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Nejimaki Kagyu 48


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Aug 25, 2013 03:42 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

-> RTS Page for Nejimaki Kagyu 48

And so Volume 6 begins. With any luck, I'll be done with this one before volume 20 is released. Geheheheheh. *sob*

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Cover flap- I have nothing but natural enemies so I’ll die tomorrow.)


The new high school teacher Negizawa Kamo has a problem. That is due to his constitution he attracts the wrong kind of attention from the wrong sorts of women, or a 'extreme case of lady problems'. As he is troubled by this a girl targets him, her name? Kagyuu Jyuubee. She claims that 'Because I have to protect sensei I transferred.'! The truth of the matter is that Kagyuu was a beautiful young girl who before moving to china was good friends with Kamo.

Kagyuu’s relationship and feelings toward Kamo have run into another obstacle despite their allies continuing to grow in number. This time Kagyuu’s sister Marble has appeared and she has said ‘He cannot be a member of our family’. In order to oppose Marble’s fearsome strength Kagyuu goes for training. It is there that Mangirl Yoh confesses his feelings for Kagyuu. Dark clouds begin to encircle the student council however forcing a possible showdown; Love VS Familial Love VS the love of the students! Now a three way battle begins!!
New teacher: Negizawa Kamo
School committee chairwoman: Mikado Ageha
Literature girl: Yamazaki Tomie
Nejimaki girl : Kagyuu Jyuubee
'Ladies' Commander Ayanokouji Egumi
Nejimaki older sister: Marble
Mangirl: Nakamura Yoh.
Teacher: Mori.
Secretary: Alice.
Morals Shitennou: Yamada Olfue
Board Chairman
Morals Shitennou: Tougou Matilda Ryuuko.
Morals Shitennou: Gaga Marue
Morals committee chairwoman: Inuzuka Shino
Student Council President: Nichie Elisa
Vice President of student Council: Kogami Tetori
Vice President of student council: Kogami Atori

Chapter 48: Gutter.
Chapter 49: Anticharaizm: Character hunting as a response.
Chapter 50: A pincer attack’s defense and offense.
Chapter 51: Thorny and blunt.
Chapter 52: Spirals
Chapter 53: Chasing blood
Chapter 54: Thunder clap
Chapter 55: The king’s declaration of war.
Chapter 56: A teacher-like teacher.
Chapter 57: I can’t hear it.

Football…dude(?): Kamo-sensei!!
Take my tackle of love!!
Girl: Would y-yo…
Lick my recorder?
Catgirl: Let us go to the other world together!!
Chapter 48: Gutter.
Shino: Decsion…second letter…
{Shiratsuyuni / Kaze no fukishiku / Aki no no wa / Tsuranukitomenu / Tama zo chirikeru.}

(In the autumn fields, When the heedless wind blows by O'er the pure-white dew,How the myriad unstrung gems Everywhere are scattered round!)

Chapter 48: Gutter.

Shino: For goodness sake.
Kamo-niichan, the type of women you attract never seems to change does it?
You’re going today too?
Kamo: Yes.
I’m sorry for being so selfish and dragging you into my matters..
But no matter what..
I have to find Marble.
Shino: Hmph..
It doesn’t really matter to me Kamo-niichan but…
What will you do once you find her?
It’s highly probable that the next time you meet her you really will die.
Not as if I’ll let that happen of course.

Kamo: That’s true.
To be honest I’m not one hundred percent sure of what I should do then either.
But I just know that avoiding her isn’t the answer.
If her beliefs towards Kagyuu-chan are genuine…
Then I should respond in kind with my genuine beliefs.
After all I’m…
Kagyuu-chan’s teacher.
{Your arm is broken and your life is in danger yet you don’t think anything of your own mortality.}
{No matter what, your students are important to you…}
{Isn’t that right…}

{You completely love blind idiot teacher!!}
{Though honestly…}
{That’s one of your good points.}
Shino: Geez…Kamo-niichan
You’re weak, so where do you get off saying that?!
Kamo: Hey! Using Yaezakura is overkill!!
Shino: Teehee.
???: Oh my!

Elisa: I see you’ve managed to reclaim time to enjoy yourself….
Former Morals committee president.
I must say I rather enjoyed your former self more.
???: Student council president!

Shino: State your business with us.
Elisa: Now now, no need to give me the cold shoulder.
After all we should be working together as a united front as comrades, no?
Cooperation would have more benefits as well, no?
Shino: More benefits through cooperation?
Elisa: Nn…I can’t take this…

Elisa: What you want to protect…
Is the same as what I want to protect Negizawa-sensei!
Don’t we both love the students?!
Plus we share the same enemy in Marble!
Rather than working separately…
Don’t you think it would be more beneficial if we were to assist each other in our efforts?
Uniting our separate goals has its own unique merits.
Although it’s true we don’t…
Have an obligation to protect the teachers and staff…

I can promise you that these ladies will be more than glad to be your body guards.
The students wish for you to be safe as well…
So from now on allow us to take charge of you.
My beloved students mustn’t be exposed to any danger…
And to that end I am extending myself everywhere to ensure safety here through my administration.
So then Negizawa-sensei!
As someone who like me loves the students…
Don’t you believe that joining our cause now is the right thing to do?!

Kamo: Sorry but…
I’d rather not.
We’ll do things our way.
Elisa: B…
But why?
These are excellent conditions….right?

Elisa: I thought for sure that you’d understand me best Sensei…
But these things happen. What a shame.
Well then..
I guess negotiations have been halted.

Kamo: Whew…
Shino: Kamo-niichan, why did you turn them down?
Kamo: Call it a difference of values…
I guess.
Shino: Eh?
Kamo: I have a feeling that she…
Is giving a special value to me over the other students.
Shino: Why?
Kamo: She says that she wants to make this place safe through her administration right?
An administration that means…
‘Control’ in this case.

Kamo: Whether they are special or normal…
I see all of my students the same way.
Which is why…
The word ‘administration’ sounds a bit cold.
It seems that…
(Sign- Student council room.)

Kamo: What she loves isn’t the students….
But herself.
Tetori: President…
Your face…
Elisa: Ah.

Tetori: I think that look suits you more, ma’am.
Elisa: Well I suppose this look..
Is proof positive that I’m myself.
Atori: Hey President?
Weren’t we gonna like bring that Kagyuu girl into our group?
Elisa: That’s putting the cart in front of the horse…
If we are to make any progress against Kagyuu, Negizawa-sensei has to be the first objective to fall.
But you know there’s that…
You have to get into your opponents head and think three steps ahead of him to remain on top.

Elisa: Negizawa-sensei is first on our list.
Then there’s the formal Morals committee…
And Marble…
It seems the amount of annoyances in our way only seems to grow.
These are insurgents that threaten to throw my ‘Kingdom’ into chaos.
Insurgents like these…
Need to be eradicated by the full strength that is our student council.

Elisa: I am the student council president…
Or this campus’s King.
(Sfx- Kui kui *wff wff*)
Dudes: uuugh…
(Sfx- Phhh *fwiip*)

Elisa: And before long…
I will be its God.

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