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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 470

I’m a mayora and he’s got a sweet tooth.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 14, 2013 19:34 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 470

Huh. No more serious arc? *Waves farewell to more than half of the translation views and people who click thank you for the translation.*

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- This winter too…)
(Side text- The Yorozuya are on your side!!)
(Blue bubble- The festival marking the night before Gintama the movie hit the silver screen’s 2013 DVD is out in stores everywhere!!// The third Gintama combination ‘Gintama Best 3’ will be in stores November 27th!!// Gintama the movie final act Yorozuya forever will be out on DVD and Blu ray disk on December 18th!!)
(Below panel- A center color page to support the campaign for the rapid fire releases of these three titles related to the anime!)

(TN- Stuff about the stuff you’re probably not gonna buy.)

(Sfx- Dogaaaaah *thoooom*)
(Side text- The wages that have gone unpaid…)
Lesson 470: I’m a mayora and he’s got a sweet tooth.
Kagura: You rotten perm! What is this about using everything on the horses?
Gintoki: No, it’s not like that! I mean c’mon. Who woulda thought Justaway would have beaten ‘Shogun’s champ’….That horse is gonna be horse meat before long….
Shinpachi & Kagura: WHERE DID OUR PAYCHECK GO?!
(Sfx- Bahyuuuun *fwifffff*)
(Sfx- Dokaaaahhh *craaaaaaaash*)
Hijikata: So is conducting a stake out so easy that you can casually sit around on your phone and have an interview with ‘It’s all good’? huh?
(Sfx- Para para *clatter*)
Yamazaki: I—it’s not like that Vice-captain! Tamo-san’s going to graduate from the show soon…and even though it wasn’t that long it felt like a while…so I lost track of time and…
Hijikata: Do you think Tamo-san’s been on ‘It’s all good’ up until this point because he’s been slacking off?!
Slacking off on your samurai code means it’s seppuku time!!

{As the head of organizations it is expected that their actions..}
{Would influence their organizations.}
{Here we have the leaders of a certain pair of organizations.}
{One leader of a company is someone who can’t get a single thing done.}
{His organization looks at his lenient and lax nature like a kite who’s string has been snapped and has no destination…no objective. Such actions fill them with anxiety.}
{The other is a leader—a vice captain that is harsh no matter what is done.}
{His organization is like a kite that has been tied up and lost its freedom to go anywhere.}

Gintoki: Did I lose ‘em?
{These two leaders are the opposite of each other…}
Hijikata: Damn. I lost him….where did he go?
{Even they couldn’t imagine this.}
Gintoki: What the hell are you doing here?! Get the hell out of my way!!
Hijikata: You move dammit!!
I’m in the middle of work now!! Do you want me to beat the shit out of you?!
Gintoki: Whatever! Just do as I said and move….
(Sfx- Puuaaaaah *hooooonk*)

{That their organizations could pull off a complete change of face…}
{Until that day came.}
(Sfx- Kiiiiiiiiiiii *reeeeeeeeeeeh*)
(Sfx- Karararaan *clatter*)

???: It seems nothing has happened.
Doctor: I’m not even sure if I should call this a miracle or not.
To be hit by a dump truck and come out without even a scratch…
Lady doctor: Normally you would have been torn to bits….shredded up.
What kind of body do you have sir?
Doctor: I did a complete scan of your entire body and there isn’t a single thing out of order.
Though the blow to your head might have forced an impediment to your memory.
Lady doctor: Now if you would…
Confirm what your name and occupation are for me…

Hijikata: Sakata Gintoki…
Of the Yorozuya.
Gintoki: Hijikata Toushirou…
The vice captain of the Shinsengumi.

Doctor: Oh I see...both of you were in an accident together were you not? It looks as if I may have gotten my charts mixed up here.
Lady doctor: My deepest apologies. It seems I might have gotten this mixed up.
Hmm…well it really does seem that nothing is wrong with you.
Doctor: Well…you seem fine physically….if anything should happen please come back to the hospital immediately.
Take care~
Ginkata: Ah…
My head hurts. Am I really gonna be okay?
Hijitoki: Geez.
It’s all because of that idiot that I had to waste time here…
Lady: Welcome~
Ginkata: Granny, the usual.
Lady: Here you go.
One bowl of the Hijikata special!!

Ginkata: …..
Hey granny…
Who’s the joker who ordered dog food?
Lady: Eh? But that’s what you always get?
(Sfx- Zuhhh *Sfft*)
???: It’s the Uji Gintoki bowl.
See? Real food should be sweet like this with Azuki beans on top…
Ginkata: Do you mean this cat food here?
Hijitoki: Yeah. Did you order this dog food?
Hey Granny c’mon I’m beggin ya…
Lady: Ah~ I’m so sorry!
It seems you want the opposite today..

Lady: Your orders…
Have shifted haven’t they?
Both: …..Yeah.
(Sfx- Doshaaaah *Craaaaash*)

Hijitoki: Hey…for now…
Give me my cigarettes. There in my chest pocket.
Ginkata: Screw that. Do you think they’re just gonna allow the protagonist of a shounen manga to smoke?
Have more self-consciousness asshead.
Moreover give me my Apollo choco. My sugar level has about had it. It should be in my breast pocket.
Hijitoki: Screw you. If the Shinsengumi Vice captain is seen munching on something so foolish then it’s slacking on the way of chivalry which means seppuku, dumbass.
Ginkata: Apollo is more…
Hijitoki: Cigarettes are more…
(Sfx-Gashiii *graaab*)
{Inside is Hijikata Toushirou.}
{Inside is Sakata Gintoki.}
???: How the hell did this happen?!
I have no friggin’ clue! Don’t ask me!!
Hijitoki: You think it’s funny that a cop is in the body of a delinquent you asshat?!
Ginkata: You’re the one who hopped into my empty body, dumbass! I can get you locked up for a robbery in progress!!

Ginkata: Besides, you’re no more than a plebean now, puu-tarou! I’d like to see you arrest me!
Bear witness to the fury of the powerless society!!
(Sfx-Gotshhh *thok*)
Hijitoki: NGH!!
You’re the one who’s trash you freaking tax parasite!!
(Sfx- Goohhh *thoook*)
Hijitoki: You aren’t an officer, you’re just someone who doesn’t pay taxes!! An incompetent invalid!! Right now there isn’t a damn thing you can do either!!
Ginkata: …We should stop.
I mean by socking each other, all we’re doing is literally hitting ourselves.
Hijitoki: …Yeah.
It was like seeing a dream…
Back then.
When that dump truck hit us…I could see our bodies…
Lying down below.
Ginkata: Hey…that couldn’t have been…
Hijitoki: I’ve sorta got a bad feeling about this..

Hijitoki: See I thought if I didn’t go back to my body immediately that I may never be able to return.
So I made haste to return to my body immediately…
But then something appeared behind me.
It was a weird hairball that was flying at me with an ungodly amount of energy.
Ginkata: Hey…was that me? Why was I a hairball?
Hijitoki: Before I knew it , it was already too late.
The hairball bumped into me, and I ended up losing my direction and was blown off into your body.
(Sfx- Zupoooh *plop*)
Hijitoki: The shock caused the furball to split into two and while one part went into my body, the other half found its way into the corpse of a dead cat where it was sucked in through the ass.
Ginkata: What do you mean split in half!? What do you mean UP A CAT’S ASS?!
Is that furball going to be okay?!
Hijitoki: When I came to things were like this.
Ginkata: And what about the furball?! Tell me about the part that got sucked up the ass!!
Hijitoki: So it’s like this.
We miraculously didn’t suffer even a scratch despite being hit by a dump truck..
But our souls…
Somehow ended up flying out.
We were both mutually in a rush to get back to our bodies and bumped into each other..
And while one part ended up going up a cat’s ass…
(Sfx- Gang an *bump bump*)
Hijitoki: The other two ended up shifting….
….is the dream I had.
Ginkata: Ah…yeah what a dream.

Ginkata: All right. Time to wake up and end this nightmare.
(Sfx- Buraaan *fwaap*)
Ginkata: Shut uuuuup!! In order for us to return to our bodies we’ve gotta die one more time! There’s no other choice but for me to dangle your soul over the asphalt like this!!
Hijitoki: Are you retarded?! If I fall from a place like this, where the hell will your soul return to?!
Ginkata: Then how about I wreck your home?
(Sfx- Tohh *tap*)
Hijitoki: Calm down!! Do you even have any solid evidence that if you die our souls will pop from inside of our bodies?
You screw this up and this time we might actually just die!!
Until we find a surefire way to get back into our bodies lets not do anything unbelievably stupid on our own!!
After all I’m a prisoner in your body too!!
Ginkata: Then do you have a way that will return us to normal for sure?
Hijitoki: Of course I don’t. But even if we tell people this ridiculous story they’ll never believe a word of it.
And you have no means of finding anything either do you?
Ginkata: Hey, don’t even fool around with me. What the hell am I going to be able to do with this body poisoned by nicotine?
Hijitoki: Looks like we’ve got no choice…..

Hijitoki: I’ll be…
The Yorozuya’s Sakata Gintoki…
And you…
Will have to be the vice-captain of the Shinsengumi….Hijikata Toushirou.
Ginkata: Don’t screw with…
(Sfx- Meriiih *griiind*)
(Sfx- Bushiiiii *bloooorsh*)
Both: We fooooound you.
Hijitoki: Guwaaaaaaaah!!
(Sfx- Gofuuhhh *thook*)
Kagura: No matter where you run, today you will pay our wages all at once, yes!
Hijitoki: W—wait a minute!! Wages?! What do you mean?!
What the hell is going on here?

(Sfx- Shuupoohh *Fwooosh*)
Ginkata: Well well. Didn’t think you were the kind of unscrupulous bastard who doesn’t pay for work rendered.
Defaulting on payment to brats and skipping out on your rent…
Running a shady enterprise and causing pain to your employees….do you think I, Hijikata Toushirou vice-captain of the shinsengumi will overlook this?
Hijitoki: Whats with that sudden Hijikata-san face you pulled off just now?! You’re the one running a shady enterprise!!
Wait a second dammit!! You can’t leave me to shoulder your debts!!!
(Handwritten- And did you even give me back my wallet?!)
Hijitoki: Wait! Wait! Your crappy supervisor is over…
Ginkata: ….Awesome. He bailed me out.
Who woulda thought this body would have saved me…
He’s absolutely right. We should just stay like this for a while…might serve me some good.
(Sfx- Korooon *clatter*)
(Sfx- Dokaaaaah *bloooom*)

(Sfx- Gara gara *Clatter clatter*)
(Sfx- Zugogogogoh *rummmmmble*)
Okita: Ah…sorry Hijikata-san.
I thought I saw someone suspiciously loitering around this building…
(Sfx- Gahhh *shssssh*)
Okita: I thought I mighta found a patriot here so I came charging in….my bad~
But it seems like you’ve changed from your usual self Hijikata-san...you were barely able to dodge that.
Looks like you’re in bad form today~
{Whether it’s Yorozuya or Shinsengumi…}
{Nothing changes at aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllll!!}
Ginkata: R—really?

{And so..}
{Both of these leaders have had what is inside shifted…}
{The one who does nothing…}
{Is the Shinsengumi leader…}
{The one who is too harsh on everything…}
{Has been born as the Yorozuya leader.}
{That the leader’s characters changed may mean that the organizations they lead will change.}
{However what kind of changes will the leaders of these two organizations inspire?}
{Will these two kites ever fly into the sky?}
{That is something even the leader and artist of this manga has no idea of.}
(Side text- Our leader –the editorial staff has turned pale at the thought….(From those in charge.))

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