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Nejimaki Kagyu 47


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Aug 25, 2013 01:41 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

-> RTS Page for Nejimaki Kagyu 47

When the omake has more text than the actual chapter that's a problem.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Egumi: Guwaaah!!
Marue: Just now..
You got scared and put your foot on the break didn’tcha?
Egumi: eh!?
Marue: If ya keep actin’ like a scared chicken shit then you won’t move me an inch, oi.
Don’t have enough conviction, dammit!
Chapter 47

(From: Matilda Senpai//Subject: Mission//Successfully steal my dog tags.)
Ageha: Like, c’moooon! Where are you?!
I can’t see you from here scardy cat!!
Are we playing hide and go seek or something!?
(Sfx- Gasaah *rustle*)
Ageha: Gotcha now!!

Ageha: This agaaaaaaaaaaaain!?!
(On tree: Panty character (lol.))
Ageha: Don’t screw…
(Sfx- Chira *twinkle*)
(Sfx- Chira *twinke*)
Ageha: Why you…
Useless mongrel..!!
I’ll get those off your neck even if I’ve got to take your head along with ‘em!!!

Olufe: Orion’s Sword…Betelgeuse!
Get up.
Or is this the end already?
I believe you said you’d defeat me, no?
Tomie: Hah..
Olufe: I happen to dislike Dazai.
(TN- She’s referring to Osamu Dazai who wrote Run! Melos!)
(Sfx- Pikuhh *throoob*)
Olufe: His works reek of self absorption and decadence…
And he himself is a vicious contrarian.
No wonder the only sorts who could possibly enjoy his works are girls who would commit lovers suicide for boring men…

Olufe: The same annoying sort as that Kagyuu…
(Sfx- Piku piku piku *Throb throb throb*)
Olufe: Selfish…
And overly simplistic…
I cannot imagine who would possibly be able to stand such a person…much less fall in love with them.
Tomie: Yamada-senpai….even if you had a whole life time to learn you’d never understand….
Tomie is angry…..
Olufe: Bring it on.

(Sfx- Zeh zeh zeh)
{How many times has she used that attack?}
{Could it be she hasn’t even slept since yesterday?}
{Her hand…}
{It’s painful to even look at.}
{Yet her eyes…}
{Have not yet lost their brilliance.}

{She is beautiful…}
Yoh: Kagyuu-chan?!

{Who do I call? A hospital?!}
{An ambulance?!}
{Will they be able to come this deep into the forest?}
{Huh?! Maybe 411?!}
{What do I do?!}
(TN- In the original the numbers are 110 and 119. I’ll do you foreign guys a favor and say they’re just emergency numbers. You can replace them with whatever works in your region. In the US they would be 911 and 411.)
Kagyuu: Yoh…
There’s a file in my bag….
Yoh: A file?
(Sfx- Suhh *sffft*)
(On drawing- To Kagyuu-chan.)
{That’s the picture I drew!}
{She treasured it…!}
{And now she carries it with her at all times!!}

{The picture I drew brings a smile like that to Kagyuu-chan’s face..}
{I don’t think I could be any happier than I am right now…}
{That’s wrong.}

{It’s not who drew the picture at all.}
{What Kagyuu-chan adores is who is in the picture.}
Kagyuu: Yoh?
What’s wrong?
Are you o—

Yoh: I….I..
I really…
Kagyuu-chan I…
Not as a friend…
But as a boy…
Kagyuu: …..Eh?

Yoh: It hurts…
To watch you have these feelings for Kamo-sensei…
I can’t take it anymore.
What am I going to do…
I love you so much…

Kagyuu: ah…
Well um…
I appreciate your feelings…
Sensei is the one I have eyes for…
I love you too Yoh but…
I can’t think of you in that way.
Thank you.
(Sfx- Jiguuhhh *throooob*)

Yoh: Okay…
Thank you…
See you…later.
Marble: Welcome back..Yoh.


(TN- Ultimate friendzoned face.)

Marble: Now ain’t that a good look for you.
Yoh: Marble-san…
I’ve decided…
I can…
I will…
Become a member of Kagyuu-chan’s family.


End of Volume Omake manga.
Yoh: Ah, A cat!
Where’d that stray come from?
(Sfx- Chi chi)
(Handwritten- This is the second floor..)
(Sfx- Chi chi)
Marble: This cat is awesome.
It’s fur is silky and it’s paws are too.
Moreover he can walk a straight line easily.
He musta been fed pretty well.
Yoh: You really like cats don’t you Marble-san?
Marble: Not really.
(Sfx- Chi chi chi chi chi)
Yoh: But it seems like that to me..

Yoh: What are you doing Marble-san?!
You can’t feed him that stuff!!
Marble: eh?
He’s on the skinny side ain’t he?
So I was tryin’ to feed ‘im.
I felt bad for ‘im and stuff.
Yoh: Okay then..

(TN- Oh for Christ’s sake Yoh.)
Yoh: You say you ‘feel bad for him’, but ultimately what if it’s your actions that bring about his untimely demise? That he lead a good life until he met you?
And then of course there’s the fact that a normal cat can give birth to a little of fourteen kittens if you do decide to take it in…will you take care of them too Marble-san?
Moreover where is that cat going to relieve itself? If we don’t take proper action in that regard we could find ourselves annoying the neighbors with the smell.
Then there’s the birds, fish and rabbits that may be pets of others that this little guy may kill to make his meal. You’d have a responsibility towards them as well.
Oh and don’t forget how kitty is going to need to have regular checkups at a veterinarian. You’d have to find one. If you’re not willing to do that, take into consideration how many cats without owners are put down on a regular basis.
Please understand what I’m trying to convey here…
It only takes a moment and one careless ‘I feel bad for him’ to turn a person into a cat owner and invite all sorts of responsibilities for a person to handle, and ultimately it’s this misguided kindness that leads to unintended cruelty.
If you take him in without the intention of taking care of the kitty for it’s entire life then you’re pretty much the same as someone who sees it and abandons it!

Yoh: I love cats as well..
But it’s because of that…
I don’t want the poor unfortunate kitty to get hurt…
Marble: I—I’m sorry…
Yoh: So lets take good care of him.
Marble: Huh?!
Yoh: Of course! Just make sure to take care of him.

Marble: Thanks a bunch Yoh!!
Ain’t this awesome Tempura?
Yoh: Uh…that’s his name? Why Tempura?
Marble: Eh? Well it’s cause his bottom half is tea colored obviously.

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