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Nejimaki Kagyu 56

A teacher-like teacher.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 8, 2013 02:49 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

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One day I'll finish volume 6 and become a translator like translator. For now, I'm just a maru de dame ni honyakusha (Madaho).

Mangaunlimited only.

Elisa: He is planning an act of terrorism on our campus.
(Sfx- Mogu mogu *chew chew*)
Chairman: That’s some acting.
(Sfx- Hah)
(Sfx- Hah)


Kid: Did you see Mecha mite yesterday?
Kid2: Yeah I saw it, allll too well.
Kid: Totally.
And this moving picture is Ayuyu…
Boys: We’re gonna go huntin’ today!
(Sfx- Gyuuhh *griiip*)
Chapter 56: A teacher-like teacher.
Girl: Kamo-kun always has a convenience store lunch.
Not like my mom’s onigiri…they lack shape and are all drippy.
It was the same yesterday too.
Kid: It’ cause his folks aren’t around.
Kid2: Oh? Then they won’t get mad at him if he doesn’t study and stuff right?

Kid: Somethin’ like that I guess.
Chapter 56: A teacher-like teacher.
Kamo: Mechamite...

(Sfx- Perii *drip*)
(Sfx- Pari pari *bloop bloop*)

Lady: I found Kamo-kuuuuuun~
Kamo: Uh…
Lady: What are you doing?
Why aren’t you eating in the class?

Lady: Is it okay if teach eats her lunch here with you?
This is totally like a hidden home away from home! It feels nice.
Maybe teach should eat here tomorrow too.

Lady: Kamo-kun…you’ve been left behind again..
Won’t the people at home worry about you?
Kamo: I don’t want to go back.
I’ll sleep here.
Lady: How about going home with teacher?

Lady: Why?
Well…if you really don’t want to…
How about some TV instead?
After it’s over you can decide.
Kamo: Ah…this…
It’s Mecha mite?
Lady: Oh? Have you seen it?
Kamo: This is my first time…
(Sfx- Wahahah!!)
(Handwritten- What’s that ‘possed to be?!)

Lady: I sorta got into cooking and made far too much to eat.
If you want some we could share.
Kamo: Eh?! Really?!
Whoa there’s fried potatoes…
And tamagoyaki!!

Kamo: And handmade onigiri….
What do you know so much about me?

Lady: Because…
I’m your sensei!
A teacher shouldn’t be happy if she doesn’t know at least a little about her students.
I’m not trying to be your mom or anything…
I just want to be someone you can rely on when you need it, Kamo-kun.
I think there’s a voice in your heart that you want to express Kamo-kun…and I want to hear it.

Lady: Teehee…
It’s funny isn’t it?
It’s more like we’re family huh?
You and I…
If there’s anything you want to do or say…feel free to.
When you’re with me.
You don’t need to hold anything back..
Or keep it bottled in.

Lady: Here you go..
Kamo: Th—thank you.
Lady: Oh my~
This isn’t fast food. It won’t run away…
So you don’t need to rush.

Kamo: U..
Lady: Wow!
Oh my…
Seems something strange has gotten in the food!

Kamo: I…
Always wanted to eat…
Dinner with my mom…
(Sfx- Hiku *sob*)
(Sfx Hiku *sob*)
Lady: Thank you…
I’ve now heard…
What’s in your heart.

Kamo: Sensei…what were you thinking when you decided to teach?
Lady: Hm?
When I was in elementary school…
My first love was my homeroom teacher.
He was so cool!
Studious kids..
Truant kids..
Interesting kids..
Lonely seeming kids…
He valued them all the same and loved each of them.
Ahh..he seemed like a god to me…
Back then I truly believed in him.
I’m so silly aren’t I?
But silly thoughts like that during childhood…
Are exactly how teachers of now and the future take root.

Lady: That’s why I decided to be a teacher.

{I wonder if…}
{I could be one too…}
(Sfx- Gyuuhh *grinnd*)
{I want to be one…}
{A sensei…}
{Like her…}
Kamo: S—
Stop it!!

Elisa: The man pulling the strings behind all of this…
(Sfx- Pachi)
Elisa: Is Negizawa-sensei.
He is planning an act of terrorism on our campus.
(TN- Yup. Kamo just keeps making those badass faces from here on in. Deal with it.)

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