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Nejimaki Kagyu 57

I can’t hear it.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 13, 2013 02:02 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

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I realize now celebrating getting just a year closer to dying, alone and very sick isn't a problem at all. It's only when you decide to finish volume six of a manga you've taken more than a year to translate on the anniversary day marking your slow decent into the reapers cold embrace while being very sick that it's just a mite (just a mite) bit sad.

Mangaunlimited only.

(TN- Damn Kamo. Looks like someone had some rebellion for breakfast.)
Chapter 57: I can’t hear it.
(Sfx- Kachii *click*)
Elisa: Are we awake?

Ran: Whoa! Angira-senpai…where’d you get those crazy wounds?! They look mad painful!!
Angira: Oh my…
Don’t look at them too much Ran…!

Chapter 57
I can’t hear it.
Kojika: Two of you went to take care of the former morals committee chairman, and still ended up like that?!
Friggin’ laaaame.

Ran: You can’t go shooting your mouth off at our senpai like that!!
Our upperclassmen are absolutely awesome! So awesome that they were born first into the world!
Angira-senpai!! I’m sorry if Kojika hurt your feelings!! Ma’am!!
Kojika: Shit for brains muscle skank.
Riah: Let’s try to get along everyone…
Kamo: I’d like you tell me just one thing..
Is Shino-chan okay?!
Elisa: No need to worry…
She sustained some damage, but she’s not in a situation where her life is in danger.

Elisa: With you as our pawn…
We have no need for her.
Kamo: Why would you go so far…
For me…?
Elisa: I’m sure you heard my broadcast just now sensei..
If so you should understand….
The reasons are twofold.

Elisa: (1) We need someone to adorn the title of scapegoat for our ‘character hunting’.
(2) And to lure out Kagyuu whom the Board chairman is interested in and Marble who opposes us.
Ran: Is it okay to tell him that much president?
Elisa: Have some faith in me.
And now you have become the wanted man around campus.
You’ve lost essentially all standing as a professor.
Though depending on what you decide that too can be reversed.
If you become a consultant for the student council..
And devote yourself fully to supporting us and our cause…
I could see to it that all of your crimes as a teacher are erased.

Elisa: I’ll even go as far as making you a rather convenient offer..
By broadcasting to the school that Marble is the true mastermind in this scheme.
Will you resign in shame of your crimes…
Or become a counselor to us and continue being a teacher?
If you were to enter the student council Negizawa-sensei..
I can assure you that from here on in, no more innocent blood will be shed.
You are a kind and gentle teacher are you not?
Kamo: ….I…

Kamo: I refuse to be a counselor to the student council…
And I will continue to be a teacher!!
(TN- Way to go Kamo.)

Kamo: Gaaaaaah!!
Ran: It’s no good for you to be greedy sensei!!
Elisa: Heh….well I can understand you being a little confused since I dropped this on you so suddenly…
But I’ll ask you again…will you join…
Kamo: I refuse to join the student council!!!
{Is this guy’s head okay?!}
(Sfx- Bikiii *crack*)
{Fucking sadist…}

Elisa: Stop it.
Both: Yess’m!
Ran: That order was for me Kojika.
Kojika: It was obviously for me, idiot.

Elisa: I’m sorry for the gaudy display.
I’ll have them tend to your wounds.
So you don’t have to be in a hurry to make a decision.
(Sfx- Hah)
(Sfx- Hah)
(Sfx- Hah)
(Sfx- Hah)
Kamo: Th—
3rd year 10th class…
Angira Una-san…you’re always outside of the dojo admiring the flowers..
And you posess the heart of a cute maiden.
3rd year 4th class Ram Pirika-san…
You’re always with the animals of Sawayama….
They’re emotionally attached to you because of your pure heart right?

Kamo: 2nd year 14th class Ukibe Riah-san...
You’ve always got your PC on hand..
I understand well how important your tools of the trade are..
1st year 9th class Onidzuka Muumuu-san..
There are many mysteries surrounding you, but the fact that you’re never late and have perfect attendance leads me to believe that you are a good student.
2nd year 15th class Igarashi Ran-san…
Ran: Osu!!
Kamo: I don’t think I’ll ever forget the pound sound that your feet make as they hit the ground after you’re done with your clubs.
2nd year 6th class Kashin Kojika-san..
Your grades aren’t the best, and you say some crude things from time to time, but I don’t know anyone who has more friends than you.
Every day I meet you all on campus…
Your characters…your personalities shine.
Kojika: Creep.

Kamo: And you…president of the student council Nichie Elisa…
You say that you consider every single student on campus a member of your family, and you act for their sake…
So then why are all of you…
Why would..
You do something like this?!
How can you casually harm the students…
With your lies?!
Elisa: Nonsense.

Elisa: If there is no ruling class in a community then rather than it becoming greater it will only rot.
That is the world’s microcosmos.
Kamo: I’m sorry…
As I thought…
I can’t hear it…
Elisa: Hm?

Kamo: I can’t reach you…
Nichie-san…your voice..
From the moment I met you..
Always felt as if it was out of my reach…
Are you unable to tell me anything?!
It’s as if I’m experiencing
The same pain from back then..
{As a teacher…}

Kamo: I want to hear the voice from your heart…!!!

(Sfx- Kon kon *knock knoc*)
Tetori: President..
???: I apologize for being late.
Elisa: We’ve been waiting for you..
Our Guest.
Kamo: You’re…..?!

Tetori: He has joined the student council…


{I’m Andou.}
{I’m the chief of the newspaper club on Hanaha sakuragi’s campus.}
{At my side is the path of truth}
{In order to get to the bottom of the incidents happening on campus..}
{I tread on campus today for the sake of justice.{
{I’ve smelled something suspicious about the student council.}
{Do those ladies really love the students?}
{I’m sure that there’s something hidden below all of this.}
{And as a journalist I have to make moves to unmask it.}
{Where there are lights…there are shadows.}

{And it’s within their darkness that the student council runs wild!!}
{It appears their president isn’t in…}
{But what about the others…?}
{What on earth…}
{Are they scheming?!}
???: The time has come…

Ran: The prez’s surprise birthday party!!
(Board- Happy Birthday Elisa!)
Ran: What’d you buy her Kojika?
Kojika: Show yours first.
Angira: How about we all go together?
I bought some Toshimoroi jika pastries.
Ran: Really?! You have to wait two hours in line to get one of those!!
Angira-senpai is amazing!!
Ran: Pirika-senpai knitted a scarf herself!!
Ram: Kyaho~
???: Where’d she get the fur…
Whoa! It looks like Epetamu had to endure a heartbreaking summer coat!!

Kojika: I’m giving the president this protective chain mail..
Ran: That’s heavy! She’s probably never gonna have a use for it either!
I got this protein so that the president can get stronger!
Kojika: An overly buff president would be creepy looking dumbass!!
Riah: I—I developed a next generation gaming machine..
It’s got several different gaming styles so she can play as much as she wants!
Ran: That’s awesome!!
Muumuu…you’ve got…a spare mask?
{What’s with this cheery mood..}
{The president!}
{With her here, I’m sure their evil inclinations will appear now..}
Ran: Oh!
It’s the prez!

Girls: Happy Birthday…
{A fool.}
(Sfx- Zathhh *Sfft*)

{When did it begin..}
{That I began to look for faults in others…}
{Maybe the one who truly doesn’t love the students…}
{Is me..}
Riah: Oh, President…
There’s new information on the system…
It seems the newspaper club’s chief Andou..
Has been poking his nose where it doesn’t belong..
What should we do?
Elisa: Hunt him down.
{Time before Andou is hunted down…}
{19 hours.}

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