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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Gintama 472

I’ll be the right ball and he’ll be the left.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 28, 2013 00:58 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 472

You all should be thankful this year that your soul is in your body and not in the one of your dead pet.

Happy Thanksgiving if you're in the USA, and I'm thankful to all of you, even to those who aren't for reading these each week.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- Awakening after the Gatotsu….)
???: ….Sama..
Please wake up.

Ginkata: Tama…it’s you huh?
It’s weird. Feels like a long time since someone called me by that name…’Gintoki’….
(Sfx- Gabaahh *fwaaap*)
Ginkata: ---hold up! How did you know..!!
(Sfx- Kusu *tee hee*)
Tama: Gintoki-sama.
Despite being in that body…
The fact that you cannot swim hasn’t changed it seems.
There is no need to worry.
I made sure to take good care of your body.
Ginkata: Tama…no way, you…
Tama: It’ll be fine.

Tama: We’ll return your bodies…
To normal.
(Side text- When they’re in trouble they can rely on Tama?!)
Lesson 472: I’ll be the right ball and he’ll be the left.
Gengai: So basically the one on this side is Ginnoji…
And the one on this side is the demonic vice-captain.
Tama are you seriously saying that their souls came from inside and changed bodies?
In any case thanks for gathering these precious samples Tama. Good work.
Tama: There’s no need for that. Even if what’s outside changes what’s inside is an unflinching and unchanging idiocy.
It was all too easy to see them just looking at their stupid faces.

Ginkata: Hey…when you say ‘stupid face’ you’re talking about him and not me right?
Hijitoki: Moreover when you say ‘samples’ what are you talking about?
Gengai: You two…
You don’t think what happened to your bodies was a coincidental occurrence did you?
Well…I would say it was a coincidence you two ended up there of all places…
And that you ended up in a traffic accident with that truck.
But everything that happened after that truck hit you…
Was a result of the cargo that the truck was transporting.
Hijitoki: W—what do you mean?
Gengai: I figured looking for you two after that accident would be best and I was right.
That truck contained a highly secret machine currently in development.
A monster with the terrifying ability to change a man’s sanctity, to modify the universe’s law of casuality.
This is just my guess but I think when the accidental collision occurred the shock caused the machine to malfunction.
It is due to that accident that you’re living out this disaster.
(Sfx- gaahh *sfft*)

Gengai: Yes…
This ‘Automatic egg cooking breakfast mechanism’ is the source of your problems.
What on earth is an automatic egg cooking breakfast mechanism?!
Gengai: If you just look at it it’s fairly obvious what it is. The best scientists gathered to create this and now it’s completely finished. Behold the crystal of my hard done research!!
Gengai: This transfer device is where the egg is left.
As you can see the automatic feature extracts a slimy egg on this end.
(Sfx- Kaahh *shseeen*)
Gengai: On the other side the transfer device has soy sauce.
It extracts the finest flavor from the soy.
And in the center these powers of breakfast warp and combine….
(Sfx-Gkaaaaah *sheeeeeeen*)
Gengai: Resulting in the carefree preparation of a perfect breakfast, a feat only seen in dreams until this machine’s creation!
(Sfx- Shuuuuhhh *wfffffshhhh*)
Ginkata: This isn’t completely carefree at all!! The fuck is necessary about a machine that puts soy sauce on eggs?! Is such a thing even remotely necessary?!

Gengai: This was supposed to be a discovery of the century …a scientific darling!! But thanks to you two bumpkins it’s been damaged…
Ginkata: Uh aren’t we sort of the discovery of the century here?!
Now get to the part that explains how a malfunction from a machine that creates a part of a complete breakfast can shift two dude’s souls from their bodies!!
Gengai: Oh that’s simple enough.
After the accident the transfer device rolled outside and malfunctioned.
The part that seperates the eggs managed to somehow separate your souls.
And rather than creating a perfectly hot breakfast warp it warped your souls from your bodies.
Eggs weren’t scrambled here…
But your souls were scrambled and put over easy.
(TN- I feel I should explain the joke I raped. ‘Tamago’ is eggs and ‘Gohan’ is breakfast. Gengai said the phrase ‘Tama kake gohan’ Which sounds like breakfast but is more like ‘Miscalculated souls’.)
(Sfx- Gahhh *fwap*)
Gengai: Guah!
(Sfx- Meki meki *grind grind*)
Hijitoki: The hell kind of machine malfunctions and instead of making eggs pulls out souls!?
Turn us baaaaaaaaaaaack! Make our breakfasts the way we ordered and switch us baaaaaaaaack!!!
Tama: Calm down both of you.
Ginkata: Gugh!!
Tama: We fixed the ‘Automatic egg cooking breakfast mechanism’ and come out with Ver 4.0. If we use it one more time you should return to normal.
(Sfx- Dogooohh *Thooom*)
Gengai: Exactly! This time we won’t make a mistake…we’ll make the perfect eggs to be part of a perfect complete breakfast!!
(Sfx- Gohhh *kick*)
Hijitoki: Forget about the eggs and breakfast already!!

Gengai: All we need is to do this once more…but instead of using eggs or soy sauce, but your souls! We’ll warp your souls back to what they should be!
???: Heeey!! Is this really going to be okay!? Should I trust in this?!
Tama: Gengai-sama, the preparations are complete!!
Gengai: Awwright! Lets do this Ginnoji Demonoji! Bite down hard now!
(Sfx- Gakaaaahhh *sheeeeeeen*)
(Sfx- SHuuuuuuh *fwooooooh*)
(Sfx- Para para *clatter clatter*)
Gengai: How does it look?
Tama: Both device’s warp functions are showing a response.
Gengai: Really? Did it work?
Tama: Gintoki-sama, Hijikata-sama it’s all done.
We’ve extracted your souls…
It’s not the uji Gintoki don for cats or the Hijikata special for dogs…
But just plain trash.
Both: as iffffffff!!!
(Sfx- Nuriihh *griiind*)
Both: Didn’t you just warp eggs and mayonnaise together?!

???: Who told you to make a piping hot breakfast out of people’s souls?!
Tama: It truly is a breakfast for the soul.
???: It didn’t work at all did it?! Not a damn thing changed!!
Gengai: Really? That’s strange. Let’s try it one more time, shall we?
Both: We’re begging you! We’re not asking you to shift whats in a shopping bag, but our souls and bodies!!
(Sfx- Gakaaaahhh *sheen*)
Tama: Yes…this time it seems to have been successful…your whole beings were extracted.
And has created ‘a ki*tama breakfast bowl.’
Hijitoki: Which part is me?! This part?! Or this one?
Ginkata: Wait a minute…that’s me right?
Hijitoki: Noooo! That’s me! That’s not you at all! Wait…that’s not me is it? Or is it?! I can’t tell!!
Heeey! What did you two doooo!! This is just a really difficult to solve puzzle now isn’t it?!
Genkai: No need to worry, if we do it one more time everything should return to normal.
Ginkata: You’re damn straight you’d better! Hey! Don’t go mixing up the bag again dammit! Don’t mix my bag up for his ever again!!
Tama: This time it was successful.
It’s just plain old trash.
(On bag- Tuesday.)

(Sfx- Gyah gyah)
Gengai: What’s going on here? Why isn’t it working?
Tama: Gengai-sama.
Transport device A is showing an error….
There seems to be a large deficiency in the target of extraction so it continues to fail.
Ginkata: A deficiency in the target? Are you saying it’s me?
(Handwritten- Is this about the Ki*tama?)
Gengai: Ginnoji, it seems you’re lacking something.
Ginkata: What do you mean I’m lacking something?! I don’t remember this dammit!
Tama: Calm down please, Gintoki-sama. For now while we’re buffering while not try this challenge one more time?
Ginkata: Is it kindness?! Is kindness the half I’m missing?
Hijitoki: You idiot! If that’s what we’re missing then we’ll never get to the bottom of this even if we do it 10 times!
Ginkata: Hey..um, do you think we could pick up the pace on this buffering thing?
Gengai: Ginnoji, at this point the device won’t function and we can’t return you to normal.
Do you really not remember anything happening to you after the accident happened?
Ginkata: During the accident…
{It was like seeing a dream…}
{When that dump truck hit us I could see our bodies lying down below.}
{So I made haste to return to my body immediately…}
{But then something appeared behind me, a weird hairball that was flying towards me and bumped into me.}
{The shock caused the furball to split into two and while one part went into my body…}
{The other half…}

{Went up a cat’s aaaaaaaaaaaaaaassss!!}
Tama: Good luck and return soon.
If you don’t we won’t be able to use the mechanism.
Hijitoki: Hey! Wait a sec! What are you doing?!
So wait you were the hairball that split into two when we bumped into each other?
(Sfx- Zupooh *bloop*)
Hijitoki: Then the part that got sucked up that dead cat’s ass was…
Ginkata: That was half of my soul!!
If I don’t get that back then I’ll never be whole again, and we can’t use the device!!!

Hijitoki: Half?! So then you’re saying the part that entered my body is the other half of you?!
Ginkata: I have no idea dammit!! We have to find that cat or we’re not returning to normal!!
Hijitoki: Holy crap, you’ve got to be kidding me!! Someone actually cleaned up that dead cat’s body!!
(Handwritten- I can’t find it anywhere!!)
Ginkata: No…what if…
What if that dead body…
Upon getting my soul…
Came back to life…?
Hijitoki: You search over theeeeeeeeeeere!!!
(Sfx- Datshhh *dasssh*)
Hijitoki: I’ll search over here!!
Ginkata: Aaah dammit this has gone to shit!
What do I do?! What the hell do I do?!
(Sfx- Zaaah *sshfft*)
???: Well well. I never thought I’d have the pleasure of meeting a celebrity in a place like this.

Katsura: What honor do I have for this visit, demon vice-captain…
Hijikata Toushiro-dono?
{This is the woooooorst!!}
{With my appearance and at a time like this, could there be a worse guy for me to meet?!}
Katsura: Patrolling here alone is rather carless wouldn’t you say?
This is a place teaming with patriots…
(Sfx- Zahh zazhh *sfft shfft*)
Katsura: There is no lack of men here aiming for your neck…

Hijikata: S—sorry but I have no time to deal with the likes of you guys.
Move out of the way.
I’ll let you go this once Zu—Katsura.
Katsura: Oh dear. The Vice Captain of the Shinsengumi is this sort of man?
That before his enemy a patriot he’d throw away his duty?
Please do not cause me to become anymore disillusioned with you than I am now.
After all protecting Edo’s public order is…
The role of you…the police isn’t iiiiiiiiiiiiiit?!
(Sfx- Doooon *fwooom*)
Ginkata: Wait, wait, wait!! Zuraaaaaaaaaah!!!

(Sfx- Dododshaaaaaah *thooooom*)
Katsura: For petes sake…
With this I truly wonder who’s protecting Edo…
Ginkata: Zu---ra?

Katsura: Not Zura…
(Sfx- Basaaah *fwaap*)
Katsura: But the Yorozuya third battalion’s commander…
Katsura Kotarou.
I will protect Edo’s peace from the patriots who throw it into disarray!
By slaying all evil I have sworn to uphold the Yorozuya law as judgement!
{You are a patriot, dammiiiiiiiiit!!}
Ginkata: Why the hell did you join the Yorozuya?! And why the hell are even YOU trying to do the gatotsu?!
Katsura: Apologies Hijikata-dono, I am not the man I was once long ago!
I have been reborn and now have chosen to walk the path with Gintoki and his group with sound mind and body!

{But dude, the Gin-san you’re hanging out beside..}
{Is the dude you woulda pointed your gatotsu at up until yesterday!!}
Katsura: Hijikata-dono is allowing your enemies to escape when they are in front of you the way of the warrior?
(Sfx- jakii *clatter*)
Katsura: If you cannot correct yourself then you are a failure as a police officer and I will slay you quickly!!
???: Hold on there Third unit commander…
This is not the place to concern yourself with minor matters.
If he’s a spy we can get some information from him.
(Sfx-Zazaahuuu *sffft*)
Hasegawa: Do you know any information about the incident on fourth district?
{He’s even got the homeless involved in this toooo?!}
???: That’s a fake and you know it.
(Sfx- Ton *tap*)

Sacchan: After all there’s no way anyone could possibly believe…
A rumor like a fake cat appearing. It’s all to confuse people!
The Ninja troupe will check this out first and clean up.
{What kind of influence does this guy have?!}
Katsura: A talking cat?! It must be a mononoke!
(Handwritten- let us make haste third squad!)
Katsura: We musten’t allow the Yorozuya law to fall on the wayside! We will deliver punishment!
Lets get moving you lot!!
(Handwritten- Slay all evil! Slay all evil!)
Ginkata: ….Huh? A talking Cat?
Wait a seeeeeeeeeeeeec!!!!
Don’t gatotsu it!! I’m beggin yaaaaaa!!
(Side text- The soul incident only gets bigger…!!)

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