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Nejimaki Kagyu 58

The Real Yoh.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 2, 2014 02:12 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

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Happy 2014! And here a Nejimaki to bring in the New year! I hope to get some kind of regular schedule going with this series. It's getting a little ridiculous that I have 12 volumes and have only started 7 today. Maybe a Nejimaki a week? Every other week? This would be easier if it were a shounen. U_U

Mangaunlimited only.

(Cover flap- I won’t die yet.)

The new high school teacher Negizawa Kamo has a problem. That is due to his constitution he attracts the wrong kind of attention from the wrong sorts of women, or a 'extreme case of lady problems'. As he is troubled by this a girl targets him, her name? Kagyuu Jyuubee. She claims that 'Because I have to protect sensei I transferred.'! The truth of the matter is that Kagyuu was a beautiful young girl who before moving to china was good friends with Kamo.

Standing before Kagyuu’s straightforward feelings for Kamo is the worst big sister Marble?! And now the greatest power on the campus known as the Student council has started moving, so Kagyuu leaves her friends to protect Kamo while she overcomes her limits and tries to strengthen her bond with him. Meanwhile a huge battle royal that threatens to engulf the entire campus has started?!
New teacher: Negizawa Kamo
School committee chairwoman: Mikado Ageha
Literature girl: Yamazaki Tomie
Nejimaki girl : Kagyuu Jyuubee
'Ladies' Commander Ayanokouji Egumi
Nejimaki older sister: Marble
Mangirl: Nakamura Yoh.
Teacher: Mori.
Secretary: Alice.
Morals Shitennou: Yamada Olfue
Board Chairman
Morals Shitennou: Tougou Matilda Ryuuko.
Morals Shitennou: Gaga Marue
Morals committee chairwoman: Inuzuka Shino
Student Council President: Nichie Elisa
Vice President of student Council: Kogami Tetori
Vice President of student council: Kogami Atori
Student council general affairs manager: Angira Una
Student council general affairs 2nd in command: Ram Pirka
Secritary: Ukibe Riah.
General affairs third seat: Igarashi Ran.
General affairs fourth seat: Kashin Kojika.
General affairs fifth seat: Onidzuka Muumuu

Chapter 58: The Real Yoh.
Chapter 59: Student council tower.
Chapter 60: Selfishness.
Chapter 61: Pursuant and Pursuer.
Chapter 62: Minus and Minus
Chapter 63: A painful joy
Chapter 64: A beast who resigned its humanity.
Chapter 65: Mumu's true form.
Chapter 66: A train that does not lose it’s path.
Chapter 67: Spiral’s truth.

Chapter 58
Elisa: He has joined the student council.
Kamo: Nakamura-san?!!
That is you right?
Why are you here?
And why are you wearing that?!
(Bottom text- The real Yoh.)

Yoh: Ah! Ageha-chan?
{Kamo-sensei has been kidnapped?!}
Yoh: And Shino-senpai has been heavily injured…
I understand.
I’ll be careful here too.

(Sfx- Shuka shuka shuka *scrtch scrtch scrtch*)
Marble: Kamo’s with the Student council?
Dude’s got absolutely no luck does he?
Why are you going to the Student council despite knowin’ what’s going down?
And wearin’ that getup.

Marble: Yer scared shitless ain’tcha.
Yoh: It has to be now..
With my true voice, and true appearance…
There’s something I need to tell Kamo-sensei!!!

Marble: It’ll be okay Yoh.
I know you’ll pull it off.
You’re the guy I chose after all.
You look damn good…
Right now.

Both: Yoh, you’re going to infiltrate the Student council?!
Ageha: W—wait a minute!! Just calm down!!
More like, what is up with that outfit?!
Why are you suddenly dressing up like a guy?
And even moreover, why do you have white streaks in your hair? It looks weird…
Yoh: I heard that everyone intends to fight the Student council…
And I want to fight just like you all.
But there’s nothing else I could think to do.
Ageha: Yoh…

Yoh: So I’ll infiltrate the Student Council…
And once I’ve found out where Kamo-sensei is I’ll contact you!
Supposing things go well, I might even be able to make a run for it with him.
And as for this outfit…dressing as a male…
It was all part of a plan to get the student council to acknowledge me.
Since I don’t have a strong character and the face of an extra this was essential.
I want to fight alongside you all!!
For Kagyuu-chan’s sake!

Olufe: Thank you, Nakamura Yoh.
But promise me…
You won’t do anything reckless.
Yoh: Promise!
Tomie: Be careful Yoh…
Ageha: We’re gonna save you for sure.
Both: Because we’re friends.
{Depending on my actions after this…}
{I could very well lose this comfortable place that I’ve found…}

{But for Kagyuu-chan..}
{And for myself…}
{This is something that has to be done!!}
{Even if in the end Kamo-sensei is…}
???: Everyone listen…
How is this for a battle strategy….?

{I found him…!!}
{Kamo-sensei is…}
{Right here!}
Elisa: I believe you said you are Nakamura Yoh?
And I also know that you are one of Kagyuu’s friends..
Why would you..
Want to join our side?

{Don’t waiver..}
{Just take things slow.}
{I can’t screw this up.}
{It’ll be fine…}
{I can do this.}
{I’ve always managed to coast through things secretly…}
{For now on I will do something with my life!}
Yoh: I simply want to live peacefully.
Don’t want to lose this fight.
Teaming up with you at the student council…
I feel is the safest way to continue my school life.
Because I want you all to believe in me…
I came as the real me.
Elisa: Then let me ask one other thing..
On what merit will you join the Student Council?

Yoh: I bring with me information on the rebels…
I came here with the intention of betraying those girls.
Ran: That’s messed up!!
Those are your buddies you’re betraying! That’s the worst man!!
You’re just a piece of human trash!!
Kojika: Shut the hell up. He’s not done talking.
Tetori: First year second class representative Mikado Ageha has been reported on the Consultation system.
Yoh: Here’s the proof.
Elisa: You stole that?

Yoh: The subject of my announcement was
‘I would like to join the Student Council. I have information that I would like to present to the president herself.’
Elisa: Heheh. Normally you wouldn’t be granted entry if you sent an announcement like that.
Your request was only heard because you have something on the trouble maker; Mikado Ageha.
Well then?
What kind of information will you present to me?
Whether the peace you wish for….
Or calamity is in your future…
Depends on that information.
What you are seeing is top secret….
You do understand right?
(Sfx- Chi chi chi *tick tick tick*)

{We’re moving out…}
{When that time comes, inform them.}
{If you believe in us…}
{Buy us that time!!}
Yoh: The rebels intend…
To take the Student council headquarters.
(Sfx- chi chi *tick tick*)
Riah: President..
There are people present on the camera in the Entrance…

(Sfx- Mishii *grinnd*)

(Sfx- Mishi mishi *grind grind*)
Olufe: Give them a show.
(Sfx- mishi mishi *grind grind*)
Marue: Nnnh…


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