts…
Grandma: What are you doin’ to my grandchild?!
Of course we have every intention of helping you out in any way we can.
Please understand that.

Grandma: But this boy’s a victim too…
(Sfx- Gachi gachi *shiver shiver*)
Grandma: Just like your child.
Officer: Now come with me…
Lady: You say you want to help…?
But you don’t remember a single thing…
You abandoned the other children and just hid by yourself…


Natsume: Hey! Get a grip Yousuke!
Yousuke: I thought I was really being more helpful…
I mean I met Kanno and everyone…
And even got the power to defeat dolls….
She just….right before my eyes….
Natsume: DON’T SAY IT!!

Natsume: Quit actin’ like everything’s already over!!
We’ve still got things to do here, so get your ass in gear and quit yer bitching, dammit!
The kidnapped people…
And Kanno…
My bro…
Might have been able to save them or something, yanno!
Yousuke: But….
There’s nothing more I can…


Yousuke: What the…
It looks sorta weird…


Souma: Ah…

Tachibana: I warned you didn’t I?
(Sfx- Kachi *click*)
Tachibana: I won’t forgive you if you do something strange.
Souma: Heheh..
It seems that I’d be rude to say something like ‘You never change’ here…
But If I can do something so that your regrets from last time…
May be changed in some way..
It would bring me happiness…

???: Uuuwaaah!!
What the…
Help me!!!
Tachibana: Do you think I’ll let you get away after doing something like this?!

Souma: There are things that I must do,
Even if it means allowing this body to be drenched in sin and destroyed.
{He’s entering…}
Souma: Torcher….
‘Guran ginyoru’
{A doll on his own accord…!?!?}

Souma: Now…
Shall I begin from where I left off 10 years ago?
Tachibana: Soumaa!!
So he intended to run from the very beginning huh.
This sucks~

Tachibana(?): His…no, Souma’s objective…
Is to bring the Hamilin incident to its true conclusion.
And for that purpose, he intends to recapture Makina.

Natsume: Yousuke!!!
Yousuke: Oww…

Yousuke: Maki…

Natsume: Souma!!
Yousuke: Dude just came out of a doll…!
Souma: I’ve been waiting for this…
So I came over here.
Yousuke: Hey you can do something right?
You can take control of these hugeass dolls!
Kanno and the others are still in there….

Yousuke: Hey…
Where’d you get that injury?
Souma: …I’m…
Already controlling them.
Natsume: Ah!

Yousuke: Guwah!!
Yousuke: Why?! With the power you have….
You could save Kanno and the others!! Why aren’t you helping us?!
Souma: There’s only a little bit of time left until the day’s end….
I’d think you’d want to hurry…
For the sake of you and these other two here…
We wouldn’t want another person to be a sacrifice….

Makina: I will…
Protect Yo-chan.

(Sfx- Pitototo *tptptp*)
{‘Guran ginyoru’}

Yousuke: Maki..na…
Souma: I figured this would happen…
Seems I won’t be able to grasp your power just yet.
Oh well, no other way around it…
(Sfx- Mekimekimeki *grringriiind*)
(Sfx- Mekiki *gririind*)
(Sfx- Buchiii *bloorsh*)

Souma: ‘Guran ginyoru’s new power and form…
Torcher ‘Hanputei crown’.
This power will incubate within your body until I can take it for myself. The weakness come from the amount of time it the effect takes…
(Sfx- Kachii *click*)
Souma: But if it’s a parasite like this, even Makina won’t be able to fight back.
Yousuke: You…
Don’t tell me you’re trying to get Makina…
Souma: Oh wait, I remember now…
Weren’t you the child who ran away 10 years ago?

Souma: ….I’m sorry…
But just like back then…
(Sfx- zutsuhh *shfft*)
Souma: You’ll only be able to watch helplessly with your fingers in your mouth.

(Sfx- Pipipipipi *beep beep beep beep beep*)
Tachibana: The day….
Has ended…

Souma: I will free you…
From the emotions that bind…

Souma: Now…
Show me…
Your true form….

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