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Doll's Folklore 13

Altered wish.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 17, 2013 18:06 | Go to Doll's Folklore

-> RTS Page for Doll's Folklore 13

Yeah, I'm almost at the finish line. Of course it's when you're closest to your goal that disaster usually catches up.

folklore scans only.

(Side text- Chapter 13)

Chapter 13: Altered wish.


Yousuke: She’s gotten a bit bigger huh?
Though the fact that she still pities me hasn’t changed…
I guess that’s something I shouldn’t be saying now huh?
In any case, just wait for me…
I’ll definitely defeat Makina and save you…
{Yo-chan you’ll protect me…}
{As well won’t you?}
{Promise me?}

Yousuke: Sorry Makina.
The promise I made with you…
Isn’t something that I can keep.
(Sfx- Botshhh *fwooom*)

Yousuke: Guuhh!!
I won’t let you lay a finger…
On her…!!

(Sfx- Baaiiiiinn *craaaash*)
Makinanno: You have to…
Keep your promises…

Tachibana: Yousuke!!!
Souma: Rokudo…
I’m sorry but I’ll need to leave the rest to you.
Rokudo: Yeah….I understand.
Tachibana: Souma…
Aren’t you satisfied with what you’ve done to this girl already?!
Souma: I wonder…
Though that too is an issue from long ago.

???: Isn’t that the little sister of Souma from class four?
Oh, you mean that little girl who sees monsters?
???: Why…?
???: Yeah, she’s the ‘Oh woe is me’ type of weirdo…the one who tries to act pathetic for attention.
If she’s gonna jump she should just do it already.
???: Gyaahahaha!! You’re cold man!
???: I defeated the dolls but…

{Even now there’s so much that I don’t understand.}
{What ‘she’ saw and laughed at….what she heard and was hurt by.}
{What she thought as she died…}
Souma: There’s only one thing I did understand.
The supposed doll that killed my little sister wasn’t a monster…
But just an ordinary human.

Tachibana: People’s ‘feelings’ are capable of becoming ‘curses’ as well…this is fact.
But those ‘curses’ can only be undone by the ‘feelings’ of people.
{It is wishes from their hearts that are able to rend the curses apart…the powers of each wish are able to take form.}
{This form is what the torcher is.}
Tachibana: You know that much at least?
If you can see that then…
No way…
You mean it’s…

Souma: That’s right, Tahchibana-san.
The hope that will save people…
The perception of despair that will come and judge them…
In short the doll that watches over them..

Souma: It is Makina who will judge them
Against the thing known as ‘Indulgence’.
Tachibana: That’s insane…
???: Tachibana…
You do know what happens if you are unable to..
Hold up your guarantee in regards to Souma.
Tachibana: I understand…
Just wait a little more, would you?

Souma: I’m well aware of your intent to kill me….
But it seems you’ve got your own problems as well, Tachibana-san.
The ‘curse’ that is my abilities will…
become perfection upon my death.
And then a perfect Makina will envelope this entire world.
Tachibana: Even if that is the truth of the matter, I cannot allow you to run…
Since I can’t afford to be embarrassed any more.

Tachibana: I just don’t feel like letting you do what you…
Want any more.

(Sfx- Hyuuhh *wffft*)
Souma: My…aren’t we impatient…
I know hand to hand combat is your specialty.
At this age, you still have those moves….impressive.

Tachibana: ‘That age’?! Why are you treating me as some sort of relic?!
I’m still only around forty! Only AROUND forty!!
(Handwritten- I’m not at the age that I’m ready to abandon my forties!!)
Tachibana: Geez…
I suppose I’ll have to burn myself out to take care of you…
I hope you’re prepared….
{Torcher ‘Sukeprabaz’.}

Rokudo: This is…
Souma: He’s using the moth’s scales to create an illusion?
Tachibana: Since this is an open area, the effect isn’t as pronounced..
But this is good enough for where we are.

Souma: Uwaaah!
Tachibana: I’ll lock your consciousness away for good~


Makinanno: Because you didn’t keep your promise…
I ended up like this.

Makinanno: I’ll have to kill..
Yousuke: Makina…

Yousuke: I wasn’t able to…
Grant the promise I had made to you…
I have to do whatever it takes to bring the Hamilin incident to a close…
So that this time I can save sis with my own hands.
That’s why….
It’s absolutely fine if you want to curse me too.

{So that at least…}
{I can defeat you.}
Natsume: Yousuke!!
Saburo: Yousuke-kun!!

Yousuke: Uuuh…

Yousuke: Oooooo


{I’m sorry…}
Natsume: Ah!! He’s falling!!
(Handwritten- What will do?)
Saburo: I’ll use my ‘lost memory’ to stop him..
(Sfx- Gacha gacha *Clack clack*)
Saburo: Natsume…support….

Yousuke: Makina…!!
Saburo: She wasn’t defeated?!
Natsume: But…she looks kinda weird…

Makinanno: Yo-chan…please…
You have to quickly…

Rokudo: I won’t…
Give Kei to you again.
Souma: This is for the best…
Souma: My sin must be judged…
This judgment is for the sake of my ‘curse’ being able to bloom.
With this…
I can finally…
Tachibana: Souma!!!


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