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Doll's Folklore 14

Believe it or not.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 17, 2013 20:04 | Go to Doll's Folklore

-> RTS Page for Doll's Folklore 14

Folklore scans only.

(Side text- Final chapter.)

Final chapter: Believe it or not.

Makinanno: Yo-chan.
Yousuke: Makina!

(Sfx- Gokunn *gulp*)
Natsume: T-they were swallowed?!
Saburo: Yousuke-kun!!!

Yousuke: Hah…
Just now…
I coulda swore that someone was calling for me…
???: Over here! Quickly!!

Girl: Yo-chan.
Yousuke: Sis…!!
Girl: Hide here!

Yousuke: What was that just now?
Girl: Don’t worry, I’ll protect you!
Girl: That thing….
It’s going to hurt me and everyone eventually!!
Yousuke: Th—that…
{Then…after this sis will…}

Yousuke: Sis…!!!
Girl: Isn’t it strange…?

Makinnano: Although I hate them this much…
That I too would give birth to a doll…
The fact that someday monsters like that might be born from even me..
Is the thing that scares me.
{Then if you ever become…}
{Onna those sorts of monsters…}
Yousuke: I get it…

{It’s because she took what I said seriously that she came to me.}
Yousuke: Nnngggggh!
I’m coming now….
Thing: You still honestly believe that…
You have the strength to do anything on your own?

Thing: It’s that delusion that leads to the birth of the monsters known as dolls…
You’re the same as you were back then….
All you can do is watch helplessly with your fingers in your mouth.

???: The hell ya doin, iiiidiot.
Yousuke: Wha…
Kanno: I guess Makina’s thoughts are synced up with my consciousness or somethin’ like that.
That don’t mean shit right now anyway!!
You’re still your same dumbfuck self!!
(Handwritten- Heeey!!)

Kanno: I mean, you’ve got yourself some ‘power’ now don’tcha?
Yousuke: But I don’t have the beam saber with me…
I can’t…
Kanno: Your toy sword and my lute…
As torchers they are the image of power with these tools as mediums.
People are weak.
It’s hard for them to believe that things exist when they don’t have a form.

Kanno: That’s why the form of your own feelings is so cheap lookin.
The fact that you don’t believe in the medium of the divine power that you possess is why your torcher looks like crap.
Forget what others have to say and believe in your own feelings.
Believe in ‘em…
And keep on believin’ in them! You do that and power will be born within your torcher.
Believe in yourself….

Kanno: The true form of your torcher…
Has always been within you.

(Sfx- Zubaaahh *bloosh*)
Natsume: The doll’s ass is splittin’ apart?!
(Sfx- Zuzuzuhhh *ssssshhh*)

Saburo: Yousuke-kun!
(Sfx- Bashhinn *fwooom*)

Saburo: Without his torcher….
What on earth does he plan to do in there…?!

Saburo: That is the core of Makina who is being controlled by Souma’s emotions…
It has become a legion class doll born from the feelings of the victims in this area.
Without your sword, there isn’t a thing that we can do here!!
It’s only a matter of time until my barrier falls apart too.
We have to take the people here and run to a faraway place!!

(Sfx- Jyuuruu)
(Sfx- Michi michi michi mich *shivershivershiver*)
(Sfx- Aaaaaaaaaaaghhhh)
Saburo: What are you doing! I’m saying the barrier is going to fall apart!
And if that huge mass of consciousness swallows you…
Your sense of self will be completely destroyed!!


Natsume: No way…
He was able to break that doll apart with nothing…?!
Saburo: For a doll that is a mass of consciousness like that to remain stable..
And keep it’s shape is rather difficult.

Saburo: So a single person with a little effort can….
But even if they can, it requires an unheard of amount of focus to break a mass like that apart.
{To do something like that would take the sort of a person who would normally be branded a ‘hero’!!}
Saburo: Yousuke-kun…
Yousuke: There hasn’t been a day over the last ten years….
That I haven’t thought that it would have been better if I were kidnapped.
If I had been braver, I would have been able to save sis….and stuff like that.

Yousuke: For ten years I let myself think nothing but spineless thoughts…
But I ain’t going to let myself lose to sudden feelings.
Makinnano: Yo—
Yousuke: You’ve been waiting for me huh? Makina.

Yousuke: The promise I made back then…
Let me keep it now.

{If you’re talking about monsters…}
{The ones which are born from the feelings of people…}
{The fact that someday monsters like that might be born of us…Is the thing that scares me.}
Yousuke: Oooh…
Then if you ever birth…
Onna those sorts of monsters…
Use this to beat ‘em up!!

Yousuke: Then you won’t have anything to be scared of, right?!
Girl: …Yeah. That’s a promise…

Makinanno: Thank you.

{Bye bye…}
Saburo: The core of lost feelings…
Is scattering….

Yousuke: See ya…

???: The events of last week was attributed to a biological terrorist attack.
Apparently a girl from the first year classes was there…
She says she heard someone mention that something like an ‘Angel’ was seen there.
But they’re saying due to the gas there, people were seeing illusions and stuff.
???: Ehhh?! Isn’t that bad news?!
Ako: Oyamada, you were off that day right…?
That area is near the school route right? It’s gotten kind of dangerous..
Yousuke: Really now.
Though to be honest I’m not feeling all that great anyway…
Ako: Ah..sorry..
Your acquaintance got wrapped up in all of that right…?

Ako’s friend: Though they say the criminal behind all of that died…
I’ve heard the rumors that the truth is they haven’t found him.
Did you hear about that?
Ako: You’ve been on weird websites again haven’ tyou?
Hey! Oyamada!!
Yousuke: I’ve got my part time job to go to…
So I’ll see you guys tomorrow.
{After that incident…}

{Tachibana-san went through a series of jobs to try and take responsibility for what happened..}
Dude: Hiiiiii!
Tachibana: You’ve got a good body…
Go on go limp….
{As of now he’s running a clinic out of his home, and has managed to make up for things a little.}
{Taking after Tachibana-san, Saburo-san assumed the office of chief.}
{He’s been running a campaign against the heads of the Misaki agency, and laying down the groundwork for a huge lawsuit…it sounds like he’s got his work cut out for him.}
{And then…}
Kanno: Yer late, iiiidiot.

Kanno: Were ya (beep’n) on your own or somethin’?
Yousuke: I couldn’t help it!
(Handwritten- And NO that was not what I was doing!)
Yousuke: My grades sorta suck right now.
Kanno: I got some info from that Rokudo chick…the one who uses that ‘Magudara’ power…
Get yer ass on the bike.

Yousuke: Um..shouldn’t you consider getting a license for a car soon?
It’s sorta scary riding behind you…
Why are you getting on behind me?!
Kanno: C’mon man. I’m still hurtin’ all over, so you gotta drive me around.
Now move up dammit.
Yousuke: I don’t have a license!!
Kanno: Hey…
What did you say to me…?
Yousuke: Y—You heard that?
T—Thanks for saving me….
10 years ago….

Kanno: Yup yup…
That’s what Kanno-chan likes about you…
Yousuke: Wha?! What did you just say?! Repeat that last word…!
Kanno: Geez…You’re so damn helpless. Okay fine, for now on we’ll (beep)
Don’t worry, you can let big sis here take the lead…(move over.)
Yousuke: W—wait! Sto—
(Handwritten- UWAAAAAAAAAH!!)
???: It’ll be born soon Kei….
(First right- I heard of that missing children case….has anyone else?//No name 2012 August 4th…scary..)
(Middle- The man who blows the flute of hamiln…is someone…// John Doe: I thought that too…)
(Last left- Sighting information of the man who blows the flute// The man who blows the flute of hamilin…I think I might have seen him lately…has anyone else seen the man who blows the flute?// What will gather…???)

Rokudo: The true man who blows the flute of Hamilin.
Girl: Hey…did you hear the rumor…? That terrorist attack was the work of the ‘Man who blows the flute of hamilin’..!!
You mean that? Yeah he’s the one kidnapping children alive right?
Yeah that!! I heard that the truth is that rumor is still around…!

Here we are. The end of yet another series. This brings my grand total of finished manga to...what...Yellow Dragon, and...this. I've finished two series despite having 700 translations. That...is kind of an issue. I mean seriously. With 700 translations you'd think I'd have at least a dozen or more finished series, but then again I'm sorta pathetic I guess. Dunno. Or maybe I still have too much of a life to like stick with this stuff? (lol.) Eh, who knows.

In any case, my patheticness aside, Dolls Folklore is done. It was an interesting series that I picked up out of boredom. I want to believe that the ending was the result of the the author's intentions moreso than it being cancelled, but I dunno. It had just the right amount of loose ends dealt with to suggest this was planned, but enough potential to suggest that it if had been more popular it could have gone on longer. Either way I enjoyed doing it, though some of the techno (or fantasy) babble was like 'Tales of series' confusing. In the end though, I do like that the characters have some sorta closing, and that Yousuke decided to save the person who saved him rather than get all concerned about such stuff as the whole world. People are conceited creatures with tunnel vision that have enough trouble saving themselves much less someone else and the damn world. While the altruistic hero makes for better entertainment, there's something real about the dude who abandons that sort of thinking to save the girl...or friend or something.

So enjoy Doll's folklore. I've heard from the scantlation team that they are having trouble recruiting typesetters, so if you want to help them, please go to folklore scans------->http://folklorescans.wordpress.com/ and give 'em a hand so this series can be completely scantlated. We have another project on the way soonish...you may have seen the first chapter....'Yuuyami Tokkoutai'. I hope we can bring more of that soon, so look forward to it.

Thank you for sticking with me this long, and I hope to start finishing things...or at least suck less.


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Ryogo, benii

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#1. by benii ()
Posted on Feb 19, 2013
thank you so much for finding this and translating it. someday there will probably be scanlations of this...
and congratz on doubling your completed series list!
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