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Doll's Folklore 11

Where there’s a will there’s a way.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 9, 2013 03:18 | Go to Doll's Folklore

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When there's no exit, you must think first of how you got where you are....

Folklore scans only.

(Side panel- Chapter 11)
Yousuke: Ma…
Makina’s becoming Kanno?!

Chapter 11: Where there’s a will there’s a way.


{This is…}

(Handwritten- It huuurts….I’m scaaared…..I don’t want thissssss)
{These feelings are from the children who were sacrificed..}
{In order to give birth to Makina?!}
???: I wanna go home….
Someone please…
Save me…

???: Now…
Shall we go?

???: Kei…
{Who are…

Tachibana(?): Souma ran away it seems..
With his injuries I doubt he’ll be moving around much…
Though I never would have thought he’d have an accomplice…
Saburo and Youskue-kun are okay?
Thank goodness…
What about Kanno…?

Tachibana: I see…
You’ve had your hands full huh, Natsume…..
Natsume: Chief….
Dude: Tachibana-san.
I’ll need to take you to headquarters.
If you would….
Tachibana: I know. I’m coming.

Ako: Oyamada…
Listen I know you’re bummed and stuff…
But you know as students we sorta have to go to school. There’s no way around it.
If you mess up at your part time job, it’s the adults job to take responsibility right?
Hey! Are you hearing me??

Yousuke: Responsibility huh…
I wonder who takes responsibility when a person dies?
{If back then….}
(Bubble- Don’t say things…)
{My sword had been able to reach her…}
(Bubble- That aren’t like you!!}
{It was further back than that.}
{If back when I entered the administration I had said something…}
{If at that time I hadn’t released Makina…}

{If I hadn’t…}
{Met Kanno ….}
Yousuke: Yeah…
If I had just stayed in here…
None of this would be happening….
It’s just better if…
I don’t do anything anymore.
Natsume: Yousuke!!

Yousuke: Natsume…
Where did you come from?
Natsume: A doll came for the administration.
You have to come with me…
If not, the chief will be….
Yousuke: Tachibana-san will…?!
Yousuke: But…I…
Natsume: Quit bitching and get your ass out here! We’re going, dammit!!
Yousuke: Ngah!
Natsume: Humph!

{Dolls Cemetery.}
(Sfx- Koso koso *sneak sneak*)
Yousuke: Who are those people?
Natsume: C’mere Yousuke!
Yousuke: Tachibana-san!!

Tachibana: Yo…
Yousuke: Wh—why…
Why are they…
Could it be…no way they still..
{The day of loathing hasn’t ended yet?!}

Yousuke: Uwaaaah!!!
Natsume: Yousuke!!
Natsume: Hurry up and take your torcher out!!
Yousuke: eh?!
When did it get there….?!
{With my torcher…}
{With my torcher….}

Tachibana: As I thought…
You can’t seem to release your torcher huh?
And that goes for Makina too..

Tachibana: Your friends are right you know.
If someone needs to take responsibility it should be me.
I’m the one who made the call to let Souma out.
I’m lucky I got just house arrest for this whole debacle.
I do apologize for what happened to your arm.
(Handwritten- Ah!)
Youske: Ah no…this is…
This is my fault…

Tachibana: I believe…
Kanno is alive.
Yousuke: Eh?!!
Tachibana: Of course this is merely a hopeful observation….
That man is serious about everything he does, to a fault.
If he said he’d ‘save her’, then he’ll obstinately ensure her survival.
The fact that she was the only surviving witness of that incident is good enough proof.

Yousuke: No way…
If you knew the culprit’s personality then why’d you let this happen?
Why’d you stay quiet about this whole thing until now?!
Tachibana: It’s fine.
It’s just I thought of Souma just now….back when he was about your age.
{Before the serial disappearance case…when it was thought to be all a doll’s doing…}
{Back then Souma was a friend of ours.}

{We had huge expectations riding on him and his ability to control dolls.}
{More than anything else, he took pride in using his power to complete his job of defeating dolls who harm people.}
{Maybe it was because of that that our eyes became clouded…}
{By the time we had realized the truth…}
{It was well after 108 people’s feelings –including Kanno, had gone into the birth of Makina.}

{Souma tried to use his ability to take control of Makina, but…}
{Even ‘Guran ginyoru’ couldn’t take control of Makina.}
{And in order to seal Makina the chief of staff had to sacrifice many staff members…}
{And once captured, Souma had muttered these words…}
{‘I will create God.’}
{And become a figure that both judges and leads the masses.}

Yousuke: G—Go..
You mean THE God?!
And when you say ‘Create’ you mean something like becoming the Buddha?!
Tachibana: You saw them didn’t you?
Those dregs?
Yousuke: The dregs…
You mean….
He’s going to create those things?
Tachibana: Shhh.
We defeat the dolls born from feelings over and over…
People give birth to an endless amount of feelings however…

Tachibana: What souma hopes to do is take control of that aspect of people.
And become an existence able to dole out punishment.
As I said, he’s quite serious…to a fault.
If he were just talking about leading people using their fear and awe towards god..
That would be fine and all…
But the cornerstone of creating such a doll would be punishment to those people he finds unsatisfactory.
Which in short means granting punishment to people in general.

Tachibana: And Makina is sort of a trial run of this notion.
Yousuke: You’re kidding…!
He’d really sacrifice people for something like that?!
Saying it is one thing, but doing it is….
Tachibana: Geez, I would have never imagined you as one who gets burned up over his work.
(Sfx- Butsu butsu *snicker snicker*)
Yousuke: Um…I’ve been wanting to ask this since earlier, but where are we going?
Tachibana: To a nice place~
This place has been shut away for a long time, so it might be bad for your body~
Yousuke: Uh…okay?

Tachibana: Souma recognizes the inconsistency in what he plans on doing as well.
With his power, we made it difficult for him to run away or even take a stand against us,
Which is why Souma allowed himself to remain captured for 10 years.
Of course that alone won’t make a sin disappear.
But within the humans that will be judged, it is guaranteed that he will himself be there.
That’s why…
Yousuke: Cause he’s that sorta guy…
You’re saying that Kanno might be alive?

Yousuke: That’s it?
In the end you’re saying this is dependent on his feelings?
Anyway it doesn’t matter a damn bit does it?
I can’t make my torcher activate anymore, and I have no idea why…
And even Makina is…
Tachibana: So what?
Are you saying now that Makina and your torcher have been lost, there’s nothing more you can do?

Tachibana: You know, you and Kanno meeting each other for the first time…
And Kanno saving you was no mere coincidence.
She’s always known…
That you were the survivor from that incident.
Well, while we just happened to know,
Kanno was a bit different.
She’s been looking out for you secretly…
That’s why she…
Tried her best to keep you from getting involved with Makina it seems.

Tachibana: Yousuke you..
Met Kanno before the incident occurred.
{Yo-chan, you have to hide in this opening…}
{Hurry up or else it’ll…}
{Move your hand aside.}
{Over here you monster!}
{Something like you will never stand a chance against me!}
{It’s okay…}

{Because I’ll…}
{Protect you.}

Tachibana: The one I need to own up my responsibilities to…
You could say it’s to the organization, and maybe even society…and probably to countless other people elsewhere….
But you…the one you owe your responsibility for if anyone…
Would be ‘you yourself’…

Yousuke: A dead end?
Where the heck are we?
‘Fro: We’ve been waiting Oyamada-kun.
Yousuke: Geeeh!

Yousuke: Kuroko-san!
Yupstillgonnacallhim’fro: Gufufufuh..
(Sfx- Pikuuh *throb*)
(Sfx- Doki doki *throb throb*)
Tachibana: Life has no such things as dead ends.
No matter where you are, there’s always a path around.
And if you can’t find the path after losing your way…
The best thing is for you to just take a step forward.
Yousuke: Hey…
Isn’t that the door we just came through?
Tachibana: You just need to make slow and steady steps forward.

Tachibana: Do that, and the world that you can see will change.
So? What do you think? Not a bad outlook if I do say so myself.
Yousuke: Really….

Yousuke: You’re really no fair.
Saying all that stuff and bringing up my spirits…
It’s really not like an idiot to be confused an anxious, huh?
Tachibana: Adults are usually no fair like that.

Tachibana: Don’t worry too much Yousuke.
Activating your torcher isn’t something you can think about.
It is the manifestation of your thoughts and feelings….as such it is the proof that you are prepared for what comes ahead.
That is the torcher’s appearance.
If you truly want to save someone…
Then it will activate without you needing to think about it.
Yousuke: I get it.

Yousuke: My torcher isn’t for the sake of some person somewhere…
It is the manifestation of my desire to save that girl….
{This time….}
{I’ll save her for sure.}

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