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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 469

So long Shinigami.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 7, 2013 03:59 | Go to Gintama

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Next week 'Gintama chikubi hen' START!!

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- Rain of settlement…)
Yaemon: ….I see.
So Yaemon was…
???: We couldn’t find his corpse but…
But there’s no doubt that the Hitotsubashi finished ‘im off.
Yaemon: No…
I’m the one who killed him.

Yaemon: To protect our home….
I sliced the neck of the previous Yaemon.
I even went as far as enlisting his help.
At this point I’m certain that I do not have the right to even ride the coattails of the Ikeda name.
Hijikata: That neck had protected the name ‘Yaemon’.
I dunno if this is the fate of a family of executioners or anything…
Yaemon: If that’s the case…
Then just adding one more neck won’t satisfy anything.
If this is all it takes to shake this family…
Then I doubt that the Ikeda clan will make it through all the chatter and fuss around what happened in one piece.
I, the official executioner Ikeda Asaemon…
Have but one more assignment to complete.

???: Prisoner number 332654…
(Sfx- gachaa *clack*)
Okita: Come on.
(Sfx- Mukuhhh *shffft*)
Okita: That goes for you too…Prisoner number 46592 and 23992.
All of you come on out.
(Sfx- Zahh zaaahh *Sfft shfft*)

Okita: Sorry to keep you waiting.
The time for your execution has arrived.
(Side text- Hey! I remember those guys….say what?!)
Lesson 468: So long Shinigami.
(Sfx- Burooooooh *vrrrrrrrm*)

Shinpachi: Um…excuse me…
But why did things end up this way?
What’s the meaning of this?
(Sfx- Gacharri *clack*)
Shinpachi: You were there when the situation behind this case was explained right?
We even proved that Asaemon-san is completely innocent…
And you helped Gin-san when his injuries weren’t completely healed…
Okita: Whoa there buddy. You didn’t think that this whole situation was gonna end there…
For you or Aseamon didja?
See, assembling this case has been all kinds of difficult.
For one thing you’ve got the passerby killings, and while it’s true the dudes that ended up being victims weren’t exactly model citizens, they were in fact guys who got one verdict and managed to get away with not serving it. It’s a real mess.

Okita: And more importantly, the criminal behind all of this Ikeda Yaemon has disappeared since everything went down.
Well…it’s my humble opinion that he was simply judged before he could be judged if you know what I mean.
And then there’s the fact that the threads leading to the true underbelly of this case….the Hitotsubashi have become evident.
Those guys are openly doing some pretty awful things without even getting their hands dirty.
They acted under the guise of having a ship filled with corpses to be used for sword testing…
We of the Shinsengumi ended up getting involved to keep things from getting more troublesome, but then we ended up bearing witness to something worse.
So although you guys are the ones who technically screwed up, we have to take responsibility for it.
Since that seems a little unfair, we’ve decided to lay things out as they may in hopes of covering our asses from a pretty bad situation.
So basically everything here would be solved if you were to die right?

Okita: During times where something bad happens, if there’s no one to punish for it then people aka the masses get scared.
So we need to have a means of ensuring to the people that when this sorta thing occurs that we’ll take care of it to the fullest extent the law will alow.
Okita: No need to worry though. Your deaths won’t be in vain. Considering that the Hitotsubashi went out and finished things off doing whatever they wanted, I ended up getting a pay cut too.
Kagura: That is in vain, yes?! We are not toilet paper that you can use to clean your asses!
(Sfx- garii *chomp*)
Okita: Moreover it seems that they’re lining up your necks along with Asaemon’s.
You had to have known that the higher ups weren’t just gonna look the other way and let the Ikeda clan get away with this right? Asemon wasn’t able to protect her own life with this gamble, and neither were you.
Gintoki: Hey…what are you talking about?
Okita: Huh? You didn’t know?
Asaemon had to take responsibility for her role in this riot…
And it seems she chose to judge herself.

Okita: She musta been prepared to do that sorta thing when she decided to cut Yaemon down.
To take Yaemon’s neck and her own in a gambit to protect her household.
An executioner that couldn’t even take your necks…she’s really something.
(Sfx- Gabaah *fwapp*)
Gintoki: Why….
Okita: Stop her? You shouldn’t sleep talk when you’re awake boss.
From when she met you…
That you’d allow yourself to get cut down in her place..
For the sin you committed..

Okita: You were the one who cut her down…
With the executioner’s ghastly blue blade…
You’re the one who killed her boss.
(Sfx- Gakooon *clank*)
Hijikata: We just need to take your head to clean this whole thing up…
A neck that should have been sliced ten years ago…
Who woulda thought it’d be us seeing you off?
Sorry but we’re not gonna attend to your needs in your last moments.
Ten years ago the official executioner Ikeda Yaemon…
Allowed a great criminal to escape…
So as he was responsible for this….
The duty to cut the neck of a great criminal now should fall to…
(Sfx- Zatshhh *sfft*)

Hijikata: None other than the official executioner…
Ikeda Yaemon.

Shinpachi: Asa..
Yaemon: …Is no longe here.
There is no Shinigami here.
Would you like me to act as your second?
I will ensure that this blade…
Will reach you.
Without allowing your head to touch the ground I will cleanse your soul…
In one pure sweep.
You all are the ones who reminded me of what is truly precious…
And returned my humanity to me…
This execution is precious to me.

Yaemon: I am lost no more…
The one standing here now is not a demon who fears her own sins…
Or a shinigami who will use fear to judge you…
I am the official executioner…
The 19th Ikeda Yaemon.
Gintoki: You…
Okita: And so we’re off to bury Ikeda Asemon who committed seppuku.
(Sfx- Zatshhh *sffft*)
Hijikata: We leave things to you here 19th head.
Although it’d be a blast to watch you slice their necks until there’s just a sliver of skin left…
We’re unfortunately not all that into gruesome stuff.

Hijikata: After all, Yaemon’s blade doesn’t need an inspection.
If we do end up spotting a bunch of idiots with their necks barely attached…
Okita: We’ll just assume they’re corpses since having your neck barely attached pretty much qualifies one as being dead.
Yaemon: Yes…
Yaemon’s blade…
Allows no mistakes.
(Sfx- Jakkiiiin *clack*)

(Sfx- Pariiiin *clank*)
Yaemon: And there isn’t a single person here…
Criminal or not that requires judgment.

{The ones who can return humanity to a person who has committed crimes and become a demon….}
{Are humans.}
{Which is exactly why…}
{I don’t have the right to cut you down…}
{A demon…}
{Has no right to cut down another demon.}

{It’s a promise then!}
{That when I become a great executioner…}
{I’ll be the one to cut your neck, mister.}
{So promise me mister…}
{That until I become I great executioner you won’t die.}

Gintoki: Pops…
With this I guess I’ve become a slightly better person than I am now too huh?
(Sfx- Bochaaan *blooosh*)
(Handwritten- Dammit/dammit//dammit//dammit//dammit)
(Side text- There is no night without dawn…as there is no nipple that doesn’t fall.)

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